Chapter 86: When You’re Below Someone Else’s Roof

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She felt a little disappointed, but immediately tossed that feeling to the back of her head. She concentrated on directing Meng Yu to portion the dishes out and then had the maids separately carry them to each of the judges below the stage.

All the other dishes had tasted dull and flavorless to the judges. This wouldn’t normally be the case, but a Tang Doudou had ended up appearing today. They all wanted to taste what flavor a dish made with such a brilliant method would have so they couldn’t summon much interest in eating other dishes. When they saw that it was almost Tang Doudou’s turn, many people raised their heads to watch with anticipation, and some were even excited to the point they stood up.

This scene made Bai Lianhua displeased again. She swept her gaze towards the restless Xi Qiuyue in front of her and her lips curled in a trace of a cold smile.

Xi Qiuyue had went ‘crap’ in his heart when Tang Doudou snatched Meng Yu’s spatula earlier. Was she planning to do something to the dishes?

Afterwards, he was also stunned by Tang Doudou’s method of stir-frying. After the shock passed, he had to confront a choice.

Should he expose Tang Doudou or pretend that he was unaware and then purposefully knock over the dishes she brought over?

Xi Qiuyue was so conflicted ah.

If it was just Tang Doudou by herself, he would still find it easy to deal with. What he was worried about was if Baili Yu was also involved in this.

If he directly exposed her, he might be beaten up by them and might even force them to have a direct falling out. Who present was a match for Baili Yu’s martial arts? Not to mention Li Xueyi was also not a pushover. No, no, that won’t do…

But if he didn’t expose her and His Majesty really ate that dish...

Just as Xi Qiuyue was conflicted over the decision and at a loss of where to place his hand, a person called out to him. “Your Majesty, Sangfroid Prince, please sample…”

“Ahem, leave it there!” Xi Qiuyue returned to his senses and looked at the little plate placed in front of him. Inside the plate was a non-vegetarian dish known as Squirrel Fish. The color and luster was bright and the fragrance tickled the gluttonous bug inside his stomach. Xi Qiuyue swallowed.

“The five dishes of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce has been presented. Everyone, please sample and evaluate!” Manager Zhao glanced at San Yu who was following behind Tang Doudou and Meng Yu, then looked at Bai Yu who was sitting to the side. “Next, Bai Residence, please prepare to present your dishes!”

“Your Majesty, Sangfroid Prince, His Imperial Majesty is about eat that thing…” Bai Lianhua silently cursed when she saw Xi Qiuyue was still staring blankly at the food in front of him, then gave him a gentle reminder.

Upon hearing this, Xi Qiuyue hastily reacted and shot Bai Lianhua a grateful glance. He had almost forgotten the main crisis.

“Everyone, please wait!”

“What is it?” Xi Qiulin had his chopsticks lifted and was just about to taste the dish that the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had cooked in such a new and original way. He was really curious about how it would taste so when he suddenly heard Xi Qiuyue cry out, he was a little displeased as he placed down his chopsticks.

There’s no way that he could say there’s something wrong with that dish, right?

How would it be any different from using his hand to slap Baili Yu’s face?

Xi Qiuyue thought for a bit, then said, “Before eating this dish, ben wang has a few questions to ask this lady of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce!”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Tang Doudou, causing Tang Doudou to feel a bit baffled. She had already noticed while onstage that this guy was the poor devil, Xi Qiuyue, who she knocked unconscious that day in the martial arts convention. However, this was only the second time they had encountered each other and that day was pitch dark. In addition, he didn’t show any reaction while she was cooking so she thought he didn’t recognize her.

Yet now, his eyes were filled with a warning expression, causing Tang Doudou to feel a little depressed. What did she do?

It doesn’t seem like she did anything?

Why are the ancients so freaking hard to understand!?

If it was the past, she would have just gone up and seized his ear before giving him a big freaking slap. If you like to eat then eat, if you don’t like to eat then scram! This uncle is still waiting for the competition to finish so this uncle can go home and sleep!

But rationality forced her to calm down. In the first place, the fact that Xi Qiuyue appeared here was already very strange. Wasn’t it just a common cooking competition?

Although it was said to be the Wind Spirit Imperial Court’s annual culinary competition, from what she saw earlier, it wasn’t anything that grand. At the very least, just based on the procedures it wasn’t very impressive. This judging panel in the front row was of course a different matter.

Earlier, during the time when they were waiting, Tang Doudou had noticed that regardless of whether it was Xi Qiuyue or anyone else, they were extremely respectful towards the man wearing a bright yellow robe in the very center. With the influences of many Mary Sue stories set in the ancient era, Tang Doudou understood very clearly that in the ancient era, normal people wouldn’t dare to wear this type of nouveau riche bright yellow color. The only person was…

The Emperor!

This person was the emperor of Wind Spirit Imperial Court?

Tang Doudou’s facial expression slightly changed and she looked worriedly towards Baili Yu. Damned evil spirit, you really dare to sit there!?

He was sitting above the Emperor’s position and was even doing it in such a happy and content way. Was he disdaining his life for being too long!?

“Wonder if lady can clear up some of ben wang’s questions?” The Sangfroid Prince, Xi Qiuyue, saw that Tang Doudou was spacing out without a word and wondered what she was planning.

Actually, Xi Qiuyue had a pretty good impression of Tang Doudou. It was just that the Imperial Court and the martial arts circles of Jianghu had always been incompatible as fire and water. It was fine when he was just the Common Person Wang; he had been free to drink and play with the people of the Jianghu. However, nowadays, His Majesty was considering bringing him back to the Imperial Court so he couldn’t act so freely anymore, otherwise he’ll hurt the Emperor’s feelings. After all, they were uncle and nephew, they had to look out for each other.

Xi Qiuyue’s repeated questioning caused everyone present to be confused. Could it be that this lady has some link with the Sangfroid Prince? Otherwise, why would he question her right here?

Is there something that they couldn’t discuss in private?

Or was it that he had something he wanted His Majesty to set a decision forT/N?

Or was it that he had an objection with this dish, or that he was curious about that method of cooking?

Everyone made all sorts of conjectures, but some were pretty discontent. In reality, everyone had questions, but they all wanted to ask after eating this thing.

Xi Qiulin thought the same, however, he was aware of his uncle’s impatient nature. Thus, he said, “Then let’s just finish asking before tasting this delicacy!”

Upon hearing that, San Yu’s facial color changed slightly. She had calculated the time just right. She had planned for the dishes in front to be consumed first before she revealed that unusual dish at the perfect moment. If the time was delayed...

As she thought about it, she looked towards Tang Doudou who was spacing out. She couldn’t help but shake her head. What did it matter if her style of stir-frying was good?

What was important was still the taste of the food!

Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze and asked Xi Qiuyue in reply, “Wonder what comments wang ye has?”

Ben wang wishes to ask lady, what’s your surname, what’s your given name, where’s your home, how many siblings are in your family?” Xi Qiuyue thought that since he had already spoken this far, Li Xueyi would definitely understand what he meant. He was trying to make it so Li Xueyi would figure out the difficulty and retreat to avoid defeat rather than do something dumb…

Xi Qiuyue’s words caused everyone to be stunned. This Sangfroid Prince really had that intention!?

“Is wang ye investigating registered residence?” Tang Doudou, who was made speechless, blurted this out. Only after she finished speaking did she recall that the person in front of her was a wang ye. Though she was an Alliance Head, she was still just a common citizen. It would have been fine if only Xi Qiuyue was present, but the main problem was that there was an emperor here as well. So after she spoke, she hastily changed her tone. “What I mean is, wonder what wang ye is asking about these things for?”

“Audacious lowly person! You actually dared to use ‘I’ in front of wang ye!” Right after she finished speaking, an angry female voice exploded. Tang Doudou looked towards Xi Qiuyue’s side and saw a young girl about fifteen years old in a pink dress standing with her hand on her hip as she pointed towards her while shouting.

Feels like she forgot to check the almanac before she headed out?

Ever since she entered this Bai Residence, there’s been an endless amount of people causing trouble for her. But she wasn’t even familiar with them?

Not to mention, she even changed disguises! What exactly did these people want?

The young girl shouted again when Tang Doudou didn’t speak. “What are you spacing out over there for!? Wang ye is asking you a question. Hurry and reply!”

If you can’t use ‘I’, then does that mean you have to use ‘this servant’?

Fine, as she was under someone else’s roof, she couldn’t not lower her head!

Tang Doudou glanced at Xi Qiulin who was sitting right in the center. Suddenly, her expression rapidly changed and she cried out in a panic, “Wang ye, please spare my life ah, please spare me! This servant came from the countryside and doesn’t know the customs. Hope wang ye da ren, being so magnanimous, won’t hold this against this servant!”

After she finished speaking, she even lost her head out of fear and ducked behind Meng Yu. Her little face was currently paler than white.

Her acting was actually quite convincing. Baili Yu’s eyes were half-closed, but he had been paying attention to Tang Doudou this entire time. When he saw her facial color change so quickly, he couldn’t help but chuckle. He felt quite interested in watching how she planned to deal with the rest of the events.

Xi Qiuyue was stunned a little stupid by her sudden transformation. “Li… Li… don’t worry, ben wang has no intention of blaming you.”

Tang Doudou sighed in relief and patted her chest to calm lingering fears. Then she said, “Wang ye, you’re such a good person!”

Following that, she glanced at the young girl that had abruptly stood up and shrink backwards a little in fear. “That Miss is so scary!”

“Lowly person, what nonsense are you saying!? See if I don’t utterly destroy your mouth!” That young girl was incomparably overbearing and directly stood up from her seat to walk forward.

Bai Lianhua who was sitting next to her hastily reached out to pull her. “Lianyun…”

“Lianhua jiejie, don’t stop me. That lowly slave seriously don’t know etiquette! This miss must give her a proper lesson! To let her know what etiquette means!”

Bai Lianhua continued to persuade her. “The Sangfroid Prince already said that it was fine. Also, that lady belongs to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, Baili gege will definitely find someone to teach her etiquette. You shouldn’t get too angry over this, it’s beneath your dignity…”

Although this was what Bai Lianhua said, her eyes were filled with laughter. She had never liked this Bai Lianyun. Every since childhood, Bai Lianyun always felt herself of higher status than her and had given her quite a lot of attitude relying on the fact that her father was the current Prime Minister. Luckily, she was simple-minded. She only had to slightly instigate her and Bai Lianyun would move according to her plans.

Earlier, she saw Xi Qiuyue stammer for half the day but still didn’t get to the main point. In that confrontation, it had actually been Tang Doudou who was more aggressive, so she had pulled Bai Lianyun over to say a couple words. Then, Bai Lianyun immediately exploded and stood up without thinking to berate Tang Doudou.

As Bai Lianhua looked at Bai Yu and the Prime Minister’s faces, she silently applauded the marvelous scene.

To give birth to such a brainless girl, aiy…

As Bai Lianhua rejoiced in their misfortune, she pulled Bai Lianyun to sit back down. She thought that now that the topic has been opened, Xi Qiuyue should finally know what to do, right?

The Imperial Court and the martial arts circles were existences that could not coexist. As long as Tang Doudou’s true identity was revealed, based on a crime of unclear intentions, His Majesty definitely won’t let him off!

Baili gege was also someone of the Imperial Household. He definitely won’t offend the Emperor just for a Tang Doudou. When that time comes, even if Tang Doudou manages to escape, there’s no way the Emperor would allow a person charged with a crime to marry his Imperial Uncle.

She had never expected to encounter His Majesty here this time. It must be known that His Majesty has never stepped out of the palace doors after he ascended the throne. Now that she had been able to run into him the moment he came out, didn’t that mean she definitely had destiny with Baili gege?

Bai Lianhua thought everything through happily. As she glanced at Bai Lianyun’s angrily puffed up cheeks, she remarked in her heart: She wants to marry the Sangfroid Prince with this level of intelligence? She seriously overestimates her capabilities!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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T/N - "Or was it that he had something he wanted His Majesty to set a decision for?" + "Xi Qiuyue’s words caused everyone to be stunned. This Sangfroid Prince really had that intention!?" In case it wasn’t clear enough ‘the emperor setting a decision’ is usually used for a dispute between two parties, or more commonly, bestowing a marriage. So then when Xi Qiuyue started asking about Tang Doudou’s family, it sounded like he wanted to get to know her. :3

Oh my gosh! If all the gluttons and gourmets of that world could somehow find out that Bai Lianhua had stopped them from eating the greatest delicacies that they had the fortune of coming across in their lives just because she wanted to get rid of a love rival, that would be so satisfying! I bet Bai Lianhua wouldn’t just die once at the hands of those rich and powerfuls.


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