Chapter 9: This Joke is Being Played Too Big

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 9: This Joke is Being Played Too Big

Wow! Damn! Another beautiful man has shown up! Tang Doudou's eyes lit up and the anger at being bumped into instantly vanished. Smacking her lips, she suddenly felt that transmigrating to this lousy place wasn't so bad.

"Brother Li, the Martial Arts Convention is almost about to start. We should hurry and head to the lobby to manage the convention arrangements!" In regards to Tang Doudou's strange words and language, Bai Feiyun's eyebrows knitted for a moment with suspicion, but in a blink, the expression was gone. His jade ink-like eyes fixed on Tang Doudou and he gave a faint smile, but there was still a slight peculiar tone contained in his words.

Tang Doudou naturally noticed it and looked at Bai Feiyun, her clear water-like eyes not even shifting in the slightest. "Martial Arts Convention?"


Oh my god!

Hosting a Martial Arts Convention in a brothel! The people of the ancient era sure know how to play ah!

Tang Doudou gaped and closed her mouth, mulling over the meaning in this antique lady-killer's words.

The first sentence, what are you thinking about? A stranger wouldn't suddenly ask this, and it's even more unlikely that they would approach this much before making a sound. From this, it can be inferred that this person was probably well acquainted with Li Xueyi, and their relationship was even pretty good.

The second sentence, asking what driving distance meant, without minding in the slightest that string of ruthless curses she sprouted. From this, it can be seen that their previous interactions were also of this style.

The third sentence, that's especially important.

Martial Arts Convention, manage... Then that means if she headed in that direction she definitely wouldn't encounter black-clothed men?

A divine light flashed. Tang Doudou couldn't suppress the excitement in her heart. She rushed to Bai Feiyun's front while sticking close to the tree trunk behind her back and lifted her eyebrows, "Little handsome, which way is the lobby?"

Bai Feiyun was startled by her abrupt movements and his brows jumped. It was good that he had a cool-headed personality and so was able to resist the instinct to send the person in front of him flying with a swat. He evaded Tang Doudou's fervent gaze and replied with a mild tone, "Go straight left then turn right."

Haha, there were so many people at the Martial Arts Convention, there was no way those black-clothed men would pursue her there to kill her!

Having found a safe direction and having also gotten to eat an antique handsome guy's tofu while at it, Tang Doudou's mood became quite good. Smiling with curved eyes, she thanked Bai Feiyun and turned away, then headed leisurely and carefully into the quiet alley to the left side while humming an unknown tune.

The antique handsome guy and Li Xueyi knew each other, so he definitely wouldn't give out random directions. Due to this assumption, Tang Doudou entered the small alley without the slightest hesitation. Upon seeing this, Bai Feiyun's clear pupils flickered as he fixed his clothes. Such strange behavior, what's going on with him?

Right now, he also couldn't afford to waste time thinking too much about unrelated things. It wasn't easy for him to finally find this person, how could he let him say leave and just leave?

Thinking to this point, Bai Feiyun moved, and in a flash, got in front of Tang Doudou. Fortunately, Tang Doudou was paying attention; when she saw a white shadow flash past the corners of her eyes she immediately came to a halt. A pair of liquid pupils looked with puzzlement at the antique handsome guy in front of her. What is he blocking her path for? It couldn't be that he still wants to let her eat his tofu?

Wah, the tastes of people in ancient times are pretty strong.

But if he really lets her eat tofu, would it be better if she was a bit more reserved, or should she be a bit more bold and unrestrained? Refuse? Or... calmly accept? But in such a public place with so many people…E/N

"Where is Brother Li planning on heading to?" Bai Feiyun stretched out his hand to block Tang Doudou's path.

Hearing the clean crisp voice, Tang Doudou immediately waved away the unhealthy images in her brain and replied, "Didn't you say to go and manage the Martial Arts Convention?"

My god, the charm was too powerful, she must control herself!

Bai Feiyun slightly frowned and retrieved his hand, then asked Tang Doudou, "Have you found the Alliance Head Command Tablet?"

Alliance Head Command Tablet? What thingamajig is that?

Tang Doudou's little brain just went over this question once and a deliberating expression appeared on her face. "This..."

"You didn't find it? Then that's bad." Though the words were full of pity, in actuality, not a trace of pity could be seen on Bai Feiyun's face. He said indifferently, "Even though you're taking over the Alliance Head position on the command of the Lord of Cloud City, without the Alliance Head Command Tablet, I'm afraid you won't be able to convince the masses! Elder Yu also won't just let the matter drop like this."

"Have you truly searched carefully for it?"

The mouth of the handsome guy in front of her opened and closed, yet Tang Doudou's brain wasn't able to turn around and follow along with his words.

Have her go be the Alliance Head of the Martial Arts Circle? Isn't this joke being played way too big?!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

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