Chapter 92.1: Leave Huai City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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In the middle of her dream, Tang Doudou felt someone tug at her sleeve. She pushed the hand away, annoyed. “Stop messing around, don’t bother me, I’m sleeping.”

However, that hand continued to be restless. It actually felt around her sleeve and moved onto her arm. Then, it started lightly jumping about on the smooth skin. Like a feather, it teased her until her heart itched. Although she was still drowsy, she became much more awake.

“Hey! Quit it!” Tang Doudou smacked the hand that was moving about restlessly in her sleeve and opened her eyes sleepily. “So It’s you!”

No one other than him would dare to get fresh with her while she was sleeping.

After she confirmed it was him, she closed her eyes, reassured. “If you have something to say, say it. Otherwise, I’m going to sleep some more.”


“Stop!” Tang Doudou abruptly sat up and opened her eyes. “Baili Yu, I’m not your wife. You’re not allowed to randomly call me that in the future!”

“What dumb things is Wife saying?”

“I’m speaking the truth! Not to mention, you’re calling a big grown man wife. Don’t you feel gross at all?” Tang Doudou pushed aside Baili Yu who was almost completely on top of her, then lifted her eyes to look out the window and check the color of the sky. “If there’s nothing much, then I’m going to take a trip back to the Alliance Head Residence. I didn’t tell Xiao Bai before I left so he might be worrying about me right now!”

When Baili Yu heard her call herself a ‘big grown man’, his gaze swept across her chest. Could it be that it has become a habit for her to pretend to be a man? She’s still spouting blind things while wearing female clothing. Forget it, for the time being, he won’t expose her so as to avoid scaring her off.

“I’ve already sent someone to the Alliance Head Residence. You can accompany me with peace of heart.”

“Wat’s dat? Accompany you? Accompany you to do what? I’m telling you, I only sell art, I don’t sell my body ahT/N…” When Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yu’s gaze was a little ambiguous, she hastily covered her chest with both arms and retreated backwards to a corner of the bed.

Baili Yu watched her with amusement before shifting the topic. “This husband has received a severe injury for the sake of saving Wife and now this husband cannot even get off the bed. The recuperating process is too boring so this husband wishes for Wife to stay and chat. This request isn’t asking for too much, is it?”

Tang Doudou’s little face reddened and she turned her head away. “So it’s just to chat ah, no problem!”

“Good, then after you get ready, we’ll get going.”

“Go where? Aren’t you injured and incapable of moving? Why aren’t you resting properly instead of randomly running around!?”

“As of now, there people are out to arrest the two of us everywhere. We’ll probably be caught by tomorrow if we don’t leave right away,” explained Baili Yu as he tidied his clothes.

Only then did Tang Doudou realize that he had changed into a crimson robe again. As he straightened out his clothing, his jade-like chest was exposed again. Tang Doudou gulped as she watched. This evil spirit always seducing her!

She really feared the day when she loses to the flood of heat inside her, transforms into a wolf, and, with a couple slurps, eat him clean!

“The situation is that bad? Then where can we go? If I knew earlier that things would turn out like this, I would have…”

“You would have what?”

“I would have punched that muddle-headed monarch a couple more times! F*ck! Good thing this is an era of peace and prosperity. Otherwise, with how muddle-headed he was, sooner or later he’ll destroy the nation! Next time I encounter him, I’ll definitely thrash him so bad even his parents won’t be able to recognize him!” swore Tang Doudou, unsatisfied.

Baili Yu’s mouth twitched when he heard her venomous words. “Wife speaks so straightforwardly. It’s really cute.”

“Bullshit! As if it’s cute! Just don’t let this great uncle encounter him next time! Otherwise… Humph, humph!” Tang Doudou lift her fist and viciously hit the air a couple times. She turned around in the middle of it and one strike landed on Baili Yu’s shoulder. “Hey, where are you planning to go?”

“A nice place.” Baili Yu gave her a mysterious wink.

Tang Doudou rubbed her forehead. “Then alright. I’ll go say goodbye to San Yu first, then leave with you.”

“No need, they already left.” Baili Yu suddenly stretched out his hand and beckoned Tang Doudou. “Doudou, come here.”


Tang Doudou was blank for a long time before she reacted and realized he was calling her. This was much more pleasing to the ear than the sound of ‘wife’. However, how come it feels not so comfortable since he’s beckoning her the way a person would beckon a puppy?

“Isn’t Doudou your name?”

“Uh…” Tang Doudou was of course her name, but she didn’t dare to admit it. Who knows if Baili Yu was probing her?

“We’re out with a pending crime on our heads so having such an alias is quite convenient. Thus, you should just continue wearing the female disguise as well. Who would imagine that the famous Alliance Head of the martial arts circles would be so lovable and cute after putting on female clothing?”

It was once again that gaze which seemed to contain a smile that was not quite a smile. Tang Doudou felt that something wasn’t right. However, at the same time, she couldn’t quite pinpoint what was off.

“Doudou, come on, there’s no time to lose. Hurry and bring this husband outside.”

Tang Doudou pointed at him, then pointed at herself. “What’d you say?”

“This husband can’t walk, so from now on, this husband will need Wife to carry this husband around when heading out.”

“What the f*ck? You’re so heavy. Why don’t you call Ye Chuan?” Tang Doudou’s expression completely changed when she recalled how hard it had been to lift him onto the bed before. It was that freaking hard even with two people. With her alone… wouldn’t she be crushed to death?

Baili Yu lifted his brows. “Am I really heavy?”

“Waste of words. As such a large man, how can you possibly not be heavy?” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes and headed out the door. “I’d better go find Ye Chuan.”

“Ye Chuan went to deal with preparations for us to leave the city. He’s not here.”

“What about your bodyguards?”

“They went to help. They’re not here.”


“Didn’t bring them, not here…”

Heavens ah. Then doesn’t that mean right now…

“There’s only you and me left in this courtyard. If we don’t hurry and leave, the consequences…”

When Tang Doudou heard that, she appeared with a ‘swoosh’ in front of him. She turned her back towards Baili Yu. “Come on!”

Baili Yu’s eyes landed on that delicate back. A trace of a smile streaked through his eyes and he slightly leaned over. As he got onto her back, he said, “This husband thanks Wife.”

Feeling the weight on her back, Tang Doudou gritted her teeth and exerted all her strength to stand up. Then, she discovered with amazement that there didn’t seem to be any weight on her back. She couldn’t help but turn around curiously to check if Baili Yu was tricking her again. Unexpectedly though, her forehead and his slightly cold lips knocked together. The limp and numb feeling transmitted though the place of contact and almost caused Tang Doudou to lose balance and fall.


“Shut up!” Tang Doudou stabilized herself and turned away before saying fiercely, “If you keep messing around, I’ll just throw you to the entrance!”

Baili Yu’s smiling face stiffened. This yatou’s guts are seriously getting bigger and bigger. She actually dared to be fierce towards him!

However, soon after, he revealed an even brighter smile. He calmed down quite a bit and leaned on Tang Doudou’s back without moving his hands around anymore. This behavior actually surprised Tang Doudou quite a bit. But when she recalled that there were posters ordering their arrest, she threw this to the back of her head and hastily carried Baili Yu out of the room.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Yours Truly

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T/N - “I only sell art, I don’t sell my body” Pretty sure that’s what courtesans say.

There’s one problem with Chinese, which is that wink and blink are written the same way. So, I have to guess whether the characters are shooting each other a wink or just blinking a lot to indicate a hidden message lol.


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