Chapter 93.1: A Dou Bi Came

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“It was still fine earlier but now that you’ve mentioned it, I really am a little hungry.” Tang Doudou turned and searched the carriage. In just a little while, she found a pile of food to eat. From the looks of this pile, Baili Yu really was planning to spend several months on this carriage!

“Master, this old servant has arrived. Should we set off right now?”

Right at this time, an aged voice came from outside the carriage. It sounded quite familiar, yet Tang Doudou couldn’t recall where she heard it.

Tang Doudou wanted to go out and take a look but Baili Yu pulled her down and made her sit. She looked at him, confused. Baili Yu simply looked at her, then he spoke softly to the person outside. “Set off.”


Creak, creak…

The carriage slowly started to move and the speed gradually increased. However, the inside of the carriage remained very stable.

“You can sit outside once we exit the city.”

The carriage had moved for quite a long while. Baili Yu could feel Tang Doudou moving around restlessly even with his eyes closed.

From the looks of it, she couldn’t endure this type of boredom. However, it would take at least two months to get to Azure Water Valley. If he kept her locked up in this carriage like this, she’ll probably fall apart before they even got to Azure Water Valley.

“Really?” Tang Doudou who was, at the moment, stuffing desserts rapidly into her mouth, asked in a muffled happy tone.

“Eat slowly, don’t choke.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t choke. Then that’s a promise! You better not retract it later!” Tang Doudou threw away the dessert in her hand and dusted her hands off. She then asked the person driving the carriage, “The grandpa outside, how much longer before we leave the city?”

“Haha, Lady, be patient a little longer. We’re almost out of the city.”

Baili Yu suddenly asked, “Old Ding, has Ye Chuan and the others returned yet?”

“Not yet, but they probably will soon,” Old Ding replied.

“After we leave the city, have the Chamber of Commerce in Huai City withdraw. I’m afraid we probably won’t have the opportunity to return there any more.”


“I naturally have my plans, there’s no need for Old Ding to worry.”

“This old servant is not worrying about this. This old servant is just worried about your health…” Steward Ding gave a long sigh, his tone filled with regret.

Baili Yu swept an eye at Tang Doudou whose face was filled with curiosity. He smiled and said, “It’s nothing but a minor ailment. I’ll recover very soon.”

A minor ailment?

Tang Doudou looked at him with doubt in her eyes. What exactly is this guy sick with?

Although he said it was a minor ailment, she felt that the illness wasn’t that simple. That abnormal flare up of symptoms when they fell down San Yu’s roof was too strange.

When Steward Ding heard what Baili Yu said, he sighed again. However, he didn’t continue speaking and just silently focused on driving the horse forward.

Tang Doudou, who was extremely bored, suddenly recalled the incident involving Lou Qingyun. The moment she woke up after being saved by Baili Yu, she had questioned Bai Feiyun about the Rutaceae Pavilion incident. However, Bai Feiyun said Baili Yu had handled the entire incident so he didn’t know much about it.

Originally, Tang Doudou had headed out with the intent of asking Baili Yu about it. However, she ended up being dragged to the competition by Meng Yu and a whole bunch of things had happened afterwards. Hence, she never got a chance to ask till now. In any case, since there was nothing to do right now, what better time was there to ask?

Just as she opened her mouth, Baili Yu figured out what she wanted to ask.

He leaned against the carriage window and slightly slanted his eyes. “You want to ask about the Rutaceae Pavilion incident?”

“I almost died there and I still don’t know what exactly happened. If I don’t ask and have everything cleared up, I won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night.” Tang Doudou rubbed her ankle. Although Bai Feiyun’s medical expertise was outstanding, a thin scar had still been left on her ankle.

Whenever she recalled that terrifying scene at night, she would break out in a cold sweat and be unable to fall asleep afterwards. The thing she was most worried about was that Black Demonic Nightcrawler. That day, when Li Xueyi returned to the body and swatted Xin Yue dead, that Black Demonic Nightcrawler had also disappeared without a trace.

“The incident regarding Rutaceae Pavilion isn’t simple, I’ve only been able to find out some superficial knowledge. The Lou Qingyun we encountered that day was a fake. The real Lou Qingyun had been locked up in Rutaceae Pavilion by someone. However, when we questioned him, he knew about everything. It seemed like someone simply impersonated him.”

“However, wasn’t Wife best friends with the master of Rutaceae Pavilion? Why would you encounter danger in Rutaceae Pavilion?”

The passage in the large underground palace on the outskirts of town led directly to the ancient well in the back courtyard of Rutaceae Pavilion. However, when his men went there to investigate, everyone in Rutaceae Pavilion had already evacuated. The entire Rutaceae Pavilion was clean. Even with his great powers and eyes that covered the entire area, they couldn’t find even a trace of a clue.

After the incident, he had also wanted to ask Tang Doudou about it. However, he ended up being preoccupied as well and never found the time.

“Pei! Only a ghost would be best friends with her!” Tang Doudou became indignant when Xin Yue was mentioned.

“From the sound of Wife’s tone, you’ve had an argument with that Pavilion Master?”

“Big evil spirit, you had better just call me Doudou. It’s more pleasing to the ear.” Tang Doudou turned the cup in her hand. After putting it on the table, she recounted everything that happened after she had split up with Baili Yu in Rutaceae Pavilion.

Of course, she skipped over the part about Li Xueyi returning to her body and just said that her inner strength suddenly exploded and the vibrations pressured Xin Yue to death just like the time when the vibrations had injured Mu Ye in the Alliance Head Residence. Baili Yu had seen it that time so he didn’t doubt her words.

After Baili Yu finished listening, he sank into a long period of silence.

Tang Doudou assumed that he was silent due to the fact that Xin Yue’s conduct was so outrageous. Also, she thought that it was probably hard for people to accept the idea of that enormous Black Demonic Nightcrawler without seeing it firsthand.

However, Baili Yu wasn’t silent because of these reasons. The Black Demonic Nightcrawler was a strange bug that had existed since ancient times so it was quite normal for its physique to be enormous after it matured. It was said that during ancient times, there were demonic bugs that were several kilometers long. People envied this type of strength so they used their own bodies to experiment and produced many techniques that borrowed the demonic bugs’ cultivation.

Xin Yue had probably obtained one of these ancient secret cultivation methods that utilized special types of blood to cultivate. It’s unknown if it was because the method was mistaken or some other reason that led to Xin Yue being locked up to cultivate in that ungodly underground palace. In the end, her subordinate, Boss Qing, had ganged up with a fake Lou Qingyun to betray her. And finally, with Tang Doudou, the outside factor that was thrown in, she ended up losing her life.

The crucial question regarding this matter was that fake Lou Qingyun. What exactly was that item in the palace that drove him to put in so much effort?

“In reality, I feel like that Black Demonic Nightcrawler is definitely still there.”


“I want to try going there to take a look.”

“After the large fire extinguished, I ordered people to excavate that large palace. Those underground passageways have also been inspected countless times. No one saw the Black Demonic Nightcrawler you talked about and there wasn’t even a trace of anything living there. Even if you go right now, I don’t think you would be able to find it.”

After hearing that, Tang Doudou leaned back weakly. “Looks like I’m not fated to be with that lamp.”

“The reason you want to go back is for that lamp?”

“That’s right ah, did you think I wanted to go back to find that big bug and play with it?”

“Haha, this husband thought Wife liked that sort of pet.” Baili Yu lifted his hand and stroked Tang Doudou’s hair. His warm gaze swept over and he slightly tilted his head to lean close to Tang Doudou’s ear. A languid voice softly said, “I already retrieved that lamp when I went to save you. Presently, it’s in Plum Garden.”

Never thought that he would be this considerate. Just as Tang Doudou was dazing out, a restless hand sneaked into her clothes and started pinching here and rubbing there.

It was seized with a clutch. “What are you doing!?”

“Wife is travel-worn. This husband will give you a massage to help you relax…”


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