Chapter 94.2: The Fierce Battle Between the Two

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“Just what?” Su Yi asked, displeased. “Could it be that Resplendent Prince wants to back out?”

“Of course not, it’s just…” Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou again before chuckling. “It’s just that this matter depends on my family’s wife’s decision.”

Can’t they let her just be a quiet beauty!?

After Baili Yu said that, Su Yi’s gaze became extremely displeased and even contained some repressed anger as he looked towards her. It was as if she had done something that let him down.

“Tang Doudou, right?” Su Yi asked.

Tang Doudou nodded dazedly. Su Yi continued to press, “Do you agree?”


Can she say that she doesn’t agree?

That she does agree?

Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu whose intentions were unclear before laughing ‘hehe’. “This little uncleT/N won’t participate in your matters, won’t participate…”

“How can Wife not participate? This matter is strongly linked to Wife.” Baili Yu didn’t plan to let Tang Doudou stay out of it.

Tang Doudou inwardly cursed the damned evil spirit as she curved her eyes with a sweet smile. “I’m just a kitchen maid, how can I have anything to do with a matter between you two powerful people? Please stop joking, Su gongzi is still waiting for your reply.”

Steward Ding dazed out as he stood next to the main road gazing at the carriage behind him. Why did that red string look so familiar?

It seemed as if he had seen it before, a long time ago...

Anyhow, he was too old. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t recall it so he stroked his beard helplessly and started calculating the time. If they didn’t leave soon, the pursuing troops will probably catch up.

It wasn’t a big deal being pursued since Master was here. However, before they left Master had instructed them not to get involved in anything troublesome.

Should he ask Master for instructions and see if they could discuss this matter while on the go?

When his thoughts got to here, Steward Ding started striding towards the carriage. However, after just two steps, a loud ‘bang’ came from the carriage. Immediately following was Su Yi’s enraged roar. “Baili Yu!”

Steward Ding was so shocked his face lost color. What happened!?

Following that was another ‘bang’. The carriage started shaking violently as if people had started fighting inside.

“F*ck, you guys, take it easy!” Tang Doudou’s shouting voice started coming from the carriage as well. “The frick!? Su Yi, if you’re going to hit Baili Yu then just freaking hit him. What are you stamping this ma’am’s leg for!?”

“Baili Yu, you damned evil spirit! What are you pulling me for!?”

“F*ck, f*ck!”

Now there was only the sound of Tang Doudou’s noisy shouts. From the sound of her shouts, it seemed like Master and that Su Yi had started fighting. The carriage only had so much space. She was a lady and didn’t know any martial arts so it was very likely for her to get accidentally injured.

Steward Ding was a little worried. After all, he quite liked Tang Doudou.

“Lady Doudou, you should hurry and get out!”

“I also want to get out ah!” Tang Doudou replied sadly when she heard Steward Ding’s worried voice.

As Tang Doudou looked at the red string that was binding her arms behind her back and looped over her neck and feet, she felt ladened with grief. Why the f*ck did they suddenly start fighting even though they were still discussing things nicely just a second earlier!? Their attitude flipped even faster than the speed a book is flipped through. She was worried about being dragged in and had moved to get out of the carriage but was immediately tied up by Su Yi’s thin red string. When Baili Yu saw this, he had reached out to forcefully seize the string. Unexpectedly, Su Yi suddenly let go and she was slammed onto the floor. Her waist almost broke from the fall!

“F*ck! Baili Yu, let me go! My face is about to be knocked flat!”

“Su Yi, you bastard! What are you doing!?”

All sorts of pittering and pattering sounds emitted from the carriage. However, as expected of Baili Yu’s carriage, it was built to be incomparably stable. If it was a normal carriage, it would have long been smashed to ruins.

“Steward Ding, hurry and save me ah! I’m gonna die!”

In the middle of the chaos, one of them had kicked her ankle and it pained her to the point tears welled up. However, her entire body was wrapped up by the red string so she could only move towards the carriage door by wiggling like a caterpillar, wiggling...


A teacup flew over and swooshed past her eyes. Water splashed all over Tang Doudou’s face. Jesus! Luckily it was cold water, otherwise she would have been disfigured!

The freak!? These two bastards are treating her as a sandbag, is that it!?

Just because the tiger doesn’t show its might, they’re treating her as Hello Kitty?

She, Tang Doudou, was about to get mad!

Tang Doudou’s cheeks puffed up into balls and qi poured into her dantian as she roared at the two people fighting, “Enough!”

Boom! Clang! Bang!

I swear a huge f*ck! Tang Doudou’s eyes flipped up as she focused on the cookie crumbs and the pieces of the white plate that were falling down her head. Mama mia! She felt that she was about to ‘go die’.T/N2

“Stop, enough! The person’s fainted!” With a swoosh, Su Yi retrieved his red string. As he looked at Tang Doudou who was sprawled out, unconscious, at the carriage entrance, he wasn’t able to endure his smile and his lips twitched upwards.

Baili Yu looked over and, without any hesitation, started walking towards Tang Doudou.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - ‘Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu whose intentions were unclear before laughing ‘hehe’. “This little uncle…’ Lmao, Miyu suggested auntie instead of uncle for TDD’s dialogue here since she was in female ‘disguise’ but haha, I double-checked and the verdict is that TDD has seriously gotten too used to being in male disguise.

T/N2 - I never knew this, lol. Mama Mia is an expression. Translated it means "Mother of mine" and is much like the expression "Mother of Pearls" or "Oh dear god". As for ‘go die’, the actual Chinese term translates to dog belt but it’s pronounced gou3 dai2 which is supposed to represent the English phrase ‘go die’.

Poor tiger… lmao.


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