Chapter 95.2: Leave Things To Slowly Play With Them

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“Ah!” It shocked Tang Doudou to the point she hastily went to hide behind Baili Yu. “Big evil spirit, why did you bring a monster into the carriage? Are you not worried about scaring yourself to death when you open your eyes in the middle of the night?”

“This yatou’s mouth sure is poisonous. Have you ever seen a monster that’s as handsome and as noble as ben gongzi?” Su Yi’s gloomy voice transmitted over from the unidentifiable object.

Tang Doudou glanced in front at Su Yi whose entire body was bound with white gauze to the point only his eyes were left visible. With a ‘puchi’ she burst out laughing and kept laughing until she convulsed so much she couldn’t breathe.

Su Yi rolled his eyes. Ignoring Tang Doudou, he turned around and started to peel the white gauze off his body. Baili Yu, that guy was seriously too much! He had asked Baili Yu to find him a doctor yet in the end, Baili Yu used a drug to make him unconscious while he wasn’t paying attention. By the time he woke up, his entire body was bound by white gauze. The most abominable part was that Baili Yu actually sealed all of his inner strength then just threw him into the carriage.

Baili Yu also felt like laughing when he saw the way Su Yi was tugging at the gauze. So the City Lord was nothing more than this? He had really overestimated him in the past.

If Su Yi had known what Baili Yu was thinking, he would have beaten this invalid to near death even if it meant risking severe injuries. Wasn’t he doing this solely for the sake of infiltrating the carriage? It’s seriously vexing. Just as Baili Yu said, he had put in excessive effort for the sake of this chess piece. However, when he saw the way Baili Yu treated Tang Doudou, he felt disgusted. That feeling was as if the child he had personally raised for several decades had been suddenly snatched away by someone else. It was seriously irritating!

“Big evil spirit ah, why did you let him stay?” Tang Doudou asked quietly from behind Baili Yu.

Baili Yu flicked the tip of her nose. “Be good, I’ll tell you in a bit.”

Tang Doudou slapped his hand away and returned to her original seat. The journey that originally consisted of two people now consisted of three. Luckily, the carriage had been switched to a more spacious one. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be cramped to death? However, seeing as these two commodities in front of her had a criminal record of fighting, she decided to just sit outside with Steward Ding.

“The carriage is too stuffy. I’ll just sit outside!” After she said so, she lifted the curtain and went out.

However, she didn’t find Steward Ding’s figure outside the carriage. Instead, there was a familiar scowling face.

“How come it’s you? Where’s Grandpa Ding?”

Ye Chuan swept a glance at her. “Went back to Huai City.”

“He went back to Huai City? How could you let him go back? What if he encounters the people that are trying to arrest us?” Tang Doudou stood up and almost fell again. After she finally managed to steady herself, she saw Ye Chuan looking at her like he was looking at an idiot.

“Only you and Master are listed in the Emperor’s arrest order. Who would care about an old man?” Ye Chuan replied, annoyed.

Having ended up making a fool of herself, Tang Doudou could only crawl back into the carriage. As she looked at those three big men, she was dejected to the point she was about to puke blood.

“Doudou, come here.” When Su Yi saw her come in, he recalled the way Baili Yu beckoned her and beckoned her in the same way. However, all he got was an eyeroll from Tang Doudou.

“If you have something to say, then say it. If you have fart to release, then release it. This place isn’t that far, I’ll be able to hear.” No way she was going over. That damned red string was seriously frightening. She couldn’t even twitch after it had wrapped around her.

Su Yi became pretty gloomy. In the past, though this guy wasn’t extremely deferential like other subordinates when she saw him, she still didn’t dare to act so audacious and shout at him. And she even said that she wanted to beat him up until he couldn’t take care of himself. Who lent her such big nerves!? The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. However, when his gaze landed on Baili Yu’s face, his anger immediately disappeared.

Forget it. Since she had only gotten poisoned and lost her memories due to a task she had been helping him carry out, he won’t hold these things against her.

He thought about a lot of matters on his own, however, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu didn’t pay attention to him at all. They were currently muttering something quietly on that side and Baili Yu would even make some small intimate movements with his hand.

“Why didn’t Grandpa Ding come along?” As they were chatting, Tang Doudou suddenly recalled what Ye Chuan said earlier, so she asked about it with knitted brows.

Baili Yu closed his eyes to rest. “Old Ding’s personality is becoming stranger the older he gets. Before he had insisted on coming along but then he insisted on returning. There was nothing I could do either since I couldn’t persuade him, so I could only let him head back.”

“Ye Chuan’s driving speed is a bit faster. The journey will probably be cut down by half. If you’re still bored en route,” - Baili Yu’s eyes suddenly revealed a devilish look as he looked towards Su Yi who was glaring at them - “he’s currently not much better than an ordinary person. So…”

“Oooh! Nicely done!” Tang Doudou started laughing ‘haha’. Su Yi’s martial arts was exactly what she had been wary of. Otherwise, she would have rushed over to beat the crap out of him the moment she woke up.

After hearing what Baili Yu said, there was no way she would wait. Tang Doudou immediately jogged over.


Su Yi got goosebumps all over when he heard her laugh like this. He retreated backwards. “You, what are you planning to do?”

“Of course something that you and I want to do…” Tang Doudou gave a nefarious smile as she approached Su Yi. “Little Susu, are you feeling very panicky now? Very scared? Very helpless?”

“If you’re scared, just cry out. It’s fine, just cry out. The louder the better. The louder it is, the more refreshed I’ll feel!”

Su Yi listened to those universally shocking words with an expression that was the definition of dumbstruck. His exposed eyes were filled with helplessness. “Yo-you’re not allowed to come over here!”

“Hehe, don’t worry. I’ll be very very gentle.”

Tang Doudou then lifted up her fist and pouted her mouth to blow on it. With a vulgar smile, she said, “You had dared to freakin' tie up this daddy!”


A fist flew over and punched Su Yi stupid.

“And step on this ma’am!”

Another punch sent Su Yi tumbling onto the floor. It also snapped him back to his senses and he demanded loudly, “What are you doing? What are you hitting me all of a sudden for!?”

“Didn’t I tell you the reasons?” Tang Doudou scrutinized her fist. “Do you want me to repeat it?”

Su Yi seriously wanted to breakthrough his pressure points right now and throw this audacious woman out. It had been years since he had experienced the fiery stinging pain that his eye sockets were currently transmitting. However, when he recalled his plan, he could only grit his teeth and swallow this pain.

“No need to repeat it!” If she repeated it, didn’t that mean he had to get beaten up one more time?

Seeing that he was quite sensitive, Tang Doudou lowered her fist. She had no intentions of beating him up until she was satisfied today. Her personality was to leave things so she could slowly play with them.

Seeing that she didn’t plan to punch him anymore, Su Yi sighed in relief.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Yours Truly

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Lmao. Yup, poor Su Yi. And sneaky foxie Baili Yu gets away with everything by putting all the blame on Su Yi.


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