Chapter 103 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

“Please tell me in detail. Will Alkyl appear throughout the empire?” Hyeonu asked Sunny without even greeting her.

“It must be very urgent if you forgot the greetings. Well, I can understand. I was also surprised.” Sunny lowered her hood with a frown. 

Hyeonu apologized. It was Sunny who took the initiative to come to him, and it was Hyeonu who needed her information.

‘It is so frustrating. Are all women like this?’

“I’m sorry. I was in a hurry.”

Yet it was Sunny who was flustered over Hyeonu’s apology. Hyeonu seemed too indifferent to her that her pride was hurt, so she said those words. She hadn’t actually intended for him to apologize. ‘What is with this guy?’

“No, I was just joking.”

In order to break the awkward atmosphere, Sunny started to explain what she said earlier. “In two or three months, Alkyl will start to be active. I don’t know what exactly they are, but I’m sure there will be at least four or five main scenarios.”

Hyeonu pondered on Sunny’s words. “Then that means the base at Kunta Plateau is currently empty?”

Sunny was startled by Hyeonu’s words. This was information she hadn’t told him.

‘Did an NPC tell him? Indeed, this is the main scenario...’

Sunny soon accepted it. After all, information related to the main scenario was often given by NPCs.

“Yes, it is almost completely defenseless compared to before. Alkyl is a pretty big force, but it is hard to prepare for a rebellion at the same time.”

[Alkyl’s Inside Information Acquisition 1/1]

“Go somewhere with me now. Sunny, if this is done well, you will be able to make a big contribution.”



Hyeonu took Sunny to Garon at the imperial rangers camp.

Garon exclaimed, “Is this true? Is their base currently empty?”

“That’s right. You can see it like that when compared to the previous state. However, their strength is still the same.”

“If so, should I inform his Majesty the Emperor straight away and provide defense?”

“Garon, that is what you should do. This isn’t my job, right?” Hyeonu shrugged as if he was wondering why Garon was asking him. “In any case, there is a lot of time. It will take two or three months. I think it is better for us to clear out their base first before sweeping up their hiding places.”

Garon listened to Hyeonu’s words and was troubled.

‘We have to wipe out the base anyway.’

“I will report to His Majesty while you go separately to find and eradicate the base.”


[The quest has been updated.]

[Imperial Detached Force]

[-Kill Alkyl’s Executives 0/??? -> Find the location of Alkyl’s base 0/1]


The contents of the quest were updated. It changed to finding the location of Alkyl’s base.

“I understand,” Hyeonu replied.

After leaving Garon’s residence, Sunny thanked Hyeonu. “Thanks to you, I’ve gained imperial contributions. Thank you.”

Hyeonu waved his hand at Sunny’s words. “No, it was a quest that couldn’t have proceeded without Sunny’s information. That…” He paused for a moment. “You are the one who keeps providing me with good information. Rather, I must say thank you.”

Sunny looked at him. ‘He has polite manners and is good at the game. I like it.’

She said in response, “Then I’ll give you some information on where Alkyl’s base is located. I don’t know exactly, but I have a rough grasp of the area.”

The information that Hyeonu heard from Sunny would be used very soon.




Hyeonu separated from Sunny and sat still for three minutes to organize his thoughts. He thought about the direction of the main scenario and the direction he was headed in, from Kunta Plateau to cleaning up Alkyl’s base. Soon after, Hyeonu started writing notes.

“This is neat.”

The recipient was Red Bull America’s ace, Mascherano. He was one of the powers currently competing for the Kunta Plateau. Hyeonu could’ve sent a whisper to Mascherano, but he thought about how Mascherano might be hunting and sent a note instead.


[To. Mascherano: 

I am Alley Leader.

I would like to participate in the Kunta Plateau conflict.

If you need help, please contact me.]


Hyeonu smiled widely. He quickly received an answer to his note. The answer wasn’t a note but a whisper.


-From Mascherano: Hello? It is Mascherano. I’m really surprised that Alley Leader sent me a note. 


‘His reaction is fast. Isn’t he hunting?’


-To Mascherano: I will ask you in a straightforward manner. What would you like to do?


Hyeonu threw a 100-mile fastball toward the center without leaving any other path. It was Mascherano who became flustered.


-From Mascherano: Aren’t you being too urgent? Speak slowly...


However, Hyeonu didn’t need to think about Mascherano’s circumstances. This push was part of Hyeonu’s plan.


-To Mascherano: The Kunta Plateau—you don’t want it? I won’t ask twice. If you don’t answer now, I’ll have to go somewhere else.

-From Mascherano: ...Let’s meet and talk. I don’t think it is something to talk about through whispers. I will go. Let’s meet at the entrance of Nobo Forest.


“He took the bait.”

Hyeonu’s face brightened when he realized that things were resolved according to his plans.


-To Mascherano: I understand. See you in a while.


Hyeonu kicked against the ground.

He would have to speed up to get to Nobo Forest quickly.




At the entrance of Nobo Forest, two men were already waiting for Hyeonu. One looked like an intelligent martial artist while the other was a magician who seemed to like using his fists. It was a combination that looked pretty strange.

“Do we need to do this?” The fighter-like magician, John, asked Mascherano. He was skeptical. Leaving the Kunta Plateau right now was a risky action. If JT Telecom or Mano knew of this situation, there was a chance they would attack the two people, forcing them to log out before sweeping through Red Bull America.

“This is Alley Leader. It is worth taking the risk. A joker who wants to overturn this place needs the corresponding treatment.”

Mascherano had already decided to seek Hyeonu’s help. There were certainly people like John who questioned what Alley Leader was doing. However, Alley Leader was someone truly incomprehensible.

‘Like meleegod of the past...’

The Arena player Mascherano admired the most—he was like meleegod.

“I lost to him in Masked Fighting King. It was also one-sided. Alley Leader’s level now would be even higher, and his items would be better. If so, I would still lose. Look, New York’s icicle was also wiped out.”

“Yes but... neither of you did your best? If you fight again, no one knows what the outcome will be.”

“I wish that were the case, John.” 

Mascherano had just succeeded in persuading John when someone approached Nobo Forest.

“Did you wait for a long time? I was a bit far away. Sorry.”

A man wearing a child’s mask—it was Alley Leader.

“I’m sorry...”

Mascherano shook his hand to show it was fine.

Alley Leader continued, “Then let’s start by talking about what I mentioned before. I would like to participate in the property dispute over the Kunta Plateau. I would do so as a mercenary of Red Bull America.”

“What are the conditions?”

“Free access to the Kunta Plateau. I don’t need anything else. Items, skills, or money—I don’t want those.”

‘I don’t want any nose accessories...’

It was enough to serve the role of a mercenary in a simple territorial dispute. There was no need for useless things.

“Okay. Then let’s do so. When will you join us?”

“I will act alone. Just pretend you don’t know me. I will wander around the Kunta Plateau. Then it will be over soon. Or you will get a chance to finish it.”

“Is that possible?”

Mascherano couldn’t understand Hyeonu’s words. There seemed to be little correlation between Alley leader wandering the Kunta Plateau and the other two guilds retreating from Kunta Plateau.

“It is possible if the opponents are Mano and JT Telecom. It is enough. I will take care of it.”

Mascherano nodded at Hyeonu’s words. He didn’t know about Mano, but he knew about Alley Leader’s relationship with JT Telecom.

‘They’re idiots. Those garbage who don’t have skills can only talk.’

No matter who looked at it, they were defeated in terms of ability. They poured everything out but couldn’t reach Alley Leader. At that time, Mascherano had been very upset when he turned on the stream and heard the nonsense those dogs were barking.

“If it is JT Telecom, then I will make them pay several times. I understand.”

“Mascherano, you should ignore me in the future. Treat me like a passing cloud.”

“I know, Alley Leader. Please get good results.”

Once the talk was over, Mascherano and John were busy. They had to go back and inform their team and colleagues of their consultation with Alley Leader.

‘It seems I have successfully entered Kunta Plateau?’

Hyeonu had a slight smile on his face. The big picture was already completed.




-It’s a good decision. We always respect Mascherano, but we must praise this decision.

“I think I was lucky. It was Alley Leader who contacted me. It was also just before the raid began. His personality is very straightforward. It would’ve been terrible to think about what would’ve happened if my response was slow because of the raid.”

‘That’s right. I was lucky. It will also be better in the future. If we can just get the Kunta Plateau, we will be one step ahead in the main scenario competition.’

Soon after he separated from Hyeonu, Mascherano conducted a raid with other guild members in the Kunta Plateau. The raid was a success. Only then did he call the front desk to tell them of his deal with Hyeonu. The result was full of praises as seen. From the club’s point of view, there was nothing better than this. At this moment, Mascherano’s expression was stiff.

“Still, why did Alley Leader ask for a free pass to the Kunta Plateau? What if it relates to the main scenario?”

-I think this part is unavoidable. We don’t know how long this competition will last without Alley Leader’s interference. It has already entered the stagnant phase. 

“I know. I’ll hang up now. I’ll call back next time.”

Hah, Mascherano sighed as he hung up the phone. “Mano seems to have gathered a club for the main scenario... There is Alley Leader. It is already hard enough to chase after New World... It is frustrating.”

Mascherano stepped back toward the A-Cube. He couldn’t waste time. It was necessary to save as much time as possible when competing for the main scenario. Just before entering the cube, Mascherano yelled. It was a call to someone outside.

“Contact that icicle. Let’s form an alliance.”

The New York fighters and Texas guardians joined hands.

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