Chapter 105 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

Hyeonu turned his head like he knew nothing and looked around. In fact, he was looking for Tang-E’s hiding place.

‘Where are you hiding? Damn Tang-E.’

However, Tang-E had hidden so well that he couldn’t be seen at all. The Mano Guild was gradually approaching Hyeonu.

‘Yes, it is better not to find him. They might look to see where I’m hiding.’

In this way, Hyeonu started to rationalize things. Finally, the Mano Guild members stood in front of Hyeonu. “Didn’t Boreik warn you previously? That the next time you show up, we won’t let you go?”

It was a blatant dispute. They were acting just like the neighborhood bullies. These were not actions worthy of the title of ranker.

“I said it back then, but I don’t think you heard it. So I’ll tell you again. I entered with permission from Red Bull America.” Hyeonu’s words were a powerful provocation. He gained permission from a force the Mano Guild were competing with over the Kunta Plateau, so they should get out of here. The group that occupied the Kunta Plateau was Red Bull America, not the Mano Guild. This was what it meant. It included the meaning of getting lost quickly.

“What? This brat is trying to look good.”

“Don’t you know who you are going against? Why? Are your eyes unable to see lately?” 

Hyeonu’s taunts were amazing. It started with their fame and ignited a fire in their hearts.

“Why are people like you coming out in this place? Don’t you know? The Mano Guild isn’t a match for Red Bull in any area.” 

This wasn’t a provocation but art. No one could stand to hear these words, even if they were Arena’s rankers. If there were someone, they would be Buddha and not a person.

“So don’t get in the way. If you bother me…” Hyeonu stretched out his thumb and swiped it over his neck. “Understood?”

It was a neat finish. It was impossible for even Buddha to endure this. Thus, it was naturally impossible for the Mano Guild’s executives to do so.

“I can’t stand it. Die!”

“I want to kill you!!”

The Mano Guild’s executives were rushing toward Hyeonu when a familiar voice rang out from behind them.

“Stop!” Boreik had appeared.

‘Don’t tell me he is trying to stop the situation?’

If so, it was the worst-case scenario for Hyeonu. However, this wasn’t the reason for Boreik’s appearance.

“We have to start shooting the video, you fools. Do you want to waste a lot of energy for nothing? There must be a trophy.” Boreik smiled.

There were two things he wanted from this match—the honor gained by killing Alley Leader and the trust of Guild Leader Marco.

“Surely you aren’t going to run away? I saw you talking a lot earlier. There is no next time. This will be your graveyard.” Boreik pulled out his sword from the sheath at his waist. Then he laughed. “Now, this time we are hunting Alley Leader. Hurry and grab him!”

Boreik’s words caused the Mano Guild members to each pull out their weapons. There were two-edged swords, a single-edged sword, a spear, and a staff. This was an excellent combination. It was a combination that was more appropriate for a boss monster raid than for killing a single player.

The moment they pulled out their weapons, Hyeonu’s mood changed. Until then, Hyeonu had a strong feeling of joking around. Yet as soon as the weapons were drawn, Hyeonu’s body sprang to life. Alley Leader no longer joked around. There was only the cold hunter, Alley Leader.

“Since you pulled out your weapons, you can’t say anything when you’re logged out.” Hyeonu pulled out his single-edged sword. “Additionally, you’re not the only one shooting a video. I can shoot one as well!”

Hyeonu had been recording the video from the beginning.

“From this moment on, I—Alley Leader—declare that I will be hostile to the Mano Guild. If I meet the Mano Guild on the Kunta Plateau, I will kill them for no reason.”

After listening to Hyeonu, Boreik reached out and pointed to Hyeonu. This was a signal to attack him. It wasn’t worth talking anymore.

‘Once you’ve died a few times, you won’t be able to make fun of us with that mouth anymore.’

Boreik’s thoughts didn’t last long. The shocking situation that occurred before him didn’t give Boreik much time to think.

‘What is this...?’ Boreik was astonished. Every time Hyeonu’s sword was swung, the melee damage dealers flew away one by one. The single-edged sword moved mysteriously along bizarre trajectories. None of them had the ability to block him. The fortunate thing was that they didn’t log out because they had a priest.

‘How is it fortunate?’ Boreik smiled bitterly. Somehow, he thought that this time’s decision seemed to be his fault. Alley Leader was exactly the same as his video. There was nothing added or subtracted.


Alley Leader stood in an area that was out of their reach. Perhaps Marco could reach it.

‘Still, I can’t run away.’

Boreik held his sword tightly and charged toward Hyeonu. It was to deal a blow even if it meant dying.




The night that Hyeonu and the Mano Guild collided. Hyeonu turned on his stream as usual and spent time joking with the viewers. This lasted until someone sent him a whisper.

-From Ellis: Alley Leader, I finished editing the video you requested and uploaded it to the channel.

The source of the whisper was Ellis. He was Hyeonu’s exclusive editor. Ellis had mobilized Nike’s editors to finish the video that Hyeonu requested for in just five to six hours.


-To Ellis: Thank you, it was an unreasonable request. The next time you come to South Korea, I will buy you a meal. Hyeonu expressed his sincere gratitude.

He now knew how hard it was to edit a video and how long it took.

-From Ellis: Don't forget that promise. I will be in South Korea soon.

-To Ellis: Please come. I’ll treat you to a meal.


Hyeonu pictured Ellis jumping up with excitement at his words.

“Now everyone. Something happened this morning. Shall we see it? It is a very funny video.” 

-This morning? The video is already edited?

-It can’t be edited. Is editing a joke?

-Then what is the funny video?

-Did you hunt a boss?

Hyeonu switched to his channel in A-World and clicked on the latest video.

[Declaration of Relationship with the Mano Guild.avi] 

 -Uh? Did you fight with the Mano Guild?

-Let’s see it quickly!

-I feel dizzy. Please play it quickly!!

-I thought this would happen. It turned out he played and robbed them.

-How do you know the Mano Guild lost? Are you part of the Mano Guild?

-Is the person above stupid? Doesn’t the fact that he’s streaming right now mean he fought and won? It doesn’t matter if it was a character deletion bet or PK. What a stone head. Think about it.

“Then shouldn’t I give an explanation along with the video? Why don’t we have a taste of watching while streaming?”

-Right. You understand it correctly.

-As expected, Alley Leader’s progress is excellent. I can say this much.

-It is a post-battle description.

-Did the Mano Guild start the fight first?

The video started with the Mano Guild members pulling their weapons out and aiming them at Hyeonu.

“As viewers know, I am allowed to travel around the Kunta Plateau with permission from Red Bull America. For me, it was Red Bull America who dominated the Kunta Plateau. Then the Mano Guild suddenly appeared and picked a fight with me. This time, I tried a PK,” Hyeonu told the story skillfully.

The story represented Hyeonu’s situation and was explained in his favor. Naturally, viewers agreed with Hyeonu and scolded the Mano Guild.

-Crazy bastards. Is the Kunta Plateau their ground? Why do they want to mess with Alley Leader?

-The guys from big guilds are the problem.

-Hunting grounds all over will be lost. They will suck up gold coins because of all the dungeons they monopolize.

-Additionally, the Kunta Plateau isn’t even a place they have occupied. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

‘The responses are good.’

Hyeonu was excited by the audience’s response and worked hard to tell the story.

After a while, the scene in question came out.

From this moment on, I, Alley Leader, declare that I will be hostile to the Mano Guild. If I meet the Mano Guild on the Kunta Plateau, I will kill them for no reason.

In the video, Alley Leader pulled out a broken single-edged sword and declared this to the Mano Guild members. He hadn’t known it when he shouted it, but it looked quite cheesy like this. The viewers felt the same way.

-No matter how I look at it, Alley Leader’s bluffing seems natural.

-I admit it. There was such a comment even at that moment. It is his vocationa streamer or at least an actor.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It is too embarrassing to call it a bluff.

-Don’t say that. I’m straightening my curled up hands right now. They aren’t opening.

The viewers complained, but they weren’t troubled by Hyeonu’s behavior. In their minds, Hyeonu was absolute good. All those who had a conflict with Hyeonu were absolute evil.

“This is where the fight starts. It is a very exciting fight. Wow, I’ve released my stress.” It was as Hyeonu said.

Since then, the battle was overwhelming. He one-sidedly slaughtered the Mano Guild without allowing a single attack. It wasn’t the most elite team that included Marco, leader of the Mano Guild. However, the members, including Boreik, were elites of the Mano Guild. They shouldn’t be so helpless.

Then the video ended. It was the result that everyone expected.

-As expected, the class of our leader...

-The Mano Guild was also blown away. 

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-Knock Down Mano has gifted you 100 gold coins.

-Kunta Plateau Ruler has gifted you 101 gold coins. 

“Oh, thank you Leader Groupie for the 99 gold coins. I’ll use them well. Also, thank you Knock Down Mano and Kunta Plateau Ruler. Maybe I will do PK the next time I stream. Do you want me to hunt? Or should it be arena content going forward?” Hyeonu asked a question with a fixed answer.

He provided options that the viewers would never choose due to their tendencies.

-You naturally have to hunt in the Kunta Plateau.

-The arena can be done later.

-What a ridiculous question. Unconditionally hunt.

-Kunta Plateau has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-PK is the Best has gifted you 99 gold coins. 

The result came out. It was the result that Hyeonu had been longing for. Hyeonu smiled and said, “Thank you for the 99 gold coins. The next stream will be based on feedback from viewers, and it will be a Kunta Plateau expedition.”

Then four days later on Friday, Hyeonu met Marco. It was in the middle of Kunta Plateau. Marco was also with the best members of the Mano Guild.

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