Chapter 112 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The player is stronger than the opponent.] 

[The other person’s stats will drop.]

[The other side has the fighting energy stat.]

[The stat reduction effect won’t occur.]

[Mindset of a Murderer has activated.]

[All stats have increased by 15%.]

A message appeared announcing the start of the battle. It was Hyeonu’s patented ‘stats increase.’

Huh? Is the fighting energy stat effective?’

Hyeonu didn’t know since he had never fought against an opponent of a lower or the same level. However, at the same level, the system judged that Hyeonu was superior. It was the same with the doppelganger. In the end, the fighting energy stat didn’t trigger any additional stat gains or cause the opponent’s stats to drop. Only the basic stats increased. Yet Hyeonu’s skills didn’t end there.

‘Giant’s Power.’


[Giant’s Power has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]


Hyeonu’s intention was clear. He would use a giant skill in the beginning to consume one of the doppelganger’s remaining giant skills. After that, Hyeonu would use his remaining giant skill to finish the doppelganger off.

‘Let’s move quickly.’

He couldn’t get caught at Laek’s Stage 10. It was necessary to rush forward as long as there was a huge mountain called the third class advancement. Due to the strength stat that was elevated to various skills, Hyeonu pushed the doppelganger. Nevertheless, the doppelganger also had Hyeonu’s data, so he wasn’t just being pushed. The moment he bounced back, he used his one remaining giant skill to prevent Hyeonu’s subsequent attacks.

‘We can’t lose in vain.’ The doppelganger had his own thoughts.

The significance of his existence was to kill the main body, Gang Hyeonu. To achieve his goal, he had to do his best, regardless of whatever means he had to use. The problem was...

The main body was more cunning, treacherous, and persistent then he thought. The sword energy that flew from Hyeonu’s single-edged sword exploded in front of the doppelganger. Hyeonu used violent force to lead the battle with the doppelganger. It was a thoroughly calculated battle. If the doppelganger used Blink to create variables, Hyeonu would respond with Blink to run away.

‘Damn, he might be the main body but still...’ The doppelganger was appalled by Hyeonu’s thoroughness. Now even the doppelganger knew what Hyeonu was waiting for. In some ways, they thought the same. There was no way he couldn’t know.

‘The main body is waiting for the giant skill to end.’

Hyeonu was waiting for 5 minutes to pass. In those five minutes, the doppelganger had to knock down the main body.

‘I only need one blow, one blow.’ The doppelganger’s eyes were filled with a strange fire. There was only one skill that Hyeonu hadn’t fully grasped. It was from the Mysterious Demonic Martial Art. Among the skills from that art, the Mysterious Sky Steps was the skill that would serve as the key to killing Hyeonu. ‘Approach using the Mysterious Sky Steps. Next...’

The doppelganger prepared a desperate move. He instantly combined all his skills with what would happen. It was the most likely move to kill Hyeonu. The doppelganger rushed to Hyeonu using bizarre movements. It was an exquisite move that stabbed at Hyeonu.

He swung his sword before Hyeonu could respond. A giant new moon appeared. It was Crescent Moon Cut.

Hyeonu avoided the Crescent Moon Cut using Blink. However, the doppelganger had already arrived in front of Hyeonu as if he had anticipated it. The doppelganger combined Magic Power Explosion with Heavy Blow. Then he swung at Hyeonu. At a glance, the doppelganger’s attack seemed to hit Hyeonu.

However, this was just Hyeonu’s afterimage. Hyeonu had pulled himself out using the Mysterious Sky Steps like he had expected the doppelganger’s repertoire. It was a narrow difference. Still, that wasn’t all. Hyeonu prepared to fight back at the same time as evading. He waved his sword at the doppelganger that was 10 meters away.

The sword energy was so pale that it couldn’t be seen. Then the moment the single-edged sword pointed at the doppelganger, a dark sword energy surged in an instant. The dark sword energy had enough momentum to cut the body of the doppelganger in the air in half. Just before the dark energy sword touched the doppelganger’s body, Hyeonu called out to Tang-E, “Tang-E!!”




Tang-E was immersed in the battle between Hyeonu and the doppelganger and forgot to assist with magic. He was fully focused on the collision between the two.

‘Damn Master dude, his skill is real.’

Putting aside his unsatisfactory personality, he fought better than anyone Tang-E knew. The doppelganger had the skills to match as Master dude’s clone. However, the doppelganger couldn’t compare in toughness. Hyeonu was born with a heart that struck cruelly at weakness. It was a fast and gorgeous battle that was hard to follow with the eyes. The direction of the battle was soon revealed. Hyeonu gained the upper hand little by little.

‘It wasn’t due to a loss of strength.’

Tang-E calmly analyzed the situation. It was due to Hyeonu’s own virtue that he gained dominance in the battle.

‘How would he have won if I hadn’t left out that damn skill? I even buffed him.’

Tang-E nodded. He thought this was his merit. The moment Tang-E was praising himself, someone called out to Tang-E in a loud voice, “Tang-E!!”

‘Master dude’s voice? Why?’ Tang-E turned to Hyeonu with questioning eyes and realized why Hyeonu had called him. Master dude was vicious to the end. It was a fight that would’ve been won in a few minutes if he kept fighting like this. However, the variables were thoroughly ruled out.


Still, Tang-E was his master’s pet. He understood Hyeonu’s intentions. Ice covered the area around the doppelganger. The doppelganger couldn’t move. He couldn’t even use Blink. Why? This was the seventh Blink that followed Hyeonu’s Blink. With two against Tang-E and five against Hyeonu, that was a total of seven times. Seven times was the limit for the user of Blink attached to the Great Gorge set. There was a restriction of seven Blinks per day, and the doppelganger had run out.

Nevertheless, Hyeonu’s single-edged sword didn’t cut the doppelganger. The doppelganger used the Wraith Form skill embedded in Roton’s Ceremonial Coat to avoid Hyeonu’s move. Wraith Form turned him into a wraith for 10 seconds, and he wasn’t affected by any attacks except divine power attacks. In this situation, 10 seconds was just...

‘It is meaningless.’

It was just dragging out time. Hyeonu had Tang-E. He once again called out to Tang-E, “Tang-E, once that guy’s ghost form is gone, fire your lightning straight away.”


The moment that Wraith Form ended, Tang-E fired several lightning strikes at the doppelganger. The doppelganger was just released from Wraith Form and couldn’t escape Tang-E’s lightning bolts. There was no dodging technology. If there wasn’t a skill, then pure movement alone wouldn’t allow him to avoid the wide-range lightning bolts, even if it was Hyeonu.


[The doppelganger has been inflicted with the ‘electric shock’ abnormal state.]


Eventually, the doppelganger was caught in an abnormal state. Moreover, it was an electric shock. It was just a moment, but the doppelganger had already given up.

‘It’s over.’

He knew that his main body wouldn’t miss this opportunity. As the doppelganger predicted, Hyeonu didn’t miss this moment. The dark sword energy cut the doppelganger’s neck.

-You have passed the given test perfectly. The reward will be paid. 

‘Reward! Reward!!’

Hyeonu didn’t give a single glance to the fallen doppelganger. His only concern was the reward—a reward from clearing Laek’s Stage 10. It was also a reward for graduating from Laek.


[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]


It was a huge amount of experience. The amount was so huge that it filled all of Hyeonu’s experience bar despite being less than half full.


[A Laek Completion Certificate has been acquired.]


“Completion certificate? This?”

The second thing he gained was a completion certificate. A certificate of completion that proved he passed all ten stages of Laek. Unlike the name ‘certificate’, it was a ring instead of a piece of paper.


[Laek Completion Proof Ring]

[A certificate given to those who have completed the Luos Empire’s beginner academy, Laek.

It also gives you the right to enter the intermediate academy, Senu.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: A graduate of Laek.

Effect: All stats +100.]


“Wow... Amazing!”

The word ‘amazing’ popped out. It was 100 points to all stats. Stats were very important for Hyeonu since he increased his stats by a percentage using various skills.

‘100 points... It will go up by at least dozens more.’

“The intermediate academy? Senu?”

Hyeonu read the description of the ring. He had been blinded by the +100 to all stats and only saw it now.

“That’s right. Laek was called the beginner academy.”

“Stupid Master dude. If there is a beginner’s level, then there will naturally be intermediate and advanced,” Tang-E criticized Hyeonu after hearing his words.

Hyeonu nodded. He should’ve thought of this, but he had just been so crazy about leveling up that he had no time to think.

“Master dude, I hope you can also break through your limits at the intermediate academy,” Tang-E expressed his impure intentions.

“This is one time. If my doppelganger appears again, I will do it myself. I won’t call you like I did this time.” Hyeonu hit Tang-E’s forehead and started to check the messages.

“Oh, I have to wear the ring.” Hyeonu put the ring on his finger. With this, all four ring slots were filled.

‘Did I hear that I’ll be able to wear two more rings after going through my third advancement?’


[The title ‘First Person to Clear Laek’ has been created.]

[The title ‘First Player to go Beyond The Limits’ has been created.]


[First Person to Clear Laek]

[A title given to players who have completed the Luos Empire’s beginner academy, Laek.

Effect: The power of your skills is increased by 10%.]


[First Player to go Beyond The Limits]

[The first player to overcome your limitations.

Effect: Experience and skill proficiency will go up 10% faster.]


The titles also gave brilliant effects. In particular, premium titles with the word ‘first’ were more effective. Perhaps it wouldn’t happen, but those who cleared Laek after Hyeonu would only be given the title of ‘Person who Cleared Laek’ and the effect would be halved.

“Now, what is the last one.”

There was now only one message left.


[A map has been acquired.]


“A map? What is this?”

Hyeonu felt hot. So far, the rewards have been more satisfying than ever—a huge amount of experience, a unique rated ring, and two titles. Lastly, there was a map!

“The first stinking one in a series of wins...”

Based on the name, it was a ‘map’ with no distinctive features. The appearance was ordinary. It was parchment with nothing on it. Hyeonu placed the parchment into a corner of the inventory. The more he saw it, the more annoyed he became.

The moment Hyeonu felt annoyed, a light appeared around Hyeonu’s body. Then he disappeared.




Hyeonu reappeared in front of Suped.

Eh? Did you summon me?” Hyeonu asked while looking around. He had clearly just broken through Stage 10 and was checking the rewards. Then there was a sudden white light...

“It isn’t just you. All those who challenge Laek require me to bring them out. I need to restore this, but it is annoying. There are many things to do. That’s why I called you here...”

Once Suped spoke, a quest window appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes.


[Look for Senu]

[Find Senu, the intermediate academy of the Luos Empire, and share the location with Suped.

Rating: A

Conditions: Senu’s location 0/1, Share Senu’s location with Suped 0/1.

Rewards: Experience, Suped’s reward (skill book).]


“You have cleared Laek, so you should know. It is a fact that the intermediate academy Senu exists. I’m very interested in Senu. If I have time, I would love to wander the continent myself, but I can’t afford it. That’s why I’m asking you. Find Senu’s location, and you will be rewarded.” 

“I understand. If I find Senu, I will definitely tell you the location.”

“Then that’s fine. Go back now.”

Suped clapped and moved Hyeonu to the imperial rangers camp.

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