Chapter 125 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

“Have you been doing well? Alley Leader’s stream is back. It is nice to see everyone.”

Hyeonu welcomed the audience. However, the viewers were busy greeting each other without being concerned about Hyeonu’s greetings.

 -Oh, I haven’t seen you in a few days.

-Hi hi.

-What do you want to see after this?

-Recently, it hasn’t been fun because the guild kids aren’t hunting these days. I’m just going to watch the concept stream.

Hyeonu puckered up his face when he saw the chat window. The viewers were getting along? That wasn’t a bad thing. No, it was actually good. To some extent, he could use it to stop the viewers from leaving. The problem was when their friendship went too far.

“Can I tell you something interesting? How much money do you think I have in my bank account?”

Hyeonu’s words were like a bolt out of the blue. Although the viewers were flustered, they started to make their own guesses.

-Based on the gold coins that have popped out here, it should exceed 100 million?

-Calculated in won, around three billion?

-What do you mean three billion won for Alley Leader? Now that he has accepted sponsorship, I think it should reach 10 billion won at least.

-Then I think it is 15 billion won. 

The viewers were excited. The streamer, Hyeonu, provided some gossip while the viewers danced on the stage he created.

“You guys are working really hard but how come none of you have the right answer?”  

-What is the amount?

-No one was right?

-Hasn’t he earned a lot? Or has he used it all?

-We can’t even guess this?

 “I’ve earned quite a bit, but I don't have any money in my bank account. I used it all. It was my family’s debt, not my debt, but I used all the money to pay off the debt. Now I’m at the same starting line as everyone else. What am I saying? Don’t you know what I mean?”

The viewers were astonished by Hyeonu’s words. He had owed a debt. Moreover, it had been a huge debt. One community had speculated that Alley Leader’s estimated income was at least 15 billion. The fact that he said he was at the same starting line as everyone else meant all the money had flown away.

-What does this mean? I’m trying to interpret the moon writing.

-Can this be interpreted as moon writing? Is there anyone who can communicate with Alley Leader?

-Is there some bluffing? Then it might make sense ㅋㅋ

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Calling the bluffing man! Hurry!

“From today on, I will proclaim a rule in the chat. If you don’t give gold, you won’t be able to chat.”

The chat window froze at Hyeonu’s one-sided declaration. Now if they wanted to talk, they had to give gold coins to the streamer and become a patron.

-Chatting is restricted.

-Only supporters or higher can participate in the chat.

“It is all because the creditors stole my money. If you want to swear, then swear at dirty capitalism,” Hyeonu said shamelessly. He was pretending to be a good streamer and a victim.

-Hiik, the monster created by capitalism has appeared.

-I thought it would be like this one day. It’s a bit later than I thought.

-I don’t have to watch those non-fan club members talk anymore.

-Look at all the kids who don’t want to give gold coins. Oh, you guys can’t chat now?

The audience’s reaction wasn’t as bad as Hyeonu expected. No, it was actually good.

Hyeonu shook his head. ‘Isn’t this good? Should I have done this earlier?’

He continued streaming with ease. “Then I will talk about the content for today. As you’ve hoped, Alley Leader Academy is back with a second student.”

The restriction meant the number of people who could chat was reduced, but the chatting speed was very fast.

-Is it a gold spoon again this time?

-Last time, it was a celebrity. Who will it be this time?

-An athlete?

-I am watching from the future. It is a woman.

Viewers expressed a lot of interest in the second student. It was because they had seen the development of Dwayne, the first student, with their own eyes. Would a bronze medal be possible again? Who would be the beneficiary? They were curious.

“This time, it isn’t an entertainer or a person with a special class. It is a common person you can see anywhere around you. Please welcome a normal father, Choi Yoon.”

-It smells like a fake.

-It seems that it isn’t normal according to our standards but Alley Leader’s standards?

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He is ordinary but talented.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It is a full-fledged camouflage guest streaming.

The viewers didn’t believe Hyeonu’s words. Rather, they were busy laughing. Other streamers often introduced their guests with similar words. The truth was that, in most cases, people borrowed accounts. The viewers thought it would be the same this time and that Alley Leader would be no different. However, it didn’t take long for this ridicule to turn into amazement.

“Hello, I’m Choi Yoon.” Choi Yoon walked out and greeted the audience. 

“Maybe everyone will think so, but this isn’t someone wealthy I brought along. Nor is he a talented person playing another account,” Hyeonu said with confidence. “Not at all. The student has been selected by Nike, so you don’t have to worry about this. Choi Yoon, please show your status window and skills window.”

Choi Yoon’s status window and skills window appeared in the air. Just like Hyeonu had seen, Choi Yoon’s specs were extremely shabby.

 -Wow, it’s worse than me.

-This is... I have nothing to say.

-It seems like he could pick any one of us.

-It really is an ordinary person. I admit it.

-You can’t buy this type of account. I believe it.

They couldn’t help believing it was this person’s account. Otherwise, it was impossible to have such a poor account. If he had borrowed an account, then there would be a few rare skills and the proficiency rank would exceed a certain level. That way, he could show the viewers something.

“Still, I would like to make a suggestion to the viewers. This will continue to be effective in the future.” Hyeonu hesitated saying his next words, and the curious viewers urged him to speak.

-Ah, what is it? Tell me quickly.

-I’m curious. Quickly.

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 500 gold coins.

-Tang-E is Cute has gifted you 500 gold coins.

“I want to give him one of my items. As you know, his specs aren’t the specs of a normal player. Forget about the bronze medal. He hasn’t even reached the average of a level-100 player. I decided that it will be impossible if he plays in this state. So I think it will be okay if I give him a weapon...”

In contrast to Hyeonu’s expectations, the viewers were cool with it. After all, it wasn’t their item. However, the main reason was...

-Yes, honestly, this is like having no specs. Shouldn’t one weapon be okay?

-I would be in tears if those were my specs. I would be happy to receive it.

-Hurry and give it to him. What are you doing? Why are you only giving it in words?

It was that they saw themselves in Choi Yoon. The common players of Arena—they were happy with one rare item and didn’t have a proper unique item.

‘Well, good is good.’

However, Hyeonu didn’t know the exact circumstances and was relieved that things had worked out. “I will give him the weapon I was using—the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword. It is a unique sword with good attack power. The restrictions for wearing it are also just right. Okay.”

Hyeonu handed Choi Yoon the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword.

Choi Yoon held the sword carefully and thought, ‘This is Alley Leader’s sword.’

In the future, he would use such a weapon. He moved the Dwarf’s Single-edged Sword gently.

“Then I will stop the introduction and move on. From now on, I will drop the honorifics for the sake of convenience. Is it okay?” Hyeonu asked Choi Yoon for consent. As Hyeonu taught, he subconsciously spoke informally, so it would be better to get consent in advance. It didn’t matter as much with Dwayne as he was American, but Choi Yoon was Korean.

“It doesn’t matter. Speak to me comfortably,” Choi Yoon gave permission for it.

Hyeonu nodded. “Of course, it doesn’t mean that I’ll drop it now. I just don’t know what will happen when I get excited.”

Then Hyeonu started to explain to the audience again, “In Choi Yoon’s case, his specifications aren’t good and his skills aren’t good. However, he has a counter-type skill. Have you seen it before? It is the only skill that isn’t a base skill. This will be used as a weapon. Additionally, the combat style is in line with it.”

Go all in, put everything into the counter skill—this was Choi Yoon’s combat style established by Hyeonu.

“I have seen Choi Yoon’s combat style once, but the viewers don’t know it, right? That’s why I’ll show you.”  

-Another scarecrow?

-Poor scarecrow. Stop calling it.

-A scarecrow gets beaten every day.

-The scarecrow will swear.

“It isn’t a scarecrow. I’ll show you in a ranking battle. You can watch my ranking battle here from Choi Yoon’s point of view.”

Hyeonu disappeared into the arena at the end of his words. He entered the ranking battle.


-How long has it been since we’ve seen his ranking battle?

-A test battle between silver medalists.

-I don’t know what Alley Leader’s specs are right now, but since his level is a lot higher, shouldn’t it be a massacre of the silver medalists?

-Why a massacre? In any case, Alley Leader is the one going up. It isn’t a proxy. Isn’t it his account?




[The ranking battle has started.]


Hyeonu’s opponent appeared along with the message. As evidence of the statistic that 70% of players who used melee weapons were swordsmen, the opponent this time was holding a sword. Hyeonu made a small provocation to help with his demonstration. He pulled out the sword, placed it on his shoulder, and extended a hand to the opponent.

Then he raised his finger. The provocation worked well. It was a provocation that worked well for anyone at any time and anywhere. As the other party jumped toward Hyeonu, his vision was disturbed by various messages.


[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The player is stronger than the opponent.]

[The other person’s stats will drop.]

[Mindset of a Murderer has activated.]

[All stats have increased by 15%.]


At the same time, a message appeared in front of the other party charging at Hyeonu. The effect of the fighting energy stat upon meeting a weak opponent was triggered. 


[The player is weaker than the opponent.]

[The player’s stats will drop at a certain rate during the battle.]


‘What is this?’ 

The other swordsman shook his head. He had played many ranking battles, but it was his first time seeing this. Losing his stats without doing anything... it was a debuff skill that reduced stats!

‘The weakness it is talking about is probably level...’

The swordsman’s guess was correct. The most intuitive figure in Arena was the level. The fighting energy stat used level as an indicator of strength.

‘This doesn’t mean I can be bullied.’

No matter what, he was a silver medalist in the arena. He was ranked in the top 5% of the arena. The swordsman gripped his sword and ran at Hyeonu. The sword filled with sword energy stabbed at Hyeonu’s shoulder.

‘I can’t use pure energy since it is a demonstration. Even sword energy isn’t possible.’

Hyeonu made a judgment. The opponent could die at any time if sword energy was used, so he compromised by simply infusing magic power in his weapon. Just before the opponent’s sword touched his shoulder, Hyeonu finally moved. The sword on his shoulder moved between them and directly pushed at the opponent’s sword.

The opponent failed to defeat Hyeonu’s strength and directly lost his grip on the sword. Then Hyeonu punched the swordsman on the other side. There was a sound like a soccer ball popping, and the swordsman flew into the air. Hyeonu picked up a sword from the ground and threw it at the swordsman. The sword was literally stuck at the feet of the swordsman.

“What...?” The swordsman stared at Hyeonu with a baffled expression.

Hyeonu repeated his previous actions without giving any explanation to the swordsman. It was like he had forgotten what happened a short time ago as the swordsman quickly rushed at Hyeonu. Today was the day when the swordsman was extremely unlucky.

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