Chapter 150 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

Even after his round with Matthew, Hyeonu had a short teaching session that lasted around three minutes for every opponent he was matched with.

“Everyone, how nice am I? Who else would give lessons to others like this? No matter how I think about it, my personality is definitely the best among streamers! I dare say so,” Hyeonu said while shaking his head.

-If this is true, then it is a really big problem.

-I want to recommend a hospital.

-Now it isn’t a concept. It really is that person’s personality.

-It seems like he is doing a good job. Yet saying that...

When Hyeonu saw most of the viewers teasing him, he became even more brazen. “This is what happens when it is like this. Do you know this level? My ranking is currently.... 173,042nd. According to Quency’s announcement, there are more than 500 million Arena accounts. I’m teaching the people who are in the top 0.03% right now. Yes? Don’t you know my class? Can you see it in any other streaming media? Can a swordsman teach the top 0.03% using spears, daggers, or fists?”

-It is an assault of facts. Shivers.

-The fact-based missiles are really strong.

-We have to fight against incitement and hoaxes. It is a lethal attack!

-However, this is a super fun content that can only be seen in Alley Leader’s streaming.

“Now, there are 10 ranking battles remaining. I am halfway there. I beat 150,000 people. Now there are only 70,000 people in front of me for the gold medal.”

At present, Hyeonu still had to rise by approximately 70,000 ranks in order to get the gold medal. 

If his ranking kept rising like this, he would get a gold medal after winning five or six more ranking battles.

-We can see the gold medal slam today.

-Will it be possible to broadcast Alley Leader’s lessons in the gold medal rank?

-I think it is more than enough.

-Honestly, he has beaten Reina three times even though she is at the grandmaster level.

These were the sections after the gold medal—platinum which referred to the 1,000 to 9,999th ranks, diamond which referred to the 100 to 999th ranks, master which referred to the 10 to 99th ranks and grandmaster was from 1st to 9th.

“What is the difference with a gold medal? Isn’t it just okay to do the tasks roughly?” Hyeonu chuckled.

Then the viewers started to talk angrily.

-Ah, this personality. It is really detestable.

-I can’t refute it because he has the skills...

-It’s true. No one can deny it.

-I’m angry, angry.

-My entire body is trembling.

Hyeonu goofed off once again. “So you don’t want to watch it? You aren’t going to watch my stream?”

Then Hyeonu coughed twice before saying in a calm tone, “I was joking. If there are no viewers, then I will just be someone playing games in my room. I wouldn’t be streaming like this. It was a bit of a joke for the stream. By the way, why is it so difficult to be matched?”

A single ranking battle itself took less than five minutes. However, it took over 10 minutes to be matched to an opponent.

-Why is it so hard to be matched? Was this section originally like this?

-Why ask us? If you and I participate, we can be matched straight away. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The matching worsens as you rise up. The other day, I watched Reina’s stream, and it took her almost four or five hours to play five ranking battles.

‘Four or five hours...’

It was proof that, excluding the time it took for the battles, the waiting time for the matching was actually three or four hours. Hyeonu sighed as he saw his future of constantly talking for 30 minutes. He was tired of waiting 10 minutes for the matching now, but it would eventually become 30 minutes.

“Why am I not trying to take first place in the arena? There isn’t much time left in the season.”

The arena had unique seasons, just like the professional league. There were two seasons in a year—March and September. It wasn’t long until September would arrive. At this point, Hyeonu officially mentioned it in the stream. He was going to try and be number one in the arena rankings for the rest of the year.

-Then we’ll see ranking battles often in the future.

-I think hunting within the arena is better than any other content.

-Go back to the beginning!!!

-Then do it at least once a week. 

Just then, the matching was over, and the opponent was decided. Hyeonu seemed a bit relaxed as he observed his opponent. However, different from his attitude, Hyeonu’s eyes were shining sharply.

‘First of all, he is a swordsman. Based on the items he is wearing, his level is in the upper 180s. His weapon looks unique rated, and the rest are probably rare rated?’

The opponent was holding a sword. There was the possibility of a rare class that Hyeonu might not know about. This wasn’t the early deep-sea sections, so he had to keep the possibility open. The rest was extremely ordinary. There was a seemingly unique rated weapon and rare grade armor. No strange or rare equipment could be seen.

“That’s right, I haven’t received a task. I forgot this time.” 

-It seems like he didn’t receive it on purpose. It is because he is nervous.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t tell me? Alley Leader? Nervous here?

-Then he isn’t Alley Leader. He is someone aiming for the 1st ranking in the arena in the future.

The viewers were teasing Hyeonu. Although he knew it was a joke, this was something he could never ignore. It was because they touched Hyeonu’s pride.

“Then I will show you what will happen if I do my best here. You’ll probably be amazed. Additionally, I should apologize to this opponent in advance. I’m sorry.”

Hyeonu greeted the other person with a deep bow like a clown in a circus. Then he immediately summoned Tang-E.

“Is it a hunt again? I’m tired, Master dude.” The moment Tang-E showed up, he turned to Hyeonu. When he confirmed that the surrounding scenery wasn’t a dungeon, he quietly grabbed Hyeonu’s pants. “Can I rest? Do you just need me to give you buffs, Master?”

It was a sudden transformation. Hyeonu nodded silently. Tang-E smiled and cast buffs on Hyeonu.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

[You have received Breath of the Wind.]

[Your agility has risen.]

[Movement speed has increased.]

Hyeonu’s body was filled with energy as his stats started rising.

[The ranking battle has started.]

At the beginning of the ranking battle, Hyeonu’s body frantically released a red energy. Then there were countless message windows.

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The player is stronger than the opponent.]

[The other person’s stats will drop.]

[The stat ‘dignity’ has caused the opponent’s stats to fall.]

[Mindset of a Murderer has activated.]

[All stats have increased by 15%.]

[Player ‘Larson’ has entered a ‘slowed’ state.]

Hyeonu’s eyes were focused on only one message. It was that the opponent was in a slowed state.

‘How slow will he be?’

In the match against Matthew, he had adjusted the power to some extent. At this moment, Hyeonu was emitting fighting energy with all his strength.

-Is this skill new? It is too beautiful.

-Look at this bright red color...

-Who knows what skill this is?

-Who knows? It doesn’t seem to be an attack skill? Does it have a slowed effect?

The viewers were amazed by the red energy around Hyeonu’s body. They were bystanders and weren’t affected by Hyeonu’s fighting energy, so they just thought the red energy was Alley Leader’s new skill. Their reaction was unlike that of Larson who was facing it directly.

‘Why can’t I move my body?’

“What is this?!!!”

Larson felt like he was in a swamp or like he had signed out after enjoying Arena for a while. His body couldn’t move like it did before. What caused this?

‘Yes, that message.’

[The player is weaker than the opponent.]

[The player’s stats will drop at a certain rate during the battle.]

[Player ‘Larson’ has entered a ‘slowed’ state.]

The moment the red energy spilled from Hyeonu’s body, these message windows had appeared in front of Larson.

‘The red energy!’

Yes, the red energy was the problem. They limited his movements.



It was too late by the time Larson realized it as Hyeonu was already right in front of him. Hyeonu walked slowly toward the floundering Larson. He never ran. Looking at Hyeonu, this didn’t seem to be the arena where a fierce struggle was taking place but the Colosseum, a tourist attraction in Rome.

Hyeonu stood in front of Larson and injected magic power into Dark Star. Then Dark Star scattered black starlight in the air to match its night. Hyeonu’s sword passed through Larson’s neck in a manner that was too natural. Blood burst out like a fountain from Larson’s neck, and the ranking battle ended in vain with Hyeonu’s victory.

[You have won the ranking battle.]

Hyeonu looked like the result was natural as he saw the message that appeared in front of him.


The chat window was quiet. It was as if the Ice Age had arrived. No one was chatting.

“Don’t you know? Aren’t I such a great person?” Hyeonu expressed his pride to the viewers. He fired it off in a rapid manner like a rapper. This was Hyeonu’s own consideration. It was an act that knew this would help unravel the current atmosphere.

‘It absolutely isn’t because I want to show off.’

Hyeonu nodded.

“Where else would you see a stream like this? Give me something shiny. Eh? I also wrote some recommended articles for the community. Don’t you think you should go to my channel and watch some paid videos? Everyone?”

The tearful (?) Hyeonu worked hard to get a response, and the viewers’ silence started to break. 

-What am I seeing now?

-Isn’t this too overbearing? The opponent was overwhelmed.

-What is that red thing?

-Crazy. Isn’t it a fraudulent skill?

‘A fraudulent skill? Are they talking about Fighting Energy Emission?’

Hyeonu smiled as people praised Fighting Energy Emission. He felt good. It was worth learning this from Raccoon. Fighting Energy Emission would become Hyeonu’s trademark and make him famous.

‘Today’s stream will unconditionally be paid. I should ask Ellis to cut out the dueling video and upload it.’

“This is just my new skill. It was very hard to obtain. I’ll tell you the story of my skill acquisition later.”

There was a chance to fatten up his empty bankbook. Hyeonu’s stream was becoming more and more heated.

...Just as usual.

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