Chapter 172 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

The effect of Nine Steel’s Berserk skill was similar to the Berserk skill used by boss monsters. The user’s defense was drastically reduced while other stats were elevated.

[Berserk has been used.]

[Attack power has increased.]

[All stats have increased.]

[Movement speed has increased.]

[Defense has decreased.]

Berserk was one of Nine Steel’s secret cards and the decisive skill that made him who he was today.

‘If I have this, I will be able to match him once.’

Nine Steel thought that his berserk self was different from when he didn’t use it. It was like a middle-aged man developing confidence after taking Proxxx. Still, like the short effect of Proxxx, Nine Steel’s confidence didn’t last long, and he knelt down in front of a large wall.

Hyeonu consistently blocked Nine Steel step by step with his sword like he was predicting Nine Steel’s moves. Regardless of whether Nine Steel was using Berserk or if he was doing his best, Hyeonu still blocked Nine Steel’s way like a huge mountain range.

Eventually, Nine Steel exploded, “Shit!! Why?! Why?! Why doesn’t it work?” 

Unable to restrain his anger, he started to move his mouth as usual.

Hyeonu struck at him lightly. “Your strength is good enough. Your personality is crap, but your skill is good. Isn’t that you?”

Hyeonu’s unique biting wit was revealed. When it came to trash-talking, Hyeonu didn’t lose to anyone. His years as a teenager, his two turbulent years of military life, and the time he spent with Yeongchan were enough to make Hyeonu's mouth rough. In addition, the fact that Nine Steel usually behaved badly meant Hyeonu didn’t hesitate in his spiteful remarks.

“What? This jerk—?!” Nine Steel tried to refute Hyeonu’s obnoxious assertion.

Yet just then, Hyeonu moved, narrowing the distance of around 10 meters in an instant. Hyeonu wielded his sword with a fierce momentum, and Nine Steel hurriedly shut his mouth to focus on blocking it. The fact that he blocked Hyeonu’s sword was evidence that he hadn’t risen to this ranking for nothing.

The two sharp weapons created fierce sparks as they aimed to cut the other person’s throat. It was a full-fledged struggle.

“This is enough for an edited video. It is awesome now.” Hyeonu had been gradually pushing his single-edged sword toward Nine Steel’s body, but now that he finished speaking, he stepped back.

Nine Steel had been struggling with all his strength. So, when there was a sudden change in Hyeonu’s movement, Nine Steel lost his center of balance and staggered several steps forward. Hyeonu didn’t miss this gap. In a real fight, this type of gap was a good chance to inflict a deadly blow. It was undoubtedly an opportunity in a virtual reality game with hundreds of points in physical stats.

Hyeonu’s fist hit Nine Steel’s abdomen precisely. There was a popping sound, and Nine Steel’s body flew through the air.

Eek! Nine Steel screamed.

Hyeonu approached him slowly. “I don’t know if it will happen, but let’s meet again if there is a chance.”

Then Hyeonu’s sword pierced Nine Steel’s chest.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

Hyeonu’s first sniping was a success.


“The sixth sniping has ended successfully,” Hyeonu said in a somewhat weary voice. It wasn’t actually hard for him. He was just acting to appeal to the audience.

‘I’m trying to do this for the fun of the viewers.’ This was what he was trying to convey.

Hyeonu already knew the streamers’ streaming times, the weapons they used, and the style of person they were. Despite that, the gathered information had not even been collected by him. He had no fatigue because he had not put in any hard work. However, there was no way for the viewers to know all these.

-Oh, our Alley Leader must be tired.

-He’s beaten six people, including pro-gamers.

-Perhaps it is because this is the first time I’m seeing a sniper, but it is very interesting.

-It seems there is only Alley Leader who can snipe in this place.

Hyeonu didn’t say anything despite the continued praise of the viewers. Just as the viewers felt a bit uneasy, Hyeonu started to speak. “Everyone has enjoyed watching the stream, so I think it is worth the effort I put in. Then tomorrow’s stream will be easy. The sniper stream will continue. It is the same concept for the next stream as well. In other words, I will resume streaming normally on Friday. By that time, I won’t have to snipe anymore.”

The viewers who understood Hyeonu’s words were murmuring.

-So before next Friday, you will be ranked first?

-Isn’t he only diamond right now? It seems hard to become a master in four days...


-Even if he turns it on 2 to 3 times a day, it is still 10 times at the minimum. The master level is hard as well. Take a look now. He went up 50 places to the 800th rank. The higher the ranking, the more it will rise...

To resolve the viewers’ doubts, Hyeonu said, “Of course, it is impossible. Even so, by then, everyone will understand. It isn’t a good thing to keep avoiding me. In addition, don’t they have any pride? They have no skills or guts. If that’s the case, I have nothing to say. I’ve admitted it as a third party. What can they say? I just won’t pay attention and take first rank in the next season.” 

Hyeonu struck harshly at the majority of streamers who avoided him. It wasn’t simply cutting them down with words. This was Hyeonu setting out his unique layout for the big picture. The viewers, one of these paving stones, eagerly performed their role.

-Who would watch streamers like that?

-Isn’t streaming supposed to be for proxy satisfaction? What is the point of using a coward? That isn’t the concept.

-If that is their concept, then I can accept it. However, an arena streamer shouldn’t do this.

-Let’s not watch their bad streaming. Did you forget about Mano? How high is the quality of the arena streaming now? Once those cowardly bastards disappear, their spots will be filled with better ones.

Hyeonu watched the messages of the audience members with a warm smile. Then he opened his mouth and said, “Then I’m going. I’ll see you for the next sniping.”

Hyeonu hurriedly ended the stream like he was a wanted criminal.


“Kale, is it today?”

When Kale was questioned by his boss Jamie, he blinked like a goldfish.

Realizing the question was strange, Jamie asked again, “I’m talking about Alley Leader. The day that his streaming will return this time...?”

Ahh! It is already done. Tomorrow is the weekend, so today is his return day. Alley Leader is a great person. He knows how to use public opinion even though he is young,” Kale praised Hyeonu.

Kale thought Hyeonu was a great genius. Hyeonu had outstanding talent not only in the game but also in relationships with people. Alley Leader would’ve succeeded even if his game level was poor.

“By the way, he should be starting soon. I don’t know how many hours he will be streaming today. I wish it will be for many hours...” Jamie was naturally a fan of Alley Leader.

He was a common fan who didn’t want Hyeonu’s stream to end in a short amount of time.

Kale told Jamie, “Boss, today’s stream definitely won’t be short. I called him yesterday.”

Jamie asked with delight, “What did he say? Does he plan to stay up all night? How many hours is he going to stream?”

“Calm down. I don’t know the exact time, but he said he wouldn’t stop until he reached the peak. He said he would change history before tomorrow came.”

At Kale’s words, Jamie’s expression changed again, to a very serious expression this time. “Is that so...? Kale?”

Kale’s expression hardened as well. The boss was serious, so the subordinate couldn’t smile.

“Yes, boss. Tell me,” Kale replied in a serious voice.

“If by any chance...”

“Yes, boss.”

“...Someone comes to find me, tell them I’m sick.”

Huh? What does that mean?” Kale doubted his ears.

“Or that my cat is sick or my car was stolen and I couldn’t come to work.” Jamie pushed such a thing to Kale.

‘Cat? Is the boss raising a cat?’ Kale pondered. 

Before Kale had figured out Jamie’s words, Jamie had already put on his coat.

“Then I’ll see you next week, Kale.” Jamie waved toward the dazed-looking Kale and left the office.

Kale cried out, “Boss!” 


Hyeonu started his streaming as usual. As always, his opening remarks were filled with meaningless platitudes.

“Yes, it is nice to see everyone. Are you not happy to see me so often? There are no greetings.”

-How can that be? Nice to see you, nice to see you.

-It is already the third time today.

-Are you going to end it after another sniping?

-We want a long stream. Either that or death!!

The viewers responded as usual. The chat was filled with chat messages opposing Hyeonu’s quick departure.

“Today will be the very long stream that you want so much.”

Hyeonu threw the bait, and the viewers bit it.


-Everyone, Alley Leader has finally come to his senses!

-We masterminded it for the devil to get off work on time.

-Will Alley Leader become a streamer with a streaming duration in the double digits?

The viewers were excited, but it was only temporary. Hyeonu poured cold water at the temperature of liquefied nitrogen on them. “Of course, it is only for today. Am I crazy? Why would I do it every time?”


-Why is it a one-time thing?

-Isn’t it polite to do it two or three more times?

“Then should I turn it off quickly today? It doesn’t matter to me.”

It was the viewers who finally raised the white flag.

-Yes, let’s stream for a long time just for today.

-I originally expected it to be like this.

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 999 gold coins.

“Thank you Leader Groupie for the 999 gold coins. Today’s stream is about me becoming the king of the arena. I will not end the stream until I reach the peak of the arena. It is all thanks to you.”

It was as Hyeonu said. A few days ago, Hyeonu’s stream started a storm of public opinion. As a result, the arena streamers quickly returned. They were forced to do so in front of the power of the viewers. This was because if they didn’t return, they wouldn’t have any viewers.

“At the beginning of this stream, my current ranking is 546th. To be exact, 545 people are in front of me. However, when I quit, there will be no one in front of me.” Hyeonu’s words created a splendid atmosphere.

-Ohh, bluffing again.

-I’m seeing his bluffing again after a long time.

-This is it. It was actually strange when there was no bluffing.

The viewers were talking about the bluff instead of the beautiful words.

Eh? I already have a ranking battle?”

Hyeonu had only been bickering with the viewers for around 10 minutes. He was amazed by the quick matching of the ranking battle. In fact, Hyeonu had been doubtful if things would change. To be honest, he had been angry because the streamers’ actions interfered with his streaming previously. Yet he could see now that the sniping really worked. The matching speed had risen dramatically.

-Uh? Look at this?

-What is this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-This is the best match in the history of Alley Leader’s streaming? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

-Honestly, this is a legendary match.

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

‘Why is the reaction like this? Why are they laughing?’

Hyeonu hadn’t seen his opponent because he was looking at the chat window and cocked his head at the strange responses in the chat window. Then he looked up and finally saw his opponent. Eh?!!

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