Chapter 177 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

[Book of Random Luck Enhancement]

[Skill proficiency will rise at random.

The effect of the skill will change randomly.

The skill will change randomly.

It is completely random luck!!!

Rating: Uncommon

Restrictions: None

Effect: The selected skill will be enhanced when used.]

It was a skill book Hyeonu had never heard of before. Yet as the description stipulated, one effect was certain.

‘It will unconditionally get better.’

He might be dissatisfied with the fact that it was random, but it couldn’t have a bad effect since the name of the book mentioned ‘enhancement’. Contrary to his thoughts, Hyeonu’s hands were shaking. The choice disorder once again came back to Hyeonu.

‘What skill should I use it on? Magic Power Explosion? Crescent Moon Cut? Body Strengthening? Fighting Energy Emission?’

There were too many skills. He was at a loss like he was holding a phone that had a food takeaway app open. It was hard to pick one of them. Most of Hyeonu’s skills had a very good performance.

‘I don’t know!’

In the end, Hyeonu got confused, and he chose to escape from reality. He logged out. It wasn’t important for Hyeonu to choose a skill right now. There was only one thing he had to focus on.

‘Commemorative chicken for getting first place in the arena.’

Chicken was the ultimate late-night snack. This was the only truth.


“Congratulations,” Yeongchan stated while unwrapping the freshly delivered chicken. All his focus was already on the chicken though.

“Thank you,” Hyeonu said, but he also felt the same way. His eyes and hands were focused on the chicken. Hyeonu looked like a craftsman as he controlled his strength so that the radish soup that came with the chicken didn’t spill out. Once all the side dishes were set up, the two of them raised their favorite parts of the fried chicken.

One piece, two pieces...

It wasn’t until the two chicken boxes ended up on the floor that the conversation resumed.

“What was your reward?” Yeongchan asked.

Hyeonu sucked on his fingers and then wiped his hands with a wet wipe. “Just a title and a skill book.”

“What are the effects?”

“My stats will increase by 50% against players,” Hyeonu replied calmly.

“50%? Really? Is this real? It isn’t a lie?” Yeongchan was shocked to hear Hyeonu’s answer. It felt like the chicken he had eaten so far was flowing back up to his esophagus from his stomach. He couldn’t help feeling sick. It was a 50% increase to all stats.

Conditions might be attached, but this title was too comprehensive. The end game of every RPG game was content between players. In other words, it was PvP and the siege. With that in mind, Hyeonu’s title was a hoax and a cheat.

“What about the skill book?”

“Just... It isn’t a big deal. It is just a random skill book.” Hyeonu hid the identity of the skill book, but he wasn’t really lying. It was a random skill book in that the effect was random. The only difference was that the effect was enhancement rather than skill creation.

“Really? Why is the skill book like that? The title was amazing.” Yeongchan frowned after hearing Hyeonu’s words. He couldn’t get rid of the idea that the compensation was worse than he had expected. The title was very good, but it was just one thing. The rewards seemed lacking especially since the quest had required the player to reach first place in the arena while being undefeated, which was a ridiculous feat that started from a low level.

“You still don’t know? Perhaps I will hit the jackpot,” Hyeonu said casually while sipping on a beer.


“Should I give him a gift?”

“Who knows... Is there anything we can give him?” Jamie smiled at the question of the man in front of him, Ket.

“Then what are you going to give?

“Let’s see...” Jamie replied vaguely.

Ket frowned as he started to boast, “I am going to present a car as a gift—a sports car. Don’t you think of the Porsche 911 when asked about the number one sports car?”

Jamie replied to such a Ket, “Since we have an exclusive contract with Porsche, he can’t be given another brand of car, right?”

Jamie continued smiling at the speechless Ket. 

“I have also prepared a gift. It is something Alley Leader wanted quite a lot. One of his goals has been achieved.” Jamie ignored Ket’s increasingly distorted expression and kept saying what he wanted to say.

‘Goal? What can Nike achieve?’ Ket’s face was filled with doubts.

What could Nike do for Alley Leader? It certainly wasn’t anything in the game or some sort of financial help. Alley Leader wouldn’t want such things. Just then, a series of scenes appeared in Ket’s mind. Alley Leader would receive a bigger welcome on a larger stage. It was applause in reality, not through a stream.

“Goal? Perhaps... Is Nike thinking of creating a club?”

“It isn’t about creating. Quency’s conditions are too tricky. We are in the process of acquiring or working together.”

Ket gave a smile that looked good to anyone, as if his expression just a moment ago was acting. “Let’s talk about this again when the club is decided.”


Hyeonu picked up his smartphone that was vibrating noisily on his desk. He saw the name on the LCD screen and couldn’t help saying, “Kale?”

In the process of picking up the smartphone, he touched the wrong thing and picked up the call.

-Mister Gang, congratulations on dominating the arena.

“Yes, I got back one of my old things.”

-Yes but... I think you can be a bit happier on a day like this.

Kale had wondered why Hyeonu’s voice wasn’t as excited as he thought. Then he nodded at Hyeonu’s words.

‘Indeed, this is right. He was once the pinnacle of Arena after all...’

-Still, isn’t there a big difference between the Arena at that time and the current Arena? I think it is impossible to compare both the quantity and quality of players.

“Does that mean I have to play like a carefree person for a few days? I still have things to be reclaimed. I have a lot left to do.”

‘His mental state is greater than his balance.’ Kale thought that Alley Leader was special.

He thought the Buddha of the East would be Alley Leader. A normal young person of Alley Leader’s age would want to spend money if they had money and show off if they had something to show off. Yet Alley Leader had no desires like those. It was unknown why he hid his face, but there was no need to do so now. Who could stop him?

Nike could block the face reveal in reality, but Alley Leader would still be Alley Leader in Arena.

-Right, congratulations. Finally, the end is seen. I’ve found a club for you to join.

‘It isn’t creating a club.’ Hyeonu was disappointed by Kale’s words. He was disappointed because he thought it would be easier to form a team than to join an existing club.

“Is that so? Where is it?” Hyeonu asked with disappointment.

-It is a place you know well—Big Stars. It’s called Crescent Moon now? I decided to go there. It is very easy to approach because it has been noisy lately. The new owner is also happy for us to invest.

Hyeonu hadn’t been interested in Big Stars since their proxy knight scandal. He thought it would be useless to pay attention to it. Rather, it would be better to use this time to exercise.

“Is that so? What about the existing players?”

-Most of the players have already given up on being professional gamers. It is said that the owner of the team will manage them separately and develop them into streamers. This made it more convenient.

‘Really? It is good news.’ Hyeonu’s smile widened as Kale’s explanation continued.

If this was the case, there was no reason to be disappointed. The current Crescent Moon was no different from a new club. He didn’t need to play with existing professional gamers who were filled with useless pride.

“In that case, Crescent Moon will have to give up on this season. Then you just need to recruit players. I also have to expand my influence in earnest. Please endure it a bit more, Kale. I’m sorry.”

-This is our job. You don’t have to feel sorry. Rather, I’m thankful. You gave me such a good investment opportunity.

Hyeonu was about to hang up when he remembered the video of the Kowloon Guild he had seen a while ago.

He said to Kale, “Right, I didn’t see Adidas in the Kowloon Guild’s video. Perhaps the friction between Cheong Chen and Liu Shei is quite severe. If Nike approaches quickly, there might be good results. If you mention my name, he probably won’t refuse mercilessly.”

-Is that so? Then I will ask once.


Hyeonu had already decided on the skill before even accessing Arena. Then he started to worry again once he thought about using the reinforcement book.

“Yes, I have to do it. You only have one hit at life, Hyeonu,” he muttered to himself while holding an old book.

Tang-E stared at Hyeonu like Hyeonu was pathetic. “This is ridiculous. How many minutes have you been doing this? Master dude isn’t a man. Why are you shaking so much?”

Hyeonu didn’t respond to Tang-E’s attack at all. He didn’t turn his head or answer back. Hyeonu’s mind was solely concentrated on the Book of Random Luck Enhancement and the skill window.

[Do you want to use the Book of Random Luck Enhancement?]

“I will use it.”

Hyeonu tore the book and finally used it.

[Tell us the name of the skill you want to enhance.]

“Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.”

Hyeonu’s chosen skill was the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. It was the best skill he had. Hyeonu had many other unique skills, but he determined that enhancing the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art was the most efficient.

[Mysterious Sky Demonic Art]

[A famous martial art in the East Continent.

Once the proficiency reaches 3, 5, 7, and 9 stars, new skills will be opened.

Type: Martial Art

Rating: Unique

Skill Proficiency: 4 stars (the proficiency of martial arts is indicated by the star unit)

The attribute is fixed as the dark attribute.

The effect of magic power is increased by 65%.

Mysterious Sky Steps can be used.

Mysterious Sky Range can be used.

Mysterious Sky Steps: Move quickly with magic power.

Duration: 25 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Mysterious Sky Range: Use magic power to create a blade storm.

Cooldown Time: 4 minutes and 40 seconds.]

It was an onion-like skill where a new skill would be generated once the skill proficiency increased.

‘It is a good thing to be able to increase the proficiency.’

The worst-case scenario Hyeonu thought of was that he would barely increase the proficiency by one star. Yet this was still a huge gain. Once the proficiency reached five stars, a new skill would appear. Then his power would rise. It was a gain, an unconditional gain.

[You have succeeded in enhancing the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.]

“What is this...?”

The enhancement went in an entirely unexpected direction.

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