Chapter 185 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

-Sure enough, nothing goes smoothly in Alley Leader’s streams. It is always a spectacle!

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. His streaming is always consistent.

-It is like this again today.

It was expected by the viewers. There was no peace in Alley Leader’s stream.

“Don’t you have to pay a tribute to the Seongho Group if you want to pass through Seongho Mountain?” A loud voice cried out.

Simultaneously, dozens of mountain bandits appeared in an instant and surrounded the merchant group.

‘Isn’t this cliche too obvious? The viewers will laugh.’ Hyeonu frowned as he watched the bandits surround them. He didn’t know the production would be such a classic. It was like a trendy 20th-century production.

‘Do the Chinese like this?’ It was a natural thought for Hyeonu, who was Korean. Those who enjoyed Arena in South Korea were already close to the maximum number. Most of the people who played virtual reality games were already playing Arena. He naturally had to think the East Continent was marketed at China.

‘There can be Asian seafood noodles just to keep the balance.’

Or there was a possibility that castles with Asian backgrounds would quickly emerge. Hyeonu was having this thought when the situation changed urgently.

Zhang Hun walked forward and answered in a confident voice, “Didn’t I pay the toll when I crossed the mountain two days ago?” 

“You paid it to others, not to me. Isn’t that right? Don’t talk nonsense and just pay me 500 taels.”

500 taels... [1]

Hyeonu had been on the East Continent for a few days and discovered that one tael was equivalent to one gold coin. In other words, an amount of 500 taels was worth 500,000 won. 500,000 won wasn’t a small amount of money, but it was too much to say it was a large amount of money.

‘Just give it and go. You have 500 gold.’ Hyeonu’s spirit was already in Jeonggyeong, so he found it would be very annoying if the time was dragged out by unnecessary conflicts.

‘If we retreat here, the name of the Jeonggyeong merchant groups will be looked down on,’ Zhang Hun thought. 

For NPC Zhang Hun, 500 taels wasn’t the important thing. He cared about protecting the reputation of the Jeonggyeong merchant groups. This was more important. In the East Continent, strength was needed but reputation was also important.

“I already stepped back once from the Heuk Mountain Group. I think this time it will be more difficult to step back,” Zhang Hun declared.

“Really? Then you should leave your head behind. Attack!” Yang Sucang, the leader of the Seongho Group, rushed over as if he had already anticipated Zhang Hun’s answer.

Yang Sucang’s broadsword swept toward Zhang Hun in a ferocious manner. Zhang Hun didn’t intend to stay still. He drew his sword from the sheath hanging from his waist and swung it at Yang Sucang. Yang Sucang’s broadsword collided with Zhang Hun’s longsword, but there wasn’t the sound of a loud collision. It was because Zhang Hun deflected most of the shock.

Ohu? You have a pretty decent guard warrior for a merchant group. Yes!” Yang Sucang exclaimed with admiration.

Meanwhile, Zhang Hun’s expression was gloomy as he was shocked by the power that he couldn’t deflect. ‘This person isn’t a common mountain bandit!’

“You! What is your identity? I’ve never heard of a bandit in the Seongho Group having such great combat ability!” Zhang Hun shouted.

Yang Sucang smiled at the sight of this. “It is probably because of your shortsightedness. Don’t say anything and stick out your neck for me!”

Yang Sucang used rough footwork to once again narrow the distance to Zhang Hun.

‘I need to turn on the chat window.’

Meanwhile, Hyeonu had left the center of the battle and watched it in a relaxed manner. If he had popcorn in his hand, this would be a movie theater.

-Kyah, I’m watching a martial arts movie right in front of me.

-There are no better seats. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Still, he is just watching the merchant group fight.

-Originally, the most interesting thing is to watch a fight. Do you admit it?

Hyeonu skimmed the chat window and replied to a message, “This is why I’m watching. There is no reason for me to fight. There is no profit or reward for me to help now. They don’t know how to be thankful. If I’m going to interrupt, it is better to do it at a decisive time or to ignore it altogether. It will be annoying to develop a bad relationship with the mountain bandits over there.”

Hyeonu’s logic was simple. He didn’t want to get involved in things that didn’t have compensation.

“In any case, both of them are NPCs that have nothing to do with me. Who knows, perhaps that mountain bandit will give me a quest. I must keep the possibilities open.”

-Yes. I acknowledge you as an Arena-savvy person.

-Something big can happen if you just interfere.

-I met someone I thought was a poor NPC yesterday. I helped him only to be stabbed in the back. Be careful.

The AI of Arena’s NPCs was excellent. As such, it wasn’t unusual for players to be deceived by NPCs.

-It seems like the fight is coming to an end?

-I think it is time to make a stand.

-If it were me, I would just go to my destination.

-No. If you help now, you can get gold. Maybe you can gain some information.

Hyeonu was troubled by the words of the viewers. Should he intervene or head to Jeonggyeong? He was standing at the crossroads of choice.

‘Yes, let’s hide my identity and help Zhang Hun. This way, I can get detailed information on the Mysterious Sky Demonic Sect.’

Hyeonu accepted the advice of one of the viewers. In addition, he concealed his identity. There was no guarantee that he would be able to find the Mysterious Sky Demonic Sect just by going to Jeonggyeong. Rather, he judged that it was better to get everything he could from Zhang Hun.

The moment Hyeonu made his decision, he took out equipment from his inventory and put it on. Then he headed straight toward Zhang Hun who was on the defensive. A black pure energy formed from Dark Star and struck Yang Sucang’s sword.

“How about stepping back this time?” Hyeonu’s voice vibrated like he was singing. It was to hide his voice.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This voice modulation level ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-This tone is too cheesy.

-I keep cringing.

The viewers were busy laughing at Hyeonu, but Hyeonu couldn’t afford to look at the chat. It was because Yang Sucang was glaring at Hyeonu.

“Who are you?!! You dare to get involved in the business of the Seongho Group?” Yang Sucang’s expression distorted. He missed his opportunity due to the intervention of an unknown man.

“I have some business with them. Leave if you don’t want to die.” Hyeonu deliberately provoked Yang Sucang. He knew he had to kill Yang Sucang from the moment he intervened.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you say such bullshit?!” Yang Sucang rushed at Hyeonu angrily.

He used his distinct footwork to charge at Hyeonu and swung his broadsword strongly. However, Hyeonu wasn’t there already. He had used the Mysterious Sky Steps to leave his position. Blood burst like a fountain from Yang Sucang’s body. Hyeonu appeared behind Yang Sucang and swung Dark Star at his back. Yang Sucang wasn’t even wearing decent armor and couldn’t afford to be hit by Hyeonu.

“Kuah!” A scream that was close to the cry of a beast burst from Yang Sucang’s mouth. Even so, Hyeonu showed no mercy. He swung Dark Star again to deal Yang Sucang the final blow. Dark Star pierced Yang Sucang’s chest.

[Yang Sucang, the Secret Camp Member has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

‘Secret Camp Member? He isn’t a bandit of the Seongho Group?’ Hyeonu cocked his head slightly at the message that appeared after killing Yang Sucang, but he had no time to look at it.

It was necessary to end the battle in order for Hyeonu to achieve his goal of the battle.

‘Mysterious Sky Range.’ Hyeonu ended the battle effectively and quickly.

He made more than 10 blades of pure energy instantly and killed all the mountain bandits. The bandits were unable to deal with the pure energy that aimed at their backs. The result was disastrous. The bodies of the bandits who didn’t wear armor were split into two parts.

[A Seongho Group bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Seongho Group bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Seongho Group bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[A Seongho Group bandit has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

Apart from Yang Sucang, the rest of them were ordinary bandits of the Seongho Group. They weren’t part of the Secret Camp.

‘Why are they bandits again?’ Hyeonu frowned. He would’ve shown an ugly look on his streaming if it wasn’t for his mask.

Zhang Hun approached Hyeonu once the mess was cleaned up. 

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you for your grace,” Zhang Hun said and bowed deeply. His emotions were intensified after his life was saved.

“It was just luck. I would’ve never intervened if I had no business with you,” Hyeonu murmured in a polite manner.

Zhang Hun straightened from his bow and asked Hyeonu, “What can I do for you?”

He looked like he was ready to give his liver.

“Is the Mysterious Sky Demonic Sect in Jeonggyeong? I want information about them,” Hyeonu said.

“Mysterious Sky Demonic Sect... I don’t know much, but I’ll tell you everything I know. They were once a famous force, but now they are close to collapse. A strong person hasn’t appeared in their sect for a long time. There are rumors that they are gone.”

‘How can there be such a school? What should I do with the quest?’ Hyeonu frowned at Zhang Hun’s words.

The quest’s route wasn’t as clear as he thought. Hyeonu questioned Zhang Hun again like he was desperately grasping at a life-saving straw. “Then do you know where the Mysterious Sky Demonic Sect is located?”

“In the past, I heard they had a base on Geomdan Mountain near Jeonggyeong.”

Hyeonu moved toward Jeonggyeong once Zhang Hun’s words were over.

“Geomdan Mountain...” He repeated these words over and over.


Hyeonu moved without a break and arrived at Jeonggyeong. He asked passersby about the location of Geomdan Mountain and found it. Then he headed straight toward Geomdan Mountain.

“Wow, this is crazy.” Words of dissatisfaction erupted from Hyeonu’s mouth.

Geomdan Mountain was a steep mountain. It was steeper than any mountain in reality.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ An authentic mountain climbing stream.

-There will be a hard time climbing today.

-Watch your mouth. What will you do if it is really hard? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Still, isn’t the scenery really good? I’ll have to come to the East Continent later.

The viewers were delighted with Hyeonu’s attitude. In any case, it was Hyeonu, not them climbing the mountain. They just had to enjoy themselves. It was Hyeonu’s hardship.

Ah, how do I get up here?” Hyeonu grumbled toward the viewers, but it was only temporary. After all, he wasn’t doing this for anyone else. He had to climb up since he came for his quest.

Hyeonu climbed Geomdan Mountain for a long time without speaking. He climbed for two hours before finally giving up.

‘I can’t climb it.’

It wasn’t hard, but he was mentally tired. This was a mountain where no monsters appeared.

‘I’m bored.’

He didn’t have the motivation to climb it at all. Compared to Geomdan Mountain, the Balder Mountains and Hejin Great Mountain Range were small hills. This was truly a mountain.

Ahh, I’m going to rest. It doesn’t matter if I’m streaming. I’m annoyed to death!” Hyeonu declared that he was going on strike.

[1] An old currency unit

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