Chapter 191 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

“Yes, Brother. Sorry that I came late.” Hyeonu started the conversation with an apology even though he didn’t do anything wrong. It was because he was caught up in Qing Feng’s rapid-fire words. This appearance was a very good sight for the viewers.

-Kya, Alley Leader is being pushed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The second Jin Sijong has appeared ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

-Alley Leader is weak against this style. He is being pushed with age.

-Ah, it’s really funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. It hasn’t been long since they’ve known each other in the East Continent, so why is he late? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

If Hyeonu could see the chat window, then he would’ve fought with the audience. However, it was impossible as long as there were the helpless Daoist and Qing Feng in front of him.

“Yes, let’s go in and talk. Chen Ming, guard the gate well. Protecting the gate is protecting the Chonghua Sect,” Qing Feng said.

At Qing Feng’s words, the young Daoist called Chen Ming nodded. His glowing eyes showed he clearly felt a sense of mission due to the short words. “I understand, Shishu. I will guard this gate.” 

Hyeonu and Qing Feng slowly walked toward the buildings of the Chonghua Sect as if they had just gone out for a walk.

“Yes, what can I do for you, little brother?” Qing Feng asked Hyeonu out of the blue. Qing Feng’s words were straightforward as always. He didn’t know the concept of speaking in twists and turns.

“I wanted to see you. I need your help.” Hyeonu waved his hands.

He thought it would be better to get to the point if Qing Feng was in any way similar to Kim Seokjung. ‘It is over when he bites the bait. Over.’

Qing Feng let out a big burst of laughter like Hyeonu predicted. “Yes, this is good as well. Then let’s take a look around Manhua Mountain. The view is very good.”

“Okay. I will look at the beauty of Manhua Mountain.” Hyeonu nodded.

How long would it take to look around the mountain? It was natural that continuous dialogue would increase intimacy, and this meant Qing Feng would give out more advanced information.

‘Think of it as a leisurely hike.’

Hyeonu hated going to the mountains, but on the surface, he spoke like a mountain-loving person.


-The scenery is good.

-Isn’t it better than a mountain in reality? Since it is virtual reality, they made a real fantasy mountain.

-Isn’t it illegal to cook on a mountain?

-Is it illegal in Arena?

-I don’t know. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Manhua Mountain in Arena was truly superb. There were no places that were lacking. It was so gorgeous and beautiful that Hyeonu couldn’t help sighing everywhere he looked. On this Manhua Mountain, Qing Feng and Hyeonu were cutting down plum trees to make a fire.

“Well, little brother, aren’t you good at making a fire! You made such a big fire while I was catching a wild boar...” Qing Feng admired it. It was a big and beautiful fire. He couldn’t even imagine what had happened in the 10 minutes that he left to catch the wild boar.

“I just made a small fire.” Hyeonu scratched his head with embarrassment, but inwardly, he was scolding Tang-E. ‘That Tang-E. Why did he make such a big fire and disappear?’

Hyeonu was the one who cut the firewood, but it was his pet Tang-E who lit the fire. Tang-E was so upset by Hyeonu calling him and then telling him to go back that he used a lot of magic power to light the fire before fleeing.

“Thus, the roasted boar should be very delicious today. I think the wild boar we’ll eat on Manhua Mountain will be very special,” Qing Feng said and skillfully started preparing the wild boar.

He went from skinning the boar to cutting the meat and skewering them onto pieces of wood. Qing Feng seemed to have done it more than once or twice. Hyeonu wondered, “You must’ve cooked and eaten this often? Your knife techniques seem unusual.”

Qing Feng placed the trimmed wild boar meat onto the fire and replied to Hyeonu’s praise, “The mountain is good, but there is nothing to eat. If we want to eat, then we have to make it ourselves.”

“I see...” Hyeonu said.

Qing Feng roasted the meat for a long time before getting to the point. “I think it is time for our talk. Isn’t that right, little brother?”

Hyeonu was flustered, and his face turned red. He received a heavy jab at an unexpected moment.

“Don’t panic like that. This doesn’t mean I have any bad feelings toward you, little brother. As an older brother, I have a duty to solve your troubles.”

“Did you know?”

“I don’t know, but I can feel it. I can’t let it be. I will listen to my little brother’s troubles until I can resolve them.” Qing Feng sat down in front of Hyeonu with a humorous expression.

“I am looking for something,” Hyeonu began to explain everything to Qing Feng who was after all an NPC, not a player who could intercept quests or steal items from him. “To be precise, I am looking for a person. He lived more than 100 years ago and was called the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. I am looking for his trail. I found out that the last place he appeared was Shuiyang.”

Qing Feng heard Hyeonu’s words and thought about it. ‘Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior? Why is my little brother looking for his trail?’

Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior was now a name that few people knew. It was a name that only some of the big sects knew. His active period had been short, then he seemed to have disappeared. However, his strength was recognized. If a master had to be picked from that point in time, he would definitely be one of the top 10 options.

“Little brother. Can I ask you why you’re looking for him?” Qing Feng asked with a serious expression. Hyeonu had only met him a few times, but this was the first time he saw Qing Feng look like this.

‘As expected, the ‘Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’ is a taboo name?’ It was a natural question in Hyeonu’s mind. Otherwise, such a pleasant man wouldn’t change his expression in an instant. 

Hyeonu then said, “I am looking for something the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior had. What’s the problem? Your expression...”

Qing Feng controlled his expression after hearing Hyeonu’s words. He smiled cheerfully as if nothing had happened and thought, ‘An item? I don’t think I saw any records of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior having one...’

“Me? I was worried that the meat would be burned because the fire is so strong. There’s no problem. I’ll give you some information on the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. It will just take some time. I think I have to go through the old records.”

Hearing Qing Feng’s words, Hyeonu smiled bitterly. He had the impression that Qing Feng had something to hide about the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. It wasn’t just Hyeonu. The viewers felt the same way.

-Look at his attitude shift.

-He isn’t a Daoist; he is an actor. The speed of his expression change is worthy of the best actor.

-Still, at least he will provide some information. He said he would give it.

‘Yes, I will get some information. I just need to use it to find the item.’ 

Hyeonu decided not to pay any more attention to it. In any case, he was a player. As long as it wasn’t a scenario, he didn’t want to know about the trouble between the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior and Qing Feng.

‘I am going to the United States tomorrow, so I don’t want to worry about it.’

Hyeonu was going abroad tomorrow. There would be a party then, so he wanted to stream and play Arena comfortably today.

“It seems the meat is cooked. Let’s talk while eating,” Qing Feng said and pulled something out. It was a small jade-colored slender bottle and two wooden cups.

“That? Is it alcohol?” Hyeonu asked with an absurd expression.

Qing Feng said comfortably, “Why drink...? How can we not drink when I’m eating meat with a good younger brother in such good scenery? This is the most famous alcohol from Shuiyang.”

“Yes, but...”

“Now, now. Drink. Take it.”

Qing Feng handed a cup to the hesitant Hyeonu and poured the alcohol into the cup. Then he filled his own cup with alcohol. “It is a short life so let’s enjoy it as much as possible, little brother.”


Hyeonu barely managed to escape from Qing Feng. Alcohol poured out endlessly from the little bottle.

‘It isn’t an inventory item yet it doesn’t disappear after we drank so much.’

Of course, this was Arena, so he couldn’t get drunk. The problem was the viewers who were watching the two of them.

-Shit... How long are you going to eat?

-Is this Arena streaming? Or is it a food stream?

-I haven’t even eaten. It is too much.

-Look at the glossy boar meat.

The visual of the roasted boar was overwhelming. Thanks to Qing Feng’s excellent meat roasting technique, the light brown roasted boar was completely cooked.

Ah, I’m sorry. I was busy eating and drinking for almost two hours and didn’t look at the chat window. I apologize for this.” Hyeonu knew his faults and apologized to the audience. Even so, the fierce protests didn’t stop. It even seemed like an uprising was going to happen.

-Don’t apologize with words. Show it with your actions!

-Guarantee streaming three times a week!

-Or extend today’s streaming!

‘Groan...’ Hyeonu felt that the viewers’ anger was unusual, but he wasn’t worried as he had a secret weapon to change their minds.


It was the bear, Tang-E, who surpassed being a mascot to become a phenomenon.

“Damn Master dude. Only calling me now. It is too late. Bah.” Tang-E looked like a teenage girl behaving in a self-righteous manner.

Hyeonu had no choice but to soothe such a Tang-E and couldn’t care about the viewers.

“That’s not it, Tang-E. I roasted meat for you. Let’s talk while eating,” Hyeonu said and pulled the cooked boar out of his inventory.

He had hidden it secretly during his conversation with Qing Feng. Tang-E couldn’t keep his eyes off the roasted wild boar. His eyes were fixed on it like he was obsessed.

“Eating it in the form of a bear will be uncomfortable. Eat it in human form,” Hyeonu said while being conscious of the audience, but his words were true.

The grilled boar meat was in the form of a skewer, so it would be uncomfortable for Tang-E to eat it in the form of a bear.

“I know. Let’s finish eating first before talking.” Tang-E was distracted by the boar and obeyed Hyeonu’s words.

The signs of rebellion had already disappeared. Tang-E transformed into his human form, took the roast boar from Hyeonu, and started to chew on it.

-Groan... How cute is he when eating meat?

-Gasp gasp. Tang-E is so cute.

-My heart is thumping like crazy. This is really harmful to my health, but I can’t stop watching. 

-I go to Alley Leader’s channel once a day to see Tang-E.

The audience was completely distracted by Tang-E. The human Tang-E was like a drug—a deadly drug they couldn’t escape from once they saw it.

‘It is as planned.’ Hyeonu smiled sneakily as he watched Tang-E being immersed in eating the roasted wild boar and the viewers being immersed in such a Tang-E.

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