Chapter 221 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

The battle quickly reached its peak. The two of them collided several times in an instant before stepping back simultaneously as if they had made an agreement to do so.

‘She seems trickier than I thought? Warriors of the same level will never win against her.’

Lee Hoon went over the battle. Clearly, he had dealt out several effective hits. A normal warrior would’ve received several wounds or even entered a near-death state. However, the class of the woman called ‘Leah’ was a priest. She used heals to regain her health and rushed forth like a zombie. Her health didn’t go up little by little like how a paladin’s would. Instead, it filled up quickly.

‘He really has raised a monster.’

Lee Hoon’s admiration surpassed being focused on Leah and turned to Alley Leader. The way Alley Leader was able to find and nurture these players showed that his discerning eye was really great.

‘However, there is an awkwardness to the battle. I think it is because she has only played a priest.’

Lee Hoon could’ve fought in moderation, but if he didn’t press now, there would be no reason for Alley Leader to have called him. He quickly kicked off from the ground and charged forward. Yuri calmly took one step toward the approaching Lee Hoon. There was a sharp clang. Yuri received a momentary opportunity and wielded her greatsword.

However, Lee Hoon didn’t respond to Yuri’s attack like before.


Lee Hoon dodged Yuri’s attack and stabbed her shoulder using Heavy Blow, a skill he learned during the first time he changed his class.

‘It was perfect...?’ 

However, Lee Hoon heard a sound that was completely different from his expectations. Yuri’s outfit was far from armor, so he could never hear the sound of his sword hitting metal.


He looked closely and saw a pale blue layer wrapped around Yuri’s body. It was Shield, one of the essential skills a priest learned. 

‘Using it in that short moment?’

Hah... Lee Hoon let out a stunned sound as he forgot he was in a spar.

Yuri was truly a monster. She didn’t just have good skills; she was also full of courage. She used the correct skills even when the sword was swung in front of her eyes. Still, this didn’t mean it was impossible for him to win… Just like right now.

Lee Hoon released a small blade of sword energy, and it flew toward Yuri. She naturally created a shield to block his sword. The shield was destroyed by the sword energy. At this moment, Lee Hoon appeared in front of Yuri and lowered his long sword toward the top of her head.

It was Yuri’s defeat. Lee Hoon’s sword slowly descended toward Yuri.


At this time, Hyeonu appeared between the two people and seized Lee Hoon’s sword.

-Wow, the timing of this appearance.

-It is just a blade, a blade.

-By the way, how is he holding the sword with his hands? Is he using sword energy?

-Don’t you see the darkness around Alley Leader’s hands right now? Guess he’s also using magic power?

Viewers were thrilled to see Alley Leader appearing at the critical moment. Their goddess had almost died under Heder’s sword. Then Alley Leader appeared silently and saved her like a prince riding a white horse.

“I still see some lacking parts. Isn’t that right, Heder?”

They were Hyeonu’s words, but Lee Hoon accepted them naturally.

“If you supplement her skills, she will be able to get more than just a bronze medal. Her current specs are enough. I think there are very few players who can cope with this style of combat.”

“That’s what we need to do until the next stream, including today. I need Heder’s help,” Hyeonu said.

Then he reached out to Yuri, who was sitting on the floor. She grabbed Hyeonu’s hand that was in front of her.

“Well done. You did a great job. He is a famous proxy knight. You aren’t. You can be confident,” Hyeonu whispered as he used his hand to pull Yuri up.

Carrots were needed to help her avoid feeling defeated. The whip and carrot methods showed the highest efficiency when properly harmonized.

“I know, Oppa. I won’t give up. I’ll work harder.”

“Yes. We’ll have to work hard.”

-Wow, aren’t they sweet?

-A friend’s little sister has become a girlfriend?

-Don’t tell me... No, our goddess can’t do that!

-Down with Alley Leader! Release Tang-E and the goddess!

Viewers showed deep anger when they saw the two people whispering, just like in the last stream. Some viewers even likened Alley Leader to a demon king. The captive princess and hostage were Leah and Tang-E.

“Yes, you’re delusional. So let’s take the time to find a solution to the problem. I wasn’t just watching. I took a video.”

At Hyeonu’s words, the point of view of the streaming changed to Alley Leader’s perspective. Then a video started to play. “I’ll explain while watching. It was perfect at first. You can do better than this. Of course, just do as I say. In any case, it was good.”

-Ah, let’s not show off.

-Can’t you be a bit more plain?

-There is a lot of explanation today.

-It is different when he’s alone, but I can’t believe he’s still boasting like this even though he called two people here...

-After all, he is shameless as a masked person.

Viewers protested against Hyeonu’s high self-esteem. However, this was an act suitable for the character of Alley Leader, so Hyeonu never intended to stop it.

“This is the scene that’s the problem. She was too hasty using the shield. A sword energy of that degree can be hit directly. There might be damage, but it is never a loss because it has decreased the opponent’s skill by one. In addition, Leah’s class is a priest. Who cares about losing some health? She can heal herself. If it were me, I would’ve deflected it and run in the opposite direction.”

-Please stop!!!

-Refrain from presenting facts!

-Is this feedback or self PR?

Hyeonu watched the video for a long time before looking at Yuri and Lee Hoon. “So the two of you, what do you think Leah needs right now?” 

“Me? Um... Experience?” Yuri seemed to be temporarily troubled by Hyeonu’s question, but she soon gave an answer.

“Then what about Heder?”

“I think so as well. It is the norm that psychological battles with other people are based on experience,” Heder answered.

Hyeonu nodded with satisfaction at their words. “That’s right. You have to gain experience. Heder and I will simulate many situations for Leah. This is also true for the viewers, so try to focus. The recorded video is also on my channel, Alley Leader.”

Hyeonu didn’t forget to get some publicity.


Yuri gasped and threw her greatsword to the arena floor as she barely supported herself. Hah...

Hyeonu, the masked man standing in front of her, approached. “I will end it here today. I’ll send you the stream’s video, so be sure to watch it.”

“I understand. I’ll review it,” Yuri said.

Lee Hoon marveled at the sight of them. The ruthless Alley Leader was great and Leah who silently persisted was also great. In particular, Alley Leader’s ability to accurately grasp the opponent’s limitations and push them was beyond words.

‘There is a lot for me to learn.’

It wasn’t only that. Alley Leader had an eloquence that led the stream, which could be seen from him chatting with comments that were difficult to even see properly. There was nothing that wasn’t outstanding. If there was just one blemish to be pointed out...

‘Isn’t he a bit too proud of himself?’

A smile appeared on Lee Hoon’s face. Then it occurred at this moment.

“Heder! Come here!”

Lee Hoon instinctively turned his head at the call. Alley Leader beckoned to Lee Hoon.

Ah! Is it that time?’

It seemed right seeing that Leah wasn’t around. While Lee Hoon was thinking about other things, the stream was coming to an end. So what did this mean? It meant it was time to give Lee Hoon his five minutes.

“Yes, Alley Leader.” 

Lee Hoon took heavy steps. He had practiced it again and again in the mirror, but his heart shook the moment that time arrived.

‘Don’t shake and just tell the truth,’ Lee Hoon thought as he stood next to Hyeonu.

Then Hyeonu turned to the audience. “Heder, who helped me stream today, has something to say to the viewers. It will take around 5 minutes, so please listen.”

Hyeonu knew what Lee Hoon was going to say, but he pretended that he didn’t know. It was because he was certain that his words wouldn’t help.

‘In addition... his skills are really great.’

Hyeonu thought it would be okay to recruit Lee Hoon to Crescent Moon. In Hyeonu’s eyes, Lee Hoon’s skills were no less than that of the ace of any guild or professional team. However, his low level, which was due to the time he spent as a proxy knight, was an issue. However, it was possible to cover this up because he was confident.

‘Of course, this part needs to work out well too...’

Lee Hoon took one step ahead of Hyeonu and started to talk boldly. “I asked Alley Leader for some time for only one reason. I want to apologize.”


-Why apologize?

-What did he do wrong?

-Why do it here?

The viewers didn’t like it. They didn’t come to see Heder’s apology; they came to watch Alley Leader’s stream. Lee Hoon knew this as well.

“It is natural to ask why I’m doing this here. I can say the reason is something like this. Alley Leader’s streaming has the most viewers and views. Thus, my apology will spread faster.”

Lee Hoon pulled out a mask from his inventory. It was a mask with impressive red horns. There were many viewers who recognized it.

-Isn’t that the mask of the streamer Red Devil? Is he a fan?

-That isn’t Alley Leader’s mask. Why is he carrying that around?

-Then this means... What is this?

-It must be him, you idiot.

-Heder’s a streamer? That can’t work.

-A proxy knight has become a streamer?

Viewers noticed that Lee Hoon’s identity was the streamer Red Devil, and their reactions were chilly. Proxy knights weren’t doing anything illegal, but they weren’t favored.

“I also know this. It is my fault. That’s why I’m here to apologize. I apologize for acting as a proxy knight. I won’t ask you to forgive me.”

Lee Hoon didn’t just bow his back. He got on his knees and bowed.

-Isn’t this just acting?

-Red Devil’s streaming is good, so he’s washing his image?

-It is possible.

-Or he could be sincerely apologizing. The possibility is there for that too.

The chat window was still chilly. Any player who took part in the arena couldn’t help feeling bad about proxy knights. A few months ago, the number of proxy knights had increased dramatically, and the players’ dissatisfaction with the proxy knights grew.

Lee Hoon read the public opinion in the chat window. Then he started saying his prepared remarks. “I’ve already quit my job as a proxy knight, and I’m reflecting. This is a sign that I’ve started atoning for my past.”

Just then, Hyeonu flicked his finger, and an image appeared in front of the viewers.

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