Chapter 25 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

Despite the rather simplistic nature of Hyeonu’s greeting, the audience's reaction was hot.

-Tearful Eyes has gifted you 100 gold coins.

-Don’t be in a Relationship has gifted you 500 gold coins.

-Daegu Gold Cutlery has gifted you 100 gold coins.

“Thank you Tearful Eyes, Don’t be in a Relationship, and Daegu Gold Cutlery.”

Gold coins poured in. Hyeonu couldn’t help being distracted by the baptism of gold coins pouring in. It was very different from what he heard from Yeongchan.

-It might be a bit awkward at first. However, you will get a little bit of gold. Once you develop a fan base later then it will start.

‘Yeongchan, I think I am starting from the beginning.’

-Playing with gold from the start?

-No place is bursting as much as this room. ㄷㄷ

Gold coins poured in for around three minutes. Hyeonu had to ask them to refrain from gifting gold coins because he needed to proceed with the stream. “Everyone, it is good to shoot gold coins but please do it later. The broadcast can’t continue.”

Gold coins stopped pouring in at Hyeonu’s words. Hyeonu could then talk about the broadcast. “Today, I am going to try to win 100 consecutive matches in the arena. Even if I lose in the middle, I will keep going until I get 100 wins.”

ㄷㄷ If it is Alley Leader, it is easy to win 100 games in a row.

-Our leader’s class is sufficient.

-Still, 100 consecutive wins seems a bit hard. His level is low.

‘Of course, it is possible.’

Hyeonu scanned the chat window. The reaction of most viewers was that it was possible. The opinion that he would be defeated in the middle was also often seen. Then gold coins once again burst.

-Tearful Eyes has gifted you 82 gold coins.  [1]

-Don’t be in a Relationship has gifted you 82 gold coins.

They continued to give 82 to speed up the broadcast.

“I understand. I’ll proceed quickly.”

Hyeonu once again displayed his status window on the screen. Everything was covered with a mosaic except for his level and class. It was information that couldn’t be shown. No, it should never be leaked because it was confidential.

-Wow, it is really level 50.

-Then what level were the previous videos taken at? ㄷㄷ

-The class came out? 

The reactions of those who saw the public status window were consistent—it was really level 50.

“Now I will enter the arena.”

Hyeonu entered the arena.


There was only one path in the arena—a ranking battle. It was a one-on-one match at the huge Colosseum. The winner’s ranking would rise while the loser’s ranking would fall. Matching was determined by internal indicators. Winning consecutive matches could lead to a dramatic rise in the ranking.

In addition, the first 20 matches were placement tests for calculating internal indicators. There was a rumor that a streamer who had consecutively won all their 20 placement matches and started with a ranking of 100 million out of more than 400 million.

“Then I will start quickly.”


-I’m dizzy so let’s go quickly.

-End the placement matches soon.

[The ranking battle has started.]

[You haven’t entered the rankings yet.]

[Starting the placement match to enter the rankings.]

A placement match was literally a match to measure a player’s ability and their resulting placement in the initial rankings. In particular, some Arena players argued that if the placement was ruined, they should redevelop their characters to replay the placement matches. The placement matches were that important.

“Everyone, it is the real start.”

Hyeonu’s first battle in the arena began.


The placement match went smoothly. Players generally first visited the arena at level 30~40 so it was hard to imagine Hyeonu losing the placement matches.

“Everyone, this is five consecutive wins. I will go for six straight away.” 

-Busan Public Interest Man has gifted you 5 gold coins.

The viewers’ gold coins blew up.

“Oh my, Public Interest Man. Thank you for the 5 gold coins. I’ll use it well, hahat.

Hyeonu responded as much as possible to every single gold coin that came in. However, there was a limit. The viewers saw Hyeonu’s reaction and this sparked a gold coins party.

-Nadori Action has gifted you 3 gold coins.

-Quick Progress has gifted you 8 gold coins.

-Hyejari Action has gifted you 3 gold coins.

“Thank you Nadori Action, Quick Progress, and Hyejari Action. I will cherish the gold coins you have given. I’ll use it to buy qualified items.”

Hyeonu started to feel that streaming fits him.

‘Capitalism... it’s too good.’

At this moment, a monster created by capitalism was born.


There were many types of people watching Hyeonu’s broadcast. There were fans of Alley Leader and those who had a bad relationship with Hyeonu.

“Supervisor-nim, Alley Leader is Gang Hyeonu.”

JT Telecom’s Coach Jeong Byeongjin put a tablet PC in front of Supervisor Kang Ujong. The video playing on the tablet was a comparison of meleegod’s past battles with the current Alley Leader. It started from the exceptionally long sword to the fighting style and skills. It was absolutely perfect.

“That brat, I thought he quit the game?”

“I think he probably went to the army. Then it makes sense to reject our offer.” Jeong Byeongjin responded calmly to Kang Ujong’s annoyance.

He made sense. Going professional was a big deal but the draft notice came. The army—it was a word that made life’s motivation disappear.

“Will you recruit him this time?”

“It will probably be hard. The kids are still doing well.”

“Won’t we have to deal with him if he goes to another team? It will probably be hard. He has a bit of skill...”

“Hey!!!!” Kang Ujong eventually exploded at Jeong Byeongjin.

“Why are you screaming at me? Hyung. Did I say the wrong thing?”

“Then what do you want to do?”

"What can we do? He is a cheat. Still, can he beat all our kids by himself even if he is the same level?”

Hah... then what about the broadcast now?”

Kang Ujong realized it was useless to worry about other things right now. The current question was Hyeonu’s broadcast.

Um... now he has won 50 in a row. Sigh. He is fighting terribly well. Just... this time there is a mission where he will win 1,000 gold coins if he fights with bare hands.”

Jeong Byeongjin was so immersed in Hyeonu’s broadcast that he forgot about Kang Ujong’s presence. Hyeonu’s battle sparked an intense immersion.

‘Will he be making his debut in the professional scene?’

“It is the real thing,” Jeong Byeongjin murmured to himself.


Hyeonu’s capture of the arena showed no signs of ending.

“Everyone, I have won 50 matches. My ranking is now only in the 100 millions. Sigh...”

Hyeonu completely adapted just hours after he started streaming. The current Hyeonu was a monster thoroughly caught up in capitalism.

“There is a long way to go. Please lend me your strength.”

Gold coins poured in at Hyeonu’s words. There were viewers throwing one, two, and as many as 10 gold coins.

‘I’m going to have to make full use of the special on the first day. I don’t know when it will come again.’

Hyeonu decided to scrape out as much as possible.

“Look at other people. Is there a mission? I will accept it. I’ll accept one. Does anyone have an idea of what to do?”

The chat was flooded at Hyeonu’s words but there was something that caught everyone’s eye.

-Mission Zoom will give 999 gold coins if the mission is completed.

"Wow, Mission Zoom. What is your mission?”

-Do the 51st ranking battle with bare fists ㄱㄱ

‘Fight with bare fists?’

Hyeonu was a bit puzzled but his face couldn’t be seen under the mask. “How did you know that I was good at punching? You even gave me this mission.”

At this time, Hyeonu’s 51st opponent appeared. Holding a long sword and wearing leather armor, his opponent was a typical warrior 

“Looking at the weapon, he is probably between level 65 and 70. Watch and follow. A fighter itself isn’t difficult.” Hyeonu spoke confident words.

[The ranking battle has started.]

The opposing warrior didn’t know that his opponent was Hyeonu. Thus, he rushed in and swung his sword. This choice was the worst possible one. Hyeonu stared at the sword flying rapidly toward him. Then he avoided it. It was really by a hair’s breadth.

The viewers were all in an uproar.

-Hiik. How much is this distance?

-It is the first time I’ve seen such an angle in my life.

However, Hyeonu calmly stretched out his fists that contained a lot of magic power.


It was one move but the result was three blows. The warrior was hit in the abdomen and coughed. It was a normal attack.

[Player ‘Jacques’ has entered a ‘stunned’ state.]

Hyeonu’s fists weren’t merciful. He punched the dazed warrior’s temple. The match ended with the popping of balloons.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

Hyeonu stood in front of the fallen warrior and continued to speak to the audience, “It’s simple, right?”

The viewers who saw this scene somehow got the illusion that Hyeonu was a Caucasian uncle with curly hair.


Today, Jung Dahui was watching Hyeonu’s play. No, she was watching Hyeonu’s streaming debut today.

“He’s already won 98 in a row? Then shall I give you another gift at the end?”

Jung Dahui had no time to watch Hyeonu as she tapped the keyboard hard. She wanted to see what Hyeonu could do.

“I hope you’ll prove it again.”

In the meantime, Hyeonu’s duel was over.

“Still, it won’t be easy.”

Jung Dahui’s face was smiling.


[An event quest has been created.]

[100 Matches 100 Victories Man]

[The final ordeal has arrived as you attempt to achieve the first 100 consecutive wins in the arena.

Rating: C+

Conditions: Win the battle against the opponent 0/1

Rewards: A title and item.]

“Everyone, a quest has been released. I will be rewarded with a title if I win 100 in a row.”

Hyeonu was bewildered by the sudden quest but he naturally led the broadcast.

-100 consecutive wins will create a quest.

-What is the use of knowing this? We can’t do it anyway.

-Yes. You can’t win three games in a row. What is 100? 

-Get 10,000 If You Win has gifted you 99 gold coins.

Hyeonu’s eyes flashed at the words ‘10,000.’

‘10,000? 10,000 gold?’

Sigh, I have to unconditionally win. All my viewers are supporting me.”

Hyeonu started looking for his opponent. As if to show the large number of players playing in the arena, the opponent was determined in 30 seconds.


‘Is that the Cobra set?’

The Cobra set was a leather armor set that was at least level 110. It meant there was at least 60 levels between Hyeonu and the opponent.

-What is this? Why is it a bronze medal?

-If it is bronze then isn’t it in the millions?

-A bronze medal player should be level 110? 

The viewers were amazed by the sudden rise in the opponent. So far, it had only been level 80~90. In other words, so far Hyeonu had only faced opponents who hadn’t completed their second class change. Nevertheless, Hyeonu was calm. He was confident. He was wearing the Jaguar set and his skills had risen. There was no reason for him to lose. He had Tang-E.

“Everyone, I will now take out a secret weapon. Tang-E, come out.”

A magic circle more colorful and larger than a normal one appeared in front of Hyeonu. It was the magic circle to summon Tang-E.

Tang-E, come out!”

The viewers went wild. The cute teddy bear called Tang-E was perfect for sniping the tastes of most people.

-Bear Love has gifted you 100 gold coins.

-Selfish Bear Person has gifted you 100 gold coins.

Viewers had already forgotten about the quest. They only had Tang-E on their minds. It was a teddy bear that came up to Hyeonu’s knee.

“Master dude, what is going on?”

Tang-E's tone once again bombarded the hearts of the viewers.

[1] 82 can also sound like ‘quickly’ in Korean

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