Chapter 48 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

“Hyeonu, what is this?”

Late in the morning, there was a man who attacked the sweetly sleeping Hyeonu. It was Yeongchan. He had brought his tablet PC with him. On the PC screen, there was an image of a man wearing a mask and letters saying Masked Fighting King.

“What is it?” Hyeonu said groggily, having not completely woken up yet. He rubbed his eyes while looking at the tablet PC Yeongchan was holding out and answered Yeongchan's question casually, “My new content.” 

Then he stared at Yeongchan’s face, wondering if this was why Yeongchan woke him up.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Yeongchan retorted, staring into Hyeonu’s eyes with eyes full of sadness.

Even so, Hyeonu wasn’t pushed. “Did you ask? If you had asked, I would’ve answered.”

Uh... Yeongchan had nothing to say. These words were invincible. There was no rebuttal.

“Understood.” Yeongchan eventually turned around. He was like a defeated general on the battlefield. “They’ve already started promoting it...”

Hyeonu was able to have a pleasant morning due to the good news he heard.

‘The board is becoming increasingly bigger.’

Now there was no going back. He had to look in front of him.

“Okay, what should I say in today’s program?”

Hyeonu had a new problem.


“Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader.”

Today started with Hyeonu’s usual greetings. This was Hyeonu’s concept and Alley Leader’s persona. A skilled streamer—this was the Alley Leader that Hyeonu had thought of. Of course, the viewers didn’t think so.

- ㅎㅇㅎㅇ

-Show us a long broadcast today.

-Eight hours today~~~

-Nice to Meet You has gifted you 444 gold coins.

-What Are You Doing Today has gifted you 33 gold coins.

Hyeonu had considerably fewer broadcasts than other streamers. That’s why viewers were even more thirsty for Hyeonu’s live streams. It was common for people to stream four or seven times a week. Meanwhile, Hyeonu was different.

‘In any case, thinking of content is exhausting. I should save the ideas when I can. Let’s look into planning for the future.’

Hyeonu aimed for scarcity. It was good to make money from streaming every day, but there would definitely be a limit at some point. No streamer would be able to last a long time doing this. The people who were called the best kept changing countless times in the duration of two years.

‘I have to continue for a long time. I have to pay off my debts and get revenge.’

“Nice to Meet You, thank you for the 444 gold coins. I’m going to the comprehensive competition today. Thank you for the 33 gold coins.”

-Wow! Finally going to the comprehensive competition. It seems you’re around level 100.

-Will a new record be set today?

-What about the poor kids who will be coming out today? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Why are you laughing? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The viewers comforted the unfortunate newbies who would participate in today’s comprehensive competition. Everyone was busy laughing, especially when they thought of those who would be defeated terribly after meeting Hyeonu in PvP.

“Today, I will do PvP, the magic power test, and achievements evaluation.”

-By the way, what is Masked Fighting King?

-Is it just wearing a mask and appearing together?

-Who will appear?

“I’ll tell you about Masked Fighting King at the end of the comprehensive competition. If you’re curious, don’t miss it. Hahat!

-Ah, this streamer personality...

-Ah, Alley Leader, please be merciful...

-I’m feeling dizzy. Please tell me quickly!

“Are you curious?”


-I’m really curious.

-Quickly say it or I’m out. 

The viewers were really curious. What was Masked Fighting King? Who would appear in it? What would happen? The only thing that came out in the advertising was Alley Leader’s new content.

“If you are curious, give gold coins!” Hyeonu introduced the catchphrase of a comedian of the past, Heo Kyunghoon, to the viewers.

-Ah, really.

-When was this on-trend...

-Do you know it?

-It’s shocking. Alley Leader turns out to be in his 40s.

After hearing Hyeonu’s catchphrase, the viewers started chatting angrily. However, some people threw gold coins.

-I’m Curious has gifted you 5 gold coins.

-Tearful Eyes has gifted you 555 gold coins.

-Disclose it Now has gifted you 44 gold coins.

Hyeonu walked toward the comprehensive competition hall while accepting the gold coins. “Yes, thank you for the gold coins. Masked Fighting King will be at the end of today! I will reveal it to the public. Come and see the comprehensive competition!”

Hyeonu’s progress increased every day.


The huge Colosseum, artificially built for the competition, was crowded with players participating in the comprehensive competition today. In particular, players flocked once they heard that Alley Leader was going to participate today.

“Yes, hello. Yes, yes,” Hyeonu continued to greet the players who spoke to him.

‘Image management is essential.’

It was a meticulously calculated act. Soon, Hyeonu was able to move through the large crowd and enter the comprehensive competition.

“Player Gang Hyeonu, you are invited to participate in the comprehensive competition.”

“Yes, thank you.”

-It is finally starting.

-Now it is the newbie slaughter mode.

-I don’t know who the 10 people are, but they’ll be stuffed for life.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It is terrible to lose, but I would cry if I got stuffed.

The audience just enjoyed it.

They were busy laughing at the 10 newbies who would meet Alley Leader and create a black history.

“Oh, I’ll take it easy today. I’m going to fight with this dagger.”

Hyeonu looked at the chat room and pulled out the dagger as he had originally planned. It might seem a bit strange since it didn’t look sharp, but it was a rare item.

[Snow Hunter’s Dagger]

[-A dagger used by skilled hunters against the snow giants in Frozen Canyon.

Rating: Rare

Restrictions:  400 agility, 200 strength.

Durability:  700/700

Attack Power:  300 

Effect: Armor penetration +15%, will cause the ‘bleeding’ abnormal status to the opponent when attacking.]

‘This is a 1,000 gold coin joke.’

Despite being a fairly good item, Hyeonu was treating it like it was a bad item.

-Is it a new bluff? 

-His pretentiousness has evolved every day. It is a disease.

-It is a confidence that comes from skill, not bluffing.

-By the way, why do we all feel it is a bluff? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The response from the viewers was good. Of course, it wasn’t all good. Even today, Hyeonu was given various nicknames such as Bluffing King, Bravado Captain, and so on.

“I will go to PvP first.”


-Ah, too cruel.

-How can they play the arena if they are trampled on like this?

-I think they will stay away from the arena.

-An authentic trauma maker.


It was a perfectly steady hand with no hesitation. There was a certain boldness while stabbing and a tenacity to not give up when he got injured, as well as the brutal breaking down of the opponent’s mentality and the domination of assassin players with a dagger. It was perfect.

This was Hyeonu. The players who were beaten went crazy. Unfortunately, they participated in the comprehensive competition and met Hyeonu. They made unforgettable memories. They would never forget this in their life.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

“How many matches have I fought now?”

-I’ve seen this scene nine times. It seems I’m cold-blooded.

-We are all cold-blooded. Not crazy.

“I’ve won nine times. This dagger is a better weapon than you might think. It is good to use. In the last game, I’ll do it with two swords.”

The chat window was frightened by Hyeonu’s words. Everyone was united.

-Great. I can imagine it now. Is it just me?

-Me too. Think of stabbing with two swords.

-If it were me, I would give up.

-This is Alley Leader. It is crazy.

Hyeonu wasn’t concerned with the reaction of the viewers. One day, he would join Masked Fighting King. At that time, he would have to create another combat method to hide his identity.

‘Should I use a dagger? It is better than I thought.’


Hyeonu’s last opponent was a magician, and he was trembling. The pathetic sight made everyone sad.

-Honestly, he should give up...

-Go and ask for a surrender.

-If you have a conscience, solve it with words.

Hyeonu couldn’t wield his sword against such an opponent, so he invited this person to surrender. “Would you like to surrender?”

“Y... Yes,” the magician responded like he had been waiting for it. He nodded. He nodded so much that Hyeonu was afraid he would break.

[The opposing player has surrendered.]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has won.]

“Have a great time in Arena.”

After seeing the message, Hyeonu said goodbye to the opposing magician. Hyeonu maintained his polite image to the end.

-Isn’t this a dual personality person?

-He changes when holding a blade.

-He is a good guy if he doesn’t fight.

-He isn’t a pretentious king but a devil.

However, Hyeonu’s image had already been hardened.


“Then I will go do the achievements evaluation.”

-It has to be the solo raid. I’m actually looking forward to this the most.

-I didn’t expect anything from PvP in the first place. It makes no sense for a bronze medalist to fight here.

-It is at the level of an adult bullying a kid...

“You are going to be disappointed again. I know it all. You’re worried about me.”

-Who is worried about you?

-I’m worried about the opponents you’ll meet. Right?

-Master of Drinking. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Hyeonu quickly arrived at the site of the achievements evaluation as he communicated with the audience.

“Just put your hands on this stone slab,” a pretty female NPC taught him how to measure his achievements.

Hyeonu put his hand in the palm-shaped groove of the slab according to the explanation. The slab vibrated.

[We are evaluating your achievements.]

“I’m curious about what will come out. I personally think it will be a unique rating.”

-Too greedy. You should be virtuous. 

-There are currently fewer than five people who have received a unique rating in the achievements evaluation.

-Why? You will definitely get a rare rating. Why unique? That would be really greedy.

-I rejoiced on my knees when I got a rare rating, only for someone to get unique. Well, I’m unique in my heart.

The viewers were outraged by Hyeonu’s words. His tone of voice was different than usual. It seemed to be resigned for something inadequate. This combination was enough to anger viewers.

[1%, 2%, 3%...20%......90%, 100%.]

[The achievements evaluation has been completed.]

“The achievements measurement has been completed. Please confirm it.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

The female NPC announced that the achievements assessment was over. Simultaneously, a message window appeared in front of Hyeonu. Then everyone who read his message was speechless—Hyeonu and the viewers as well. All of them were shocked.


-Is this rating real...


There were only words of admiration. They just admired the results. The overwhelming evaluation results came out.

[Achievements Rating: Epic]

An epic rating had emerged.

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