Chapter 8 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

Once Hyeonu arrived in Aslan, the first place he ran to was the chief’s house. It was to clear the quest and get the reward.

“I knew I could entrust it to you.”

[You have cleared Chief Dell’s Request.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Dell’s Ring has been acquired.]

[Dell’s Ring]

[-A ring with an ordinary appearance and common effect. It isn’t special at all.

Rating: Uncommon

Restrictions: Level 10 or more.

Effect: Strength +3, Agility +3.]

[Favorability with Aslan’s Chief Dell has risen by 10.]

Chief Dell praised Hyeonu, but Hyeonu didn’t speak at all. Prolonging the conversation would only cause a headache.

Bah, what is this? I’d rather you give me potions.’

Additionally, there wasn’t a single word he wanted to share with the chief who gave him an uncommon rated ring. He had intentionally picked the quest to give him a lot of experience, but this was still too much.

[You have cleared Lance’s Request]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[One Lance’s Special Health Potion has been acquired.]

[One Lance’s Special Magic Power Potion has been acquired.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

“You caught the goblins as promised. Here are some potions.”

‘There are great rewards and good experience.’

Lance handed Hyeonu one health and one magic power potion. Hyeonu quickly exited the grocery store after receiving the potions. There was a place he needed to go immediately.

‘I am level 10...’


Hyeonu walked through the town and stopped in front of a huge tower.

The name of the tower was the Class Tower. It was often referred to as the ‘Class Change Tower.’ Every class occupied one floor. It was a department store-like concept. Some called it a class change department store.

At level 10, Hyeonu visited the tower to change his class. The class that Hyeonu chose without much difficulty was a warrior. After all, it was the second class change that was special. The first class change was just a base.

To put it nicely, it was the cornerstone. To put it badly, it was just a passing process.

“Warrior, warrior... I found it. The 5th floor?”


“Do you want to become a warrior?” Khan, the warrior’s floor manager, asked.

“Yes. I came to be a warrior.”

Upon Hyeonu’s reply, Khan picked up a sword that had been placed to the side. “Well, we don’t use words like those downstairs. In order to be qualified to become a warrior, let’s fight once.”

“I understand.” Hyeonu felt this way too.

‘It’s cool.’

Khan was a warrior with straightforward speech. He had a simple nature without any pretenses.

“Come first. I’ll concede the first blow.”

Hyeonu attacked instead of replying. His sword flowed smoothly and precisely in an arc toward Khan’s belly. Khan got goosebumps when he encountered Hyeonu’s sword. The young man in front of him was by far the best adventurer he had ever seen. He didn’t think that anyone could show such a neat strike. Khan also struck back at Hyeonu with his quick swordsmanship. Hyeonu used the repulsion force when his sword was blocked to attack once again. 

The fight between Khan and Hyeonu was quite fierce. Hyeonu was satisfied with this level, even if he didn’t say it. Still, Hyeonu had some questions. The standard of this class change was too high.

‘Is the class change authority so strong? Then how did other people pass this? This...’

Hyeonu was slowly grabbing hold of victory when Khan laid down his sword and yelled, “Stop! Stop it here. You are qualified enough.”

‘I wanted to let loose a bit.’ Hyeonu was slightly disappointed.

It had been a long time since he felt like he had a proper sword fight. The sweating Khan raised his hand to Hyeonu. “From now on, you are a warrior I acknowledge.”

[Your class has changed to a ‘warrior’.]

[Strength and physique have increased by 10.]

[The title ‘Warrior Acknowledged by Khan’ has been created.]

[Warrior Acknowledged by Khan]

[-A title given to warriors who were acknowledged by Khan, the demanding class change officer.

Effect: Damage of melee weapons increases by 5%.]


The title’s effects weren’t very good right now. Yet once many titles came together, the synergy would be great. For this reason, Hyeonu was satisfied with the title.

[A skill has been created.]

[Weapons Mastery]

[Increases damage while using weapons.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Uncommon

Skill Proficiency: F

The damage of weapons will increase by 10%.]


[Quickly charges and wields your weapon.

Type: Immediately Activated

Rating: Uncommon

Skill Proficiency: F

Maximum Distance Charged: 3M.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 seconds.]

[Heavy Blow]

[Mana powered weapons are wielded strongly.

Type: Immediately Activated

Rating: Uncommon

Skill Proficiency: F

Maximum Charging Time: One second.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 seconds.]

He had acquired three skills after the class change. They were all useful base skills. They would be sufficiently evolved skills after the second class change. Then Khan said to him, “It might be possible if it is you. That talent is real.”

Huh? What are you say...”

“Later, once you are convinced of your strength, find the owner of this coin.” Khan handed him a small gold coin engraved with the pattern of a crossed sword and shield. “The owner of the coin is a knight of Kion. It will be a great opportunity for you.”

‘What is this?’ Hyeonu questioned it as he was suddenly handed a coin and a potential quest. Why give this to him? Was it a hidden quest only given to him? Even so, Hyeonu didn’t speak. He thought there was nothing bad about receiving it.

The moment he received the coin from Khan, a message window appeared in front of Hyeonu. It was because a quest had been created.

[A quest has been created.]

[Meet the Knight of Kion.]

[You have been recommended by the class change officer, Khan. If you are confident in your strength, meet the Knight of Kion, Lebron.

Rating: E.

Conditions: Meet the Knight of Kion 0/1.

Rewards: Lebron’s skill.]

“By the way, where is the Knight of Kion?”

“He is in Yusma.”

That’s right. The Knight of Kion, Lebron, was the knight representing the Yusma Empire. It was Lebron, the greatest knight of the empire, who always occupied a spot in discussions about forces in Arena. 


After listening to Khan’s explanation, Hyeonu instinctively realized it was a jackpot. Hyeonu did his best to settle the rising corners of his lips, but it was hard to stop the laughter.

“Then I’ll be going,” Hyeonu said goodbye to Khan, who had given him so much, and exited the tower. He finished leaving the tower before exploding like a madman.

‘Amazing. Amazing.’

He had hit the jackpot. Hyeonu hadn’t even thought he would encounter these things in the process of changing classes.

“An E-grade quest that requires at least level 50?”

He was already motivated to level up.

‘It is a skill from the best knight of the empire...’

Hyeonu was already looking forward to it. What type of skill would Lebron give him? He was looking forward to what he would look like when he used the skill. His footsteps full of anticipation were light.


GM Jung Dahui was staring at the monitor. She was so focused that there seemed to be a glare coming from her eyes.

“Come up quickly. That way, more people will see meleegod,” Jung Dahui muttered in a low voice. A short time later, Hyeonu’s battle began. At that time, Jung Dahui’s hand moved diligently. It was to change the perspective of the screen. This time, the camera was looking down from the sky.

‘Oppa... have you improved?’

In the fight against a class change officer with superior stats, Hyeonu wasn’t pushed. At one point, he even overwhelmed the class change officer. The class change officer that Hyeonu was meeting now was slightly different from the one players usually met.

It was because Jung Dahui had arbitrarily overwritten the data. Hyeonu had won against such a class change officer with his beginner status and no skills.

‘He won against the class change officer I programmed with the collected data of pro gamers...’

“As expected of Oppa,” Jung Dahui admired him. The Hyeonu she knew was truly great.

Soon, Hyeonu’s battle was over. From then on, Jung Dahui’s battle began.

Jung Dahui concentrated so much that she couldn’t hear her own breathing. She could only hear the sound of tapping on the keyboard.

‘This is my gift, Oppa.’ 

Jung Dahui’s monitor showed Hyeonu laughing while holding a coin in his hand.


[Random Pet Egg]

[It is unknown what will emerge. A common rabbit or a dragon might emerge. Everything depends on luck.

Rating: Uncommon

Usage: After injecting magic power, the egg will break in an hour, and a pet will appear.]

Hyeonu finished reading the description of the egg and infused it with magic power. He was also filled with anticipation for the pet. In fact, the random pet eggs in Arena weren’t that great. The data so far had proved it. 99.999% were garbage and only 0.001% were jackpots. Additionally, the drop rate was low.

No one knew when the pet system would be updated, so the random pet eggs were mostly available on the auction house. They were so expensive that ordinary players didn’t buy them. The only one who didn’t know this was Hyeonu.

‘What is going to come out?’

His expectations were only growing. These were the perfect words to describe the current Hyeonu—‘ignorant’ or ‘brave’. Hyeonu had no understanding of how reckless his actions were.


Wah! Time is up!”

[0 minutes and 31 seconds remaining until hatching.]

[0 minutes and 16 seconds remaining until hatching.]

[0 minutes and 2 seconds remaining until hatching.]

[0 minutes and 1 second remaining until hatching.]

[The egg is starting to hatch.]

Hyeonu watched the egg crack and carefully laid it down on the ground. He carefully put it down because he was afraid there would be a bad result if he threw the egg and ended up breaking it. The egg slowly cracked open. Hyeonu’s expectations soared as much as the number of golden cracks increased. A yellow glow emerged from the broken egg.

‘There is a light. This is it. This is it!’

Hyeonu didn’t know that all random pet eggs emitted a light when they broke and thought a good pet would come out of his egg.

‘Be good. Please! Let it be unique!!!’

Soon, the egg’s shell was completely destroyed. The light reached its peak. Hyeonu closed his eyes because the light was too strong. As it progressed, Hyeonu’s expectations swelled like a balloon.

After a while, the light disappeared. Once Hyeonu felt the light disappear completely, he slowly opened his eyes. What appeared in front of Hyeonu was...

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