Chapter 92 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Ranker's Return

In an arena without people, a man was moving alone. The man’s movements were well matched with the word ‘ambiguous.’ It was unknown as to where he was going to move, and there were no rules. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel messy. Finally, the man stopped.

“I’m a bit used to it now.”

It was Hyeonu appearing in the arena before his meeting with Dwayne. The reason for this was to practice the Mysterious Sky Steps. The arena was available in several settings, including one which eliminated the cooldown time of skills. Mysterious Sky Steps was a very unkind skill. It was ambiguous as it wasn’t a buff type, an immediate use skill, or a continuous type.

Mysterious Sky Steps modified the player’s movements for 10 seconds. However, it was up to the player to take advantage of it.

‘At first, I thought I got motion sickness.’

Hyeonu’s first use of Mysterious Sky Steps was brief.

“I feel like throwing up.”

He meant it literally. His entire body was full of strange feelings, and the movements couldn’t be properly controlled. It was like he was drunk. Still, this was temporary. It had been around 10 minutes now. Hyeonu became accustomed to the Mysterious Sky Steps. He also became confident.

‘This is a secret weapon.’

Hyeonu had released more than one or two PvP videos. This meant he was already being analyzed. For such a Hyeonu, the Mysterious Sky Steps would be his trump card.

Hyeonu checked the time. It was close to his appointment with Dwayne.

‘It’s 5:20.’

His appointment with Dwayne was at 5:30. It meant there were 10 minutes remaining.

“Shall I try something different?”

Hyeonu’s hands were busy as he summoned scarecrows at random locations within a 20-meter radius. He counted roughly, and the number seemed to be over 10. This was the last test. It was to see if he could attack while maintaining these movements.


Hyeonu moved his body. The target was the scarecrow in the most advanced position. While doing so, Hyeonu didn’t know there was a man watching this scene.


Dwayne had a strange obsession. It was that whenever a meeting was decided, he would arrive 10 minutes earlier. There was no reason for it. It was just a habit. Today, that obsession was still there. He arrived at the arena 10 minutes earlier than promised.


It was a strange sight that welcomed Dwayne. Alley Leader was wrecking the scarecrows. If it were just this, Dwayne wouldn’t be so shocked. There were fresh movements, and Hyeonu’s fist aimed only at the vital points. One punch caused the scarecrow to burst like a balloon.

‘Do I have to learn that?’ Dwayne shook his head. He couldn’t show that type of movement. After all, he didn’t have the skills for it. Even if he did, he didn’t have the confidence. In an instant, all the scarecrows burst. It was a mess.

Dwayne walked between them and stood in front of Hyeonu.

“I can’t. I can’t do this!” He cried out resolutely. “It is impossible!”


Dwayne scratched his back. “I’m sorry. I misunderstood.”

Hyeonu shook his hand at Dwayne’s apology. “No. I think it is natural to misunderstand.”

‘I thought he wouldn’t arrive for a while...’ Hyeonu looked at Dwayne again.

He thought this person was pleasant, but Dwayne was also humble.

‘Shouldn’t he normally be a bit late to the appointment?’

It was a widespread fact that celebrities weren’t punctual. Even if that wasn’t the case, it was the image. Why? If they weren’t late, then articles wouldn’t be written. If they were late, then there was an article. The average person only saw the articles. Thus, this image was bound to be solid. Hyeonu was no different.

“Did you practice what I taught you?” Hyeonu asked Dwayne.This time, Dwayne showed it with his body rather than speaking. He touched the settings and summoned a scarecrow. Then he fought hard.

‘This seems okay?’

“You’ve been practicing hard...” Hyeonu nodded when he saw it. Dwayne’s movements were the exact opposite of the previous stream. His judgment was prudent, and his movements were sharp. Hyeonu had no idea it would be like this when he picked Dwayne, but now he thought he was very lucky. If he had picked and taught a person who was trying to sell their face, instead of someone passionate...

Hyeonu trembled. Just imagining it was terrible. ‘This content would probably be ruined.’ 

At this moment, Dwayne succeeded in rushing the scarecrow with the sword. He started with Iron Mountain Attack and directly applied his skills.

Hyeonu saw this and raised his hand. “Stop!”

Dwayne stopped moving the moment Hyeonu yelled. Hyeonu approached Dwayne, who was breathing heavily. His face was filled with attention.

‘He is number one at working hard.’

Hyeonu liked Dwayne. That was why he had answered kindly to the whispers that he received while hunting. Dwayne was diligent. It was bothersome at first, but it stopped being the case when he learned about Dwayne’s passion.

“It is rewarding. My first student has worked hard following my teachings.”

“Then...?” Dwayne wondered. He looked at Hyeonu like a dog hoping for praise.

Hyeonu chuckled at the look and brought up what Dwayne wanted. “Well done. It is impossible to imagine what you were like before. This is enough to win a bronze medal today.”

“Thank you, Alley Leader.” Dwayne smiled.

Hyeonu laughed when he saw it.

Rank 67,342,332—it was time to reduce this number.

“Then let’s get ready for the streaming.”


“Hello, everyone. Alley Leader has arrived. As you know, we are going to stream like last time. I will be hosting the Alley Leader Academy.”

The streaming began with Hyeonu’s smooth opening. Viewers were buzzing today. The viewers’ attention was currently on Dwayne.

-Is Dwayne a man now? He was a mess the other day.

-Despite getting the second class transfer and having unique items, he is only ranked number 67,342,332?

-Still, he has learned a bit from the streaming, so I’m sure he’ll do well.

-Let’s take a look at his skills today. Shouldn’t it work since he has been taught by Alley Leader?

Hyeonu frowned when he saw the chat window. Dwayne’s skills were poor, but that was before he met Hyeonu. Things were different now because he got taught by Hyeonu. Additionally, Dwayne had practiced hard. “Everyone, you’ll probably be surprised. Dwayne’s skills are amazing. I was really surprised to see them.”

-Don’t be ridiculous.

-Just opening his mouth...

-It is the level of out of 100 words, three are true.

-Isn’t this bluffing? 

-What can you teach that will make someone like Dwayne win a bronze medal? I will reserve popcorn today.

“Then I’ll make a bet. If Dwayne wins against an armed scarecrow, I will take next week off from streaming. It is also the most difficult mode! However, if Dwayne loses, I’ll stream four times next week. Call?” Hyeonu placed a gamble with the audience.

The source of his confidence was that Hyeonu had seen Dwayne’s skills with both of his eyes. He was good enough to not lose against the scarecrow.


-Take the bet unconditionally!

-Next week, there will be a stream on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

-Four Streams Next Week has gifted you 444 gold coins.

-Four Times a Week has gifted you 444 gold coins.

The viewers happily accepted Hyeonu’s bet. This was an opportunity for unconditional access. The 67,342,332nd ranked Dwayne winning against the most challenging scarecrow...? It was impossible. If he could win against the scarecrow of the highest difficulty, then he could easily get a bronze medal. Dwayne wouldn’t be able to win if he was 67,342,332nd ranked.

“I’m recording this. There is to be no whining after it ends.”

Nevertheless, Hyeonu was proud. There was something he believed in. He believed in Dwayne’s skills.

-Yes, then drink kimchi soup.

-He probably drinks a lot for a South Korean. It is the level of a food fighter.

-Hurry up. I want to watch the streams next week. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-ㅇㅇ. We will never let you back down. 

Under his mask, Hyeonu’s face had a sneaky smile. He couldn’t resist smiling.

‘Next week, I’ll be in the Hejin Mountains.’

“Then let’s call Dwayne out here. Dwayne, come out!!”

???’ Hyeonu felt perplexed when he saw Dwayne walking out. It wasn’t the usual Dwayne. Dwayne, who was normally full of confidence, seemed like a nervous coward. Hyeonu’s lips moved. It was almost to the level of ventriloquism.

“Dwayne, why are you so nervous? Are you afraid to be in front of people?”

Dwayne shook his head. It wasn’t that. This was just tension. So far, he never thought of fighting the scarecrow set at the highest difficulty.

“Can I beat the scarecrow? It is set at the highest difficulty.”

“It is enough. Trust yourself, Dwayne. You’ve worked hard enough. Otherwise, trust me—Alley Leader. I am your teacher.” Hyeonu massaged Dwayne’s shoulder. It was a service intended to relax him.

“Take a deep breath and relax. Moderate tension will reveal your skills, but excessive tension will ruin everything.” Hyeonu tried to relax Dwayne to the very end. This wasn’t just Dwayne’s problem.

‘It will be hard for me if he loses.’

Four streams a week—it wouldn’t be easy. He had grabbed the strings of the main scenario and didn’t want to do anything else.

“Everyone, my first student—Dwayne Evans!” Hyeonu hid the fire inside him and proceeded with the stream.

“Hello, I am Dwayne Evans.”

-Quickly fight the scarecrow.

-Let me see your skills!

-Dwayne, just give up. Wouldn’t it be good to see four streams next week?

-What do you want to do? Just lose. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Dwayne saw the chat window and felt a bit nervous. ‘Yes, I will win against the scarecrow with the highest difficulty. Just do what I have already been doing.’

“Alley Leader, let’s start quickly. I’m ready.”

Hyeonu sighed with relief when he saw Dwayne’s relaxed appearance. ‘He is back to normal.’

“Then let’s get started.” Hyeonu relaxed and adjusted the settings.

Now that Dwayne’s mentality had been recaptured, the bet was Hyeonu’s unconditional victory.

“Okay, it is the scarecrow with the highest difficulty.” 

Hyeonu’s summoned scarecrow didn’t match the name ‘scarecrow’ at all It was wearing a long sword and heavy armor. The items were level 100 unique items, and it was perfectly armed. What’s more, the built-in AI rating was of the highest level.

“Then let’s get started. Everyone, please cheer for Dwayne.”

-Lose. Lose!!


-We expect a loss!

-I don’t want to see a victory!

The viewers didn’t want Dwayne to win. They prayed for defeat. Even so, Dwayne smiled brightly. This type of interest...

It was routine for him. Dwayne stepped toward the scarecrow. The moment Dwayne stepped into the scarecrow’s range, the scarecrow moved.

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