Chapter 123 – Dreams of Being Handsome

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Bang –

The bronze mirror trembled. Blue light gushed out, covering Qin Yu like a sheet of water. In that brief moment, all of the defensive talismans shattered. If it had been any slower, the strength of the waterspout would have been enough to tear Qin Yu to pieces.

The blue divine light formed a bubble of air. It was pulled around within the waterspout, wildly circling about. The feeling of being inside at this time could be imagined. Qin Yu didn’t believe that the bronze mirror which had the ability to resist the waterspout also didn’t possess the ability to eliminate this sort of incredibly spinning force. Perhaps a larger possibility was that it still remained hostile to Qin Yu, and even though it couldn’t do anything now, it still hoped to take advantage of this waterspout to cause severe damage to him.

Beggars can’t be choosers. Qin Yu clenched his teeth and decided that in the future he would subdue the bronze mirror and allow it to experience just how horrifying the grudge of a man could be!

Black clouds tumbled and a bolt of thunder vehemently crashed down. The entire waterspout began to sparkle with arcs of lightning. The blue divine light fiercely twisted, and it was clear that the power of thunder was causing severe damage to it. On the surface of the bronze mirror, more mottled marks appeared, and the blurred mirror surface became far more gloomy and cloudy than before.

From appearances, if it were struck by thunder again, it likely wouldn’t be able to hold up the barrier.

Qin Yu roared out, “If you don’t want to be destroyed here, then stop the spinning for me!”

The blue divine light paused for a moment. Then, it began to rotate in reverse. It really did have the strength to counterbalance the rotational force of the waterspout.

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath and stood up straight. His face was steadfast as he looked around.

Bang –

From the black clouds, lightning fell.

Qin Yu suddenly moved. He thrust out a bamboo that flashed with lightning. Lightning attracted lightning, and the lightning that rushed towards the waterspout veered to the side and collided with the bamboo.

It worked!

Qin Yu’s spirits rose. Although using the Skythunder Bamboo like this was an absolutely dastardly move that should have caused him to be struck down by the heavens, in the face of death, this was all he could do. Moreover, as long as he lived, then even if the entire Skythunder Bamboo was ruined, if the root existed he could still use the little blue lamp to quickly regrow it once more.

Something seemed off…

Qin Yu frowned. He felt as if he had forgotten something.

Because he had lost so much blood from his injuries, even his thoughts seemed to slow down.

Suddenly, Qin Yu clapped his hands together and cursed himself for being an idiot. Why should he fear thunder? The little blue lamp seemed to be extremely interested in this! Although the thunderstorm was not true heavenly tribulation, its might wasn’t much weaker, meaning that there was a chance that the little blue lamp would be interested.

Shua –

The little blue lamp appeared.

He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but the moment the little blue lamp appeared in the world, the black roaring clouds above his head seemed to freeze for an instant. Then, countless peals of thunder rang out and endless lightning recklessly surged forth, carrying with it a despairingly dreadful aura!

Bang –

Bang –

Thousands of bolts of lightning crashed down upon the waterspout.

The bronze mirror fiercely trembled. Qin Yu could feel its anger and fear. If the bronze mirror could speak, it would definitely be spitting out curses right now.

Bastard, just what the hell did you take out? If you want to die then die, don’t drag me into it!

This dense barrage of thunder wasn’t something that the bronze mirror could resist; it could instantly turn Qin Yu to black char. But, his complexion remained calm and steady, and confidence rose in his eyes.

This was because the little blue lamp had never disappointed him!

All of the thunder slammed down almost simultaneously. It spread through the waterspout at a terrifying speed, instantly evaporating all of the water.

The waterspout suddenly turned into a thunderspout!

Qin Yu’s hair was scorched and his black robes burned away. The black sword moved imperceptibly but fell silent in the next moment. As the bronze mirror was shaking and cursing in fear, a brilliant luster flashed across the little blue lamp. Its thumb-sized form suddenly became the incarnation of a black hole, releasing a terrifying swallowing strength.

The spout of thunder was drawn into the black hole, violent twisting and distorting like a raging river of water flowing into an endless chasm. In an instant, all of it was absorbed! At this moment, even the terrifying sea storms of the Netherworld Sea Region seemed tiny compared to the little blue lamp.

The little blue lamp was clearly not satisfied with a single spout of thunder. It freed itself from Qin Yu’s grasp and shot up into the skies, racing into the tumbling black clouds. No one knew what happened, but no more thunder came crashing down. Soon after, the black clouds began to run away as if they felt fear. They split into countless parts that raced away and vanished from sight. Soon, the dim and dusky seas of the Netherworld Sea Region were revealed again.

After the black clouds faded away, the originally overweeningly powerful and unparalleled sea storm seemed to have lost the source of its power. The howling winds gradually weakened and the wall of water fell lower and lower. Finally, it wasn’t able to maintain its shape and collapsed. A mass of blue divine light shot up from the sea. Qin Yu’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed together and his complexion was extremely ugly.

At this time, there was the sound of splitting air. The bronze mirror hurriedly parted its divine light, allowing whatever it was to come close.

It was the little blue lamp!

It didn’t seem any different from before.

Qin Yu happily smiled and grabbed hold of it, his heart finally relaxing. The little blue lamp was the very foundation of his strength; he absolutely could not lose it! He looked around at the sea that was gradually calming down. With a deep breath, he suppressed the desire to shout out curses. First it was the Demon Monarch chasing him down, then he barely managed to escape the battlefield of two super powerhouse existences. Just as he thought he had caught a moment of reprieve, a sudden sea storm had nearly buried him here.

His luck was just rotten to the extreme!

But what Qin Yu didn’t know was that at this time, his bad luck had yet to end.

Because deep beneath the sea, a giant head with a single eye was fixed tightly on him, flashing with a cold light.

The Nine Nether Winding Paths could be called one of the safest areas in the entire Netherworld Sea Region. But, it just so happened that the sea storm passed over there. This tumor had a sharp sense of danger. It fled ahead of time, and relied upon its powerful mortal body to move deep beneath the sea, avoiding the violent rage of the storm.

Originally, it had planned to wait for the storm to pass over before it left, but at that time it had suddenly sensed the aura of the human cultivator who had visited its home earlier. After a moment of hesitation, it chased after the storm and finally found Qin Yu.

Then, the tumor saw something that never in its life would it have imagined to be possible.

This thunderstorm was powerful enough to annihilate a Nascent Soul powerhouse. However, that dreadful thunderstorm was actually swallowed clean by a thumb-sized lamp. It didn’t know what the lamp was, but the tumor’s instincts told it that as long as it obtained it, it could change its destiny. It was unable to suppress the rising hope in its heart. After crushing any hesitation and fear it felt, the tumor finally made its move!

Seawater suddenly sunk down, forming a bottomless hole that fell straight down into the sea, leading all the way to the seabed. Qin Yu’s heart shrank but before he had time to react, an invisible strength latched onto him and violently dragged him downwards. Up above his head, the seawater rapidly closed up, caging him in.

Crazily sinking at an unimaginable speed, the weak light of the sea soon vanished, replaced with a pitch black so dark that a person wouldn’t be able to see their fingers in front of their face. Qin Yu was enraged. He struggled with all his strength but he couldn’t escape. He could only continue sinking into the darkness, deeper and deeper. At some unknown time, the imprisoning strength suddenly vanished and the channel leading to the seabed collapsed.

What followed was the terrifying pressure brought forth by an endless volume of seawater!

Qin Yu’s eyes popped open. Blood vessels fiercely stuck up all over his body. His bones began to break, cracking and popping even as his organs were pressed together into one.

Puff –

Blood drilled out from all the pores on his body, dying the water red. Blue divine light gushed out from the bronze mirror, protecting Qin Yu. But, this light trembled, as if it would collapse in the next moment.

In the distance, the tumor was quietly floating in the water. Markings bulged on its surface, allowing it to inflate over ten times in size to resist the sea pressure. Although it had made its move, it was naturally cautious, thus it chose the safest method – using the sea to kill others.

Severely wounded and weakened, there was no way for this human cultivator to escape. All it needed to do was wait for this human to die in order to obtain its harvest.

Bang –

A dull explosion rang out in the sea. Seawater exploded outwards. The human cultivator was wrapped in a protective blue light and began rapidly surfacing. The tumor’s sole eye flashed with contempt. Did this human not know how deep below the sea he was? This was a useless effort. Beneath the giant head, several tentacles gently swung about, pushing through the water. The tumor began to follow behind.

Bang –

Bang –

Seawater burst out all around as the blue divine light kept pushing up towards the sea surface. But as time passed, the surroundings remained as dark as before, and the pressure of the seawater didn’t decrease by much. It was clear that the human cultivator was becoming impatient.

The tumor began to smile.

Almost there.

And sure enough, after a little bit longer, the blue divine light began to rapidly dim. Blood bloomed in the sea and the human cultivator floated about, motionless.

The tumor thought for a moment and decided to wait a bit longer. For it to have survived so long, it had to give a great deal of credit to its vigilance and carefulness. But, as faint threads of blood flowed through the water, the tumor’s eye suddenly brightened. It opened its mouth and sucked in a bit of the scarlet water. Then, its body began to violently shiver with excitement and ecstasy.

To think there was such wonderful flesh and blood in this world. The strength contained within made the tumor instinctually seek it and desire it.

The tumor’s own body had always been a pain deep within its heart. Even with its current strength, it spent most of its time hidden deep in the seabed, rarely revealing its presence.

Even though it knew that its appearance was horribly grotesque and repulsive, deep in its heart it had always dreamed of being handsome!

And now, the chance to make his dream a reality had finally appeared. With such powerful flesh and blood strength, after it swallowed and absorbed it, it could definitely break through the shackles of its cultivation and transform its true figure. At that time, with its strength, changing into the form of a human would be as easy as turning a hand.

The tumor’s sole eye began to blaze with an unprecedented heat. It hesitated for two breaths of time but was finally unable to resist the trembling excitement in its heart. A tentacle rushed towards the human cultivator. As it did, it opened its mouth, drawing in all the blood in the water. This sort of formidable flesh and blood strength left it thrilled with joy.

Mine! Mine! All of this flesh and blood is mine! I won’t wait even a second longer, because this human cultivator is leaking blood with every passing moment, blood that is mine! Mine!

Then, the wonderful feast of flesh and blood appeared in front of the tumor. It could see that the human cultivator was a young man. Even though the young man was thin and emaciated, it could still see the sharp angles and edges of his face.

A thought suddenly formed in the tumor’s mind. Perhaps later, it could transform into this appearance.

Then, as fast as this thought appeared, it rapidly overtook the tumor’s entire mind.

But before then, it needed to eat this human male. Unfortunately, it didn’t know this human’s name, otherwise it could also borrow it.

Name…perhaps I should seriously think of a name for myself.

Name? I can have my own name?

The tumor began to shiver with excitement again!

Its mouth opened impossibly wide. It seemed as if its entire body was composed of some sort of highly malleable substance. It sucked in a massive amount of seawater and Qin Yu’s body. The tumor didn’t worry that it would eat something that it shouldn’t eat. Its unique body properties allowed it to absorb what it needed and reject what it didn’t.

The tumor’s mouth had no teeth, but the esophagus that led to its stomach was filled with sharp blades. They wriggled about, interlocked together. Even without touching it, there was no need to doubt how sharp they were. Anything that touched them would be torn to pieces.

As the seawater flowed through the esophagus, Qin Yu’s shut eyes suddenly popped open. He raised his hand, exhausting all of the strength in his body to thrust out the Hundred Nether Sword!


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