Chapter 141 – Sequentially Wasting Two People

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chief Manager Wu was overthinking the situation, but the reality was that Qin Yu was indeed in a very difficult position. As he struggled against someone else’s divine sense, his complexion began to darken.

When he first reached the edge of the altar, a powerhouse had tried to sneak attack him. He hadn’t thought too much about this, because this was something that Old Sea had told him about ahead of time. There were those that would try to suppress their competitors and although this was a relatively small number, it occurred in every competition and didn’t count as violating the rules.

This was a competition for sea spirits, and since it was a competition, everyone was willing to go to the extreme. All that mattered was the result, not the process.

But now, as his divine sense was wrapped around the tray and he was pulling it close to him, two beams of divine sense leapt out at him, leaving him puzzled. Out of these two divine senses, he was a little bit familiar with one; it was the person who had sneak attacked him at the start. As for the other one, although it was a bit weak, it carried with it an extreme yin chill; it seemed that person cultivated some mysterious technique. As their divine senses collided it caused some hindrance to his own; this was a tricky situation.

If these two people had joined forces to wrest away the tray, then he wouldn’t care much about it. But, these two people completely disregarded the tray and focused on attacking his divine sense, as if their sole purpose was to bring him down.

If it wasn’t for Qin Yu’s soul being as powerful as it was, it would have already been heavily damaged beneath the attacks of these two people and he would have had no choice but to withdraw from the competition.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He first thought of Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire. These two mighty sea spirit influences had suffered great losses because of him, so retaliation could explain this situation. But as he recalled how Old Sea had been ambushed by others, it didn’t take him much longer to guess what happened.

Some people must have thought he would get in their way so they wanted to eliminate him ahead of time!

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. The divine sense that wrapped around the tray suddenly scattered. The other competing sea spirit teachers were overjoyed. They thought that Qin Yu had been tired out and had no choice but to drop it, so each one of them sent threads of divine sense to quickly wrap around it.

In the blink of an eye, seven or eight rays of divine sense collided, twisting together and shakily pulling away the tray. For a time, no one could take the upper hand and seize it, but there was a tacit understanding that they would bring it as far away from Qin Yu as possible.

The two attacking divine senses paused for a moment as if they never thought that Qin Yu would just give up on the tray like this. In the next moment a cold chill began to rise up.

The altar trays were special treasures. They could resist the pressure from powerful divine senses without damaging the sea spirit within, and dragging them around consumed a great deal of energy.

In addition with the other sea spirit teachers who had taken the opening to struggle with him, Qin Yu was investing too much strength into grappling with it. At this time, letting go of the tray was the same as freeing himself.

Bang –

Boundless divine sense surged out like a tide, ruthlessly racing towards the two attacking divine senses. The previously wounded person was struck first. As the two tyrannical divine senses smashed into each other, there was a low and deep creek in the void, a sound that spread clearly throughout Prosperity Square. Countless sea race members dropped their jaws and sucked in a breath of cold air.

For one’s divine sense to shake space, that was a sign of strength possessed only by Nascent Souls – it represented the sublimation of virtual to reality. But now, the collision of two divine senses was able to produce such a result. Could it be that their souls were so strong that they reached the edge of the Nascent Soul realm!?

Countless eyes swerved towards the source of the sound and soon locked onto the two opposing sides. A black-robed figure was standing calm and still, his aura slowly and steadily rising all around him. Not too far away was a skinny old man that was spitting out mouthfuls of blood, his face deathly pale.

This black-robed figure recently had an unrivalled spotlight in the capital city, and almost everyone instantly recognized him – he was the current chief sea spirit teacher of Sea Spirit Pavilion.

They all sighed inwardly. Grandmaster Ning was truly worthy of his fame. If he had such fierce abilities it was also natural for his soul to be incredibly strong. They looked at the vomiting old man with pity, thinking that he deserved this for managing to provoke that person.

As they were sighing for him, they saw the old man’s eyes pop open. The old man struggled so hard that the tiny blood vessels in his eyes burst open, instantly turning his eyes bloodshot. This was the sign that he was galvanizing his soul to the extreme. The onlookers were shocked scared. This was only a competition and not a life or death battle, so was there a reason to go all out like this?

The crushed divine sense immediately reformed and rushed towards Qin Yu once more. It ignored Qin Yu’s wild barrage and stubbornly hung onto him. At the same time, a chilling divine sense struck out like an icy snake, maliciously stabbing into Qin Yu’s divine sense. An extreme icy aura poured in without end; it was actually able to use Qin Yu’s divine sense as a tunnel to invade his main body.

Kacha –

Kacha –

A layer of black ice rapidly spread on the surface of the black robe. Even from far away, one could feel the horrifying ice cold aura emanating from it.

Chief Manager Wu angrily shouted, “Murder! This is murder! Open murder! Where are the organizers!? I demand an immediate pause to the competition!” With his eyesight he could see that besides the skinny old man, there was also another sea spirit teacher that was wildly attacking Qin Yu.

This sort of situation would absolutely never appear in a normal competition. As he thought about Old Sea’s injuries he could no longer contain his rage and started to wave his arms and roar!

One of the competition staff responsible for maintaining order saw the ruckus and hurried over. They urged this honored guest to calm down, but after being sprayed with a mouthful of spit, they were frightened white and raced to report the situation through a spirit shell.

Outside the field, the audience began to notice what was occurring. Loud boos spread like a tsunami until it swept over the entire square. But, with the competition having come this far, there were already sea spirit teachers that had gone all out and managed to seize a tray. If they were to stop here, there would definitely be those that opposed.

So at this time, the competition committee members began to quarrel with each other and no one could come to a decision to pause the match.

Chief Manager Wu clenched his jaws and stomped over to the committee members. There were thunderous roars and it was clear that a violent conflict had begun.

The scene turned chaotic for a moment.

Qin Yu opened his eyes beneath his black robes. Feeling the cold growing in his soul, his eyes darkened. This was no longer attempting to stop him, but trying to heavily wound him and even kill him. No matter who was pulling the strings behind the scenes, they had now succeeded in angering Qin Yu.

Within his dantian sea, the 16-sided crystal suddenly burst out with blazing light, like a sun rising from the earth. Qin Yu’s eyes turned crimson. They weren’t bloodshot, but were like tumbling waves of blood, an immense combustion of flames!


Not too far away, a young and delicate-looking sea spirit teacher screamed out miserably, his entire face filled with fear.

Hu –

Burning hot flames burst out from his head. These were not true flames but a manifestation of being grilled alive; the killing might behind them was even more horrifying.

The sea spirit teacher was instantly charred red. The air bubble wrapping around him fiercely contracted and extinguished the flames. The committee members responded quickly. Someone immediately ran over to drag him away, but as they touched his body their hands were burnt and they pulled themselves back in pain.

The medical station wasn’t too far away. The healer was experienced, but after seeing the sea spirit teacher’s burnt appearance, he couldn’t help but feel a tingle creep up their scalp. He put on a pair of safety gloves and after a brief inspection, sighed with sympathy. He waved to have the sea spirit teacher lifted away.

No matter how gruesomely injured the mortal body was, as long as one paid a high enough price it could be cured. But, the terrifying damage was the damage to the soul; it was like an eggplant roasted in a fire that had completely withered away. It would be hard to tell whether this person’s mind would be intact in the future, much less him still being a sea spirit teacher.

This person had been utterly crippled.

The skinny old man was horrified. He fiercely retracted his divine sense, wanting to separate it from Qin Yu’s rampage.

But, it was already too late to retreat.

Boundless divine sense divided into several paths, each one carrying a burning hot heat. They were like several invisible sabers that sliced and crushed the old man’s divine sense.

Puff –

The skinny old man spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed.

The competition staff didn’t have a moment to rest. They hurried over to drag the old man away. After the healer inspected him, he found that the old man’s situation was a little bit better than the last case, but this person would have to live out the rest of their remaining life suffering the pain of their soul burning away before they died from the agonizing torture.

Thinking about it this way, the young man might be better off in suffering less.

Pa –

Black ice shattered on the black robes. Qin Yu’s gaze swerved around, looking down at all others like a tiger sitting atop a hill.

Wherever his eyes turned, people would gulp. The divine senses competing for the tray had all drawn back.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Qin Yu pulled the tray until it slowly flew into his hands.

No one dared to compete with him!

The nearby sea spirit teachers cried out in woe. Holy shit, who the hell was this fellow that he would be so ruthless? This was only a competition, so was there a need to completely cripple someone?

From afar, one could hear countless breaths of relief. People were overjoyed that they didn’t run into this ruthless man. Damn, this was too depressing. Just like that, two high level sea spirit teachers had been wasted!

Let alone the participating sea spirit teachers, even the onlookers were stunned silly. Everyone that had been booing over Qin Yu being ambushed suddenly shut up as they realized they had been mistaken. With such a ferocious fellow, anyone that tried to provoke him was simply asking to die.

With the tray in hand, the air bubble automatically floated down and delivered Qin Yu to the edge of the altar. But just as he took a few steps, a group of competition staff rushed over in a hurry.

An old turtle man was at the front. Sweat dripped down his face and although he occasionally wiped it with a towel, he still couldn’t keep up with how much he was sweating. The originally dignified and regal robes of the competition staff were already pasted to his body and he looked to be in an extremely distressed state.

“Wait, don’t go yet!”

A group of sea race people surrounded him.

Qin Yu turned around, his voice cold and low. “What is it?”

The old turtle man’s voice caught in his throat. Everyone had seen what had happened just now. Although he had been a bit cruel, his actions were absolutely in self-defense. But, the reality was that the situation was too bad. Throughout all the years that the sea spirit teacher competition had been held, besides the first few chaotic times as well as when it had changed from the capital city, there had never been other times when two high level sea spirit teachers had been crippled. If they didn’t issue some sort of punishment now, wouldn’t everyone act like that in the future? If that happened, how could they continue holding the competition?

The old turtle man’s eyes turned. He said, “Sea spirit teacher, you are suspected of using banned treasures in the competition and causing serious injuries to others. I ask that you momentarily suspend yourself from the competition and come back with us for an investigation.”

Before Qin Yu could even respond, a chair came flying through the air and smashing into the old turtle man’s head. Luckily, the old turtle man’s reflexes were fast enough that his head shrank into his shell, otherwise he absolutely would have been bloodied.

Chief Manager Wu brought the sea spirit teachers of Sea Spirit Pavilion with him as he raced over, shouting curses all the while. “Investigate? Why don’t you investigate your face! If you want to investigate go and investigate those two garbage sea spirit teachers and find out who is making them attack Mister Ning!”

Before the exasperated old turtle man could even take his head back out, Chief Manager Wu continued to roar, “Mister Ning is now tired and in poor condition! If your actions cause him to suffer any problems in the following competition, I guarantee that all of you will be done for! Just wait for the summons of my Sea Spirit Pavilion! Believe me, if I don’t bankrupt you and make you live out the rest of your lives begging on the ground, I will never give up!”


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