Chapter 147 – The Power of Inspection

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

When people reached a high enough level of status, a certain degree of tacit understanding would be formed between them; these were the so-called ‘unspoken rules’. There had been numerous assassination attempts at Sea Spirit Pavilion the last two days, but the outside world knew nothing about them and the traces of their occurrence had been quietly erased. This was a manifestation of these ‘unspoken rules’. Everyone at that level had to abide by them; if they didn’t and if they tried to break these conventions, they would be recklessly pushed back by everyone at that class level and would eventually disappear or be destroyed.

For instance, what Qin Yu had done.

Although it was unknown what the outside situation was, one didn’t need to be a genius to understand that once all these behind-the-scenes conspiracies were exposed, it would inevitably stir up a giant storm. The sound shell network station that had taken the risk of releasing this news had easily accomplished their purpose; they had become the hottest channel to listen to and there was no one who hadn’t heard of them.

“Mister…Mister…” Chief Manager Wu babbled on, unsure of what to say.

Qin Yu lightly said, “I am very angry.”

With a single sentence, all of Chief Manager Wu’s complaints were blocked. He thought about how Qin Yu came from the Skyspirit lineage which was isolated from the outside world and it seemed understandable that he would do something like this which destroyed all the established rules.

With a bitter smile, Chief Manager Wu picked up a spirit shell and made several calls. He hoped to suppress the story, but he clearly underestimated just how nosy the people in the capital city were. With such a massive story being exposed, it instantly became the most talked about topic in the capital city.

The situation had blown out of control!

As the old man in embroidered robes stepped out of Foursea Hall, a subordinate came up and reported the new development to him. He bitterly smiled; he never imagined that the young man would play such a card.

Steward Wang stamped his feet and shivered with rage. Although the sound shell network station hadn’t listed any names besides him and Qin Yu, which high level figures in the capital city didn’t know who they were?

If they mishandled what happened next, it would be a tremendous loss of face!

The old man waved his hand, interrupting Steward Wang’s tirade of revenge. “Enough. I’ve already done what I can, and I will consider this as repaying a past favor. No matter what happens next, this matter no longer has anything to do with me. Pass down the order: the shark ship will depart ahead of time to avoid the spotlight.”

Steward Wang didn’t give up. “Master, are we just ending things like this? This will be a stain upon your honor!”

The old man’s expression was faint. “Wang Gui, you’ve followed me ever since you were a child, and I believe that I have never treated you unfairly. You have also saved up a considerable amount in the capital city these years. Take those things back and return them, and do not ever mention this again.”

Steward Wang complied in a cold sweat.

The carriage soared straight to the wharf. The old man looked out the window with an absent expression. It had been many years since such a character appeared in the capital city. This Mister Ning was truly a bold and interesting person. He really wanted to know just how this game would play out in the end.

A massive ship was anchored at the wharf. It was constructed using the skeleton of a great shark as the foundation. It created a massive shadow in its wake, its aura bold and overwhelming.

“Master, where shall we go?” The captain respectfully asked.

The old man smiled. “Since we have no guest onboard, there’s no need to make up an excuse. Let’s begin hunting.” He glanced back at the capital city one last time before stepping onto the ship.

The shark ship soon began to move. It quietly pushed through the waters before vanishing from sight.

Chief Manager Wu soon obtained news of this. He wiped the cold sweat from his face and let out a long breath of relief. If the old gentleman didn’t blame them then it would be much easier to deal with everything. He took the initiative to accept an interview and explain the situation. Mister Ning had been attacked multiple times in the last three days and repeatedly encountered dangerous situations. He argued for Qin Yu and tried to guide public opinion to their side.

Since things had come this far, there was no way to suppress it any further. He might as well seize this change to launch an attack on their enemy instead. Perhaps this Young Master Jin had a poor personality and would be affected by all the criticism. If so, then Mister Ning’s chances of winning would be much higher.

Like this, all doubts and suspicions gathered on Jing Guanjin. As he was almost universally detested, someone finally stood up to speak for him.

Chief Manager Wu had expected this. After all, no matter how much his enemy tried to wash himself clean, what happened was a fact. But, he never imagined that the one to make a move next would be such a heavyweight character.

The one he drew out was the third ranked of the ten great Purple Cards, Grandmaster Wu Zetian, a man renowned for being horrifically cynical and dangerously irritable. He personally came out and denounced Sea Spirit Pavilion as being vile and shameless, and attempting to harm his disciple Jing Guanjin with malicious intent in mind.

It was like a star fell into the sea, causing a dreadful storm. All of the people who were repudiating Jing Guanjin in the capital city suddenly fell silent. The ten great Purple Cards were existences that danced amongst the highest clouds in heaven, and in the eyes of the ordinary sea races, they were legendary and unsurpassed characters. With Grandmaster Wu Zetian personally coming to Jing Guanjin’s defense, this became the strongest proof of his innocence.

For a time, rumors rose from all directions and wild conspiracy theories were flung about. Sea Spirit Pavilion was transformed from a persecuted victim to a despicable villain who was willing to do anything to win. Although there were already numerous theories, the appearance of Grandmaster Wu Zetian caused countless nosy individuals to fan the flames of conspiracy.

And it was when everyone was focused on this matter that Grandmaster Wu Zetian accepted an interview in the capital city. He spoke out once more, “The ten great Purple Card sea spirit teachers represent incarnations of the sea spirits in the world. Not only does one need to have superior skills, but they also require a noble character. In view of the actions of the sea spirit teacher surnamed Ning from Sea Spirit Pavilion, I have obtained the consent of two other Purple Cards to exercise the power of inspection.”

The media flew into a frenzy as if they had all gone insane at once. This news spread throughout the entire capital city at the fastest speed. Newspapers, sound shell networks, video channels, all sorts of media spread out the image of Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s cold eyes and his solemn voice.

There were those people who didn’t know what this news meant. They were mocked ruthlessly before numerous people explained the situation to them. The so-called power of inspection was a test given to new Purple Card sea spirit teachers by established Purple Card sea spirit teachers. It required three Purple Cards to uniformly agree, and the inspection would be led by the leader.

In other words, if Qin Yu really obtained the qualifications to challenge for the Purple Card and succeeded, then he would be personally tested by Grandmaster Wu Zetian. If he lost, he would lose his status as a Purple Card.

A Purple Card sea spirit teacher possessed a venerated status and they had a great influence upon the sea races. Behind their birth and rise were countless contests and tests. To start the power of inspection was the equivalent of smashing someone into the dust so that they never rose up again. It was an act of ultimate endless enmity. It had only happened twice in history. As a consequence, top influences had vanished into thin air and powerful families with deep legacies had become mortal enemies, their hatred extending even until now!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian succeeded in stealing the limelight and all eyes were turned to him. The damning audio recording soon disappeared, and the small sound shell network station that first played it was bought out the next day with a large amount of money. All people involved were bribed with more money and it seemed as if nothing had happened.

Chief Manager Wu was left in a nervous sweat. He had investigated but never thought that Jing Guanjin had hidden himself so deeply so that no one knew he was the disciple of Grandmaster Wu Zetian. Although Grandmaster Wu Zetian was ranked third amongst the Purple Cards, it was said this was only because his temper was far too impatient and irritable; in truth, he was no weaker than the first two Purple Cards.

It could be said that Grandmaster Wu Zetian represented the peak of all sea spirit teachers in the sea region! Even if Mister Ning came from the lineage of Skyspirit Sages, he was still young, so how could he possibly be Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s opponent?

To be honest, the true problem that Chief Manager Wu worried over was what Mister Ning would do facing a competition where it was impossible to have any harvests. Just what would he do? On one hand he wouldn’t gain anything at all and would become Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s enemy. On the other hand, it was clear he could earn rich rewards for choosing another path.

And his worries weren’t baseless. Someone approached the Qing Family and through Qingqing to Leon, sent a message: if Mister Ning were to withdraw now, he would receive compensation of 30 million spirit stones.

This was an incredible amount. Considering the current situation, it was a truly sincere offer.

When Chief Manager Wu rushed over, Qin Yu was drinking tea. During these two days of idleness he had come to like relaxing in this manner. Seeing Chief Manager Wu’s anxious appearance, Qin Yu said, “Chief manager, please rest assured that since I made a promise to you, I will not renege on my words. I will try my best in the competition.”

Chief Manager Wu gratefully smiled. He thought about it for several breaths of time and then clenched his teeth, saying, “Mister Ning, do not worry. As long as you can help Old Sea and defend his status as a Purple Card, my Sea Spirit Pavilion will give you enough compensation.”

He took out a spirit shell and left, making a call to Sega City.

Chief Manager Wu returned after a moment. He took out a storage shell, “Mister Ning, my master was informed of your decision and is extremely thankful to you. There are 10 million spirit stones in here, and regardless of whether you win or lose in tomorrow’s finals, this is yours. And, if Old Sea is safe, we will gift you another 20 million spirit stones.”

Qin Yu didn’t refuse. After all, in the eyes of outsiders this was something he deserved. In his mind though, he never placed Wu Zetian in his eyes.

So what if he was the third ranked Purple Card? With the little blue lamp in his hand, he could completely disregard anyone when it came to sea spirit plants!

And to start the power of inspection?

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Perhaps I won’t give you that chance!

Prosperity Square, the final match.

In a carriage, a fat old man anxiously said, “Young Master Jing, it seems that Sea Spirit Pavilion has offered the other party enormous benefits, so only then would he refuse so strongly. Do you have full confidence in your victory today?”

Jing Guanjin was fully confident. “Father has already poured the rest of the Skyspirit power into my body. Today’s competition is mine to win!”

The fat old man calmed down. He warned, “Even so, it would be best if you put your whole-hearted effort into winning. This matter is simply far too important.”

“I know what I need to do!”

Beneath the royal palace, the sound of a bell rang out.

Jing Guanjin coldly sneered. He pushed open the door and stepped down from the carriage.

Not too far away, the carriage from Sea Spirit Pavilion opened and a black-robed figure emerged. Their eyes met each other.

Like sharp needles meeting, they could feel the chill in the air.

Jing Guanjin was tall and straight, his looks delicate and handsome. His cold and callous appearance enhanced his bearing, making him seem like a dragon amongst men.

In comparison, the black-robed Qin Yu seemed somewhat suspicious, as if he were hiding something.

Perhaps all intelligent races couldn’t help but subconsciously judge others based on their appearance. Because of this, countless noble ladies and young charming misses screamed out in joy upon seeing Jing Guanjin, their cries seeming to empower him, their cheers filling his ears.

The two of them moved towards the altar together. Two large coral houses were placed on the square with a white-robed and barefooted priest standing in front.

In a voice that only the two of them could hear, Jing Guanjin coldly said, “Mister Ning, anyone that becomes my enemy will not have a good end. I guarantee that you appearing here today will be the greatest mistake of your life!”

Qin Yu suddenly paused. With everyone’s eyes on him, he took out a black wooden box from his chest. He opened it and the words that were spoken replayed themselves. The recording box had clearly been tuned to play back words louder, and the fine quality of it left the enhanced sound undistorted. Jing Guanjin’s words were revealed to the public.

Qin Yu closed the recording box and lightly said, “I’ve already made a recording once, so how come you couldn’t remember it? Moreover, please match your character with your appearance. If you want to say something then do so openly and honestly.”

He left behind a Jing Guanjin that was gasping and shivering with rage and stepped forwards.

The cheers of countless young ladies and misses suddenly stopped. At this moment, the glorious and radiant image they had built up in their hearts had come crashing down!


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