Chapter 150 – A Sad Story

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Currently, the inedible Qin Yu was refining the 3000 year old sea blue bellvine flower that Old Sea had gifted to him. The medicinal efficacy was truly incredible! Perhaps he had misjudged its value earlier. If he really wanted to trade it, even 2 million spirit stones might not be enough.

Pa –

The last bit of blue color vanished from the bellvine flower. The petals wilted and withered until it eventually disintegrated into dust.

Qin Yu put the dust away. Before he left the capital city, he couldn’t leave behind any suspicious hints.

For instance, this dust.

He silently calculated the time; night would arrive soon. Qin Yu contemplated the situation and took out the seven-leaf herb. He was deciding whether or not to allow it to continue bathing beneath the sea blue light for another night.

When it came to sea spirits, the little blue lamp had an unimaginably powerful ability to enhance them!

This was something Qin Yu knew of before he even entered Sea Spirit Pavilion.

If the little blue lamp’s effect of accelerating the growth of spirit plants was considered one, then its ability to strengthen sea spirits was at least 10.

That’s right, this was a completely unreasonable ability!

Thinking about it over and over, Qin Yu decided to let the seven-leaf herb stay in the storage bag for another night. After all, that cold and overly arrogant Jing Guanjin was still Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s disciple, so it was best to be a bit more careful. Qin Yu could imagine a situation where he was full of confidence but was instead utterly humiliated in the end, and he didn’t hope for this to occur to him.

He turned his hand and took out a soul-strengthening treasure that Chief Manager Wu had purchased from another great city in the sea region. Qin Yu closed his eyes and started to refine it. Another night was almost enough time to improve his soul force further; he couldn’t let this time go to waste.

But what he didn’t know was just how this decision he made would force our cold and overly arrogant friend Jing Guanjin into a dead end, and what sort of tragic fate he would eventually suffer.

A completely self-confident man who mocked his opponent for biting off more than he could chew, but in reality the man who was being mocked was actually closing his eyes and diligently refining treasures.

If anyone saw this scene, they definitely wouldn’t be able to help but laugh because this situation was truly ludicrous.

But the following story was awfully sad –

Night arrived. The time-sensing coral followed its instincts that had developed over hundreds of millions of years. An enzyme started a reaction within, creating a transformation. Soon, the last traces of red turned into blue.

Following this, within the storage ring, a foot of sea blue light quietly bloomed.

And in a hall within the royal palace where the ten great Purple Cards were, the sensing treasure connected to Qin Yu’s sea spirit began to wildly hum as if it were caught in a storm.

That’s right, such an intense and consistent infusion of energy could only be described as caught in a storm.

The clever Grandmaster Wu Zetian had already learnt his lesson and he maintained a calm demeanor without any reckless boasting or taunting at all. Even so, as he listened to the loud buzzing sound, he still felt fear and apprehension rise within him.

Damn it all! Just who was this Ning fellow that he was so hard to deal with!?

His eyes widened. He stubbornly glared at the sensing treasure as its light became increasingly bright and rich, and the speed…the speed also seemed faster than yesterday’s.

This simply defied all common sense!

When it came to enhancing a sea spirit’s energy, as it grew stronger it became increasingly difficult. But what Grandmaster Wu Zetian didn’t know was that the seven-leaf herb had already adapted to the little blue lamp’s strength yesterday, so it was able to absorb even more energy today and advance even faster.

Suddenly, the humming of the sensing treasure came to a stop. Then, in front of shocked eyes, the light quietly gathered in on itself, turning into a light purple.

It had broken through.

Without any preparations and without needing to gather energy for an all-out attempt, the haphazard infusion of energy had pushed the sea spirit to a higher level.

This style left the Purple Cards sucking in a deep breath.

This junior was vicious!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian seemed to choke on himself. He violently coughed and hacked, his loud coughs and shaking covering his actions.

Within the sleeve of his robes, he rapidly tapped the spirit shell.

Jing Guanjin sat cross-legged on the floor. Even after resting for a long time, his face was still deathly pale. In the end, what he had been given wasn’t his own. In order to activate the Skyspirit energy, he had to consume a massive amount of his own strength.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed open. He pulled out a spirit shell and listened to the fast tapping sounds it produced. His face filled with shocked anger.

His first thought was – this is impossible!

He had galvanized the Skyspirit energy to force the sea spirit to advance to another level of quality in two days. Just what did that Ning fellow have that could accomplish this?

But, the loud and increasingly rapid tapping sounds clearly reminded him that this was reality. Wu Zetian would never play around with him like this.

He ruthlessly struck the spirit shell. Far away in the royal palace, Grandmaster Wu Zetian seemed to feel his disciple’s anger, so he stopped tapping.

Jing Guanjin took a deep breath and calmed his thoughts. He placed the spirit shell on a table nearby. After some time, his composure had been restored and his posture was tall and straight yet again.

You want to fight with me? Surname Ning, you are far too presumptuous!

Bang –

Vast and boundless monster energy raced through his body. The Skyspirit energy within his dantian was spurred on as it began to slowly flow through his meridians, passing through his fingertips and into the sea spirit. He could clearly sense that as the Skyspirit energy entered it, the sea spirit cheered in joy and grew increasingly strong.

With each breath of time, it grew stronger!

Two hours later, Jing Guanjin felt dizziness cloud his mind. He lifted a hand and tapped the spirit shell four times.

Tap tap tap tap –

This was a question – what was the situation like now?

Soon, there was a response.

Tap tap –

Two times.

This meant…that it wasn’t good.

Jing Guanjin narrowed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. He clenched his teeth and forcibly dispelled his dizziness.

Surname Ning, you are indeed hard to cope with. But even if you have a hundred methods in your hands, you will still lose today!

Skyspirit power, continue pouring in for me – never stop!

Rumble –

Monstrous energy galloped through his body.

Another 2 hours passed –

Tap tap tap tap –

Tap tap –

It still wasn’t good!

The sixth hour.

Jing Guanjin was paper-white and his eyes had turned a faint red.

The eighth hour.

Jing Guanjin wobbled. He grabbed the work table with both hands, desperately holding on.

He had no choice but to bet everything he had. He knew that his father had numerous children and the only reason he held any regard for him was because of today’s events. If he could smoothly accomplish his mission then he would undoubtedly reap all the attention and affection of his father. He would be destined to climb to the summit of the highest clouds in the future.

But if he were defeated…

The preparations had been made for a long time and an incredible price had been paid. Even the precious Skyspirit power had been granted to him.

Jing Guanjin didn’t dare to imagine the consequences of failure.

So, he could only go all-out!

Ten hours.

Jing Guanjin’s shivering fingers tapped the spirit shell. His hair was a mess and his eyes were bloodshot. His elegant robes were matted with sweat and he leaned against the work table, barely managing to stand up.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian soon responded.

Tap tap –

Not good.

Tap tap tap tap –

Hurry up.

Tap tap tap tap tap tap –

This boy is stronger than you!

Jing Guanjin spat out a mouthful of blood. He toppled onto the worktable and his forehead smashed into the spirit shell. He was already unconscious. Luckily, he didn’t feel the pain of his forehead being struck and left bleeding, and he slumped to the ground.

Within the palace, the spirit shell in Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s hand nearly leapt up. He violently coughed once more to cover the sound, his heart shocked by the sudden response.

Looking at how much strength was placed in striking the spirit shell, Jing Guanjin’s situation should be good. Although he might have temporarily fallen behind, there was a chance he would overtake his opponent.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian looked up and frowned. The sensing treasure connected to Jing Guanjin was silent right now. His thoughts raced and he was left overjoyed. Could Jing Guanjin be hiding some other hidden card?

That’s right, this must be what was happening. If he had stopped right now, then he must be saving his energy…for the final stretch!

He was indeed worthy of being that mighty figure’s most cherished descendant. His formidable strength was truly startling. If Jing Guanjin hadn’t met a freak like that Ning fellow, he would have already won. In fact, he wouldn’t have even needed to have people ambush Sea Lingdao. With Jing Guanjin’s strength, he could have seized a Purple Card himself.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian sat straight and steady. He waited for his disciple to turn the tides in the final critical moments and shock all the old fogies watching. He looked around every now and then. Although he didn’t reveal an expression, he sneered inwardly. Just wait and see – this competition isn’t over yet!

There were two Purple Cards that were on good terms with Wu Zetian. They had received an immense amount of benefits from him and had authorized him to use the power of inspection. Right now, they couldn’t help but be curious.

“Brother Wu, your disciple hasn’t moved in a long time. Is everything alright?”

Wu Zetian’s complexion was inscrutable. “Don’t worry, Jing Guanjin is fine.”

His disciple had struck the spirit shell so hard that he could clearly feel his firm resolve and power from this distance. He surely had to be in good spirits.

More time passed.

“Brother Wu, there still isn’t any movement.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Cough cough…Brother Wu, it’s almost daytime.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Brother Wu, the competition will end soon.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Brother Wu, the competition has ended.”


Grandmaster Wu Zetian stamped his feet. “It was almost afternoon when the match began two days ago. There should still be four hours, so how could it have possibly ended!?”

Although they were on good terms, everyone here was a Purple Card sea spirit teacher and were dignified characters. They certainly didn’t like being scolded in public. The man said, “His Majesty personally passed down the other. He said that if the competition continues on, people will die…”

The message had been delivered a moment ago. Because Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s attention was completely focused, he hadn’t noticed this. He was left in a daze.

The other Purple Cards looked at him with especially strange expressions.

Grandmaster Wu Zetian suddenly regained his thoughts. He stood up and rushed out.

His Majesty had said that people would die if the competition continued. He was clearly referring to the two competitors.

And Jing Guanjin already hadn’t made any movements for a long time…

He rushed out of the royal palace and out of the palace gates. Beneath the bell that had stood there for countless years, Wu Zetian watched what was happening with a deeply pained look. He watched as his proud and confident disciple was lifted onto a stretcher and brought down the altar.

Jing Guanjin’s robes were almost completely soaked in blood. That dazzling red ignited a flame in Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s chest, fed with rage and anger.

“Who was it!? Who did it!? Who injured my disciple! With so many people watching, you dare to injure someone in the finals of the great competition! Your courage is higher than the heavens!”

The grandmaster’s roars attracted countless eyes. The audience that had been waiting patiently for two days were immediately sent into a frenzy. They all shouted out their support for the grandmaster and demanded that the committee give them an explanation.

The competition committee soon responded. Just as Grandmaster Wu Zetian’s roar faded away, a number of committee members appeared with awkward expressions. The one leading them was committee member Goodra. There was no other way about it. Everyone knew that the turtle race possessed powerful defensive abilities, so of course he had been given the task of explaining. If he was beaten up, at least he could protect himself.

After the others from the committee gave their greetings, including the stoic Chairman Xu, committee member Goodra shrunk down his head and said, “Grandmaster Wu, I ask you to please be patient. We have already investigated the injury and have verified that no one attacked him. Rather, he…struck himself.”


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