Chapter 31 – Reversing Yin and Yang

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qin Yu quickly returned to the corpse of the strange fish. With a hurried apology he began to skin it. Yes, starting from inside the strange fish, he began skinning it down. This was because it was likely the key for Qin Yu’s survival.

An hour later, the entire fish skin was peeled off. Looking over the skin, he took a deep breath of relief as he found that the skin was completely intact. It seemed that even in its fierce battle with Blacksky Demon, its skin hadn’t been damaged at all. From this it could be seen how amazingly defensive this skin was.

After folding the skin into his storage bag, Qin Yu sat down and swallowed several pills as well as a few spirit leaves he had obtained from the medicine garden. He couldn’t care much about wasting anything because even though the fish skin was in the storage bag it wouldn’t last too long. He needed to recover as soon as possible.

Four days later, Qin Yu stood up and bones cracked throughout his body. Although he wasn’t completely restored, he had looked over the fish skin and saw that it was beginning to deteriorate, so he had no choice but to push forwards.

He walked over to the cave opening and took out the entire fish skin. Then, he stepped in and tightly wrapped himself in it so that nothing was revealed. With that, he rushed out of the light barrier.

In the next moment he felt as if he had been struck on the head by a hammer. His field of vision darkened and he spat out a mouthful of sweet blood. It was like countless fists were pounding him over and over again, nearly causing his body to collapse in on itself.

With a stuffy cough, Qin Yu took out the strange fish’s inner core. It released a dim light in the dark and the fish phantom within began to roar again and again. Unexpectedly, the fish skin started to gradually balloon outwards. Although he still experienced a sharp smashing feeling that left him dizzy, it wasn’t terrifying as if he would die at any moment.

He calmed down a little, but as more time passed his heart turned increasingly cold. This was because he found that no matter how he struggled he couldn’t go against the flow of water. He could only remain in the strange fish’s protective skin and slowly sink downwards.

As he felt an increasingly strong downward impact, Qin Yu could only stare on helplessly. He thought he had struck the jackpot and would be able to escape here alive, but it turned out all his thoughts were a joke.

Dang –

Dang –

The low rumbling sound became increasingly heavy. Qin Yu’s organs began to shake along with it, and the wounds that hadn’t yet fully healed began to open up once more. Blood started to flow from his head. He closed his eyes, waiting for his final moment to arrive.

Perhaps he really would die here. He reflected deeply on his choices. Did he truly not regret? Soon, he realized that he really didn’t have any of those heroic and noble dreams of sacrificing himself for the good of others.

Well, whatever. At least someone would be able to live.

But many years from now, will she still remember me?

As this thought passed through Qin Yu’s mind, the sound of the fish skin tearing rang out and a terrifying impact struck him like a falling mountain!

But this impact immediately disappeared and Qin Yu’s chest hadn’t yet collapsed. It was like it had never been there at all.

He landed on solid ground. Qin Yu looked around. As he stared at the horrifying channel of water that could crush bones and flesh still falling down around him, he spat out another mouthful of blood. He cursed and laughed out loud, “What fucking dogshit luck I have.”

A blood red light filled this space, and even though it was dim it emitted an unimaginably mighty energy. As the column of water came smashing down, it couldn’t shake this red light at all. As if detecting an outsider, the blood red light suddenly brightened. Qin Yu was shocked and then discovered that what emitted this blood red light was a blue stone on the ground.

This stone was in the shape of a cow. The aura of the endless flow of years swirled around it.

Intuition told Qin Yu that all the strange things occurring deep in this pool were caused by this blue stone. The blood red light he was bathed in gave him a strange feeling, as if some unknown existence were indifferently spying on him from a great height.

He froze on the floor, not daring to move. But at this time, with a popping sound, Li  Yunmo’s storage bag was destroyed without warning and the 36 jade boxes tumbled onto the ground.

Pa –

Pa –

The 36 jade boxes opened and the items inside began to float upwards. They flew towards the blue stone cow and slowly circled it. Faint threads like meridians and blood vessels started to appear on the blue cow, rapidly blinking in and out. Slowly, the red light began to gather on the top of the blue cow’s head.

The, as Qin Yu watched in shock, a bead of red blood flowed out from the cow’s head. With a wild howl that erupted deep within Qin Yu’s soul, images began to appear in his mind. He saw a 100,000 foot demon stepping atop the earth, its feet cracking the ground, causing mountains to collapse and rivers to disintegrate!

Qin Yu’s pupils suddenly widened and flooded his eyes, turning them completely black just like Blacksky Demon’s. But this black was incomparably deep, like the nihility of the world, capable of submerging and swallowing all of existence.

Unconsciously, the statue seemed to control his movements, forcing him to move forwards. The items scattered in the air and he fell to his knees in front of the cow statue. Then, the bead of blood shot into his mouth.


 Qin Yu reared back his head and cried out in agony. His waist twisted so much that others would think he would snap in half. Blue veins stuck out all over him like wriggling insects. All of his skin began to turn red as blood started to seep out from his pores.

Qin Yu felt like his insides were on fire. A burning pain dove into his soul and no matter how much he screamed he couldn’t release it. At this time, the 36 items floating in the air trembled and disintegrated to dust as if they had undergone tens of thousands of years of erosion. The powder gathered onto Qin Yu and began flowing into his body.

A cool feeling started to rise from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, saving Qin Yu from that burning pain. But before he could let out a sigh of relief, this cool feeling changed, turning into another burning feeling as if boiling oil were being poured all over him. Qin Yu cried out in pain again but was unable to speak. Black demonic flames shot out from his orifices and his body started to crack like a dried up riverbed.

There was a reason why the Demon Body was called the highest body transformation cultivation method of the demonic path. Even if one collected all the necessary items, successfully cultivating it was no different than walking through the gate of death. It had an extremely high failure rate. Unfortunately, even though Qin Yu had obtained a complete cultivation manual of the Demon Body, it hadn’t recorded this information. Of course, even if it did record such information, today’s situation wouldn’t have allowed him to reject it.

Qin Yu’s talent was ordinary and he didn’t possess a powerful bloodline. Although his mortal body was much more powerful than other cultivators’, it was far from meeting the standard of cultivating the Demon Body. In other words, it wouldn’t be much longer before he was burned down by the demonic flames and turned into a pile of ashes.

After the blue stone cow emitted the drop of blood it became extremely ordinary. But, as demonic flames gushed out from Qin Yu’s orifices, the blue cow statue suddenly flew up atop Qin Yu’s head. It was like a million mountains suppressing him. The demonic flames dimmed and were nearly extinguished.

“Ahh!” He heard an angered roar in his soul and he seemed to rise up into the air. As he opened his eyes, he discovered that he had leapt through time and space and arrived in a war from ancient times.

There was still that massive demon phantom in front of him, its roars causing the earth to crack and seas to sunder. But at this time, a finger appeared in this scene. It was ordinary in size and even the textures on it could be seen. It came from the highest ninth heaven and endless winds and spiritual strength gathered around it, causing the clouds and colors of the world to change as it grew larger and larger.

The demon phantom seemed to feel a threat. With a roar, its arms tore through the clouds. Fist and finger met, and in that collision it was forced knee deep into the ground!

Close behind, a second finger came. This finger didn’t absorb spiritual strength to grow but remained an ordinary size. Yet as it appeared, countless blurry figures appeared in the world. Some were large, some were small, some were complete, some were incomplete. But, all of them emitted a heaven-shaking aura.

These figures stepped forwards, turning into motes of light that fused into the finger. The finger began to release an increasingly bright light until it was blinding and dazzling.

Bang –

With a thunderous explosion, the second finger struck down at the demon phantom. The demon phantom roared again and again as it was smashed waist deep into the ground. Perhaps because it had felt it couldn’t win, demonic clouds began to rise up from the demonic phantom, revealing its true form. It was actually a demon cow as large as a mountain. It struggled with its four hooves and tried to break free from the earth. But at this time, a third finger descended from the heavens.

As this finger appeared, it immediately overshadowed the might of the two previous fingers. In fact, it could be said to be on a completely different level. This was because this third finger galvanized the strength of the world, causing the entire world to start fighting. The demon cow roared in unwillingness. Its figure started to rapidly shrink and then it was blasted into the ground by the finger, leaving behind an unfathomably deep hole.

Afterwards, the earth began shaking for a thousand miles all around. Rocks and soil gathered, forming mountains. The ground ruptured, turning into deep valleys. Wind and clouds gathered and began pouring down a mind-boggling amount of water, forming an endless current of water that gathered from all directions and poured into the round hole.

Qin Yu watched this all with wide eyes, his mind trembling. Without a doubt, what he was seeing was the origins of this terrifying water column that existed beneath the pool as well as the origin of the blue stone cow. It was because of this that the blue stone emitted a drop of demon blood that opened up his Demon Body cultivation.

His soul rapidly fell downwards and he instantly returned to his body. Those heaven-startling scenes seemed like an illusion, but…they definitely all happened!

Qin Yu opened his eyes. The dried blood that covered his eyelids broke apart and fell down around him. In the next moment his bones and tendons and flesh began to shake. The sound gathered, becoming increasingly loud, like a great drum that beat like thunder or a massive river quaking about, causing all the dried blood that covered him to flake off.

His clothes had long since been caked with blood. At this moment his clothes broke apart and revealed skin, fresh and white, just like shining jade. But although this skin seemed tender and delicate, it actually contained a strength ten times that of a wild beast, capable of ripping apart a fierce tiger!

The Demon Body was renowned as the technique where a hundred attempts meant a hundred deaths, a thousand attempts meant a thousand perishing. But somehow, in such a confusing and ridiculous way, it had succeeded here. As Qin Yu felt the powerful strength flowing in his body, what he thought of were those three fingers that descended from the heavens. These images were clear, like marks that had taken root in the depths of his soul, unable to be forgotten.

“Boundless Blue…Blue Spirit…Blue Sea…” Qin Yu whispered to himself. He didn’t know why but he knew the names of these three fingers, and even felt faintly that he could display them.

With a thought, he lifted a finger. Strong winds whipped up and magic power poured out from his body like a broken dam. However, it stopped in the next moment. Qin Yu’s complexion paled and he realized that he didn’t have the strength to use any of these three fingers, since the magic power required was more than enough to drain him dry.

The blue stone cow that fell to the side flashed in the wind. As if it had finished its final mission, it quietly disintegrated.

But in the next moment the terrifying torrent of water was no longer blocked by a barrier and began to savagely beat Qin Yu into the ground!

Distant mountain, old forest, waterfall, deep pool –

A plump wild boar was humming and drinking water from not too far away. It glanced over from time to time in confusion, puzzled as to why that deep pool wasn’t emitting the horrifying aura from before. It hesitated, wondering if it should go and take a drink from the cool pool waters, but at this time a black figure floated up from the water.

Bang –

The pool waters erupted into the air. Qin Yu fell to the ground and sucked in a deep breath of air, unable to help laughing out in joy. A strange fluctuation spread out from his body, immediately turning the skies dark and causing stars to appear.

For a thousand miles around, day had been replaced with night, yin and yang had reversed!

Bang –

Demonic energy fell down from this night sky and shined down on Qin Yu. He stopped laughing and his lips started to twitch.

This phenomenon seemed a bit too flashy; it was best to hurry up and escape. He didn’t need to be a genius to know that it wouldn’t be long before those righteous cultivators that loved hunting evil beings would soon fill this entire area!


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