Chapter 33 – Hidden Depths

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

After half a day, Qin Yu arrived at the entrance to the Eastern Mountain Sect. The tall archway of bluestone had been destroyed and the imposing words upon it were long since ruined. Black smoke billowed everywhere and the entire land was in ruins. The sect that had a foundation of over a thousand years had been thoroughly eradicated.

Qin Yu thought of Lang Tu’s grave, but with the entire Pill Disposal Department having collapsed, he could only stare on helplessly…as for Ning Ling, she naturally would not be found here. As he prepared to leave, mourning cries reached his ears. A chicken with its buttocks half scorched black came half-flying half-tumbling towards him from across a ridge.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

With its bouncing motions and the few teardrops it managed to squeeze out from its eyes, for better or worse it was coordinating its actions in a decent performance. Qin Yu understood its meaning, which was roughly:

This overlord was enjoying a life of joy and infinite contentment. I was planning to live in seclusion, separating myself from human affairs, but a great calamity descended upon my home and destroyed my family. Although this overlord is struck with deep sorrow, I have decided to join you and leave this heart-breaking land and take vengeance for this blood enmity in the future! If you help me and I rise in the future, I will not treat you poorly!

It seemed powerful and arrogant, domineering in all its actions. But when combined with its appearance and how it was tumbling forwards, it was simply laughable to the extreme.

That was right, the only one with such ridiculous and explosive acting and that could seem so self-satisfied was our one and only chicken overlord!

Qin Yu lightly said, “You and I could be called fated friends. If you want, then you can follow me from now on.”

The chicken overlord leapt up, using its half-burnt feathers to fly up and fall onto Qin Yu’s shoulder. It strutted its head, putting on a look as if saying, ‘at least this brat knows what’s good for him.’

Qin Yu didn’t pay any attention to it. He took a step forwards and quietly walked away. Although he wasn’t too worried about safety here, it was always best to be cautious. However, before he left the entrance he actually met a group of cultivators, several of them familiar faces.

Tao Jie was happily surprised, “Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu! That’s right, I heard you went home to visit your family, so I guess that was why you were able to avoid this catastrophe. Otherwise I fear you would have…” Tao Jie look at the crumbled entrance of the Eastern Mountain Sect, his eyes red and silent.

A few people standing beside him had dispirited expressions. They should also be Eastern Mountain Sect disciples.

Xu Wei glanced at Qin Yu, his eyes dim and dark. There wasn’t any of the arrogance and loftiness from before.

Thinking about it, the destruction of the Eastern Mountain Sect had likely destroyed his pride along with it.

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Greetings, Senior-apprentice Brother Tao Jie.”

Tao Jie stopped his silent sobbing. “Fortunately, Senior-apprentice Sister Ning left after you left, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to escape.” A look of relief filled his face. It was obvious that his attitudes towards Ning Ling and Qin Yu were on completely different levels.

Qin Yu lowered his head, not saying anything.

Another cultivator stepped out from the crowd and patted Tao Jie’s shoulder, “Fellow daoist Tao Jie, there’s no need to be sad. The ranks of the Eastern Mountain Sect died in battle against the demonic path, causing tremendous damage to them. I admire these actions from the depths of my heart. Furthermore, you and I will soon be joining the demonic path resistance army so we will have plenty of chances to take our revenge in the future.”

With such calm, confident, and steady words, several female cultivators in the crowd looked towards this new person with shining eyes. The man cupped his hands across his chest and turned to Qin Yu, “Fellow daoist, since our meeting can also be called a stroke of fate, how about we travel together and look after each other? If we soon enter the army we will have even more chances to take revenge for our sects.”

Tao Jie nodded, “Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu, you should come with us. This fellow daoist Zhao Chan is a disciple from the Divine Water Sect. There is an orthodox cultivator alliance gathering point not too far away. Once we reach there we will be safe. You can make further plans after we arrive.”

He sincerely wanted Qin Yu to come with them. After all, even though he might not have liked him too much in the past, they still originated from the same sect. After the Eastern Mountain Sect was destroyed, these sorts of relations were even more precious.

Xu Wei frowned.

Qin Yu maintained his calm. He looked at Zhao Chan and slowly shook his head, “I don’t want to drag you all down, so it's best if I go my own way.” Seeing Tao Jie’s look of disappointment, Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. “Senior-apprentice Brother Tao Jie, with the demonic path having invaded the Southern Empire, the hearts of the people can be hard to discern. You should also be careful.”

Zhao Chan’s eyelids jumped up. He glared at Qin Yu, his complexion darkening, “Is fellow daoist Qin Yu saying that I am a snake hiding my colors?”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “I was just thoughtlessly speaking. If I offended you, then I ask for your understanding. Then, farewell!” he turned to leave.

“Unbelievable. A mere fourth level Foundation Establishment cultivation and he says such things. Just who does he think he is?”

“That’s right. If he doesn’t come with us, I wonder just how far he’ll make it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is immediately cut down by a demonic cultivator!”

A female cultivator from the Eastern Mountain Sect stared at him with contempt. “You only managed to coincidentally obtain a lucky chance from the Grandmaster, otherwise you would be nothing more than a mere outer court disciple. How could you even be placed on the same level as us?” With the Eastern Mountain Sect destroyed and the Southern Empire in chaos, this young woman wanted to find a new backer she could rely on. Without a doubt, this Zhao Chan from the Divine Water Sect was the best choice. As she saw Qin Yu spout his rude remarks she couldn’t help but expose her previous biases.

This young woman was Lin Lin.

At the Foundation Establishment trial she had done everything in her power to draw closer to Xu Wei, but now she didn’t even spare him a glance.

Everyone’s expression changed.

“So this is the cultivator from the Eastern Mountain Sect with heaven-defying luck. He doesn’t seem like much!”

“If it is him, then I know a little bit more. You all might not know, but this fellow daoist Qin Yu is known for being a self-serving individual who cares about his own life above all else. He has abandoned his fellow sect disciples more than once, so why would someone like him ever think about joining the orthodox sects army to fight the demonic path?”

“Let him go, it would be an embarrassment to have someone like him as a companion. Hurry and send him away, it hurts my eyes just to look at him.”

Lin Lin coldly spoke from a lofty position. At this time, he still couldn’t understand the situation. For him to fall to this step, he only had himself to blame!

“Wait a moment.” Zhao Chan said with icy eyes. “Fellow daoist Qin has provoked us and yet is so eager to leave. I can’t help but suspect you are a spy for the demonic path. If you left, I wonder if it wouldn’t be long before out group would be reporting to hell!”

These words caused many cultivators to form ugly expressions.

Tao Jie hurriedly said, “Fellow daoist Zhao Chan misunderstands. Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu is a disciple of my Eastern Mountain Sect and has a deep enmity with the demonic path, so how could he be a spy?”

Zhao Chan indifferently replied, “I must apologize, fellow daoist Tao Jie. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, I must insist that Qin Yu stay. If he really wants to leave then he shouldn’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Lin Lin spoke up in support, “Senior-apprentice Brother Tao, Qin Yu’s cultivation is mediocre and yet he can show up at the sect entrance completely unscathed. There are so many demonic cultivators in the surrounding area, so isn’t this a bit strange?” She thought she was being incredibly smart so she smiled in smug satisfaction. And as Zhao Chan heard her words, he was suddenly stimulated as if someone had poured chicken blood on him.

Tao Jie hesitated, “This…” He looked at Qin Yu, waiting for his explanation.

Qin Yu looked at Zhao Chan. He calmly said, “Are you really not letting me leave?”

Zhao Chan’s gaze was cold, just like he was staring at a dead person.

A black-clothed cultivator standing behind him stepped forwards, “You demonic path spy, just hurry and die!” The man punched out a fist and the aura of an eighth level Foundation Establishment cultivation erupted. The man’s fist was surrounded with a layer of golden light as it emitted a bone-chilling cold.

“He is truly worthy of being an elite disciple of the Divine Water Sect! This sort of water slaughter technique is ten times more profound than anything I’ve seen before. In the Foundation Establishment realm there are few people that can match this magic art!” A bearded old man stroked his beard as he exclaimed in praise. He was a wandering cultivator that had managed to escape by luck. With his ninth level Foundation Establishment cultivation he was one of the highest in the group, on the same level as Zhao Chan, so his words naturally had a deep effect.

Everyone nodded in approval, a cold sneer on their lips. They looked on, wanting to see the pitiful fate of this boy who didn’t know his place.

Qin Yu stormed backwards. The cultivator that was attacking him grinned, “You think you can escape…” But before his voice fell, the man’s eyes popped open and his face filled with panic!

A black figure appeared in front of Qin Yu. It was icy cold, emitting a yin chill that left a creepy feeling on everyone’s scalps. And, what was most alarming was the boundless demonic aura emitting from his body!

Demonic path, Golden Gore!

As this horrifying thought appeared, there was a dull thump as the attacking cultivator was smashed into the ground. He died where he was, blood erupting from his entire body.

Zhao Chan was panic-stricken, all his previous calm lost. “My lord, please forgive me, this is all a misunderstanding!” He fell to his knees and bowed, sweat dripping down his face.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. “You said that I was a demonic path spy and now I am acknowledging it, so where is the misunderstanding?”

Zhao Chan lifted a hand and slapped his forehead. A distorted rune appeared and shattered. Then, his pure water attribute magic power began to fluctuate and transform into dark demonic energy. He respectfully said, “My lord, this junior is a disciple of Elder Visage Demon from the Thousand Illusion Demon Sect. I was under my master’s orders to gather blood nutrients in order to raise the demon beasts.”

The several people beside him began to undo their transformations and reveal their true selves.

Tao Jie and the others looked on with fear and alarm. They began to draw backwards together. Several of the female cultivators that were staring before with lovestruck eyes now had pale faces. They never imagined that this Zhao Chan who they were hoping to make into their new backer would actually be a demonic cultivator!

Lin Lin froze where she was, all the blood drained from her face.

Zhao Chan held an inkjade scepter in his hands. He had taken it out the moment Blacksky Demon appeared and held it tightly gripped as if his life depended on it. He carefully swept his gaze over Qin Yu and asked, “May I ask where my lord is from? If I have offended you then I ask for your understanding.”

Qin Yu coldly said, “This is Blacksky Demon! You will be forgiven today since you didn’t know anything, but if there is another time you will be killed without mercy!”

Then, Qin Yu turned to leave. Zhao Chan relaxed a little. He bowed and said, “Take care…” But before he finished speaking, his heart chilled. As he was about to activate the inkjade scepter, there was an agonizing pain in his head. In the next moment he was sent flying backwards as his head exploded in the air.

When Blacksky Demon attacked he didn’t stop. He continued to rush forwards like a demented tiger as he dove into the group of demonic cultivators. Miserable cries rang out in the air as the demonic cultivators all died where they stood.

Shua –

Blacksky Demon returned to behind Qin Yu. His head was lowered and he held the inkjade scepter. Blood dripped down his hands, a horrifying sight that left everyone trembling within.

Tao Jie and the others all watched with shock. Facing this scene, none of them knew what to feel. Awe began to fill their eyes, and as for those people who had taunted him before, their faces were pale and their legs trembled where they stood.

Without saying anything, Qin Yu turned and left. After several breaths of time, he and Blacksky Demon vanished from sight.

The group was left deathly silent. It was a long time before someone spoke up, “He…is he really the lucky cultivator you spoke of?”

Lin Lin’s lips began to move, but before she could speak she was stopped by a vicious glare from Tao Jie. “Everyone, Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu is not a demonic cultivator, and him saving us today is the best evidence of that. I hope that none of you will speak nonsense about this in the future.”

However, most eyes turned to Xu Wei.

Xu Wei took a deep breath, “The sect has already been destroyed, so what are the trifling grudges of the past? I won’t say anything about this in the future.”

Xu Wei lowered his head and tightly clenched his fists within his sleeves.

The boy they had disregarded in the past could already control their life and death in his hands?

After a moment of thought, the crowd began to nod one after another.

Tao Jie relaxed a little. No matter what, he had to settle this situation here first, otherwise if news were to spread that Qin Yu was a demonic spy, he wouldn’t be able to clear his reputation even if he jumped in the Yellow Springs River. As he looked at the destroyed sect archway and thought of how Qin Yu had been mocked and taunted below it not too long ago, he couldn’t help but force a smile. Junior-apprentice Brother Qin Yu truly had hidden depths!

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