Chapter 42 – Blood Escape Art

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Billowing Wave City had been half-destroyed during the chaos of war, but because of the massive influx of demonic cultivators it had been restored to a degree of prosperity in a short period of time.

The restaurants and shops had been hastily repaired and the smell of fresh wood and paint still hadn’t dispersed, but this didn’t stop guests from coming in droves. After invading the Southern Empire with unstoppable force, most of the demonic cultivators had obtained a tremendous amount of wealth and their bags were filled with money as they drank and ate their fill.

Ten high level demonic cultivators had gathered in a room on the third floor of a restaurant. They were toasting the guest of honor, all of them flattering.

“Fellow daoist Sweeping Cloud fiercely fought the Evil Star Duo and managed to escape alive to spread news of this, preventing us demonic path cultivators from suffering even more. This is a truly honorable accomplishment!”

“It’s lucky we have fellow daoist Sweeping Cloud, otherwise who knows how many lives we would have to pay until we found out this information.”

“Come, come, let us raise a glass in respect to fellow daoist Sweeping Cloud!”

Sweeping Cloud Demon was only a third level Golden Core cultivator so when had he enjoyed such glory and respect from his peers? At this time his entire face was flushed red with alcohol and his smile was so wide it went from ear to ear.

As he was spouting some words of humbleness and waiting to take a drink after refusing a little, the room’s doors were suddenly smashed down. A figure in a black robe locked eyes with Sweeping Cloud Demon and coldly said, “You despicable thief, you killed my wife and children and now that 20 years have passed, I have returned to seek your life!”

The boiling resentment in the man’s voice left everyone stunned; they could feel the intense blood hatred in his words. The table of cultivators that were originally about to flip the table in anger began looking at each other in dismay. They easily deduced the reason why this person was here – Sweeping Cloud Demon had killed this man’s wife and children and now he came to seek revenge.

A few of the originally unhappy demonic Golden Core cultivators shot a glance at Sweeping Cloud Demon, silently scolding him for being an idiot. To demonic cultivators, killing off a person’s wife and children wasn’t anything at all. After all, who here had never done something similar? But if you were going to do it you might as well do it cleanly, because now it had led to an annoying problem!

The black-robed figure’s aura was pervasive and an invisible killing intent lingered around him. One could tell with a single glance that it wasn’t a good idea to provoke him.

A demonic Golden Core cautiously said, “Brother Sweeping Cloud, this…”

Sweeping Cloud Demon was also confused. He had already forgotten about events that occurred 20 years ago. Had he killed someone’s wife and children back then? Probably. But after a moment of awkwardness, his complexion began to darken. This was the most magnificent moment of his life and yet someone actually came to seek revenge, and it was all because he hadn’t processed matters cleanly. As a great Golden Core demonic cultivator, this left him feeling ashamed.

“Humph!” Sweeping Cloud Demon sneered, “If I killed your wife and children in the past, then I can kill you today! If you want to take revenge then come and get it!”

Seeing that they recognized each other, the demonic cultivators around the table stood up and immediately tried to help them reconcile their differences.

One urged, “Stepping into the Golden Core great dao isn’t easy, and it is even more difficult for us demonic cultivators.”

Another said, “Golden Cores all seize hundreds and thousands of beautiful women. If you lost your wife and children then you can just take another and have as many as you want.”

Then someone harshly said, “Desperately risking your life for the dead is just stupid. We must face the vast sea of the present and welcome a better future.”

The black-robed figure remained silent, as if he were about to attack. The several demonic cultivators glanced at each other, unsure of what to do. Although the demonic path had always been chaotic, slaughter between high level cultivators, especially Golden Cores, was expressly forbidden. This was particularly true because of recent events where Golden Cores had been killed off. If Sweeping Cloud Demon were to die here in battle, then all of them would be in a great deal of trouble.

“Come, come, come! Take a drink with Sweeping Cloud Demon and consider the grudges of the past as over. From now on let’s all be friends!” A demonic Golden Core straightforwardly said. He brought two large bowls filled with good wine and even pulled the black-robed figure to the table.

The black-robed figure hesitated for a moment and then picked up the bowl.

Sweeping Cloud Demon coldly sneered, feeling his dignity rapidly rising. So what if I killed your wife and children, aren’t you being a good little boy trying to make peace with me right now? He casually picked up the wine bowl and said, “Be careful with your words from now on. If it weren’t for the many fellow daoists here then I wouldn’t have been so merciful!”

The people around the table frowned. For better or worse, this fellow was a Golden Core and these words were a bit too overbearing. If he were provoked into doing something then things would become much more troublesome. Luckily, the black-robed figure raised his head and drank the wine. With this, everyone felt a bit better, but they also unconsciously developed a bit of contempt.

This person was just too spineless!

Sweeping Cloud Demon was even more satisfied with himself. He drank the wine, thinking to berate this person a little bit more so that everyone knew he wasn’t someone easy to provoke.

However, no one imagined that the black-robed figure who had endured everything so far would suddenly attack. He smashed his fist into Sweeping Cloud Demon, sending him crashing backwards and destroying the table.

“I will never be friends with you. After this fist, our enmity is cleared!” The black-robed figure tossed out these last words, shattered the window and disappeared.

The demonic cultivators in the room curled their lips. Since he had attacked he shouldn’t have fled so quickly. To attack and then run away without taking responsibility, what sort of hero was that? As for the so-called enmity, that was just laughable!

Mm? Something was wrong. For better or worse, Sweeping Cloud Demon was a third level Golden Core. Even though he had been punched out of the blue, he should have moved by now.

As the several demonic Golden Core cultivators turned to look, their complexions all changed. Sweeping Cloud Demon’s neck had completely twisted around.

And, a fellow with a thick yin chill surrounding him was pulling out the storage bag from his chest.



The sound of startled roars echoed out and powerful auras erupted. But, the killer didn’t give them the chance to attack. With a smile, he dissipated in a puff of black smoke.

“This is bad, we’ve been had!”

“They are working together!”

The several demonic Golden Cores rapidly reacted. But as they rushed out of the restaurant, none of them could see the black-robed figure.

“Chase him!”

“We can’t let him escape!”

With enraged shouts, the several people rushed out of the city.

After a moment, Qin Yu emerged not too far away from the restaurant. Although he didn’t have any fluctuations of demonic energy around him, the killing intent left one feeling dread. This sort of killing intent could only happen when a person was stained by the aura of recklessly slaughtering others, and it made him seem more like a demonic cultivator than the demonic cultivators around him. He smoothly left the city.

As for the crowd of demonic Golden Cores who had gone to chase after the killer, they had long since disappeared somewhere.

A few dozen miles away from Billowing Wave City, a figure flew in front of him. His billowing demonic energy revealed his status as a Golden Core.

Qin Yu revealed a bit of surprise.

“Halt!” The man shouted. Indeed, the demonic cultivator blocking his way was one of the Golden Cores from the restaurant. His eyes were cold as he asked, “What are you so afraid of?”

Qin Yu shook his head again and again.

“If you don’t speak the truth then just see how I’ll deal with you!” The Golden Core demonic cultivator reached out to grab Qin Yu, but Qin Yu started flying towards him. The demonic cultivator felt his heart skip a beat as a calm voice suddenly sounded out in his ears, “I was afraid that you would run away.”

Bang –

A fist fell. With loud crackling sounds, bones shattered and the demonic cultivator’s chest caved in. He cried out for help but Blacksky Demon appeared right behind him, twisting his neck in an overly exaggerated manner.

Quickly looking around, Qin Yu put away Blacksky Demon and shot into the skies. Soon afterwards, several Golden Core demonic cultivators arrived. As they saw the corpse of their dead companion they stomped their feet in anger but no longer dared to continue chasing.

Soon, news spread of the ‘Evil Star Duo’ appearing in Billowing Wave City and even killing two Golden Cores. Sweeping Cloud Demon’s death stirred up a wave of anger, and it was even considered a provocation against the entire demonic path! The high level figures of the demonic path issued a strict order that Zhu Bluecloud and his cohort had to be killed at all costs!


In a cave, Qin Yu held onto a jade slip he obtained from Sweeping Cloud Demon’s storage bag, his entire face smiling. “This Blood Escape Art is simply tailor-made for me!”

This technique used a secret skill to stimulate and combust one’s blood energy, allowing one’s speed to increase by ten times over! Qin Yu had swallowed countless pills so his mortal body was tyrannical to begin with, and after cultivating the Demon Body, his blood energy was inconceivably potent. Sweeping Cloud Demon could at most use this ability three times before he reached the limit that his body could withstand, but Qin Yu could use this technique 30 times over without any problems.

From this point on, with the Blood Escape Art in hand, there wouldn’t be anyone capable of catching Qin Yu unless they were a Nascent Soul. Roaming the battlefield and obtaining merits would become even easier.

Laying down the array disc to conceal his aura, Qin Yu went into seclusion without leaving, using an entire month to learn the Blood Escape Art. With a flick of his sleeve he took away the array disc and left the cave. His feet rose and he shot into the skies. In the next moment blood red flames surrounded him and his speed increased by ten times. He was like a falling meteor as he vanished across the horizon!

The Southern Empire was located in a region with mild weather, so the differences between the four seasons weren’t too obvious. The forest grew green and lush all year long, and the forest in front only seemed ordinary.

All of a sudden a deep roar sounded out and the earth trembled. If one stood high in the air, they would discover that a massive clearing had appeared deep in the forest. Vast tracts of trees had been destroyed, twisted into powder and dust. The surrounding 3000 feet seemed as if it had been utterly overturned without a single intact space. Large numbers of animals howled in terror and fled into the distance.

Qin Yu slapped away a panicked wild dog that ran towards him. Because of the collision his chest began aching and his innards tumbled as he spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion extremely ugly. By his side, half of Blacksky Demon’s body had been destroyed. Luckily, he wasn’t a living material being, so he would be able to restore himself as long as he returned to the Soul Burying Flag for some time.

If it hadn’t been for Blacksky Demon covering his body and Qin Yu using the Blood Escape Art to flee, then that Golden Core demonic cultivator would have likely dragged Qin Yu down to hell with him when he blew himself up. Even Qin Yu’s Demon Body wouldn’t have been able to escape the force from a Golden Core’s self-explosion.

Thinking about it, Qin Yu felt a cold sweat form on his forehead. He never thought that a demonic cultivator wouldn’t care about their soul being destroyed as they blew up their Golden Core! After putting away Blacksky Demon, Qin Yu swallowed several pills and continued running away. His thoughts raced; something strange was going on.

Half a month later, Qin Yu was able to use Blacksky Demon to find out that the high level figures of the demonic path had issued a kill order against him. He knew that he would no longer be able to continue his hunt. These high level demonic cultivators had clearly gone insane. If he was surrounded by several of them and they all blew themselves up at once, there was no way he would be able to escape.

When he rescued Zhu Bluecloud he had killed two demonic cultivators, then there was Sweeping Cloud Demon in Billowing Wave City and the unlucky one he had encountered outside the city. Adding onto the one that just blew himself up, a total of 15 demonic path Golden Cores had died beneath Qin Yu’s hands. Although it still wasn’t enough to exchange for the Skythunder Bamboo, it was best to consider his own safety first. There would always be more chances to earn merits in the future.

Like this, Qin Yu withdrew from the battlefield. 10 days later he quietly crossed the 30,000 miles and returned to Canyondwell City. Here, the righteous and demonic paths battled back and forth. Canyondwell City was able to use the terrain advantage to withstand the violent onslaughts of the demonic path, and the battles scorched the land.

It was only now that the various factions of the Southern Empire were able to steady themselves. After the initial panic and chaos, they began to hold firm their grip and fight back.

Qin Yu took out the identity card from his waist. After examining it and making sure nothing was wrong, he was allowed to enter the city. Without delay, he soared directly to the alliance station. Although the Skythunder Bamboo was difficult to exchange for, there was still the chance that someone would take it before him.

The battle stage.

As the war continued and the hearts of the people started to calm down, many cultivators gathered here to fight and enjoy themselves. On the stage right now, two Foundation Establishment cultivators were violently battling each other, drawing applause from the crowd.

With a loud and dull thump, a sword-wielding cultivator was sent flying off the stage. He tumbled onto the ground, and although he hadn’t been injured his complexion was still ugly.

He coldly snorted and walked away. He nearly ran into the person behind him and viciously shouted, “Are you blind? Make way!”

Just as he was about to push this person out of the way, he froze. The entire crowd around the battle stage had fallen silent and countless people stared with wide eyes, as if they had seen ghosts. The sword cultivator’s heart shrank and his face paled. He wasn’t stupid so he naturally realized the sudden changes occurring around him. This person was only at the sixth stage of Foundation Establishment, did he have some great background or something?

Just as his thoughts were racing, figures flashed in front of him. Seven or eight cultivators had rushed forwards, bowing, “Greetings, Lord Ning Qin.”

Ning Qin…

The sword cultivator suddenly stiffened!

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