Chapter 52 – You Don’t Know How to Spell Death

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Vaguely, Qin Yu felt someone taking care of him. Something was fed to him, rolling down his throat and transforming into a roiling, burning pain that violently smashed away his faintly formed consciousness.

He didn’t know how much time passed. Perhaps one day, two days, or even a year or two. But when Qin Yu finally exhausted every ounce of will he had to open his eyes, he could see the light of the setting sun sprinkling through the window, leaving a dim yellow haze that illuminated a messy skirt draped on an edge. Then, he saw a woman’s clean and perfect naked back. She was inside a wooden barrel filled with water, leaning against it, seeming as if she were asleep.

But when Qin Yu’s gaze fell on her, the woman opened her eyes.

Splash –

A wave of water came crashing down on him, leaving his entire head wet. Qin Yu closed his eyes and by the time he opened them, she was already fully dressed and standing beside his bed. As beads of water rolled down her long hair, she smiled and asked, “Did you like what you saw?” Her voice was pleasant to the ears and filled with hidden temptations. However, Qin Yu felt his heart chill. He vigorously shook his head, his bones crackling in the process.

The woman narrowed her eyes, as if she were trying to make out if he were lying. Then, with a light cough she stood up. She was a tall person and her figure was devilishly enticing. Thus, when combined with the bath behind her, it became even more eye-catching.

Qin Yu honestly closed his eyes.

A laugh echoed in his ears. The woman said, “It looks like you didn’t show it. How bold of you.”

Qin Yu opened his mouth, “I thank miss for saving me, but it seems that we don’t know each other.”

The woman had a thoughtful look. She playfully asked, “Is that right? But why do I think that you’ve already recognized me?”

Qin Yu shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter if you admit it or not. Little man who injured me in the past, this big sister has never forgotten you. Now, open your eyes.”

Qin Yu couldn’t think of a way to refuse. As he saw her familiar face, he wryly shook his head, “So it was Miss You Qi all along. Really, in this world, enemies walk together on narrow roads and often meet.”

You Qi covered her mouth and gently laughed. “The road isn’t narrow at all. This big sister had already seen you at the Righteous and Demonic Convocation. Unfortunately, you ran away so, so fast, and I had to spend a great deal of effort to find you. And look, just when I found you, you failed your breakthrough and nearly died from self-explosion.”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled, “Why must you pick at a person’s scars.”

“Your wounds aren’t even healed so how can there be scars?” You Qi’s eyes looked around. “Big sister here is also quite curious. How did you manage to cultivate a Demon Body?”

Qin Yu said, “If I said it was a coincidence, would miss believe me?”

You Qi chuckled. “I believe. Because besides being a lucky bastard, I can’t imagine that anyone could cultivate a Demon Body in this sad excuse for a land.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Since miss didn’t kill me, is it related to the Demon Body?”

You Qi batted her eyes shyly. “Little brother is so intelligent.”


“Wait until your wounds are healed, and then big sister will tell you.”

“Miss You Qi, do you not fear that I will take advantage of you after I heal?”

You Qi’s eyes turned a little cold. “Does little brother not fear that such words will summon a fatal calamity?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “If miss intended to kill me I would have already died.”

“Hehe, I can’t scare you, how boring.” You Qi smirked. “Rest well. Since this big sister saved you I’m naturally not afraid of any backlash. Well, unless you never want to form a Golden Core in your lifetime.”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed.

You Qi revealed a satisfied smile. She turned and left.


“Little man, what else do you want?”

“Although it is my life’s greatest honor to have bathed in miss’ bath water, I think that miss has suffered too great a loss because of that. So, I ask that miss please dry me.”

You Qi froze for a moment. She spoke between clenched teeth. “Do you really want me to dry you?” Her voice was soft and her beautiful face had a slight blush. Her large eye seemed wet with tears.

Qin Yu smiled, “I’m already dry!”


You Qi turned and left.

After a while, the bamboo dragonfly flew through the window. Once he had made sure that she really did leave, Qin Yu fell back onto his bed. He gasped several times, beads of sweat covering his forehead.

It seemed that You Qi wouldn’t kill him for now.

That was enough.

Relaxing a little, Qin Yu fell asleep.

There was a slight fluctuation in space outside the wooden house, and You Qi’s curvy figure stepped out. She raised a hand and grabbed the bamboo dragonfly, smiling. “What a cautious little boy. But in front of this big sister, you are still too naïve.” She swept her eyes over the verdant and luxurious medicinal field. “Live in seclusion?” Her eyes flashed briefly before returning to tranquility.

Qin Yu woke up once more. As he opened his eyes, what he saw was You Qi’s pale face. Purple blood was flowing out from her fingertip into his mouth. Though there seemed to be a fire in his stomach, it actually left his limbs and bones warm and comforted.

You Qi lazily looked at him. “How do you feel?”

Qin Yu finally realized what he had been drinking when he was unconscious. A complex look flitted through his eyes before he smiled and said, “I feel much better.”

His tongue touched her fingertip. A faint electric sizzle seemed to spread through the two of them and they both stiffened.

You Qi pulled her finger back. A demonic light flashed and her wound regenerated. “In order to save you, this big sister suffered a tremendous loss. You should remember this.”

Qin Yu earnestly said, “The grace of saving one’s life is heavier than a mountain. As long as miss asks, I will try my best.”

“And if I ask you to murder innocents and raze villages?”


“I’m just teasing. If it were so simple then this big sister would have solved the problem herself. Why would I need to go through so much trouble?”

Qin Yu coughed. “Miss You Qi, what is it that you want from me?”

You Qi nonchalantly eyed him. “Are you really that curious? Well alright, there isn’t a problem in telling you. This big sister has a place she wants to go to, and the Demon Body is the key to opening the door. As long as you help me take out something from inside, I will tell you how to break through to Golden Core.”

Qin Yu’s eyes shrank. “Is miss speaking the truth?”

You Qi said, “Of course. This big sister wouldn’t lie to you.” She sat up. “I’m tired. We will go later, so continue resting for now. Oh, that’s right, here is your bamboo dragonfly. This big sister is accustomed to sleeping without clothes, so I didn’t want to be spied on by you.”

Qin Yu, “…”

It was unknown what background You Qi came from, but to Qin Yu, her blood was like the most amazing medicine in the world. The collapsed Demon Body’s vitality gradually returned, and it regenerated itself with astonishing speed. If anyone else were to suffer such a serious injury, even if they managed to stay alive they would be permanently disabled and forced to lay in bed for the rest of their life. But Qin Yu was able to rise up from his bed in a month, and half a year later, his injuries were nearly fully healed.

Creek –

Qin Yu pushed open the door, bathing in the long unseen sunlight. He stretched his waist and his bones crackled and popped. Within his chest, his heart beat strong and powerfully, each beat forcing blood through his body. Every inch of his flesh and blood seemed to contain an explosive strength.

Shattered and reformed!

At this time, the Demon Body was almost twice as powerful as before.

You Qi gently sighed. “You truly turned misfortune into a blessing. Alas, this big sister’s strength was immensely damaged.”

This wasn’t a falsehood. Perhaps it was because she had lost too much blood, but her complexion was pale and her breath seemed a bit airy.

Qin Yu forcefully smiled, “If turning misfortune into a blessing is like this, I’d rather not experience it a second time.”

“Hehe, then help big sister here like a good little boy. Once I achieve my desire, you can break into the Golden Core realm and you won’t experience trouble like this again.”

Qin Yu nodded, “When do we leave?”

“There’s no need to hurry. We still have a bit over three months.”

Qin Yu said, “That’s fine. And Miss You Qi, could you give me back my storage bags now?”

You Qi gasped, “How embarrassing. Big sister almost forgot.”

Even if you’re smiling, it is just far too insincere.

Several storage bags were tossed his way. You Qi quietly said, “I never thought that little brother would be so wealthy. But how come the contents are all things that belong to my demonic path’s cultivators?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “They want to kill me, so what else can I do?”

You Qi coldly sneered. “Can you be any more shameless? Demonic path’s Evil Star!”

These four words were spoken with great emphasis.

Qin Yu shrugged, as if trying to say he didn’t know what she was speaking of. He shot into the skies, “I raised a pet and I have no idea how it is doing right now. I’ll take a look and be back soon.”

You Qi bit her teeth and stamped her feet. She didn’t know why, but she always seemed to suffer a loss in front of Qin Yu.

This bastard. If it weren’t for…if it weren’t for…argh, I would teach you a lesson!

After flying out of the mountain valley, Qin Yu probed the storage bag. There wasn’t anything missing, and in fact there was something extra.

It was a common-looking little stone kept within another storage bag that didn’t respond to his divine sense at all. If it weren’t for him carefully probing, he wouldn’t have discovered it. A playful smile spread across his features. He fell down into a forest for a moment and then soared into the distance once more.

An hour later, You Qi quietly landed atop a large tree. With a dignified appearance, she carefully pushed open the branches and leaves.

Then, she froze.

A black and white wild boar was lying comfortably in the shade. There was a storage bag hanging around its neck.

You Qi’s face flushed red. She angrily screamed out, “Qin Yu, you bastard!”

Awo –

The wild boar woke up. Its short legs scurried about as it crazily ran away. The storage bag on its neck swung about, inexplicably taunting her.

And at this time, ‘bastard’ Qin Yu was hundreds of miles away, in hidden mountain valley. This valley had lush green foliage with streams of water and even a little lake to the side. Just as he appeared, there was the sound of clucking as the chicken overlord flew out from its hideout, excitement all over its face.

Half a year ago it had been sent here by Qin Yu. With nothing to do but stare at the little lake, it nearly died from boredom. And as it thought back to how it hadn’t had its harem with it for half a year, and it also didn’t know how many times it had been cheated on, it felt even sadder.

Qin Yu relaxed a little. He smiled. “You did well. I know you’ve suffered but I will make sure to compensate you in the future. Has anything happened in the last half year?”

The chicken overlord shook its head. It raised its head and thrust out its chest like a true overlord, as if trying to state that no one would dare be brazen in its presence.

Qin Yu turned and dove into the lake. He soon emerged. With a little bit of magic power he dried himself.

In his hand was the gold and silver thread storage bag.

He probed it with his divine sense. The little blue lamp, Thousand Gold Mulberries, Skythunder Bamboo, and massive amount of pills were also accounted for.

Qin Yu smiled, overcome with joy. Fortunately for him, right before his last failed breakthrough he had a sudden impulse and decided to shift all his important items to a storage bag and hide it in this lake. If he hadn’t, the little blue lamp’s secret might have already been exposed!

Cluck –

Cluck –

The chicken overlord wanted credit for its efforts.

Qin Yu took out a jade bottle. “There are 50 pills in here. Don’t head back for another four months. Do you understand?”

The chicken overlord nodded. It picked the jade bottle up in its mouth, turned and flew away. As it flapped over the valley, its actions seemed a bit heated and impatient. Well, this was also reasonable. After living in monk-like conditions for half a year, anyone would have had enough by now.

Qin Yu put away the storage bag. As he swept his eyes around to make sure there were no clues left behind, he shot into the sky.

For the next month, You Qi walked around with an icy expression and an irate and exasperated attitude! Perhaps this was because she was embarrassed and angry after being suddenly tricked by someone she thought was so naïve.

Qin Yu was glad for the quiet reprieve. He went back into seclusion to cultivate. With the Demon Body having shattered and reformed, it was almost twice as powerful and could withstand even more magic power. Although he would never forget the taste of his body exploding, he decided to continue cultivating. Perhaps this was like walking towards a mountain, even when he knew that it was full of tigers.

Of course, in You Qi’s eyes, he became a representative of someone who didn’t know how to spell the word death!

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