Chapter 57 – Earth Demon Beast

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The soft light of the illumination pearl lit up the cave. You Qi lay down on a black robe, her breath weak and haggard, not the slightest bit of red in her face.

Not too far away, Qin Yu was sitting down cross-legged. His wounds had scabbed over and his face was half-hidden in darkness, making the edges seem even sharper.

The Skythunder Bamboo was placed at the entrance. Every time a flash of lightning appeared it signaled the destruction of a demonic soul. Blacksky Demon stayed outside the scope of the thunder, continuously absorbing the fragments of demonic souls, his body becoming increasingly black, as if it would blend in with the darkness.

Suddenly, a light whisper sounded out in the cave. It was weak, yet filled with charm.

Qin Yu opened his eyes. He stood up and quickly walked forwards.

You Qi’s long eyelashes shivered. After several deep breaths, her eyes slowly opened. As her pupils locked onto his own, the corners of her lips curved up, “I can’t believe I’m still alive.”

Qin Yu let out a breath of relief. He lightly said, “You have good luck.”

You Qi curled her lips, not bothering to expose his act; the medicinal efficacy within her body was the best proof of this. If it was able to rescue her, it had to be a spirit plant at least several hundred years old. Her eyes slowly swept around, “Where are we?”

Qin Yu sincerely asked, “I have a question. Do you know how to break the seal?”

You Qi froze. The corners of her lips twitched. “Can you repeat that?”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled, “That’s right, we are within the seal.”

Pa –

The lightning of the Skythunder Bamboo flashed once more, disintegrating another demonic soul. An extremely satisfied smile appeared on Blacksky Demon’s dark face.

You Qi was silent for a long time. Finally, she said, “Even if I knew, how could we possibly escape? But at least I’m still alive.” Her expression turned serious. “I also have a question.”

Qin Yu said, “What is it.”

You Qi asked, “Between me and Ning Ling, who is more beautiful?”

Dark lines appeared on Qin Yu’s forehead. “Can’t you worry about something normal instead? Like how we are going to get out of here.”

You Qi smugly smiled. “I originally thought I was going to die, but I’m still alive right now. I’ve already gained more than I bargained for, so what’s the point of thinking of anything more.”

Qin Yu was silent, “Can we really not escape?”

You Qi rolled her eyes. “Even Bluecloud Demon could only send his demonic will out, so what chance do you think we have?”

What a simple and forceful explanation!

Qin Yu ruefully smiled, “This is such a tragic story.”

You Qi sweetly smiled. “At least we’re safe temporarily. Since we have so much free time, did you want to do something else?”

Qin Yu gulped. He turned and walked away, “Let’s recuperate from our wounds!”

You Qi covered her mouth and laughed. As her eyes fell upon his back, they were filled with even more satisfaction.

To be able to resist the temptation and not take advantage of a person when they were in a helpless position, it seems this old lady’s vision is quite good.

She suddenly frowned. The Ning Family girl seemed to have been a step faster than her. But, her smile soon returned. They were trapped in the Land of Sealed Demons. To have a man and woman staying in a single room alone, there were many opportunities for her to take the lead.

The demonic souls were repelled by the seal. However, Bluecloud Demon was using some unknown method to force a demonic soul in periodically. It was only because of this reason that the Skythunder Bamboo was able to block the entrance for such a long time.

As night approached, Qin Yu placed the Skythunder Bamboo back in his storage bag. Even in the storage bag, the little blue lamp was able to sense the fall of night. The foot of sea-blue light was able to help the Skythunder Bamboo rapidly recover its strength. Unfortunately, the storage bag had limited space. After placing the Skythunder Bamboo inside, the other items, including the two Thousandgold Mulberries, could only be placed in another storage bag.

During the day, Blacksky Demon had continuously absorbed fragments of demonic souls and his strength had progressed considerably. As the Skythunder Bamboo was restoring its strength, he was responsible for blocking the entrance.

Seven days later, with the power of the Demon Body in addition to pills, Qin Yu had completely recovered from his wounds. Afterwards he began to suffer the endless onslaught of You Qi’s shameless harassment.

“Little man, big sister’s chest is feeling so stuffy, can’t you help me examine it?

“Little man, I feel so cold sleeping by myself. Come and hold me.

“Little man, big sister’s legs are numb, come and help me rub them.”

Each time, little man Qin would be sent running away, followed by the rampant laughter of that witch.

This was too excessive!

She was pushing things too far!

Qin Yu felt that he couldn’t endure this anymore. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any more dignity as a man.

You Qi seemed as if she could sense this, as if she could see the glint of danger in his eyes. She continued to play with him, but she no longer pasted herself onto him. As she watched him waver and hesitate, watched him clench his teeth silently, she laughed more and more inside.

Two days later, the demonic souls vanished from sight and the outside seemed to calm down. It appeared that Bluecloud Demon had given up on killing them. Without that eyesore Blacksky Demon hanging around, You Qi’s heart calmed down and she was ready to stir up some more mischief.

Finally, little man Qin erupted. He pushed her backwards, forcing her into a corner. “If Miss You Qi continues to act like this, then don’t blame me if something occurs.”

You Qi pulled back in mock timidity, “You want to unleash your bestial instincts?”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth, “This young master has already lived a life worse than a beast for the past month!”

You Qi coyly laughed, her eyes like little crescent moons, as if saying ‘come, come hither’. Her narrowed eyes made her seem like a flower that was presenting itself for picking.

After feeling repressed in the Land of Sealed Demons, after being teased countless times by this witch, and now looking at her blushing red face and smelling her sensual fragrance, Qin Yu was about to burn up.

But at this time, he suddenly stiffened.

You Qi let out a light breathy sigh. “Little man, don’t you dare?”

Qin Yu drew back one step. Although his face was still red, the brightness had returned to his eyes. “Maybe we can leave with this.”

You Qi’s eyes widened.

“Move back a little.”

Qin Yu stood at a spot near the wall. Taking a deep breath, he punched out a fist.

Bang –

Pieces of crushed stone flew about!

The Land of Sealed Demons had the imprisonment of seals and the rock was incomparably hard. Unless one broke the seal or instantly erupted with a strength surpassing it, it was impossible to damage it.

Yet, the seal was still whole, but this stone could be destroyed.

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. There really was a problem here!

Bang –

Bang –

Fist after fist, magic power boiled within him and the strength of the Demon Body was pushed to its limits.

Bang –

Bang –

Crash –

Massive chunks of stone fell and a dim black opening appeared before them.

Qin Yu turned back to see You Qi raise forth her illumination pearl, casting a light on the dark.

Shua –

Shua –

The two entered.

The tunnel was extremely large, several meters high and wide. It extended all the way to the ends of their sight. The stone was roughly hewn and the atmosphere within was dry. With the pearl’s light, they could see giant hoofprints in the ground, the size of an adult person.

You Qi’s complexion changed, as if she had recognized something. She furrowed her eyebrows together, “Be a bit more careful.”

The two slowly moved deeper through the cave, not meeting any dangers along the way. However, the cutting of the hole became gradually rougher, until the point that one could even see shattered scales on the ground.

Qin Yu squatted down and touched one; it disintegrated into powder upon contact. “It’s likely been here over a thousand years.”

You Qi whispered, “I never imagined that something like this would be sealed within the Land of Sealed Demons. Let’s hurry our pace. There shouldn’t be any dangers here.”

With a flash of demonic energy, she flitted forwards.

Qin Yu followed close behind.

The tunnel started to twist and collision marks began to appear all over. More and more scale fragments appeared on the ground, turning into powder that blew away as they walked past. Dark patches of color stained the ground; these should have been left over by bloodstains.

Without warning, a giant skeletal mountain appeared before the two of them. It was dozens of feet high with a single sharp horn and vicious fangs. With its towering spine and sturdy-looking tail, all of this showed just how ferocious it seemed.

The skeleton lay on the ground. It had died as it was still digging through the earth. At this time, its left claws were still stuck in stone. Its hollow eye sockets were fixed looking ahead. Even after over a thousand years passed, the unwillingness in its pose had yet to dissipate.

You Qi’s vision was complex. She sighed, “Even an earth demon beast died here. It looks like we really have no way of escaping. We were happy over nothing.”

Dang –

With a low and deep roar, a vibrating strength erupted. Qin Yu took a step backwards, blood energy seething within his chest.

The stone walls were completely unharmed.

“Stop wasting your strength.” You Qi lightly said. “With our cultivation, it is impossible for us to break through the seal.”

Qin Yu looked up at the skeleton. He suddenly said, “You Qi, I feel as if there is something inside that is attracting me.”

You Qi arched an eyebrow upwards. “Are you sure?”

Qin Yu nodded. “I am. The reason that I discovered this tunnel to begin with was because I felt something attracting my very bones. And now this feeling is even more intense.”

You Qi licked her lips. “Little man, if your sense wasn’t wrong, you are just far too lucky!” Demonic energy flashed and she flew atop the demon beast’s spine. Looking down, her eyes fell on the seventh vertebrae. She lifted a hand and smashed it downwards.

Bang –

The earth demon beast’s skeleton loudly collapsed, with countless bones disintegrating. But, from the single horn to the skull and all the way through the spine and tail, it was actually left intact.

You Qi’s eyes brightened. She flicked her sleeves, sending a strong gust of wind that swept away all the shattered pieces of bone. She carefully inspected the leftover bones and a joyous expression crossed her face. “You were right, the earth demon blood essence was preserved!”

Qin Yu was curious, “Earth demon blood essence?”

You Qi said, “That’s right. This is demon blood that can help you enhance your Demon Body to the next level, and it’s also of a considerably high grade.” She suddenly sighed. “There was actually demon blood of such a grade in this Land of Sealed Demons. Unfortunately, I am not a man so I am unable to cultivate the Demon Body, otherwise I definitely could have done so using this earth demon blood essence.”

Qin Yu’s complexion was hard to look at. “So, when you said that there was demon blood in the Land of Sealed Demons at the start, you were actually lying to me all along?”

You Qi laughed and waved her hand, “Don’t be angry. This proves that I was right all along. Look, the earth demon blood essence is right here.”

Qin Yu was left speechless. What a hateful witch. He had torn through her lies and yet she could still remain so righteous!

After taking several deep breaths and barely suppressing his anger, Qin Yu’s breath caught in his throat. He quickly took a few more breaths and said, “Do you feel that?”

You Qi was curious, “Feel what?”

Qin Yu rushed to a nearby stone wall and then shot up into the skies. He reached out to grab onto a bulging stone and feel the crack that ran through it. This was where the earth demon beast had made its final strike before it died. He traced it with his finger and smiled.

“What is it?”

Qin Yu fell down. He spread out his fingers. “There’s water.”

You Qi was stunned for a moment before happiness overtook her. She flew up the wall to personally confirm herself, and in the next moment she screamed out loud before jumping down on Qin Yu’s back and tussling his hair. “How can you be so smart, how can you be so damn smart!? Hahahaha! This old lady knew all along that I wouldn’t die here so easily! That despicable slut, she must have thought I already died here. Heh, once I return I will definitely settle this account with her!”

Qin Yu’s forehead was covered in sweat. This witch, had she gone crazy?

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