Chapter 75 – A Black and Dirty Outlook on Life

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

As he pushed open the stone door, waves of heat surged forwards. Qin Yu narrowed his eyes and, beneath the disdainful gazes of many people, he stepped into the red mountain. The temperature inside the mountain was even more terrifying. The walls were red from the burning heat, and if one didn’t possess protective magic power they would be cooked in a short time.

The tunnel sloped downwards into the ground. But soon, he reached the end. The end came to a giant cave that was dozens of feet high, and there was a round well in the ground. The well was unfathomably deep and glowed with red light. Even though Qin Yu was hundreds of feet away, he could still feel the horrifyingly high temperatures contained within.

It was clear that this was a test.

If one didn’t even have the courage to jump in, they could give up any thoughts of refining the Eighth Furnace.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment and then turned to leave.

It wasn’t that he feared this deep well, but that he didn’t want to waste his time. The Soul Mushroom was still in his storage bag and most of his thoughts were on it.

“Junior Uncle, why are you leaving? You can see the Eighth Furnace as long as you jump down. If you come out now, the other disciples will laugh at you.” Eclipse Yan’s light voice echoed in the stone chamber.

Qin Yu paused. His eyes turned cold. “Whether I stay or leave, that is up to me.”

Eclipse Yan sneered. “Junior Uncle has such a respected status that I wouldn’t dare to stop you. But, this matter is something that the Old Ancestor personally asked of me and I do not dare to disobey him even a little. So, I will have to ask Junior Uncle to take a brief detour.”

Qin Yu was silent for several moments. He suddenly smiled and said, “That’s also good. Then let’s give it a try.”

He turned and walked to the well. Then, he leapt down!

Outside the 10,000 foot mountain, Eclipse Yan’s complexion sank for a moment before he sneered. Qin Yu didn’t even have the least bit of shrewdness. He had been angered with barely any prodding, and even like this he still dared to have thoughts of the Eighth Furnace. He was simply acting without regard to death or danger.

The Eclipse Clan juniors whispered, “Great Uncle, he has an honored and revered status and is also the Old Ancestor’s junior-apprentice brother. If anything were to happen to him, it would be hard for us to explain.”

Eclipse Yan waved his hand, “It’s fine. Since the Old Ancestor left him here, it’s clear that he has intentions of punishing him but he just didn’t want to say it out loud. Have him suffer a little bit and I will rescue him later. Once he loses face, he will not dare to take a single step into my Eighth Furnace station in the future!”

The Eclipse Clan juniors praised, “Great Uncle is so wise!”

Hu –

Waves of heat surged forth. Qin Yu squinted his eyes, far calmer than when he was outside. The Demon Body was indeed powerful. Not only was it incredibly tough and durable but it also possessed a strong resistance to the outside elements. Although the temperature was high, Qin Yu only felt a little bit hot. By revolving his magic power a bit, there wasn’t even a single drop of sweat on his forehead.

Bang –

As he landed on the ground, Qin Yu looked around at his surroundings. Where he stood right now was a massive black stone platform in the middle of flowing magma. This stone had clearly been refined with magic power and was being supported by an array formation. Even though it was in the middle of this flowing lake of magma, it sat entirely still.

Besides this giant stone, there was nothing else in his line of sight. The Deepest Earth Eighth Furnace that was supposedly sealed down here somewhere was nowhere to be found.

Qin Yu faintly frowned. He carefully looked around once more. Soon, he discovered something strange in the great lake of magma. The magma was in a state of constant circulation, but around a thousand feet away there was actually an area that was bizarrely still. Moreover, the magma there was much darker than the surrounding magma, and this was likely due to a massive amount of heat energy being drawn away!

Suddenly, a titanic object seemed to wake up from beneath the lake of magma. As it rose up, dreadful waves of magma roared into the air, as if it wanted to swallow up the giant stone.

Bang –

A giant furnace broke through the thick surface, billowing with winding flames. It released a dazzling light that stabbed at the eyes; it was simply impossible to see its true form.

But without a doubt, this was the Eighth Furnace. All of the changes in the magma lake were being caused by it!

Qin Yu immediately understood that the Eighth Furnace was similar to his black sword; it possessed a spiritual consciousness of its own. And after he arrived, it had stirred up on its own volition, clearly angry. It was no wonder that Eclipse Yan had such an ugly expression when he learned that he would be coming to try and refine the Eighth Furnace. Who would willingly give up such a great treasure? He had likely even been unwilling to let him take a single glance at it.

Magma tumbled, splashing over the large black stone and nearly touching Qin Yu. The extremely high temperature began to rise, increasing at a horrifyingly dramatic speed.

Qin Yu dripped with sweat and his robes pasted against his body. However, his complexion remained as calm as before. It seemed that after the Eighth Furnace discovered that it didn’t scare him, it began to gradually restrain its strength and calmly float in midair. But, from how it was floating, how come it seemed as if it were being a little arrogant? As if saying, come at me! Come, bring it on!

Qin Yu’s complexion was strange. A pill furnace could actually evoke such feelings? Indeed, every strange thing was possible in the boundless universe. Unfortunately, he had no way of subduing this furnace, otherwise his alchemy skills would become even more powerful! And as if sensing Qin Yu’s thoughts, there was suddenly an indignant cry from his storage bag. The Fleeting Flame Furnace suddenly flew out from his storage bag without permission.

Whoosh –

It soared directly to the Eighth Furnace!

Qin Yu was shocked. But, what followed left him even more mind-boggled. His eyes widened and his chin nearly dropped to the floor.

The moment that the incomparably prideful, arrogant, conceited, and rude Eighth Furnace ‘saw’ the Fleeting Flame Furnace, it suddenly shook and trembled as if it were going into a seizure. Then, it violently hurtled towards the Fleeting Flame Furnace.

Bang –

A mass of flames sent the Eighth Furnace flying away, but in a blink of an eye it started flying back.

Bang –

Bang –

The Fleeting Flame Furnace attacked again and again, but the Eighth Furnace seemed to have become addicted. Not only did it not counterattack in anger, but it cried out in excitement. For some reason, how come it seemed as if it were some ram that had fallen in love, and was unable to contain its emotions?

Qin Yu blinked his eyes, suddenly feeling that this world was just too unfathomably deep. Alchemy furnaces were actually divided into male and female? Otherwise what was the Eighth Furnace doing? Engaging in homosexual furnace behavior? With shaking hands, Qin Yu suddenly realized his own outlook on life was just too black and dirty!

Finally, the Fleeting Flame Furnace arrogantly turned around, looking down at Qin Yu from a lofty and commanding position, as if saying open your eyes and see just who is the most amazing of all! The Eighth Furnace had been reduced to half the size of the Fleeting Flame Furnace and was bobbing and twisting in all sorts of groveling and flattering motions. It occasionally turned to Qin Yu and spat out flames that caused the magma to tumble below him, as if saying ‘if you dare to annoy my goddess, brat, you will die!’

But the Fleeting Flame Furnace didn’t seem to care about this kindness at all. It slapped the Eighth Furnace away, but in the next moment the Eighth Furnace came flying back once more. Not only was it drowning in abuse, but it seemed to be completely immersed in joy.

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened and he smiled.

The lovestruck Eighth Furnace suddenly felt a chill run through its body, as if sensing that something was wrong.

Outside the 10,000 foot mountain, Eclipse Yan’s complexion paled. He could feel something happening to the Eighth Furnace; it had never expressed such fierce fluctuations in its mood before, nor had he ever heard of this occurring. How hateful! Just what methods did Qin Yu use to quicken the Eighth Furnace? Luckily, he had already succeeded in the initial refining process, otherwise Qin Yu might actually be able to refine it.

Even though he calmed down a little, his complexion actually became increasingly hard to look at. His hundred years of diligent effort couldn’t even compare to another person’s single day. He began to feel even more unhappiness towards Qin Yu.

Humph! Just refine it! Try and refine it! Once you begin, you will discover that the Eighth Furnace has already chosen a master. Have a good taste of its strength!

Suddenly, the 10,000 foot mountain gently shivered and the ground vibrated.

Eclipse Yan’s complexion changed. His eyes popped open, filled with incredulous disbelief. He cursed and roared in his heart. What a good Qin Yu, you actually dared to begin refining the Eighth Furnace! And, only by obtaining it approval would such a phenomenon occur. Damn it all, just how are you so lucky that you obtained the approval of the Eighth Furnace the first time!?

The Eclipse Clan juniors stuttered, “Great Uncle, what is happening?”

Eclipse Yan paled, “Don’t worry, he cannot overturn the heavens!”

The vibrations through the 10,000 foot mountain grew stronger. The red mountain began to rise in temperature, gradually releasing a red light.

The Eclipse Clan juniors violently gulped, “Great Uncle, the 10,000 foot mountain has begun to shine.”

Eclipse Yan clenched his jaw, “He cannot overturn the heavens!”

Above the 10,000 foot mountain, a giant seal appeared. It didn’t stay up, but actually fused into the mountain stone, becoming one with the entire 10,000 foot mountain.

The Eclipse Clan juniors were dumbfounded. “Great Uncle, the mountain stabilizing seal has appeared.”

Eclipse Yan roared, “He cannot…”

Puff –

He spat out a mouthful of blood. As it splashed onto the floor, it was burnt into steam by the high temperatures.

Eclipse Yan wavered as if he had been struck by lightning. His face paled and he stumbled backwards. His eyes began to turn bloodshot, like a vicious beast that was primed to eat someone!

His connection with the Eighth Furnace had been broken…

It hadn’t been destroyed, but had been cut by the Eighth Furnace on its own initiative!

Impossible! This was absolutely impossible! Qin Yu! It had to be Qin Yu! He must have used some vile method to deceive the Eighth Furnace into severing the connection to him! Otherwise, why would the Eighth Furnace have already acknowledged him and started the early refining process to then betray him!?

This sort of event had never occurred in the history of Immortal Eclipse Valley!

It must be Qin Yu!

Eclipse Yan gasped for breath. His aura crazily erupted around him; it was impressively that of an eighth level Golden Core master. The terrifying pressured caused the disciples around him to retreat in panic.

Bang –

The ground shook and shattered. Eclipse Yan rushed forwards. He wanted to enter the 10,000 foot mountain and reveal Qin Yu’s true colors. He wanted to tell the Eighth Furnace just who its true master was.

With a loud bang, Eclipse Yan was smashed backwards. A powerful strength surged past him. It tore apart his robes and left his head bloody and bruised. He was in a state of complete distress. He stood there like a wooden chicken. His heart was filled with grief and rage. It burned like 100,000 volcanoes, and not even all the rivers of the world would be able to extinguish it. His Eighth Furnace! The furnace he had protected with such care and effort for a hundred years and was about to successfully refine, had actually escaped his grasp!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With the sound of breaking air, several figures appeared.

The master of the Third Furnace, Eclipse Xin.

The master of the Fourth Furnace, Eclipse Yu.

The master of the Fifth Furnace, Eclipse Xuzi.

The master of the Sixth Furnace, Eclipse Wu.

The master of the Seventh Furnace, Eclipse Ming.

In Immortal Eclipse Valley, the Eclipse Clan controlled five furnaces. As the five furnace masters gathered, they could see the dazed Eclipse Yan and his bloody and shaking appearance. As masters of their own furnaces, how could they not understand what this meant? Eclipse Yan’s hundred years of hard work had been somehow destroyed today.

Eclipse Xuzi saw her brother’s miserable appearance and sharply said, “Big brother, what happened that the Eighth Furnace would sever its connection with you?”

Eclipse Yan muttered, “Qin Yu, it’s Qin Yu…” His eyes turned blood red, filled with hate and loathing. “He used some evil method to fool the Eighth Furnace!”

Eclipse Xuzi clenched her jaw. “Big brother, rest assured that I will uphold justice for you!”

Eclipse Xin frowned. “This matter has not been investigated clearly and it also involves our Junior Uncle. Be wary of what you say or do.”

Eclipse Yan roared, “I had already initially refined the Eighth Furnace! In just another month I would have thoroughly refined it. But now, the Eighth Furnace has severed its relation with me. Eclipse Xin, tell me, if Qin Yu didn’t use some evil method, then what did he do?”

The five furnace masters all had blank expressions.

An initial refining represented that Eclipse Yan had obtained the approval of the Eighth Furnace. For a top level treasure like one of these nine furnaces, once someone obtained this approval, it wouldn’t change again until after the death of the person.

Could it be that Qin Yu truly used some evil method?


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