Chapter 84 – Quiet

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Having completed everything with great satisfaction, Qin Yu went into seclusion. He had long since accustomed himself to loneliness so there was no need for him to adapt to anything. The Soul Mushroom was doing well in his storage bag. Beneath the light of the little blue lamp, the Soul Mushroom’s color deepened, becoming increasingly gray. This was a symbol of rapid growth. Once it turned from gray to blue, this would mean it had reached a hundred years of age.

The Soul Mushroom was extremely mysterious. It was different from other spiritual plants of the world and the little blue lamp’s abilities of accelerating growth were much slower on it. At the very least, even by this day Qin Yu hadn’t seen it turn the least bit blue. But, Qin Yu wasn’t anxious at all. He had plenty of time and was willing to wait patiently.

The Radiant Red Wood’s growing root was still in a sealed state, but that didn’t mean it hadn’t gained anything. By absorbing the power of the little blue lamp, it began to develop a tremendous life force. In the future when Qin Yu planted it in the earth, this accumulated vitality would burst out.

After that was the Skythunder Bamboo and Thousand Mulberry. Each time Qin Yu placed down the little blue lamp, he would make sure that the deep blue light reached these plants. Unfortunately, this foot of sea blue light was too small. If he obtained new precious spiritual plants in the future, it would be a headache for him to figure out which ones to grow.

These spiritual plants healthily grew as they bathed in the blue light, and Qin Yu completely immersed his mind in the path of alchemy, constantly transforming all the knowledge he gathered into a mark that would be permanently branded into his soul. This feeling of improving at all times left him enchanted by it.

The sun rose and fell. Like this, half a year quietly passed.

Qin Yu opened his eyes, light surging in them. His temperament seemed much more mellow and restrained. He exited the 10,000 foot mountain, “Senior-apprentice brother, why did you come here?”

Pill Crucible coldly smiled. “You haven’t stirred up any trouble for half a year so I thought you might have bored yourself to death in there. I called you out so you can breathe some fresh air.” He paused for a moment then couldn’t help but remind, “The road of cultivation is followed by both stressful and relaxed periods. It’s not good for you to be so tense all the time!”

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest. “Thank you for the guidance, senior-apprentice brother.”

Seeing his earnest expression, Pill Crucible calmed down. “How were your harvests after half a year of seclusion?”

Qin Yu asked back in return, “Senior-apprentice brother seems to be in a very good mood. Is it because you like the apprentice you’ve received so much?”

Pill Crucible glared at him. “You already know!” But as he spoke, a happy smile appeared on his face. It was clear he was satisfied with Zeng Zhongxiu.

The two stepped into a pavilion, sitting across from each other. Pill Crucible was silent for several moments. Then, he asked, “Junior-apprentice brother, when do you plan on leaving?”

Seeing Qin Yu’s surprised face, Pill Crucible coldly humped. “I haven’t gone senile just yet. You may have an exalted status here, but you don’t have the support of the people nor are you willing to integrate yourself into Immortal Eclipse Valley. It’s obvious you have a desire to leave.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Senior-apprentice brother is perceptive. I am used to being a wild crane that wanders the clouds, and yes, I am not familiar with living like this in Immortal Eclipse Valley. Moreover, the world is so vast and since cultivators like you and I have such extraordinary lives, we should all see more of it.”

Pill Crucible frowned. “I don’t care what you think, but I advise you to stay a bit longer. Within the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty, my Immortal Eclipse Valley can be considered number one when it comes to alchemy and cultivation, and I believe that these skills will be greatly helpful to you in the future.”

These were sincere words. Qin Yu’s heart warmed. “I thank senior-apprentice brother for the advice.” He thought for a moment and said, “During my quiet, I thought of something to request from senior-apprentice brother.”

“Say it.”

Qin Yu said, “I want to go to Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Pill Disposal Department.”

Pill Crucible was dumbfounded.

Even though he understood, he still asked seven or eight times to make sure he had spoken correctly. After Qin Yu guaranteed over and over that he knew what he was doing, Pill Crucible reluctantly and a bit unwillingly agreed. He handed over a token, allowing Qin Yu free access in and out of Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Pill Disposal Department. But before he left, Pill Crucible seriously warned him that once he felt even the least bit sick, he needed to immediately leave. Otherwise, if the pill toxins were to invade his body too deeply, even if he were to personally take action it would still be incomparably troublesome.

Qin Yu agreed with all his conditions.

“Wait!” Pill Crucible shouted. With a cold expression, he tossed some jade bottles at Qin Yu. “There are several pills in here. Although they aren’t too high a rank, their quality is actually top grade. These will be helpful for you in studying alchemy. Take it, take it!”

Qin Yu lowered his head and a strange expression crossed his face. These five transparent bottles had several light blue pills in them that reflected a faint halo of light.

Yes…these were the pills he sold at Billowing Wave City’s auction house. When he sold them he never thought that they would return to his hands today in such an unexpected manner.

Pill Crucible stared at him. “What, aren’t you happy? If you aren’t then give them back to me! I have proper business to attend to, so stop messing around in front of me!”

Qin Yu quickly smiled.

After seeing Pill Crucible off and taking a short break, Qin Yu held the token and arrived at the Pill Disposal Department. This place wasn’t too far away and was in Immortal Eclipse Valley’s core region. It was different from the Eastern Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposal Department in that it was placed in an open canyon. Looking down, the scenery within the canyon was beautiful and serene, without any of the ravaged earth caused by pill toxins. Qin Yu’s eyebrows arched up in astonishment.

“Junior Uncle, the Pill Disposal Department is sealed off with an enchantment so it is impossible to see within. Hold the token and walk forwards and you will understand.” The cultivator in charge of the area slowly said with a calm voice. “Junior Uncle should understand just how terrifying pill toxins are. Although this disciple doesn’t understand what your intentions are, I ask that you be cautious in your actions.”

Qin Yu nodded. “It’s fine.”

He walked forwards. Several steps later, he discovered that it really was different. Invisible ripples seemed to hinder him. With a bit of strength, he pushed through.

The scenery around him drastically changed!

The canyon was black. Each and every stone was eroded by pill toxins, all of their vitality severed. Only a constant buzzing filled the air. Looking up, he could see a curtain of swords rising from all directions, gathering into a vortex at the very top of the canyon before flowing back down. As the sword curtain circulated, the waste pills within the valley were sucked into the vortex and broken apart by a terrifying sword intent. Even the horrifying pill toxins were completely destroyed by this sword intent.

Qin Yu found this sword curtain a bit familiar. He was suddenly startled.

Five Element Sword Array!

No wonder Immortal Eclipse Valley dared to use an open air valley as the Pill Disposal Department. It was because they were borrowing this terrifying sword strength to process all the waste pills.

Just what sort of losses were required for this constantly revolving sword array? This tremendous show of ability once again displayed Immortal Eclipse Valley’s mind-boggling level of wealth! That cheap senior-apprentice brother of his likely possessed not just an extraordinary cultivation, but was also a filthy rich man that was second to none in the entire Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty!

Qin Yu sighed inwardly. He looked around the black canyon and the corners of his lips lifted a little. Just how large was Immortal Eclipse Valley? Countless alchemists worked here and refined countless pills every day. Naturally, the number of waste pills was equally countless. And today, these waste pills were all his!

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and began arranging array discs. This time, he was much more cautious. He tossed out 36 array discs before stopping.


With a loud shout, fog rose up, covering the entire area a hundred feet around him.

Qin Yu sat down. After sending out his divine sense and making sure there wasn’t anything wrong, he flicked his sleeves and brought all the waste pills on the ground towards him. Roughly counting, there were around 300 some pills, and most importantly, these were all Golden Core realm waste pills!

As the dark of night arrived, a foot of sea blue light lit up within the fog. Qin Yu smiled, “My old friend, it’s time for you to show off.”

After half a year of absorption, Qin Yu felt that his own level in alchemy had reached its limit. What he needed to do was a massive amount of practice. During the process of refining pills, he could thoroughly comprehend what he had learned and then continue to absorb and increase his skills.

Moreover, after refining pills, the cultivation that he had temporarily placed on hold could be started up once more. In the end, within the world of cultivators, one’s cultivation was always the most important.

Pill Crucible was naturally worried about allowing Qin Yu to enter such a dangerous place like the Pill Disposal Department. He had his own methods of investigation, but as he checked in all he saw was a mass of fog. He mulled over this for a moment and then tossed it to the side.

Qin Yu must have his own reasons for doing this. Although they hadn’t known each other for a long time, Pill Crucible had never suspected the wisdom of this young junior-apprentice brother of his.

He could just do whatever he wanted!

Outside the Pill Disposal Department, Cao Han finally couldn’t help but break his calm demeanor. A perplexed expression crossed his face. In half a month, Junior Uncle hadn’t come out at all. Didn’t he fear that the pill toxins would invade his body, leaving him to suffer in agonizing pain for the rest of his life? Or, could it be that he was so strong he didn’t fear these pill toxins?

Though he was curious, he still hid this all in his heart. He stood strict guard outside the Pill Disposal Department every day, not allowing any unrelated people to approach. But as time passed, he unconsciously looked at the entrance more and more. As for the subordinates beneath him, they couldn’t hide their feelings as well. All of them revealed shocked expressions. They secretly thought that this Junior Uncle was just as mysterious and unfathomable as the rumors stated!

Another day passed and the time to switch shifts came. Cao Han rose up and washed himself before hurrying over to the Pill Disposal Department. He would always arrive a bit early to avoid any disputes occurring during the transfer of duties. For the many years he was here, although the Eclipse Clan cultivators were dissatisfied with him, they couldn’t find any reason to stir up trouble for him. Of course, harsh and cold words were inevitable, but none of this could impact Cao Han’s firm heart in the least.

But today, the firm Cao Han was left dumbfounded and slack-jawed by what he saw.

Ripples appeared in the air and a calm youth with an impressive bearing stepped out. His expression was light and there was a faint hint of happiness at the corners of his lips. This should have been an extremely ordinary scene, but the place the youth stepped out from was the dreadful Pill Disposal Department that everyone maintained their distance from. Seeing this occur, no one could remain calm.

Considering the time, after today, a month should have passed…

Cao Han was left dazed. He was rarely distracted when changing shifts, but at this time, even the usually frowning and angry Eclipse Clan members also had dazed expressions.

Qin Yu could sense the gazes of Cao Han and the others. He looked towards them as if already expecting this and then said, “Bring over a set of tables, chairs, and tea.”

Cao Han waved his hand and his subordinates instantly prepared these items.

Soon, the tables and chairs were set up, the hot water was boiling, and the fragrance of tea filled the air.

Cao Han’s lips twitched. This was the first time he had seen someone use the method of lighting a furnace to boil water and make tea. But from deep within his eyes, envy and admiration appeared.

The method of lighting fire was a necessary skill of all alchemists. Magic power instantly shook the air, causing friction. The flames that appeared were called void flames.

Of course, there were multiple ways to light a fire, but this was the most practical one of all that didn’t require many materials.

 He had seen many void flames, but he had never seen one used to boil tea…

Cao Han was shaken. As a Golden Core cultivator, he clearly understood that although this action seemed casual and simple, it actually required immense magic power and equally skilled control.

Junior Uncle really did live up to his reputation!

Qin Yu leaned back in his chair, drinking tea. His eyes were half-closed and his mind completely relaxed.

When Pill Crucible had said that he needed relaxation at times, that was based on the entirety of his life experiences. He would naturally remember this.

Half a day later, after drinking several pots of tea, Qin Yu’s aura became increasingly lazy and drowsy.

Then, he really did fall asleep.

Like this, not only were the subordinate cultivators shocked, but even the perpetually and infamously calm Cao Han was bewildered.

Countless people sighed. Their Junior Uncle was like no one else, and the way he did things was beyond any expectations.

After hesitating again and again, when it came time to switch shifts, Cao Han sent all his subordinates away and stood near the table.

As the joint Eclipse Clan cultivators arrived, they saw the messy scene. They hesitated, not daring to say anything and pretending they didn’t see Cao Han’s straight figure.

But luckily, Qin Yu soon opened his eyes. He stretched out his waist and revealed a light smile. “I’ve bothered you.”

Cao Han bowed.

Qin Yu didn’t speak much. He turned and walked towards the entrance. After several breaths of time, he fused into the ripples and disappeared from sight.

“Humph! You tried so much to flatter him but he wouldn’t even spare you a glance. Cao Han, are you disappointed yet?” An Eclipse Clan cultivator sneered.

Cao Han looked at him and left.

“You…” The Eclipse Clan cultivator angrily said. If this was before, then this would be an opportunity he wouldn’t have missed out on. But now that the valley had calmed down, he didn’t dare to start any incidents. Of course, the most important factor was that the Junior Uncle, who countless Eclipse Clan members feared and hated, was within the Pill Disposal Department.

The Eclipse Clan cultivator glanced at the entrance. He felt a coldness form in his chest and then he turned and left.


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