Chapter 88 – Leaving the Valley

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Daoist Wang was silent and reverent. His eyes glowed with happiness. He looked at Qin Yu, nodding again and again. “I knew that my judgment wouldn’t be wrong. Although you aren’t my disciple, you have studied my alchemy and now my lifetime of knowledge won’t be lost to the river of time. I truly am overjoyed.”

Looking at Daoist Wang and his sincere attitude, Qin Yu felt his heart warm. He cupped his hands together and bowed deeply. “Although I haven’t truly bowed to you as a teacher, in my heart you are already my teacher.”

Daoist Wang flushed red. He laughed, “Good, good! That old fellow Pill Crucible keeps pressuring me all over, but in this aspect he is finally inferior to me. No matter how high his cultivation is, he can only be your senior-apprentice brother.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Since I have taken you as a teacher in my heart, then allow me to give a gift to Senior Wang.”

He turned his hand, producing a jade bottle.

Daoist Wang was shocked. He stared straight towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu said, “You gifted me your attainments in alchemy, and that was extremely beneficial to me. I specifically refined this pill for senior. It isn’t very useful to me, so I ask that senior accept it. Of course, if you don’t consider a junior like me your student in your heart, then you can also refuse this.”

Daoist Wang took a deep breath. He jokingly said, “Stop trying to use little tricks like this to goad me into accepting. Let me see just what sort of pill you refined to cause such a great stir.”

He took the jade bottle and opened it. After taking a quick sniff, he froze and his entire face flushed red.

Qin Yu slowly said, “…Fourth-grade Heaven Mending Pill, top quality.”

Daoist Wang shivered. “You…you…”

Qin Yu smiled. “Senior’s attainments in alchemy are incredible, so how could you allow the chains of your cultivation to limit you from taking another step forwards? I offered this pill because I hope that senior will take another step forwards, so that one day you can break into Nascent Soul!”

“Great! Wonderful!” Daoist Wang roared out in excitement. “Qin Yu, to an old man like me, this pill is an incomparable treasure. I will not refuse it. If I really do make my breakthrough, then if you have any demands just tell me!”

This was an extremely heavy vow!

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Junior will remember this.”

Daoist Wang had long since lost his heart to continue his cultivation. But now that he obtained a top grade Heaven Mending Pill, his passion was ignited once more, as he filled with hopes of taking another step forwards.

Qin Yu took this moment to leave.

Leaving Daoist Wang’s dwelling, he bumped into Pill Crucible. It was clear that this cheap senior-apprentice brother of his had been waiting here for him.

Pill Crucible’s expression was filled with relief and gratitude. “The matter with Old Wang had long since been a knot in my heart. Now that you’ve given him the Heaven Mending Pill, my Immortal Eclipse Valley might have another Nascent Soul soon.” He cupped his hands together. “Qin Yu, allow me to thank you on behalf of Old Wang.”

Qin Yu hurriedly dodged him. “Senior-apprentice brother, that is…”

Pill Crucible waved his hand. “It’s something that happened in the past. Let’s not talk about it anymore.” He continued, “Are you planning to leave?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Although Immortal Eclipse Valley is a good place, it doesn’t suit me in the end. The environment here is too comfortable and peaceful; it isn’t conducive to my cultivation.”

Pill Crucible nodded, not commenting about his choice. “It’s fine as long as this is what you want. But there is something you must always remember – you are my junior-apprentice brother, Pill Crucible’s junior-apprentice brother. The gates to Immortal Eclipse Valley will be forever open to you. If you experience a problem then come back. If others are bullying you, then send me a letter. Although I cannot casually leave at will, it won’t be a problem if either Jiang Li or Old Wang show up to support you.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Yes, I understand.”

Pill Crucible hesitated for a moment. He slowly said, “Qin Yu, I know that you have always had doubts deep in your heart, but I want you to know this – I never had any intention of harming you. When I bragged about my fortune telling skills, that wasn’t a delusional rant. You are someone born with good fortune. You don’t fall within yin and yang or the five elements, and because of this your life may be doomed to suffer countless trials and tribulations. But as long as you don’t die, you will definitely have great achievements in the future.”

As his voice fell, his face paled and his wrinkles seemed to deepen. He waved his hand, “Anyone who reveals the secrets of heaven must withstand a little bit of a backlash. It’s no problem.”

He lifted his head and looked straight ahead. “Qin Yu, I have calculated my own future and know that one day, a great calamity will befall me. If that day truly comes, I hope that on behalf of this old friendship, you can try and guarantee that the inheritance of my Immortal Eclipse Valley isn’t destroyed. As for being the so-called number one immortal sect of the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty, that can disappear for all I care. A flower won’t bloom red for a hundred days, the tide rises and the tide falls, and destiny leads to prosperity and decline. This is the natural cycle of life – it isn’t something that can be forced.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and bowed deeply with respect. “Senior-apprentice brother, rest assured that I will remember this.”

Pill Crucible waved his hand. “Then go. I hope that when we meet again in the future, you will have become a powerhouse that can truly overawe this part of the world.”

Shua –

He vanished from sight.

Qin Yu straightened himself and deeply bowed.

In all fairness, Immortal Eclipse Valley was indeed a very good place to cultivate.

But in the end, it wasn’t where he belonged!

Eighth Furnace station.

The Fleeting Flame Furnace lazily flew through the air. A mass of fire swirled around it, crying and sobbing, as if it were pleading. Its plaintive wails caused one’s heart to ache. But, looking at the Fleeting Flame Furnace, it clearly wasn’t affected much. It impatiently spat out a mass of power that struck the fire far away.

Zeng Zhongxiu narrowed his eyes, pretending as if he didn’t see or hear anything. It wasn’t that he wanted to do this, but just that even the Eighth Furnace felt that its actions were too shameful and embarrassing. When Zeng Zhongxiu first arrived here, he had been ruthlessly threatened and ordered to not look at things he shouldn’t look at and not listen to things he shouldn’t listen to.

Facing the Eighth Furnace’s tyrannical threats, Zeng Zhongxiu could only bitterly smile. Indeed, the rumors were true; he had never thought that a pill furnace could be so lecherous. Moreover, these were the treasures passed down by the ancestors of Immortal Eclipse Valley. Within the heart of the disciples, they were sect-stabilizing treasures that held an impossibly high status. Yet, all of these thoughts had been subverted!

When Qin Yu flew over, this was the scene he saw.

Zeng Zhongxiu hurriedly bowed. “Brother Qin.”

He really couldn’t last much longer.

Qin Yu nodded in return. “Brother Zeng, I’ve made you wait a while.”

Hu –

A burning heat rushed over. The Eighth Furnace’s furnace spirit arrived. The tumbling flames seemed to clench its jaw, as if shouting that Qin Yu had better explain himself, or it would never let him leave!

Qin Yu nodded. “That’s right, we are going to leave. But, we will return sooner or later, so are you sure you want to be so rude to me?”

The furnace spirit froze. It immediately restrained its aura, the flames spinning around like a dog wagging its tail.

Qin Yu had a helpless expression. He didn’t know what the Fleeting Flame Furnace had secretly told this fellow, but this fellow was trying to flatter him in a bizarre manner. When it exhibited this sort of posture, it usually wanted something.

Zeng Zhongxiu anxiously said, “Brother Qin, where do you plan on going?”

Qin Yu smiled. “I will leave Immortal Eclipse Valley and wander the cultivating world. Don’t ask me any more; I have my reasons for doing so. I came here today because I have something to ask of you.” He pointed a finger. “I am leaving soon. I hope that this fellow will take care of Brother Zeng in the future.”

The one he spoke to was…the Eighth Furnace!

Zeng Zhongxiu’s eyes popped wide open.

The furnace spirit blew up, its entire body igniting with flames!

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. “If you agree, then I will promise you I will take good care of the Fleeting Flame Furnace and make sure that no one can casually approach her. Perhaps when we return, I will bring two furnaces back, one of them a little furnace maybe.”

The furnace spirit was struck in its fatal weak point.

Zeng Zhongxiu’s eyes grew even wider. This…was this fine? Wasn’t this just too childish!?

Qin Yu said, “Don’t worry. The Eighth Furnace will keep its word and abide by its promise to help you. Of course, it will play tricks on you a few times, so just be patient with it.”

Zeng Zhongxiu flushed red. Qin Yu had recommended him his teacher, had granted him the Eighth Furnace, and had helped him out so many other times. He just didn’t know what to say now.

Qin Yu waved his hand. “Don’t thank me. Perhaps there might come a time in the future where I will need Brother Zeng to help me.”

Zeng Zhongxiu decisively said, “Even if I have to walk through fire and water, I will help you no matter what!”

Qin Yu nodded. “These words of yours are enough.” He reached out a hand and the Fleeting Flame Furnace flew towards his palm. “I’m leaving. Brother Zeng, we’ll see each other in the future.”

Zeng Zhongxiu hesitated. “Brother Qin, Mo’er also joined Immortal Eclipse Valley to cultivate. Do you think you can see her for a moment?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and shook his head. “Consider it over. Brother Zeng, tell Miss Mo’er that I have already forgotten what happened in the past and there is no need for her to keep such worries in her heart. Now, farewell!”

Whoosh –

He soared up into the skies!

Hum –

Hum –

Within Immortal Eclipse Valley, a loud bell rang out. Countless disciples looked up at the beam of light in the skies.

When a great figure from Immortal Eclipse Valley went on a journey, this bell would ring to send them off. And this seemed to be…Junior Granduncle?

The Eclipse Clan members let out a long breath of air, hot tears nearly flowing from their eyes.

He was finally leaving. If he were to stay here any longer, the entire Eclipse Clan might be left overwhelmed and gasping for breath from his existence.

As for the disciples of foreign surnames, they all watched their Junior Granduncle leave with respect and reverence. The existence of their Junior Granduncle had been a massive blow to the great arrogance of the Eclipse Clan.

They had been informed that there was no limit in this universe, that there was always a higher sky to reach and that even outside of the Eclipse Clan, there were always outstanding figures rising up!

Fan Jianghai watched this scene. He suddenly said, “Junior Granduncle is a true sage!”

Xu Ao arched an eyebrow.

Fan Jianghai smiled. “Senior-apprentice Brother Xu, you’ve always been one of the smartest amongst us, so can’t you see the profound meaning behind Junior Uncle’s actions?”

Xu Ao fell silent.

Fan Jianghai sighed. “Junior Uncle’s cultivation is momentarily lacking, but he possessed incredible strength at such a young age so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to break into the Nascent Soul realm in the future. In addition to his formidable alchemy skills, is there anyone within Immortal Eclipse Valley that can be a challenge for him in the future? If he doesn’t leave, then with his status as the Old Ancestor’s junior-apprentice brother, he definitely has the qualifications to contend for the throne of Valley Master. At that time, not even the Old Ancestor can change this result. For Junior Uncle to leave now shows that he is willing to retreat even when ahead. To have such a resolute nature is truly worthy of praise. Of course, Senior-apprentice Brother Xu’s actions to withdraw from contention from before might have also helped Junior Uncle make a decision, even providing a reference for him.”

Xu Ao quietly said, “Some things are fine enough as long as you understand them. There is no need to inform me.”

He turned and left.

Fan Jianghai’s eyes flashed. He muttered to himself several times and let out a deep breath, smiling. It was unknown just what he was thinking.

Atop a mountain, a group of young girl disciples were chatting as they walked. As they heard the bell ring they looked up into the skies, and several of them cried out in alarm.

“That is Junior Granduncle…” Caiyue bit her lips.

Mingxia’s expression was complicated.

The two looked at each other, and they could see the disappointment in the other’s eyes.

As valley disciples, they didn’t like to serve others. But, their target had been their Junior Granduncle, and they hadn’t refused in their hearts.

Young, handsome, a powerful cultivation, astonishing alchemy skills, an exalted status, a limitless future…within the eyes of all the young girls, this Qin Yu could be called a perfect ideal. If they could fall in love with each other and make dual cultivation partners, that was no different from leaping into the skies with a single bound!

But Qin Yu never gave them the chance. After entering the Eighth Furnace station, he had dismissed all of the maids. As they recalled the first time they met and how they helped him bathe and change clothes, they all regretted that they didn’t put more effort into seducing him.

“Hehe! You two big sisters look as if you’ve thrown away gold coins!” A young girl teased, laughing all the while.

Another person said, “This is worse than throwing away gold coins. They couldn’t grasp such a hot commodity like our young Junior Granduncle, so they definitely aren’t feeling any good.”

Caiyue seriously said, “Don’t speak such nonsense. Young Junior Granduncle is not that kind of person.”

Mingxia also chimed in, “I can also see that young Junior Granduncle is a man of high moral integrity.” She ruthlessly glared at several people. “Stop gossiping outside, otherwise people might overhear you.”

The group of girls all stuck out their tongues.

Caiyue was startled. “Junior-apprentice Sister Mo’er, are you alright? Why are you crying?”

Zeng Mo’er rubbed her eyes and squeezed out a smile. “I’m not crying, the wind just got in my eyes.”

“Big Sister Mo’er’s uncle is a good friend of Junior Granduncle, so Big Sister Mo’er should definitely know him. What sort of person is Junior Granduncle?” A young girl asked, curious.

Several people leaned in, also curious.

Zeng Mo’er composed herself. She fell deep into thought for a moment and then earnestly said, “In my life, he is the one that I both rejoice and regret meeting the most.”

If it weren’t for that time, could there have been something between them?

Just as this thought flashed in her mind, she immediately suppressed it into her heart. Zeng Mo’er lowered her head and revealed a bitter smile.

Time wouldn’t flow backwards. In the end, what was missed would never be recovered.

Perhaps this was the annoyingness and honesty of destiny.

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