Chapter 1215: Battle at the Star Palace (11)

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li turned his gaze and he looked at the face of the tall refined corpse. Then he looked at the man wearing Wan Tianming’s clothes before letting out a long sigh.

Apart from their stature, their faces looked entirely the same.

“Should I call you Wan Tianming or Archsaint Six Paths?” Han Li blinked and wore a grave expression.

“You figured out who I am?” ‘Wan Tianming’ coldly snorted. The movement of his body caused the six devil phantoms behind him to tremble.

“To the best of my knowledge, the Six Apex Devils Art is the greatest Devil Dao art in the Scattered Star Seas, and only you could have cultivated it to this degree. It seems you’ve somehow managed to survive during that time, but there are a few things that I don’t understand. How did you seize Wan Tianming’s body, and how did you transform into his likeness? Why does this refined corpse resemble you? Could it be an incarnation you cultivated or did you refine your own body into a corpse devil?” As Han Li slowly spoke, he regained his calm demeanor.

Archsaint Six Paths sinisterly laughed, “Why should I answer a dead man?” Soon after, his shoulders trembled and two of the six phantoms from behind him shot towards two of the refined corpses.

The two refined corpses suddenly trembled and they stiffly opened their eyes, revealing them completely stained dark green.

Archsaint Six Paths continued, chanting a cryptic and profound incantation, causing the somewhat shriveled corpses to be engulfed in grey devilish Qi.

The two corpses let out a piercing shriek and their bodies massively grew.

In the blink of an eye, their bodies expanded to fifteen meters in height as they groaned in agony.

One of the corpses had a body that was jet-black with large copper scales. It had a pair of sharp antelope horns and a long azure tail that slightly waved. The other corpse had its body covered in blood-red bone spokes. Silver light shined from its limbs as if cast from silver. Its triangular head bore a sinister appearance with four slender dark-green eyes.

After their transformation, the two refined corpses appeared completely similar to the two devil phantoms that entered their bodies. But shockingly, they now possessed a true physical form.

When Han Li saw this, his heart trembled.

Archsaint Six Paths wildly laughed, “When the Six Apex Devils Art is cultivated to its peak, it can summon the true devil sages’ soul fragments to possess a body, rendering them abilities that could rival a Deity Transformation cultivator in battle. It was only there was never a human in the mortal world that ever cultivated to that stage. Even so, the two devils I’ve summoned each possess the ability of a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. Now that you are outnumbered, do you believe that you can keep your life?” With a command of his spiritual sense, the two devils floating in front of him suddenly vanished from sight.

The space three meters in front of Han Li warped, followed by the bizarre appearance of the two devils. The horned devil shot towards Han Li’s abdomen in an azure streak at lightning speed. The spiked devil remained still as its body trembled, the sounds of explosions echoing nearby.

Dense foot-long crimson bone spikes filled the air as they shot towards Han Li in an enveloping barrage. At such a close distance, such a momentous attack could not be avoided.

It appeared Archsaint Six Paths had the same plan in mind as Han Li: to destroy their opponent in a single blow with overwhelming force.

A trace of pride and confidence was written on the Archsaint’s face. He believed that even if Han Li managed to somehow survive this flawless joint attack, he wouldn’t make it out unscathed.

But in that next moment, the old devil’s expression froze.

Just as the horned devil’s charge and the bone spike barrage was about to tear apart Han Li, the azure-white wings on Han Li’s back flapped, summoning a huge gust.

Following that, his body faded from sight.

The azure streak and the bone spikes passed through empty space.

Startled, Archsaint Six Paths quickly looked around him.

But before he could release his spiritual sense around him, azure lightning flashed from above the horned devil’s head, followed by Han Li’s reappearance. 

He wordlessly raised his hand and released an azure ruler below him where it soon blurred.

A foot-wide silver lotus suddenly appeared beneath the horned devil.

The lotus simply spun once before seven-colored Buddhist light rushed out from the lotus, holding the horned devil rigidly in place and freezing the devilish Qi in its body.

Han Li expressionlessly raised his other hand, now summoning a fan covered in three-colored flame. Before he commanded it to take any action, its fearsome spiritual power pervaded the air.

At that moment, the other devil finally noticed Han Li’s new location. It had no other thought but to attack. With a long shriek, all the bone spikes surrounding it circled in the air before shooting towards Han Li’s new location. They traveled with speed that could overtake a dragon.

In the blink of an eye, countless bone spikes arrived near Han Li.

Han Li glanced at the attack without revealing the slightest fear.

Silver light flashed in front of him. A small shield appeared where there was nothing and created a layer of dense silver light around him.

The blood spikes then arrived before the silver light.

Fist-sized explosions burst as each spike struck, creating the clatter of heavy rain. The barrier soon rippled and began to violently sway as if it were on the verge of collapse.

The might of the bone spikes was far beyond imagination. Each one possessed the power of a top-grade magic treasure.

The Tailstar Essence Shield wasn’t able to deflect the attacks.

Han Li’s expression changed from the sight of this and chanted an incantation.

A thumb-sized golden ball appeared on his forehead, glowing with light as it created a layer of golden mist around him.

This was the vajra barrier Han Li nurtured within his body.

Having refined the vajra relic inside his body for countless years, its defensive power had far overtaken that of the Tailstar Essence Shield.

When the silver barrier eventually collapsed, the rest of the bone spikes fiercely struck, sounding metal clangs as they struck the vajra barrier.

Golden light directly flashed from its surface, blocking the barrage with ease.

Meanwhile, a phoenix cry sounded from the three colored flames in his hand. A flame bird with talisman characters suddenly flew out from it and unfolded its wings as it flew down.

It was clear it was making its way to the immobilized horned devil.

Although the devil couldn't move, a fierce expression appeared from its face. It opened its mouth and spat out a white wave to meet the flame bird.

A rumbling, deafening explosion shook the air as the white wave and the bird collided.

Although the soundwave was one of the devil’s strange innate abilities, its body was trapped and it was unable to circulate its devilish Qi, greatly weakening its power. The attack couldn't hope to compare with the Triflame Fan.

The confrontation only lasted for a brief moment and the firebird exploded.

A three colored halo suddenly appeared and spread out, engulfing the white wave underneath it.

Afterward, the halo quickly grew, sweeping past the horned devil in an instant and turning it into nothing.

While the scene may be described slowly, this took place in the mere span of several breaths. As for the Archsaint, his expression greatly changed when he saw this.

How could he have expected that Han Li wouldn’t die from his two devils, but rather, he would kill one of the two he released?”

At that moment, he realized he was dealing with no ordinary grand cultivator.

A furious alarm taking over him, he didn’t dare to delay and hastily commanded his spiritual sense.

He spat out a black streak from his mouth, creating a cloud of black Qi that soon vanished.

As for the spiked devil, it let out a roar and its four eyes glinted before disappearing.

The space behind Han Li stirred and the devil stretched out its silver hands from nothing.

Crack. The two arms grew several times in size and claws burst out from its hands. They fiercely swiped at Han Li’s head and back.

Meanwhile, black light flickered at that moment, where a black octagonal skull-sized hammer appeared ten meters above Han Li’s head. Carrying sinister black Qi, it fiercely smashed down.

From its dreadful devilish Qi, one could tell it was a rarely seen devil artifact.

The Archsaint didn’t stop his attack there. With a tremble of his shoulders, the other four devil phantoms appeared again behind him. They all opened their eyes and blurred, charging at Han Li in black streaks.

After killing one of the devils, Han Li faced a united front against the Archsaint and the other devils.

Han Li let out a sigh.

Before he took any further action, azure light flickered from his body and silver light lit up closely behind him. A silhouette suddenly appeared, taking the attack of the silver devil.

Two world-shaking explosions shook the air. Within the silver flashing light, the azure silhouette remained completely still. Rather, the devil reaching out from behind was completely shaken from the impact and fell back.

Meanwhile, light flickered from above Han Li. A small azure cauldron wrapped into the air and slowly spun in place.

Then, azure thread shot out from it as its lid opened, catching the black hammer that was smashing towards him and suspending it in midair.

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