Chapter 1246: The Eight Spirit Ruler and the Weeping Soul Beast

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Even after doing all that, Han Li displayed no intention of stopping. Instead, he rubbed his hands together before raising them high into the air.

Two explosive thunderclaps erupted as two arcs of light shot forth from within his sleeves, each of which was as thick as his arm.

The two arcs of lightning converged to form a massive golden python with a diameter comparable to that of a large bowl, flying directly up into the air at an alarming speed. At the same time, Han Li opened his mouth to expel a glittering and translucent bead, which instantly transformed into a purple wyrm over 100 feet long that also threw itself into the air above.

Meanwhile, the massive silver lotus was also slowly rising up to meet the green sun.

Spiritual light suddenly flashed in the air as the green sun overhead split up into eight jade peaks again. However, four of them were already damaged and incompletely, while the other four were in perfect condition. However, as green light began to surge along the surfaces of these mountains, an incredible transformation took place. The eight mountains converged and as opposed to simply stacking on top of one another, they truly combined to form a gargantuan mountain close to 10,000 feet tall, which came crashing down without any delay. At this moment, the purple wyrm, lightning python, and silver lotus flower had also risen up to meet this colossal mountain.

Spiritual light of all types of colors exploded as lightning, glacial Qi, silver light, and green light intertwined, and the colossal mountain really did pause in its tracks.

However, the sheer size of the mountain was simply too much to handle; regardless of whether it was struck by lightning or frozen by glacial Qi, the mountain seemed to simply be able to shrug off those afflictions as it slowly continued downward. Even the massive silver lotus was unable to arrest its momentum.

Down below, Han Li narrowed his eyes as blue light flashed through his pupils. He then let loose a low cry and threw up a mouthful of blood essence.

The blood essence immediately disappeared into the center of the silver lotus flower in the sky, where it was absorbed by the green ruler.

Han Li rapidly made a series of hand seals as he began to chant an unintelligible string of incantations.

Upon hearing Han Li's chanting, Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind both looked at one another with surprise etched on their faces.

Just as the colossal mountain overhead was about to crush the silver lotus flower, eight different types of sharp cries suddenly erupted from the green wooden ruler, following which eight projection emerged, each of which was around an inch in size.

At Han Li's behest, all of these projections expanded drastically, transforming into eight spirit beast projections over 100 feet in size in the blink of an eye. All of the projections were shimmering with green light, and they appeared to be substantial creatures rather than mere projected illusions. Furthermore, each and every one of those projections was identical to one of the legendary heavenly spirit beasts. All eight of those projections combined their powers to force the colossal mountain up above to a grinding halt, forcing it to only be able to rotate on the spot, but not allowing it to descend so much as a single inch further.

Hu Qinglei's expression finally darkened upon seeing this.

Even though he didn't intend to kill Han Li, he really did want to severely wound Han Li in order to teach him a lesson. If Han Li were able to withstand his attack with such ease, then he would be squandering this opportunity.

With that in mind, Hu Qinglei appeared to have done nothing, but all of the sharp cries being emitted by the jade peaks suddenly increased in volume at his behest. Countless grey figures shot forth from those mountains, transforming into powerful apes that were each around 10 feet in length.

These apes weren't actual demon beasts, but instead projections refined by this treasure through sacrificing demon souls. As such, they were virtually unkillable and as they threw themselves down from above, even if they were sliced into countless pieces, they could resurrect themselves almost immediately from the jade peaks. Even though none of them were very powerful individually, they were still very troublesome to deal with nonetheless. However, as soon as these ape projections appeared, the Weeping Soul Beast's eyes suddenly lit up. It let loose a long cry of its own as its body began to expand drastically once again amid a swath of black light.

However, on this occasion, it only swelled to just over 100 feet in size before letting loose a violent harrumph.

Bursts of yellow light swept forth from its nostrils, transforming into several hundred streaks of yellow light that shot forth into the air.

All of the apes summoned by the jade peaks possessed abundant demonic Qi, and almost all of them were at the fifth grade or above. In fact, there were even a few that appeared to be at the pinnacle of the seventh grade. However, as soon as the streaks of yellow light swept through them, they were all immediately felled like ants, having been reduced to wisps of green light before being swept away by the yellow light.

All of those wisps of green light were then swallowed into the Weeping Soul Beast's cavernous mouth.

Hundreds of ape projections were sucked into the Weeping Soul Beast's belly in an instant. However, after engulfing all of those ape projections, it shrank once again before disappearing into a spirit beast pouch hanging from Han Li's waist as a streak of black light.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, but he was informed through his spiritual sense connection with the Weeping Soul Beast that it was going to evolve again, and that was naturally fantastic news to him.

However, not only were all of the spectating cultivators stunned by the sight of the Weeping Soul Beast devouring so many ape projections at once, even Hu Qinglei himself was rooted to the spot. Other people may have been unaware of just how powerful those ape projections were, but Hu Qinglei was the owner of the treasure that had summoned them, so he was naturally well aware of how troublesome they were. As such, he was much more astonished then everyone else was to witness this turn of events.

Meanwhile, the colossal mountain in the sky had finally been forced to a complete standstill by the combined powers of the eight spirit beast projections.

Han Li's eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked up at the mountain overhead, wondering if should use some other treasure to completely destroy this mountain.

All of a sudden, Xiang Zhili suddenly interjected, "Haha, Junior Martial Brother Han and Fellow Daoist Hu really are forces to be reckoned with. Let's end things here for now; if you two continue, I'm afraid that this will escalate into a full-blown battle."

His body swayed as he disappeared on the spot. In the next instant, he appeared between Han Li and Hu Qinglei, reaching out toward the massive green mountain with a single hand, seemingly in a casual and nonchalant gesture.

A loud boom erupted as a ghostly claw that was embroiled in black Qi abruptly appeared in the air. The ghostly claw obscured virtually the entire sky as it grabbed onto the massive mountain, lifting it over 100 feet as the claws tightened.

Han Li stirred upon seeing Xiang Zhili's ability while Hu Qinglei's expression darkened even further.

"Hmph, I didn't think that you'd already reached such a high level of proficiency in your Giant Spirit Claws, Fellow Daoist Xiang, but why are you displaying this ability now? Are you trying to exert dominance over me?" Hu Qinglei interrogated in a cold voice.

Xiang Zhili was completely unfazed by Hu Qinglei's menacing expression as he smiled nonchalantly. "My Giant Spirit Claws are merely an insignificant trick; I wouldn't dream of showing it off to you, Brother Hu. I was simply concerned that you'd get caught up into the heat of battle and forget your agreement with Junior Martial Brother Han. You said you were only going to unleash a single attack; I believe Junior Martial Brother Han has already withstood that attack, am I right?"

Hu Qinglei gritted his teeth before reluctantly replying, "Of course I wouldn't revoke my agreement with a Nascent Soul cultivator. Fellow Daoist Han has indeed satisfied my condition."He then raised a hand and waved it toward the colossal mountain.

A ringing sound immediately erupted from the mountain amid a flash of brilliant green light.

Xiang Zhili smiled and the massive claws clenched around the mountain immediately disappeared. The colossal mountain then shuddered before reverting back to eight separate mountains, each of which was around 1,000 feet tall. At the same time, the eight mountains shrank drastically before hovering over to the scroll. By then, they had already been reduced to several inches in size, and all of them disappeared into the artwork on the scroll.

The 10 remaining jade peaks hovering above Hu Qinglei's head underwent the same process, disappearing into the scroll one after another. The scroll then slowly rolled itself up again and as the green light faded, it transformed into a completely mundane-looking scroll once again.

Hu Qinglei reached out and the scroll disappeared into his sleeve as a ball of green light.

Hu Qinglei turned his gaze toward Han Li and Xiang Zhili, and a warm smile appeared on his face, as if nothing had ever happened. "Even though I've released Violet Spirit, I'll still be holding a ceremony for my other two concubines in three days. You'll be staying to attend the ceremony, won't you, Brother Xiang?"

Xiang Zhili was not surprised by this change of attitude at all, and a wide smile also appeared on his face as he replied, "Of course. I've already offered up a congratulatory present, so I definitely have to stay for a few more cups of wine."

There were countless thoughts racing through Han Li's mind, but his expression remained unchanged as replied, "Senior Martial Brother Xiang and Fellow Daoist Wind haven't left yet, so I'll naturally be staying to attend the ceremony as well."

"Haha, that's great! Let's go back to my palace and drink to our hearts' content, Fellow Daoists!" Hu Qinglei chortled heartily before flying directly toward his palace as a streak of black light.

All of the cultivators down below were still reminiscing the epic clash they had just witnessed, and they could only hurriedly follow Hu Qinglei back to the Devil Palace.

Eccentric Wind also set off to return to the palace, leaving only the stunned and elated Violet Spirit remaining behind on the ground down below.

"We should go as well, Junior Martial Brother Han. You can rest assured; Fellow Daoist Hu is a man of his word. You've satisfied his condition, so this chapter has been flipped over as far as he's concerned, and he won't look for another excuse to try and get back at you. You can stay with this girl at the Devil Palace for a few days and enjoy each other's company," Xiang Zhili chuckled before heading toward the palace himself.

A wry smile appeared on Han Li's face, and he shook his head as he slowly descended.

"Are you alright, Brother Han?" Violet Spirit immediately rushed over with concern, gratitude, and a myriad of other emotions etched on her face.

"I'm fine, just a little energy-depleted. Are you planning to leave now or after the ceremony?" Han Li asked.

"When are you planning on leaving? I'll just go with you, Brother Han," Violet Spirit replied without any hesitation.

"In that case, you'll have to stay here for a few more days; I won't be able to leave right away," Han Li sighed.

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