Chapter 1254: Dragon Scale Fruit

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

“I found the tree unintentionally in the past. From then on, I came here to pick the fruit once every ten years. In human records, the fruit is said to be wondrous. Once eaten, it would allow one to soar the skies. High-grade cultivators may see it as worthless, but it is rather delicious for those from the wyrm clan like me. But who could’ve known that the spirit fruit is beyond what the human records have described. If one eats it often, it can strengthen one’s body, granting limitless strength. However, this won’t occur without periodic consumption. Very few of these fruits exist in this world, so human cultivators weren’t able to figure this out. However, I’m quite surprised that Fellow Daoist Feng knows many secrets, including the method transport the fruit tree.” The large golden-robed man looked at the azure-robed cultivator with an odd expression.

The azure-robed cultivator calmly replied, “I merely found the ancient remains belonging to an ancient demon. The secrets of the fruit and its method of moving it was left behind on it. It also mentioned that each time a fruit was taken, it would change one’s body very slightly where one wouldn’t notice any effects. But if one were to eat one every day over a long time, one’s body would become as tyrannical as that of a true dragon. But there is no way of knowing that is true.”

“In theory it certainly is possible, but in truth, that can't happen. Even if we gathered together all of the Dragon Scale Fruit trees, there is no way for one person to eat that many of the fruit. Even a single tree is extremely previous to our wyrm clan. Actually, if it weren’t for your complete confidence in the method to transplant the fruit tree, I wouldn’t have brought you here.” The large man said with a solemn expression.

“Hehe, I admire many of the Fellow Daoists in your clan. I wouldn’t dare to deceive you. However, you’ve agreed to my...”

The azure-robed demon cultivator was Feng Xi, the grade-nine Windbreaker Beast that pursued Han Li in the past, the same one who he acquired the Thunderstorm Wings from. And that large man was the Golden Wyrm King. As of current, he didn’t appear to be in his half-dragon form from Green Spirit Island but had the appearance of a normal cultivator.

The wyrm king waved his arm, “So long as Fellow Daoist Feng’s information is correct, I won’t go back on my word. I will present several of the fruit to you.”

Feng Xi revealed joy upon hearing this and saluted him with both hands, “These fruits are greatly useful to me. I’ll have to thank you ahead of time.”

“Enough chatter. We’ll first have to see if your method will work,” the large man said calmly.

“Be at ease. If I weren’t certain, I wouldn’t dare to seek you out. This transplant method was something the ancient demon spent all his life researching. Not only is it useful for the Dragon Scale Fruit tree, but it is also useful for other spirit plants.” Feng Xi said confidently.

The large man chuckled, “I hope that is the case!”

Feng Xi smiled and said nothing else. His body flickered with azure light and flew downward.


Feng Xi couldn't help but stop the shout.

With a sullen expression, the large man said, “I still feel there is something a miss. I have a faint sensation of dread. I will use a secret technique to examine the area again to make sure there is nothing wrong.”

Feng Xi felt unhappy when he heard this, but he naturally kept quiet. He had no choice but to comply.

With that said, the large man spat out a sparkling golden pearl. With it in his hand, he placed it against his forehead and closed his eyes.

Soon after, light passed by and the light from the pearl gradually shined and strain appeared on the man’s face.

The pearl was a rare supplementary treasure that could greatly increase the power of a cultivator’s spiritual sense.

When the wyrm released his spiritual sense, it was strengthened by nearly a half. It also strengthened the range of his spiritual sense farther than before.

A short while later, the wyrm’s expression changed and he looked around him with sharp eyes. He withdrew the pearl and loudly shouted, “Who dares to sneak up on me!? Reveal yourself!”

His voice shook the air like thunder.

Feng Xi was greatly shocked to hear this and bewilderedly released his spiritual sense.

The wyrm had continued to look at a certain spot on the island with an icy expression.

“I didn’t expect your esteemed self to be in possession of such a treasure. It seems I’ve miscalculated.”

A voice spoke from where the wyrm was looking. Then, an azure streak shot forward, arriving a hundred meters away from them in the blink of an eye. Han Li calmly looked at the two.

“It’s you!”

“That youth named Li!”

The wyrm king and Feng Xi both shouted out following Han Li’s appearance, but the expressions on their faces greatly differed. Feng Xi had delight on his face, while the wyrm appeared cautious.

The large man narrowed his eyes and coldly asked, “What? Does Fellow Daoist Feng know this person?”

“Brother Jin, this is the human cultivator who killed your descendant in the past and stole away a treasure I refined. I didn’t expect him to see him again in the outer seas after so many years. This time, we cannot allow him to escape. Yi! His cultivation...” In his excitement, Feng Xi swept his spiritual sense past Han Li and his expression vastly changed to disbelief.

A golden light flashed from the large man’s eyes and he sullenly said, “Hmph, escape? Haven’t you noticed? This person took the initiative to come to us!”

“Impossible, when I last saw him, he was only a Core Formation cultivator. How has he acquired the fearsome power of a grand cultivator?”

When Feng Xi sensed Han Li’s unrestrained cultivation, his mind grew blank from shock.

“Fellow Daoist Feng spent several hundred years in secluded cultivation. It seems you haven’t heard what happened at Green Spirit Island. There is no doubt that this person is a grand cultivator. His arrival is far from good. We’ll have to deal with him carefully.” The Golden Wyrm King said through a voice transmission.

Feng Xi licked his lips and nodded without a thought.

As the two demons looked at Han Li with hostile expressions, Han Li spoke, “Originally I was only waiting for Fellow Daoist Jin. I didn’t expect the pleasant surprise of finding another old friend. It seems this trip has been well worth it.” He had his hands held behind his back and wore a cold smile after taking a look at the azure-robed demon cultivator.

The large man fiercely smiled and boldly asked, “You wished to find me? Could it be you felt that peak-grade spirit stone was too much for you to handle and you wished to hand it over to me?”

“It is still useful to me, so I’m afraid I can’t let you have it. This time, I’ve come to take your demon core. If you spit it out for me, we won’t have to fight.” Han Li’s calm words left the two demons completely stunned.

The Golden Wyrm King grinned in his fury and bellowed in savage laughter. “You want my core? You dare you to say such words in front of this king? Good, very good! If you want it, come get it!” A layer of dazzling light suddenly shined from his robes, instantly revealing glistening gold armor.

Meanwhile, a blinding light appeared from the old devil and glistening scales appeared on his cheek. A dragon’s tail appeared from the back of his body.

The demon king was sharp, quickly turning his body into a half-demon state for combat.

He flipped his hand, summoning a golden halberd in his hand, silver lightning arcing from its surface. The halberd let out a roll of thunder before blurring out of sight, appearing in front of Han Li just a moment later.

It fiercely struck while covered in lightning.

The demon king attacked immediately without another word.

Han Li’s heart trembled but he was already prepared. Without a thought, he waved the item he hid in his sleeve.

Silver light flashed in front of him followed by the strange appearance of a meter-large lotus.

The golden halberd struck the lotus at its center.

A huge eruption sounded and the silver lotus violently swayed, seven-colored Buddhist light shooting out from its center. The spear was blocked, and the light from the lotus faded, but it appeared undisturbed.

Han Li quickly formed an incantation gesture with his hands as thunder suddenly rang out from his back where a pair of azure and white wings appeared. With a gentle flap, he appeared over thirty meters away. A sneer appeared on his face as he looked at the two demons.

“The Thunderstorm Wings!” Feng Xi shouted in fury upon seeing them and his body shook. Red light flashed in his hands, summoning a pair of short axes.

He waved them, sending them off to Han Li in crimson streaks.

Han Li coldly glanced at the demon and snorted. He opened his mouth and spat out an azure mist. It contained a cauldron that was several inches large, the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

Han Li uttered the Artifact Imprint Technique in his mind and a clear ring sounded from the cauldron. Its lid flew off.

Winds tore towards Han Li as the two crimson streaks arrived above his head. They spun, just as they were about to cleave down, almost certainly about to tear him to pieces.

But Han Li simply extended his finger to the cauldron in front of him and flicked it.

Bang. A mass of azure threads shot out, filling the air with azure light and wrapping around the two crimson streaks.

Feng Xi was greatly alarmed and hastily commanded his treasures to free themselves. But despite his commands, he watched as the axes were dragged into the small cauldron and away from sight, his mental connection to them severed.

When Feng Xi saw this, he was left dumbstruck!

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