Chapter 1278: The Gold Jade School

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li looked at the two with narrow eyes.

The two clearly weren’t ordinary body refiners as demonstrated from the chilling pressure of their gaze. He did sense the two appeared to be stronger than Zhang Kui.

“Elder Brothers, I am Brother Han, who recently joined the enterprise. The mistress mentioned she wished to see me.”

The shorter of the two glanced at Han Li and said, “Ah, you are the person who cultivated the Vajra Arts to the third stage. You do appear young, but is that from taking a medicine pill to maintain your appearance?”

The words contained were actually rather rude.

“If you two feel that way, then consider it to be true.” Han Li’s heart jumped, but he maintained a smile on his face.

The larger of the two then snorted and harshly said, “I don’t believe you truly cultivated the Vajra Arts to the third layer. I’ll be testing you, don’t take offense.” With a cold glint shining from his eye, he grabbed Han Li’s wrist.

Han Li raised his brow but didn’t avoid the large man’s hand. When the man touched his wrist, he sensed the man’s fingers turn exceptionally cold and release a huge force squeezing his wrist.

Han Li wore neither a scowl or a smile, but his eyes turned sullen.

Under the man’s force, Han Li’s wrist glowed with a layer of faint golden light, but it soon disappeared. Soon, Han Li remained still and allowed the man to do as he wished.

A short moment later, the large man exerted a large portion of his strength but Han Li still remained nonchalant. Eventually, the man’s face revealed surprise, and he hesitated for a moment. But rather than letting go, he took a deep breath and shined black light from his fingers, exerting even more strength on Han Li’s wrist.

The smile Han Li wore on his face finally vanished and he snorted, giving a casual shake of his twist.

The large man suddenly felt a vibration run through his fingers as his body became numb. Then with a frightened cry, he felt a huge force travel through him as he flew into the air.

As Han Li wore an emotionless expression, the large man was flung into a stone wall nearby. Just as the man was about to have a messy impact, the other guard suddenly pounced ten meters to quickly catch him.

But just as the shorter guard caught his companion in midair, his expression vastly changed and he reached out to grab him with his other hand.

A large thump sounded, followed by two softer thuds.

Although the shorter guard was able to catch him, he staggered back eight steps and his complexion was pale.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and glanced at the shorter guard.

Even against the huge force Han Li released, the shorter guard was still able to catch his companion. The shorter guard’s body refinement technique must be the greater of the two.

The youth surnamed Luo was left stunned.

The two men at the gate were Mistress Fang’s personal bodyguards. Although they normally didn’t mingle with the cavalrymen, they possessed brilliant body refinement techniques to the point where Captain Zhang Kui held them in secret admiration. When the confident cavalrymen thought to test their skill against them, they all suffered a miserable defeat.

As for Han Li who recently joined them, he was able to turn them pale with a flick of his wrist. They weren’t able to resist in the slightest.

Was the third layer of the Vajra Arts alone able to produce this much strength?

Youth Luo’s expression wavered at the slightest.

He couldn't have known that most of Han Li’s strength actually stemmed from the many Dragon Scale Fruits he consumed over hundreds of years and Bone Tempering Art. Otherwise, even as powerful as the third layer of the Vajra Arts may be, he would only be able to produce enough strength to rival the two men. Besides, in truth, Han Li cultivated the Vajra Arts to the fourth layer.

The shorter guard circulated his inner body techniques several times before eventually swallowing his frustration. With a calmed expression, he said, “Brother Han possesses exceptional abilities. We concede defeat. Please head in.” He couldn't help but look at Han Li with a trace of respect.

As for the taller guard that Han Li tossed, his expression turned unsightly.

Han Li smiled and gave them a short salute before casually strolling in.

Youth Luo naturally didn’t have the qualifications to follow him and could only wait outside.

When Han Li saw that the main gate to the courtyard building was shut and thought to knock on it, he heard a woman’s sweet voice sound from within.

“Young Sir Han, please come in. I’ve been waiting on you for quite a while.”

Han Li blinked twice and calmly walked in, not feeling particularly surprised.

When he went in, his expression stirred.

He was surprised to see several people in the room.

In the master’s seat across from the door sat an azure-robed woman in her thirties. Her skin was fair and her beauty was still present. Behind her stood a blue-robed man that was in his mid-twenties.  He bore a strong resemblance to the woman.

Sitting across from the woman was an embroidered-robed man with a young face and grey hair. He wore an indifferent expression.

Sitting at his side was a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman.

They seemed to know what happened outside the courtyard gate and looked in Han Li’s direction when he entered.

The azure-robed woman had a trace of delight on her face and the blue-robed youth appeared curious. As for the embroidered-robed man, he was wearing a frown and the young pair simply looked surprised.

The azure-robed woman stood up and curtsied him, “Young Sir Han, I hope you don’t take offense. My bodyguards tested you on my orders. I simply wished to know if the third layer of the Vajra Arts was as fearsome as the rumors said. The technique is widely spread, but it is one of the most difficult body refining techniques to cultivate. Very few people break through to the second layer, let alone the third like you.”

Han Li casually asked with a smile, “I am already a member of your enterprise. I can’t take offense over a trifling test. Are you pleased  his by my performance?”

Although he planned on concealing himself in the Heavenly East Enterprise as an insignificant character, he didn’t mind revealing a portion of his true strength.

As of current, Mistress Fang was looking at him in a favorable light.

When she heard Han Li’s reply she sweetly smiled and said, “The third layer of the Vajra Arts far exceeded my expectations. You’ve opened my eyes. Ah yes, I should give Young Sir Han an introduction. This is my son, Pan Qing. He is cultivating Immortal techniques under the Golden Jade Sect. These three are Immortal masters, fellow sect members of my son.”

“So they were Immortal masters!” Han Li saluted them.

Although his spiritual sense couldn't leave his body, it was still quite sharp and sense their cultivation at this distance. They were all at Foundation Establishment-stage and above. However, the youth and the other young pair appeared to have achieved Foundation Establishment recently as their spiritual Qi was still quite weak. As for the embroidered-robed man, his magic power was quite dense so he should be at false core stage, the peak of Foundation Establishment.

With the abilities Han Li showed previously, they didn't dare to treat him light and returned the greeting.

The embroidered-robed man even smiled and said, “Although I haven’t cultivated body refinement techniques before, my master fought against a high-grade body refiner in the past. It is rumored that person was able to slay several grade six and seven demon beasts by himself. I originally believed them to be fanciful tales, but from what Brother Han displayed, I am convinced they are true. But from the force Han Li displayed, it shouldn’t only be a result of the Vajra Arts but his nature or divine power as well.”

This person was quite experienced to see some oddities from Han Li’s immense strength.

Of course, Han Li wasn’t about to reveal the Dragon Scale Fruit and all else. He gave a simple explanation, “Brother Qin is quite sharp. Some of my power comes from an innate nature.”

The embroidered-man nodded, feeling that most of his suspicions had disappeared.

Following that, the embroidered man said nothing else. Rather, Mistress Fang had a friendly chat with Han Li, but when she asked about his origins, Han Li gave a vague answer.

Mistress Fang didn’t pursue the matter when she saw this and instead informed him that Pan Qing and the others were to assist An Yuan City with the beast torrent on orders from their master. The upper echelons of An Yuan City had ties to the Gold Jade Sect. The sect would send out low-grade cultivators to use the beast torrent as an opportunity to make breakthroughs. The Foundation Establishment cultivators were likely sent for this reason as well.

Of course, the Gold Jade Sect wasn’t the only sect that sent disciples over to the city. There were at least a dozen more.

When the men of the Heavenly East Enterprise entered An Yuan City, they were also conscripted to fight against the beast torrent as per law. As such, Mistress Fang had Han Li act as Zhang Kui’s second in directing the guards.

When Han Li heard her, he nodded in agreement after brief consideration.

When Mistress Fang saw this, she wore a satisfied expression and had Han Li depart. According to what she said, the beast torrent could start at any time. Furthermore, it would be a grand beast torrent consisting of several types. It would be best for Han Li to rest and hone his spirit.

Han Li smiled and promptly left the room.

When the door was shut, Mistress Fang’s smile vanished and was replaced with hesitation.

The embroidered-robed man stroked his chin and asked, “What? Does Mistress Fang feel this person is a rare find and has changed her mind?” 

Mistress Fang frowned and openly expressed her thoughts, “That is so. This person is young, yet holds his current cultivation. If he were nurtured, I suspect that he will become an existence on the level of Old Fire. Otherwise, I would’ve gone with the original plan and have Zhang Kui or the Liu Brothers follow you on your journey after the beast torrent.”

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