Chapter 1349: Spatial Storm

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

The massive wyrm's body shuddered as it whipped its tail and opened its mouth to blast forth a pillar of azure light. An arc of purple lightning that was around the same thickness as a large bowl also erupted from its remaining horn. The two then combined as one before hurtling directly toward a nearby wall.

At the same time, the miniature humanoid figure laid a hand on the top of its head, and a pillar of golden light immediately erupted into the air, disappearing into the giant sword above its head.

A ringing sound erupted from the sword and not only did it further expand to around twice its size in the blink of an eye, it also began to emanate piercing golden light that was scintillating as the sun. Meanwhile, the miniature humanoid figure shrank even further after unleashing that pillar of light. However, it completely disregarded the changes taking place to its own body as it made a hand seal.

The massive sword flew forth as a streak of golden light in hot pursuit behind the azure pillar of light.

Both attacks were targeting the same spot on the wall.

A resounding boom erupted as azure and golden light exploded and intertwined with one another, forming a gargantuan ball of light that was several tens of feet in size with countless bolts of purple lightning shimmering over its surface.

The ball of light was able to slowly sink into the wall at the behest of the two Spatial Tempering cultivators, and it appeared to be unstoppable as it threatened to forcibly tear open the spatial barrier.

Both the wyrm and the miniature humanoid figure were ecstatic to see this. The wyrm called out to the man with the Weng surname, and its body regressed to its former size as it swept up the man as a streak of green light before hurtling directly toward the massive ball of light.

The man with the Weng surname took a cold glance at Han Li as he was being swept away.

At this moment, Han Li was looking on with a blank expression, yet was doing nothing to save himself.

The wyrm shot a glance at him as if he were appraising a dead man before letting loose a long roar and disappearing into the ball of light.

It wasn't afraid of Han Li also attempting to escape through the same avenue. This ball of light contained the true essential power of both itself and the miniature humanoid figure, so no one could pass through it unless they were accompanied by one of them.

The miniature humanoid figure also swept forth as a swath of golden light, sweeping up the fatso before also hurtling toward the ball of light.

Right at this moment, a dull thunderclap suddenly erupted nearby, following which a winged humanoid figure appeared amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

The humanoid figure then rustled his sleeve, and a swath of grey light surged toward the golden light.

The miniature humanoid figure felt a burst of suction force appear out of thin air, it was taken by surprise as another humanoid figure adhered himself to its body. "Seeing as you have a way out of here, I'm sure you won't mind taking me with you, right, Senior?"

The owner of the voice was none other than Han Li.

The miniature humanoid figure faltered slightly before turning its gaze toward the direction where Han Li had already been situated. There, he discovered another "Han Li" standing on the spot. The Han Li replica smiled at it before disappearing, transforming into a green talisman that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This was none other than the Spiritform Talisman that Han Li had been nurturing this entire time.

Han Li had begun hatching a plot as soon as the two Spatial Tempering cultivators sprang into action to tear through the spatial barrier here. He manifested his Spiritfrom Talisman into his own form in order to act as a decoy while he snuck closer to the ball of light surreptitiously using his Thunderstorm Wings.

Due to the fact that the Spiritform Talisman had been nurtured for several centuries and that it possessed certain properties of a tribulation avatar, the Spatial Tempering cultivators weren't able to identify that something was amiss about it, such was their hurry.

Thus, Han Li took advantage of this opportunity, using his Divine Essencefused Light to adhere himself to the miniature humanoid figure like a plaster.

"Do you want to die?!"

The miniature humanoid figure quickly recovered from its surprise and immediately realized what Han Li was trying to do. Thus, it faltered in mid-air before blasting forth countless streaks of golden light, all of which swept toward Han Li with devastating force.

However, much to its surprise, the golden light was only able to make the grey light around Han Li's body tremor violently, but was unable to puncture through it nor dispel it.

"Hehe, if your true body were here, then I naturally wouldn't be able to withstand your immense power. However, if you're just an avatar, then you won't be able to escape my Divine Essencefused Light in a short time. Do you really want to be stalled here by me, Senior?" Han Li chuckled from within the grey light. 

"You’re threatening me!"

The miniature humanoid figure erupted into a thunderous rage, yet just as it was about to unleash another attack, a shrill shriek suddenly rang out from the air above. Upon hearing this ghastly cry, Han Li's body temperature rose drastically as all of his blood surged toward the surface of his skin.

However, Han Li had already completely mastered the Vajra Arts, so his skin possessed no less fortitude than a top-grade treasure. As such, he was able to alleviate his discomfort by activating this cultivation art.

However, the miniature humanoid figure's expression changed drastically upon hearing this shriek. Even though the fatso was being protected by the golden light that it was radiating, his face still immediately turned bright red upon hearing this cry, and his body began to sway unsteadily.

"It's using the Blood Weeping Technique!"

The miniature humanoid figure hurriedly swiped a hand through the air, upon which a pillar of golden light erupted forth and injected itself into the fatso's body. Immediately thereafter, the fatso shuddered and his face returned to a more normal pallor.

At this moment, a massive bone claw suddenly extended out of one of the twisted doors of light, trying to force it open again.

The claw was as pristine white as jade and was emanating astonishing spiritual pressure. The ghastly shriek from earlier also appeared to have erupted from within that door of light.

Han Li set aside the astonishment in his heart as he asked in a remarkably calm manner, "Looks like that Jadebone Humanoid Devil will emerge soon. If the senior that just escaped from this place destroys this passageway in order to prevent the devil from escaping, then we really will perish here. Are you not concerned about that, Senior?"

The miniature humanoid figure's expression had already darkened significantly at the sight of the massive bone claw, and its expression soured even further upon hearing this.

Old Devil Ming really was cruel and decisive enough to be capable of something like this.

At this moment, another bone claw found its way out of the door of light. The two claws were clamped on either side of the door of light, and the sharp shriek suddenly cut off, only to be replaced by a thunderous roar.

It appeared that it was going to emerge at any moment.

"You made the right gamble this time, brat! I'll take you out of this place!" the miniature humanoid figure immediately agreed without any further hesitation.

Han Li was ecstatic to hear this.

The Divine Essencefused Light light around the miniature humanoid figure was eased slightly, following which brilliant golden light suddenly erupted, enveloping most of the grey light before plunging into the massive ball of light with Han Li in tow.

Han Li merely used his Divine Essencefused Light to protect himself and allowed the miniature humanoid figure to do whatever it was that it had to do.

After entering the ball of light, Han Li felt as if he had arrived in a world of scintillating light. Immediately thereafter, he was struck by a rush of dizziness, following which he abruptly appeared in the air above the mountain.

There was a massive ball of light hovering mid-air nearby. However, only half of its was visible while the other half was presumably still within the peculiar space from which they had just escaped.

The green wyrm and its disciple were situated not far away from here, and both of them were stunned to see that Han Li had also managed to escape. 

Han Li immediately spread open his Thunderstorm Wings and disappeared as an arc of azure and white lightning in the blink of an eye.

In the next instant, he appeared several hundred feet away.

For some reason, the miniature humanoid figure made no attempt to trap him and allowed him to easily open up some distance between them.

The tiny green wyrm looked on with a cold expression, and a sinister light flashed through its eyes as it prepared to attack Han Li.

However, right at this moment, a burst of harrowing spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted from within the massive semi-sphere of light. Immediately thereafter, the sound of a raging tsunami rang out as a section of the sky suddenly became crumpled like a paper ball.


"It's a spatial storm!"

Everyone present on the scene, including Han Li, were all thrown into a blind panic.

None of them had time to address any other matters as they unleashed their respective movement techniques, transforming into streaks of light that all fled in different directions.

Even though teleportation techniques were generally more effective, escaping into space within a spatial storm was nothing short of suicide!

Thankfully, all of the beings present possessed powerful cultivation bases and even though they were only using normal movement techniques, they still managed to cover a distance of several thousand feet after just a few flashes.

A muffled thump erupted as countless thin black cracks began to appear on the crumpled patch of sky. These cracks then quickly elongated, making the entire space within a distance of over 1,000 feet riddled with cracks in the blink of an eye. 

The tsunami-like rumbling and roaring then intensified as these black cracks shattered, following which bursts of liquid-like white light began to ooze forth from within in a frenzy.

A peculiar scene ensued. As soon as the white light appeared in this space, gale-force winds were swept up, drawing in everything in the nearby area. These winds were like all-engulfing monsters; anything that was caught up in these gusts of wind were either instantly shredded or disappeared in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, thunderous ghastly cries were erupting from within the gusts of wind. At this point, Han Li was already situated on the summit of a small mountain close to 10 kilometers away, assessing the situation from afar in an expressionless manner.

This spatial storm was clearly far inferior in power to the ones he'd encountered within the spatial node. Even so, Han Li definitely didn't want to be swept up in it.

Back when he was in the spatial node, it really was all thanks to the Ice Phoenix's spatial abilities that they were able to traverse through the spatial storms. Even so, most of his treasures had been destroyed and he'd almost perished in there.

Now, this spatial storm was only intensifying in ferocity, and it appeared that it wasn't going to be subsiding anytime soon.

After further contemplating the situation for a while longer, Han Li suddenly flew toward his cave abode as a flash of azure light, leaving behind everyone else.

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