Chapter 1378: Escaping Pursuit

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

The four arms blurred, punching through the mist surrounding him. Two of them flashed through the phantoms, easily blocking them with dense golden palms.

Meanwhile, the other two golden arms flicked their fingers at the two wood spirits, releasing ten golden streaks of them.

The wood spirits were alarmed, but a set of azure wood armor appeared from their bodies. They also had yellow wooden shields to protect themselves.

However, the ten swordstreaks were formed from Han Li’s Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

In a single flash, the two wood spirits were slashed apart into several pieces.

However, Han Li didn’t stop there. Of two of the summoned arms, he flicked their palms without end. They launched a dense barrage of swordlight, instantly submerging the wood spirits in golden light.

Han Li took a deep breath and caused his struck arms to tremble. A series of golden ripples strangely appeared from them.

The two stuck arms in the wood spirit’s body and the azure spear were slowly freed after touching the golden light and trembling. The wood spirit and the spear eventually scattered into azure wood fragments and disappeared.

Han Li stretched his arms and golden light suddenly withdrew from his body. The four golden arms he summoned disappeared as well.

Using the second portion of his Provenance True Devil Arts to deal with these Nascent Soul-grade wood spirits was beyond excessive.

However, he only cultivated the technique to a shallow degree and wasn’t able to use its true abilities. He still couldn't use it to face powerful enemies and could only use it to catch them off guard.

However, once he reached Spatial Tempering-stage and cultivated the third portion of the dual cultivation technique, he was confident the Provenance True Devil Art’s power will reach an inconceivable stage. It will definitely be comparable to a top-grade technique.

With that in mind, Han Li turned into an azure streak and shot away.

Along the way, Han Li was encountered by several more waves of wood tribe beings.

However, their cultivation was mostly at Nascent Soul-stage. There were even a few that were weaker.

Han Li was able to evade these wood spirits with ease. If he couldn't, he quickly dealt with them as he couldn't afford to tangle with them for long.

However, despite his mad rush, he eventually came across a large problem half a day later.

He encountered two wood spirits with purple belts. One was tall and sturdy while the other was slender. They appeared to be a man and a woman.

Behind the two were four wood ape beasts that were twenty meters tall. They had silver fur and large yellow rods in hand.

The four wood apes had bright eyes and looked at Han Li with intelligence, giving Han Li the impression that they were dangerous. In fact, Han Li felt about the same threat from them as the two wood spirits.

These purple grade wood spirits were equivalent to Deity Transformation-stage cultivators and wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Now that Han Li is at the edge of the Black Leaves Forest, he wanted to immediately leave and avoid any battles. However, the wood spirits and apes were looking at him with an air of hostility, and Han Li’s face turned ice cold.

Suddenly, he slapped the back of his head. A large wave of grey light suddenly soared to the sky, circling once before turning into a grey ring at least a hundred meters wide. It whirled once in the air and attracted the attention of his opponents.

Meanwhile, his other sleeve stirred as he silently summoned seventy-two small swords and sent them off in every direction.

He first planned on using the Divine Essensefused Light to occupy them. Then, the Aureate Sword Formation would exterminate them.


Meanwhile, Xiao Hong was floating in midair with a pale complexion. She was staring at several green blurs that appeared.

The three were wood spirits that wore purple belts!


Off in a different direction, Long Dong’s golden light continued to fly. A pure golden wood ape was carrying a huge black axe chasing after him. Rainbow light continued to wander around its body as it chased after him like a shooting star.

Most of the five-clawed golden dragon phantom had already dispersed. However, when he looked at the ferocious gold-furred wood ape chasing after him, he showed no intention of fighting him and continued to rush forward.

In a few hundred kilometers, he would soon arrive at the edge of the forest.


A white streak let out a piercing whistle as it tore through the air. A few kilometers behind her, a silver light closely chased after her. The two streaks intermittently flashed and they soon arrived several kilometers away.

The white streak hadn’t been able to shake off the silver light and the silver light wasn’t able to catch up to the white streak.

The two lights continued to flutter as they rushed out of the forest and into the distance.


As Han Li floated in the air, he saw the countless golden threads from the sword formation condense in a ball. Eventually, it reached the last of the silver-haired wood apes and easily tore it into pieces. He then let out a sigh and held his hands together in a spell gesture. He uttered, “Withdraw.”

Several hundred golden lights suddenly appeared from the air and let out a clear ring. In a bright flash, they returned to their forms as seventy-two small swords.

The sword quickly spun around him and quickly shot into his sleeve.

Then with a tremble of his sleeve, the swords vanished.

At the very heart of where the sword formation used to be, there was a mist of blood that had yet to disperse.

Han Li blinked. The genuine Aureate Sword Formation formed with the seventy-two swords were far more deadly than he anticipated. In a moment of surprise, he trapped the two purple-grade wood spirits and four troublesome silver wood apes. The sword formation released golden threads that easily slew them without the slightest resistance.

When he recalled Long Dong mention Qing Yuanzi, a Spatial Tempering cultivator, was able to use a grand sword formation to block a Body Integration-stage cultivator, it appeared he was telling the truth.

With that in mind, he didn’t stay there for any longer. With the flying swords put away, he quickly headed off to the edge of the forest.

An hour later, Han Li finally arrived at the edge.

When he was fifty kilometers outside the forest, he immediately placed a High Zenith Invisibility Talisman on his body.

Suddenly, his body turned to void.

When he saw this, he let out a massive sigh of relief. Afterwards, he suddenly changed direction.

Not long after he departed, two yellow streaks arrived from behind him. Their light disappeared to reveal two wood spirits wearing yellow orange belts.

The two were the wood spirits that originally accompanied the silver-tier wood spirit. The white-robed woman had used a high-grade technique to trap them.

They circled the location where Han Li originally stopped and whispered to one another. After finally making sure there were no further tracks of Han Li, they could only resentfully return.

Han Li couldn't have known that his careful actions had allowed him to escape calamity.

Otherwise, two Spatial Tempering-grade orange belt wood spirits would’ve started pursuing him. It would’ve been impossible for him to safely escape them.

After flying for myriad more kilometers, Han Li became certain that he had escaped the wood tribe’s pursuit and he pinched his hands together. Suddenly, talisman characters flashed from his body and his body returned to normal. At that same time, a ball of spiritual light flew off from his body and turned into the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman.

He waved the talisman between two of his fingers and made it vanish.

Then, he carefully looked around him before carefully landing on a small mountain. He began to ponder with a sullen face.

At that moment, he felt rather gloomy.

The wood tribe beings destroyed the jade slip in a moment of surprise. Could it be he had failed the mission? In that case, he wouldn’t be able to acquire his needed Earth Cleansing Pills. Wouldn’t he need to return to Deep Heaven City?

No! Whoever suddenly restrained the silver-tier wood spirit was clearly the spy the humans and demons had placed in the wood tribe. In that case, the jade slip might’ve not been genuine. Perhaps information on the wood tribe is still on their body. So long as he finds this person, the mission will be complete.

With that, he suddenly sensed a glimmer of hope.

He seems he would have to find the white-robed young woman. Now, how would he find her?

Han Li’s face stirred and a strange smile appeared on his face.

His sleeve trembled and a transparent ball shot out. It circled him and turned into a palm-sized leopard.

It was the Leopard Kirin Beast.

The beast glanced at Han Li with its adorable green eyes and let out a soft purr.

Without speaking, a light flashed from his hand and he summoned an azure spell plate. He chanted a few words and he swiped the plate through the air.

Suddenly, a pea-sized white light flew out from the plate. It floated half a foot high from the plate and silently kept still.

Han Li whistled and waved his hand at the small beast.

The Leopard Kirin yawned and remained still as if it were lazy.

Han Li was dumbfounded. On the way to the wood forest, he let the beast mingle with the Weeping Soul beast for a few days. Could it be that it adopted the Weeping Soul Beast’s sleepy nature?

However, now was not the time to bother with this. He stroked his hand past his storage bracelet and took out a small green bottle. He poured out a scarlet medicine pill and tossed it at the leopard.

The lethargic leopard kirin immediately felt its spirit roused and it left an afterimage as it pounced into the air and swallowed the medicine pill. It wagged its tail as it purred and fawned over Han Li as if to get another.

Without speaking, Han Li pointed at the spell plate’s white light.

Without needing to speak, he passed over his thoughts to the beast through spiritual sense.

The small beast stirred without any further hesitation. In a moment, it strangely appeared on top of the spell plate and looked at the white dot several times. It tilted its head and then swallowed it.

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