Chapter 1392: Third Refinement of the Thunderstorm Wings

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li didn’t immediately stand up. Rather, he started to mutter to himself inside the hidden room.

Not long after, he shook his sleeve and summoned an azure ring in his palm.

It was the storage bracelet of the Black Phoenix Clan’s Xiao Hong.

Although he suppressed her with the Divine Essensefused Mountain and spared her life, her storage bracelet was another story.

It could be considered the price for sparing her life.

As a demon cultivator and direct descendant of her clan, Han Li was very interested in what lay inside the storage bracelet.

With a brief look at the bracelet with his spiritual sense, his face lit up in joy.

It possessed many rare treasures.

First off, demon beast materials occupied nearly half of the storage bracelet with most of them rarely seen on the market. As a member of one of the seven great demon clans, she should have a far easier time gathering materials compared to humans. He was also overjoyed to find eight various-colored top-grade spirit stones shining in the corner.

Although this was the spirit realm, top-grade spirit stones weren’t nearly as precious as one might imagine in the mortal realm. However, they weren’t easily acquired either. Top-grade spirit stones were held in small number by high-grade cultivators, but never in large numbers.

In particular, one of the white spirit stones was a rarely seen wind-attribute spirit stone, much to Han Li’s delight.

Ever since he entered Deep Heaven City, he always wanted to acquire one.

In addition to this, there were also magic tools and various ancient treasures that didn’t catch Han Li’s eyes. These items couldn't compare to his Divine Essensefused Mountain and his Heavenvoid Cauldron.

Perhaps Xiao Hong didn’t care much for these treasures also; otherwise, she would’ve taken them out in battle.

Additionally, there was a small collection of medicine bottles in the bracelet that piqued his interest.

When he took them out in his hand, he began to identify them. Most of them were healing medicines with a few of them being cultivation advancement medicine and rare pill refinement materials.

One of the wooden boxes even contained a Zoysia Dragon Fruit.

Han Li bluntly took that out and put it safely away.

Then, he came across an odd silver bottle that was engraved with a black fire phoenix.

A sparkling golden restriction talisman was sealing it.

When Han Li saw this, his mind trembled.

He tore the talisman off and opened its lid.

Several pops later, three thumb-sized black medicine pills flew out from it and circled once in the air. They promptly turned into three nimble black flame phoenixes and flew off in different directions.


Han Li yelped in surprise. Nevertheless, he reacted immediately. A grey mist of light flew out and swept up the three phoenixes.

In the grey light, the phoenixes slowly revolved in the air. Light flashed and turned into three jet-black medicine pills.

The grey mist folded and withdrew, dropping the three phoenixes into Han Li’s palm back in the form of medicine pills.

Han Li picked up one of the pills with two fingers and brought it close to his eye.

As medicine pills that can transform and fly, they were definitely valuable.

As Han Li’s expression turned grave, his mind was filled with various legends regarding medicine pills.

“Black Flame Pills!”

From the pill’s provoking appearance, Han Li’s eyes flickered and he immediately recognized them. His face lit up in ecstasy.

In the entire world, only the Black Phoenix Clan can refine these pills by using their personal flames. Even pill refinement masters aren’t able to duplicate them.

Refining these pills requires them to absorb the life flames of a Black Phoenix in addition to other mysterious materials. That is to say, even the Black Phoenix Clan can’t produce many of them. A clan member must be at Deity Transformation-stage or above, and even then, they can only refine a single pill every thousand years.

With high-grade Black Phoenix cultivators rarely seen, the Black Flame Pills are as previous as one might imagine. The pills are prized among humans and demons. The most important reason is that they are an optimal supplementary medicine pill for breaking the bottleneck to the Spatial Tempering stage.

Now that he had three of these pills, his odds of breaking through to Spatial Tempering increased by twenty percent. This left Han Li overjoyed.

After some more careful examination and verifying the identity of the Black Flame Pills, Han Li suppressed his excitement, returned the medicine pills to the bottle, and sealed it with talisman before carefully putting it away.

The most important point of breaking through to Spatial Tempering was unifying the five elements in his body into one. After cultivating the Divine Essensefused Light, he didn’t need to put much more consideration into that.

And with the three Black Flame Pills, he could search for more medicine and secret techniques to increase his odds of breaking through. His hopes of breaking through now greatly increased.

But now, his main goal would be to quickly cultivate to late-Deity Transformation stage. By using a large number of medicine pills, it’d only be a matter of time before he broke through the bottleneck of the mid-Deity Transformation stage.

What was most troublesome would be that his original medicine pills would lose efficacy after he entered late-Deity Transformation stage. He would need higher-grade pills in order to further progress.

While there were medicine pills effective for late-stage cultivators, they weren’t large in number. The most famous of them was the True Toad Liquid. In fact, the reason why he risked taking this mission was largely related to the spirit toad it required.

After some thought, Han Li suddenly recalled the mysterious guest that knocked on his door before he left Deep Heaven City and narrowed his eyes.

If it truly went as smoothly as that person proposed, he could obtain much True Toad Liquid. Although he couldn't use the green liquid to produce the medicine limitlessly, it would be enough for him to cultivate for some time.

Having carefully remembered the promises of his visitors, Han Li felt there were no other problems and let out a long sigh before tossing the matter to the back of his mind. With a single hand, he swept his hand past the storage bracelet and took another extremely important gain.

It was a sparkling rainbow feather. It was the Rainbow Phoenix Feather acquired by the two women of the Ye Clan.

Han Li lightly stroked the feather and the air shined with rainbow light, nearly submerging the entire room with it.

Han Li’s heart stirred.

It was worthy of its reputation as the life feather of a True Spirit grade heavenly phoenix. With only the feather, it released an aura above any mystical bird found in the mortal realm.

Han Li stared at the feather and his vision flickered. He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out azure-white lightning.

A soft roll of thunder sounded. Sparks of light shifted several times, condensing into a pair of azure-white wings that were several inches large.

Han Li waved his hand at them and the miniature Thunderstorm Wings landed in his hand.

He swept his gaze past it and frowned.

There were a pair of slender holes in each of the wings.

They were from when the giant wood spirit used its fingernails to pierce through the wings.

Han Li’s frown then faded away.

He further examined the Thunderstorm Wings once through and concluded the damage would be easily fixed.

According to what the Soaring Sky Beast’s incarnation said, the so-called Thunderstorm Wings were originally formed from Kun Peng feathers and couldn't truly become a spirit treasure, because he couldn't activate the wind-attribute worldly laws contained in the Kun Peng feather. It also required a wind-attribute top-grade spirit stone.

That was the reason why he was originally looking for a top-grade wind-attributed spirit stone.

Now that he obtained a Heavenly Phoenix Feather, a true spirit material, his original plans had changed. He could add the feather into the Thunderstorm Wings.

The Heavenly Phoenix Feather was different from the Kun Peng feather. The heavenly laws it contained were awe-inspiring spatial abilities. If the feather's laws could be refined in the Thunderstorm Wings, its power would be as one imagined.

The next time he came across a fearsome existence like the Silver Tier Wood Spirit, he would have no need to receive its attacks and could easily escape.

Han Li fiddled with the wings and feather as he pondered.

Fortunately, he already had the experience of refining the Kun Peng feather into the Thunderstorm Wings. Otherwise, he truly wouldn’t have known what to do.

Having come to that conclusion, Han Li took out six top-grade spirit stones from his storage bracelet.

Five of them represented each of the five elements and he added a sixth, the wind-attributed spirit stone.

With his current abilities, he no longer needed earthfire or the like.

He opened his mouth and spat out a ball of silver flame. It roiled and gathered into a huge furnace roiling with silver flames.

He tossed the Thunderstorm wings into the furnace and pointed at the wind-attributed spirit stone.

Winds rustled as the spirit stone and winds disappeared into the furnace.

Han Li swept his sleeve at the ground, released an azure mist, producing a large pile of materials and bottles.

They were the supplementary materials needed to refine the wings.

Luckily, the matter of refining the wings had always been on his mind so he gathered the needed ingredients over time.

Han Li tossed a bottle of quicksilver-like liquid into the furnace and began to mutter as he struck the furnace with a chain of different spell seals.

After ten entire days passed, the room was filled with Han Li’s hearty laughter.

He stood at the heart of the room and held a pair of see-through crystalline wings.

The wings shimmered with azure light and a rainbow mist covered it, but it was also clear as water. They could hardly be seen in Han Li’s grasp as if they were an illusion.

Han Li already tested its might and it had truly advanced to the level of a spirit treasure. It was marvelous far beyond what he imagined.

This came as no surprise. Whether it be the Kun Peng feather or the Heavenly Phoenix Feather, so long as he could activate its abilities after refinement, refining it into a Divine Spirit Treasure was no problem.

Having transformed a treasure twice, Han Li created something with power that greatly satisfied him.

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