Chapter 1399: The Yaksha King

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Senior Zhu’s face turned pale. He wasn’t able to see through the cultivation of the golden-eyed Yaksha, but with a trace of hope in his heart, he asked, “The Yaksha Tribe! Our species have yet to fight. There was no reason to disturb our treasure hunt. What is the reason for surrounding us?” 


The order came from the strongest of the hundred Yakshas, a woman that gave Senior Zhu an enchanting smile. However, her voice was unmistakably icy. 

The surrounding Yakshas immediately brandished their huge axes and blades, launching fierce streaks of light from every direction towards the surrounded cultivators.

The situation was similar to how the human cultivators had launched full-scale attacks on the Black Blood Ants earlier, but with the positions reversed.

Although there was a large difference in numbers and powers between the humans and the foreign beings, Senior Zhu and the cultivators weren't about to succumb at the first blow. In their terror, the cultivators released their strongest treasures, blocking the barrage of attacks with their utmost power, causing a clash of rainbow lights. Among the cultivators, there where many that used evasion and concealment techniques to directly blur through space as they attempted to flee.

In furious alarm, Senior Zhu blurred and arrived at the beautiful woman’s side. The two clasped palms and blue-red light flickered from either of them. They then spat out a small flag.

The two small flags were densely covered in unknown talisman characters. As soon as the flags appeared, they glared with light and fused into one, creating a red-blue barrier that enveloped them both.

At that moment, the blade streaks swept through the air, wildly slashing at the barrier and leaving white marks.

In huge rumbling explosions, the streaks ruptured largely.

The human cultivators forcefully blocked the attacks for a moment with their various techniques and treasures, but soon, the attacks pierced through and completely submerged them.

Miserable screams shouted in succession after the explosions.

But several huge bladelights ceased attacking the group of cultivators. Instead, they shifted directions to the space far away.

White arcs strangely cross the air and crimson light lit up through the air. Several split corpses then appeared and fell.

These concealed cultivators weren’t able to escape the attention of the Yakshas and were easily killed.

At that moment, the light that the cultivators amassed turned dim.

What were originally over ten cultivators were reduced to a sparse six. Among them included the two Spatial Tempering cultivators.

Their protective treasure was truly powerful. It was able to block the combined attacks of the Yakshas. As for the others they had turned to ash.

Regardless of whether it was the Spatial Tempering cultivators’ huge flag, or the other cultivators’ several treasures, their light had turned dim with small cracks appearing on several of them.

It was clear these treasures were damaged and couldn't sustain another barrage.

But having survived the Yakshas’ initial attack, they weren’t about to sit still and accept death.

Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman pointed at the huge flag in front of them.

It spun as it turned back into two and brightly glowed. It released huge trembles before rupturing simultaneously.

A red and a blue wind appeared and soared to the sky in the blink of an eye.

Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman blurred, turning into two streaks of light as they fused with the two gales that appeared. Afterwards, they activated their techniques turning the two gales into a kilometer tall tornado. Thunder rang through the air as it overbearingly charged through the sky.

When the Yakshas blocking their way saw the frightening power of the storm, they were thrown into disarray, even with their violent cruel nature.

The remaining humans were delighted when they saw this and they took advantage of this opportunity to chase after the storm.

The other cultivators clearly understood that unless they took this last lifeline, their lives would be forfeit.

Wherever the blue-red tornado brushed past, the nearby space would become blurred and twisted, a clear sign of its might. When the storm charged towards the group of Yakshas, two huge black shadows appeared above the tornado. Before the other cultivators realized what was going on, four explosions sounded. Four waves of a huge invisible force struck the top of the storm.

The tornado trembled and was forcefully blocked in its original location.

Originally, there were a couple of two-hundred-meter-tall Yakshas that had remained suspended in the air. They had blurred and strangely appeared at both sides of the tornado. Their building-sized fists smashed down with immense force and block the tornado in its path.

Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman were greatly alarmed. Without another thought, they immediately utilized the entirety of this magic power. The blue-red tornado trembled and increased by nearly half its size in an attempt to force their way through.

However, the two giant Yakshas were like mountains. Red light flashed through both their eyes as their arms blurred and bodies blurred.

Countless afterimages blurred at the giant fists pummeled either side of the tornado. In a short moment, the tornado was thoroughly suppressed by the barrage of attacks.

When the nearby cultivators saw this, they were aghast and scattered, fleeing in every direction.

At that moment, the sound of splitting air sounded from the air around them as countless blade streaks whistled.

The hundred Yakshas surrounding the cultivators released their second wave of attacks.

Not only did the remaining cultivators wear expressions of terror, but Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman had bloodlessly pale complexions.

A huge world-shaking eruption sounded filling up the entire area.


Deep underground, Han Li was wrapped in flickering grey light as he quickly fled.

Strangely enough, there was silver-grey light that lit up his surroundings and continuously rubbed against his protective light, creating sparks of friction.

Han Li wore an extremely grave expression.

Although he didn't emerge from the ground like the other cultivators, he had recently heard a huge explosion from above ground. Even as deep under as he was, he still sensed the vibrations. Its fearsome power was clear to see.

Could it be that the other cultivators were completely exterminated?

Han Li felt his heart tremble.

When the underground cave had collapsed entirely along with the mountain, the cultivators were in the middle of the spirit magnet vein and didn’t dare to flee through the earth. They could only rise to the ground. But Han Li with his Divine Essensefused Light, he was able to restrain the five elements and many of the world’s magnetic restrictions. As such, he took the risk of fleeing underground.

In addition, when the mountain collapsed, his immense spiritual sense also detected very powerful foreign beings above them and he didn’t dare to delay. He immediately covered himself in the Essensefused Light and he dived underground.

But after a short moment underground, the injured Blue-eyed True Toads emerged from their underground cave, right towards Han Li.

With such a fortunate matter knocking on his door, he didn’t allow them to pass him by. With no regard for his magic power, he released many of his abilities and exterminated the True Toads. He then recovered their bodies and head on his way.

As for the Thousand Heart Flowers that Senior Zhu was looking for, he didn’t have the time to look for them.

The spirit magnet vein was far more fearsome that Han Li anticipated, but his Divine Essensefused Light was nothing to scoff at either. By using the power of the Divine Essensefused Mountain, he was able to forcefully protect himself and block the huge attractive force deep in the mountain.

Although the foreign tribes were powerful, they wouldn’t dare to chase him into the earth as they would be in range of the spirit magnet vein.

After some thought, Han Li felt relieved.

It was a pity that he couldn't use his spiritual sense to scout for him as the spirit magnet vein blocked it, or else he would feel even more assured.

As Han Li thoughts whirled through his head, he eventually traveled thousands of kilometers underground and found that the silver light surrounding him began to grow dim.

The silver light eventually disappeared and Han Li’s expression stirred. Feeling more at ease, he swept his spiritual sense above ground.

There was an unfamiliar valley above him surrounded by three mountains and had only once entrance. It was dense with foliage and didn’t have anything out of the ordinary. He could sense the aura of foreign beings of huge ancient beasts.

Han Li repeatedly swept his spiritual sense several times before finally feeling at ease. He then tunneled up in an azure streak.

When his surroundings lit up, he withdrew his flight light and floated a hundred meters in the air.

When Han Li swept his gaze around and his sights focused on a nearby area, he felt a cold chill shake his body and hold him in place.

Above a huge tree three hundred meters away, there were two tall devilish Yakshas. They stood there looking in different directions.

The two Yakshas had a pair of huge wings and they were over thirty meters tall. When they glanced at Han Li, they appeared greatly surprised.

But what left Han Li dumbstruck wasn’t that he saw the two Yakshas, but that he wasn’t able to sense their aura in the slightest. When his spiritual sense swept past them, he hadn’t detected them in the slightest. It was as if nothing was there.

Han Li clearly realized what this meant.

The two Yakshas possessed cultivation far beyond his own. They were likely the so-called Yaksha kings.

As such, he couldn't help but hold his breath.

As Han Li inwardly cursed, the two Yakshas had yet to take any action. They simply looked at an area a kilometer away. A light flashed and another rainbow light shot out of the ground. There was another cultivator that appeared.

Han Li was stunned when he saw this.

The light that emerged from the ground was a dainty woman on top of a rainbow jade boat. She was Lady Xiao.

When she saw Han Li, her expression lit up and thought to call out to him. But when she saw the two motionless Yakshas, her complexion paled.

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