Chapter 1473: Lightningwield Technique

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Six days later, Han Li emerged from seclusion.

Although he wore a tired face, he couldn't help but show a trace of joy.

Over the past few days of talisman refinement, he succeeded greatly.

As today wasn’t the day Mu Qing would be teaching him lightning control techniques, Han Li decided to take a walk and relax.

After all, he would be in his best state when he was properly rested.

Mu Qing’s cave wasn’t as small as the Bloodflame Palace. Han Li had to tread through the garden in front of his room before making his way to other areas of the cave.

An hour later, Han Li appeared in front of a gate. He looked at the endlessly flickering green light on the gate and couldn't help but lower his head and mutter to himself.

He’s already walked through most of the cave several times.

But there were some areas that were placed under restrictions and were kept concealed.

There were two areas in particular that were placed under heavy restrictions that caused Han Li to feel in awe of them, piquing his curiosity as a result.

One of the areas was a side courtyard named the Jade Song Garden. 

After sensing the traces of the pure wood spiritual Qi leaking out of the dense restrictions, he guessed it was most likely a medicinal garden.

What medicines and spirit fruits would be viewed so importantly by a Body Integration-grade demon monarch?

As Han Li thought this, his curiosity grew even greater.

But when he thought of the casual warning Mu Qing gave him, Han Li wryly smiled in his mind and gave up on investigating these places.

Given their harsh restrictions, Mu Qing would definitely pay close attention to these areas.

Although it seemed there was no one nearby, it was likely he was already being observed, so he definitely couldn't do anything out of the ordinary.

Han Li inwardly shook his head and held his hands behind his backs as he walked forward.

Before he made it to the outside, he already walked for two hours. Then, he returned to his 


In the following year, Han Li spent his days uneventfully.

Perhaps due to being superbly talented with the Dao of Lightning, he didn’t find his lessons with Mu Qing on controlling lightning very difficult.

In a short amount of time, Han Li had a good grasp of the technique and only needed to practice.

Mu Qing was happy to see this. When two years passed, Liu Zu and the others were issued an invitation to gather at the Wood Spirit Hall.

Three days later, Han Li arrived in the hall, facing the several demon monarchs.

This time, Yuan Yao and the beautiful women weren’t present. This left Han Li somewhat disappointed as it proved some of his impressions false.

Di Xue’s two crimson-robed men gathered there as well.

The white-haired beauty wore an expression of doubt and said with a surprised tone, “What? Has Fellow Daoist Han already grasped the lightningwield technique with his Divine Devilbane Lightning? Little Sister Mu, are you telling the truth?”

At that moment, she was the only one sitting at the side of the hall.

Mu Qing chuckled within the black light and said, “I wouldn’t lie about something this important. To tell the truth, I was also shocked by how quickly Han Li grasped the most important part of the lightning control method, the lightningwield technique. It was then I realized that Fellow Daoist Han used Golden Lightning Bamboo to forge his personal magic treasures. As such, it is no wonder he was able to quickly control the Divine Devilbane Lightning.”

“He used Golden Lightning Bamboo as his personal magic treasure?” The white-haired woman turned to look at Han Li and deeply said, “Fellow Daoist Han, you’re awfully courageous. Could it be you didn’t know how easily the divine lightning can backlash? It is a miracle you’re still alive today.”

Han Li was startled when he heard this, “Divine lightning backlash? I’ve never heard of that before? Could Senior tell me about it?”

“Did Little Sister Mu not tell you about it?” the white-haired woman asked with a frown.

Mu Qing casually answered, “I’ve already looked into it. Fellow Daoist Han is deeply fortunate. The Divine Devilbane Lightning he controls is incredibly stable and shows no signs of backlash. As such, I hadn’t mentioned the matter.”

“Hmph, those are only your words. I’ve yet to see it for myself!” The white-haired woman said with a cold tone and examined Han Li once more.

Mu Qing smiled and thought to say something else when Liu Zu suddenly said, “Enough rubbish. We were invited here by Fairy Mu, but not to idly chat. We’ll have to personally see if Fellow Daoist Han truly learned the lightningwield technique.”

Liu Zu’s words were calm and emotionless. However, when Mu Qing and the white-haired woman heard this, their hearts trembled. 

The one of the two blood-robed smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Han, since you’ve learned the offering technique for the Divine Devilbane Lightning, please present it to us.”

When he heard the two, he forced down his puzzlement over the mention of this backlash and bowed, “Seniors, I will immediately follow your command. It’s only that the technique is very powerful, this place...”

When Han Li said that, he looked around him.

“Fellow Daoist Han, our Wood Spirit Hall has some restrictions in place, but it won’t be able to bear the true might of the Divine Devilbane Lightning. Let’s head outside.” Mu Qing nodded and went out first. 

When the other demon monarchs saw this, they exchanged a glance and followed after them. 

The demon guards standing at the hall gates were stunned to see so many demon monarchs present.

Naturally, none of them dared to speak.

A short moment later, the party arrived in an empty area in front of Wood Spirit Hall and focused their sights on Han Li.

Han Li wryly laughed in his mind when the many high-grade existences looked at him. But with a calm face, azure light flashed from his body and he shot up sixty meters in the air where he floated motionlessly.

He formed an incantation gesture with his hands and loud explosions sounded as countless golden sparks leaped out and wrapped around his body.

The golden sparks gradually turned dense and began to wildly spread in every direction.

In a short moment, under the immense light, a huge net of lightning began to gradually condense.

At that same moment, as Han Li formed an incantation gesture, strange golden talisman characters began to rush out from his hands and repeatedly vanish into the surrounding lightning.

As the talisman characters entered the dense net of lightning, the net seemed to silently disappear like a popped bubble, turning into a glowing golden halo that was ten meters wide.

Within the halo, Han Li’s image became vague, but his voice spoke as it chanted a cryptic incantation.

As the golden halo began to turn, the golden talisman characters roiled without end. Furthermore, a faint buzzing sounded from it, growing louder and more frequent as time passed.

Suddenly, thunder clapped.

For an instant, golden light brightly shined within the halo, only to disappear in the next.

Han Li’s image reappeared with one hand forming an incantation gesture. He spread out his other hand above him, seemingly holding up a fist-sized orb a foot above in the air.

The orb appeared unremarkable apart from the uneven talisman markings on its surface. It also shined with a dim light and didn’t emit a spiritual pressure as if it were a mundane object.

When the demon monarchs saw this, they watched with wonder.

At that moment, Han Li wore a solemn face and flicked in the direction of the golden orb with a single finger.

Zap. The golden orb shot into the sky in a golden streak.

With a few blinks, it vanished from sight.

At nearly the same moment, a zap sounded from his other hand. In a flicker of lightning, a massive golden talisman character shot high into the air.

A rumble sounded.

The nearby sky was suddenly swept up in a windstorm and dark clouds formed up above where a golden sun can be faintly seen. An astonishing aura capable of worldly destruction suddenly burst out from the golden sun.

Countless arcs of electricity wildly flashed from the surface of the sun, followed by a repeated chain of deafening thunder.

When the others saw this, their expressions changed.

Liu Zu called out, “Stop! Cease your casting. There is no need to release the true power of the Divine Devilbane Lightning.”

When Han Li heard this, he could only force a smile and say, “You were a bit too late. My control over the technique is still lacking. I cannot stop it.”

With those short words, the golden sun repeatedly boomed with thunder and blinked, suddenly releasing a barrel-sized golden light beam downward.

Fortunately, the attack landed in an empty area.

The area the beam struck was a stone area reinforced with restrictions. But now, the area had turned to ash and there was a ten-meter-wide black hole heading deep down.

The golden beam had only lasted the span of several breaths. Following that, the golden sun had strangely vanished.

After releasing this strike, Han Li’s face turned pale and he gently drifted down with his wings.

At that moment, the black clouds scattered and the sky returned to normal.

With a blur, one of the crimson-robed men and the white-haired woman appeared at the large hole and they looked downward.

They only saw an endless black along with the smell of scorched earth.

With an odd expression, the white-haired woman muttered, “It really is the lightningwield technique. The fearsomeness of the Divine Devilbane Lightning is as legend says! We can neither block this attack nor dare to receive it.”

The crimson-robed man was shifting his gaze as he looked at the whole as if lost in thought. Liu Zu and Mu Qing remained in their original places.

The two glanced at each other, clearly knowing how powerful Han Li’s lightningwield technique was. Mu Qing had already seen Han Li use it several times and was no longer excited by its appearance.

Mu Qing smiled and said, “Fellow Daoists, I hope Fellow Daoist Han’s display was to your satisfaction.

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