Chapter 1636: Mountain True Spirit

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Brilliant purple light erupted from the devilish ape's body, instantly fortifying the purple light barrier and making it around twice as thick as before. At the same time, it completely ignored the giant azure hand as it hurriedly raised its massive sword above its head to act as a shield.

In the next instant, the golden pillar of light struck the giant sword amid a resounding thunderclap, and the sword shuddered as countless arcs of lightning dispersed like cobwebs.

The devilish ape felt an immense weight crash down onto its hands, as if a giant mountain had crashed down onto its sword, and even it was struggling to withstand this enormous weight, despite its incredible strength.

The Divine Devilbane Lightning enhanced by the Lightningwield Technique was far more powerful than it had anticipated, and there seemed to be no end to the pillar of golden lightning crashing down from above, thereby placing it in an extremely bothersome situation.

The devilish beast was extremely stunned by the power of Han Li's attack, and it abruptly drew in a sharp breath. A ball of black and red Qi then surged forth from its dantian before dispersing through its meridians.

A string of explosive cracks and pops then rang out from all over the devilish ape's body, and it swelled drastically in size. At the same time, its arms also became noticeably thicker following a flash of black and red spiritual light.

The giant purple sword that it was barely able to hold onto was immediately stabilized as a result, yet the grim expression on the devilish ape's face indicated that it was only just able to hold on.

Right at this moment, the giant azure hand that had emerged from the ground came crashing down, threatening to crush half of the ape's body beneath it.

However, the devilish ape paid no heed toward it. On one hand, it had its suit of purple armor to protect itself, so an attack manifested from a mere illusion certainly wasn't going to be able to harm it. On the other hand, it really had no spare capacity to do anything else as it was focusing entirely on withstanding the threat of the Divine Devilbane Lightning.

At present, it was gnashing its fangs together as it relentlessly circulated devilish Qi within its body, and all it wanted to do was withstand this Divine Devilbane Lightning first.

The devilish ape knew that the Lightningwield Technique was extremely powerful, to the extent that it would've been susceptible to the technique even at the height of its powers. However, the technique was also quite troublesome to unleash, so as long as it could endure this round of attacks, there definitely wouldn't be a second round.

However, in the instant that the massive azure hand came into the contact with the purple light barrier, the devilish ape didn't actually adopt no defensive measures against it. The light barrier swayed and manifested a shield of light that stood in the path of the giant hand, but after hearing a crisp crack that indicated something had shattered, the ape knew that it had still underestimated the attack. 

It hurriedly tried to unleash some other abilities, but it was already too late. A burst of enormous force struck shattered the light shield with ease, then struck the devilish ape's body, and even the suit of purple armor that it was wearing couldn't nullify much of the impact.

The giant ape was focusing all of its power on resisting the pillar of lightning crashing down from above, and despite its immensely powerful body, it was unable to stand still any longer after being struck by this unexpected attack from the side.

Thus, its massive body was sent flying, and only then did the azure hand reveal its true form.

It was none other than the Divine Essencefused Mountain!

The treasure had already been refined by Han Li, to the extent that it was virtually an extension of his body, and he was able to swindle the devilish ape using the sword formation's illusionary techniques as a smokescreen.

The devilish ape did indeed possess a spirit eye ability, but the situation was too urgent for it to carefully inspect the giant azure hand, and it fell prey to the surprise attack as a result.

After the Divine Essencefused Mountain had been refined for a second time, it was so extraordinarily heavy that even Han Li wouldn't dare to take a direct attack from it.

As such, despite the fact that the giant ape possessed strength that was even slightly superior to Han Li's, it was still naturally unable to withstand the impact from Divine Essencefused Mountain, and sent flying like a giant cannonball.

Han Li had clearly already anticipated this sequence of events, and he immediately pointed a finger toward the distance.

The pillar of golden lightning that was being kept at bay by the giant purple sword immediately changed directions at his behest, striking the giant ape's body in a flash.

Golden arcs of lightning flashed erratically amid a loud thunderclap, and a net of golden lightning enshrouded the devilish ape's entire body before exploding into balls of golden light.

Immediately thereafter, golden lightning completely inundated the giant ape's body, and all of this had taken place in just the span of a few breaths! 

At this moment, the azure arrows in the sword formation all disappeared into the golden light as countless streaks of azure light, thereby further fueling the attack.

However, from the devilish ape's perspective, the worst was still yet to come.

Among the azure arrows that were hurtling through the air, several tens of them suddenly transformed into hair-thin azure threads that were many times faster than the rest of the arrows. These azure threads pierced through the golden light, then disappeared into the light barrier on the other side in a flash.

The devilish ape had remained silent prior to this, but it suddenly let loose a roar of shock and fury. It appeared that the mundane-looking azure threads had truly wounded the beast.

Han Li was ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately laid a hand onto the top of his own head, upon which the golden projection up above elongated before also disappearing into the azure light barrier.

At the same time, the two shadow puppets standing behind Han Li disappeared into his shadow without any premonition.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted in the air high above the sword formation, following which six balls of golden light emerged. The balls of light then transformed into six massive shimmering golden fists that crashed down from above with devastating force.

Meanwhile, a pair of golden figures flashed from the ground below, and two golden longswords appeared alongside a golden saber.

The three weapons slashed through the air, sending countless blade projections hurtling forth in a frenzy.

Just as the second wave of attacks was also going to disappear into the ball of light, a sharp cry suddenly rang out, and the ball of light was shattered from the inside.

Immediately thereafter, crimson light flashed, and a streak of crimson light shot forth from within. The streak of light flew around within the sword formation in an erratic manner before stopping in mid-air, revealing itself to be a glowing projection.

This was none other than the devilish ape's soul, which had almost inflicted a grievous wound on Han Li earlier.

The crimson projection was wielding the blade segment, which had not only reverted back to its original form, but had also become as red as blood, creating a rather harrowing sight to behold.

Loud cracks suddenly rang out above and below, and the six golden fists, as well as the golden saber and swords, all shattered in unison.

The azure arrows that were constantly appearing in the surrounding area also disappeared, and it seemed that no further arrows could be manifested.

Slightly down below the location where the ball of light had exploded, the devilish ape's physical body was slowly revealed as the dust settled.

Its face had turned extremely pale, and many cracked and charred sections could be seen all over its suit of purple armor. Furthermore, several tens of thumb-sized holes had been punched all over the suit of armor, and it was stained with copious amounts of blood, clearly indicating that the giant ape had been severely wounded.

As such, it had been forced to unleash its devilish arts and expel its soul out of its body again.

However, Han Li's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this. That last sequence of attacks had been meticulously planned out, and he had thought that it would've spelled certain doom for the devilish ape, but that was clearly not the case.

The crimson projection looked down at its ruined body, and unadulterated fury burned within its eyes as it said in a frosty voice, "Well done! It took me several hundred years to recover my body to this state, but you've completely ruined it again! In fact, it's in an even worse condition than before. In that case, I no longer have any qualms. Even if I have to sacrifice this body, I'm going to kill you to assuage my wrath! Actually, no, I'll use your body as a temporary vessel for my soul."

As soon as its voice fell, the devilish ape abruptly swung the blade segment in its hand through the air, sending a streak of crimson light hurtling forth with devastating might. 

However, what was strange was that as opposed to aiming its attack toward the sword formation around it, the streak of crimson light was sweeping toward the giant ape's physical body.

The crimson light disappeared into the giant ape's body in a flash without any impediment, following which a peculiar scene ensued!

The devilish ape's physical body began to shrivel up at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye, and moments later, the crimson light rose up into the air again. At this point, the body within the suit of purple armor had been completely reduced to a dried dark purple corpse, and the streak of crimson light transformed into the blade segment once again.

However, there was an overpowering odor of blood and gore emanating from the blade segment, and clouds of inky-black devilish Qi were also surging forth from it. Furthermore more, black and red runes were erupting from the blade in a frenzy, and the devilish ape suddenly tossed the blade segment into the air, then began to chant something while making a hand seal.

A string of unintelligible incantations rang out, and Han Li had no idea what the devilish ape was about to do next, but he knew that it had been seriously infuriated.

It had even sucked away all of the residual blood essence within its own body, so it had to be preparing some kind of extremely powerful attack.

With that in mind, Han Li certainly wasn't going to just stand by idly and allow the devilish ape to have its way. He immediately made a hand seal to spur his sword formation into action, and the azure light barrier shuddered as hundreds of head-sized lotus flowers appeared upon it.

The lotus flowers rotated on the spot while blasting forth pillars of azure light that hurtled directly toward the devilish ape.

However, the events that unfolded next made Han Li's expression darken even further.

In the face of the oncoming pillars of light, the devilish ape didn't even bother to look at them before flicking a nonchalant finger toward the blade segment.

A dull thump rang out, and the space around the blade segment warped as a burst of invisible fluctuations proliferated outward.

After coming into contact with these fluctuations, the azure pillars of light were all completely vanquished and disappeared on the spot.

Several hundred pillars of azure light had been unleashed at once, yet not even a single one of them was able to even get close to the devilish ape.

Han Li was quite astonished to see this, and he was really beginning to grow concerned now. Before he had a chance to figure out what kind of ability the devilish ape had just unleashed, it let loose a cold harrumph, and crimson light swirled around its body, following which a purple projection emerged soundlessly above its head.

This projection was of a giant purple ape that bore a strong resemblance to the devilish ape, except it didn't have any horns on its head. Furthermore, the projection's demonic eyes were flashing with five-colored light, and there was a silver pattern that was several feet in size inscribed on its chest. Upon closer inspection, one would discover that the silver patterns constructed the character for the word "mountain".

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