Chapter 1638: Slaying the Ape

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

In the face of the oncoming black wave, golden light flashed from the Provenance True Devil Projection above Han Li's head, and it brought the green longsword down in an instant.

Han Li immediately felt a vast amount of magic power flood out of his body at once. At the same time, golden light swirled around the projection's body, and this golden light also surged into the green blade in a frenzy.

As a result, not only did the Provenance True Devil Projection shrink down almost by half, its body also became very blurry and indistinct.

The world's origin Qi nearby suddenly churned violently, and countless five-colored runes appeared out of thin air. At the same time, howling winds and loud thunderclaps erupted, and all of the black light that was surging toward Han Li seemed to have encountered some kind of immense resistant force, faltering initially before dispersing to all sides.

After the Profound Heavenly Sword had been brought down, it was as if all of the world's origin Qi in the nearby area had been absorbed by it before being used to unleash a devastating strike.

A green sword projection was materialized in a flash, and it was as bright and dazzling as heavenly lightning, immediately illuminating the entire passageway with its exceptional radiance.

The inky-black devil was unable to mask its scintillating light in the slightest, and the almighty black wave was also stopped cold in its tracks by this sword projection.

In the next instant, the entire space was severed into two completely different worlds by some kind of invisible power.

The upper half was shimmering with azure light with five-colored runes surging through it, while the lower half was filled with churning black ripples that were filled with specks of black light.

A sharp ringing sound rang out from the border between these two worlds, following which two bursts of invisible fluctuations erupted forth, sweeping through the entire space like a powerful hurricane.

Aside from the locations where Han Li and the devilish ape were situated, the law fluctuations swept up everything in the surrounding area before destroying them into nothingness.

Even the Spring Dawn Sword Formation was completely destroyed after just a few flashes in the face of this clash between the two powers of laws. It was forced to revert back to 72 azure flying swords, which were also pulverized into specks of azure light in a flash.

It was quite clear that the power of laws imbued within the green sword projection was far superior to that of the black wave, and the latter only managed to put up some token resistance before it was completely overwhelmed. The power of laws contained within the black wave was vanquished by a more powerful force. 

The Giant Mountain Ape projection above the devilish ape's head had also shrunk down significantly after unleashing that attack, and it was completely eradicated by the invisible law fluctuations that swept through the area. In the face of the power of laws imbued within the green sword projection, the black blade was also shattered.

"That's a complete Profound Heavenly Treasure! But that's impossible..." the devilish ape exclaimed as crimson light tremored erratically around its entire body, and it looked as if it were witnessing the most incredible thing in the world. 

However, it didn't have any time to appreciate the scenery as the green light surging toward it was about to completely destroy it soon. As such, spiritual light flashed from its body, and it flew toward the hall that it had been residing in as a streak of crimson light.

However, the streak of light only managed to fly through the air for several hundred feet before the green sword projection flashed, and the devilish ape's soul was enshrouded under a green wave of the power of heaven and earth.

A peculiar scene then unfolded.

The streak of crimson light faltered within the green light, and the devilish ape's crimson body was revealed again. Furthermore, it had been completely immobilized, just like the space that had congealed around it.

The power of heaven and earth descended upon the passageway, and a string of cracking sounds rang out incessantly in a radius of roughly 100 feet around the devilish ape's body.

A series of white spatial rifts then appeared in the nearby area, giving the surrounding space the appearance of a cracked mirror. The devilish ape's soul only had a chance to let loose a bloodcurdling cry before it was shattered like a wooden puppet.

Thus concluded the life of this holy-grade devilish ape.

A massive black hole had appeared in the wake of the shattered space, and the fragments of the devilish ape's soul were all sucked soundlessly into the black hole, along with the white spatial fragments nearby.

The black hole then also disappeared amid a flash of black light, and only the blade segment remained hovering in mid-air, having reverted back to its original purple form.

Han Li heaved a long sigh of relief upon seeing this, and he quickly made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the golden projection up above.

The Provenance True Devil Projection gently shook the Profound Heavenly Sword in its hand, and the green blade of the sword instantly disintegrated into specks of five-colored light. Thus, the Profound Heavenly Fruit reverted back to its original form before slowly descending from above.

Han Li waved a sleeve through the air, sending forth a burst of azure light to try and stow the treasure away. However, green light suddenly flashed from the Profound Heavenly Fruit, and it transformed into a ball of green light that almost instantly disappeared into Han Li's arm.

A burst of searing pain speared through Han Li's arm, and he hurriedly rolled up his sleeves to inspect the arm in question.

There, he discovered a yellow mark that was identical in appearance to the Profound Heavenly Fruit on a section of his arm.

The mark was quickly fading at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye, and finally disappeared into an extremely faint scar in the end.

Han Li's lips twitched as a wry smile appeared on his face.

It appeared that the Profound Heavenly Fruit was intent on settling in his arm, and had sealed itself in there again.

Following the disappearance of the Profound Heavenly Fruit, all of the phenomena taking place in the passageway also disintegrated into nothingness, and the power of laws in the nearby area also instantly vanished.

The entire passageway was filled with devilish Qi again, just as it had been in the beginning.

Han Li cast his gaze into the distance, and blue light flashed through his eyes as he made a grabbing motion with one of his hands.

Immediately thereafter, specks of azure light appeared within the devilish Qi in the distance before converging to form several tens of fist-sized balls of azure light. These balls of light then transformed into 72 small azure swords that were each around a foot in length.

They were none other than the Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords that had just been destroyed as collateral damage by the power of laws that had wreaked havoc in the area.

However, the flying swords' voidform ability ensured that they hadn't sustained much damage at all during that ordeal.

All of the flying swords whistled back toward Han Li as streaks of azure light at his behest, then reverted back to their sword forms after reaching him.

Han Li carefully swept his spiritual sense over the flying swords to inspect them for damage, and he heaved a sigh of relief after ascertaining that no substantial damage had occurred.

He made a hand seal, and all of the flying swords disappeared up his sleeve. After that, Han Li cast his gaze toward the distance, and a hint of scorching yearning appeared in his eyes as he pointed his finger up ahead several times.

Two shadowy objects, one large and one small, immediately flew toward him, and the devilish Qi parted to grant them passage.

One of them was the physical body of the devilish ape, which was still encapsulated in that suit of purple armor, while the other was a blade segment that was around half a foot in length.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the devilish ape first, and he discovered that it had been completely reduced to a dried corpse. Furthermore, the suit of purple armor that it was wearing has also lost a lot of its luster, indicating that a lot of its power had seeped away following the devilish ape's passing.

His brows furrowed slightly as he suddenly reached out and pressed his five fingers onto the chest piece of the suit of armor.

Grey light flashed from his fingertips, and the purple armor suddenly let loose an anguished wail before separating into several parts amid a flash of grey light. The pieces of armor then detached themselves from the dried corpse, then attempted to flee the scene as several streaks of purple light.

It appeared that it had still retained some of its spiritual nature!

Han Li had already witnessed the astonishing might of this suit of armor, so he had naturally made preparations in advance.

As such, as soon as the streaks of purple light attempted to fly away, he let loose a cold harrumph before sweeping a sleeve through the air to send forth a plume of azure threads.

Azure light flashed, and the streaks of purple light were all tangled up within the azure threads.

Immediately thereafter, a clear ringing sound erupted from Han Li's sleeve, and the Heavenvoid Cauldron flew out from within.

The lid of the cauldron flew off of its own accord, and the azure threads forcibly dragged the streaks of purple into the cauldron.

After the lid sealed the opening of the cauldron again, the treasure hovered in a stationary manner before Han Li. 

Han Li swept a nonchalant sleeve toward the small cauldron, and it abruptly disappeared on the spot. Only then did Han Li turn his attention to the dried corpse that had been completely exposed.

The dried corpse still retained all of its fur, but its skin had turned a dark purple color, as if it were an ancient corpse that had been abandoned for countless years.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he suddenly opened his mouth to blast forth a streak of azure sword Qi that struck the dried corpse to try and slice it in half.

However, much to his surprise, a metallic clang rang out as the sword Qi struck the shriveled corpse, and the latter was left completely unscathed while the streak of sword Qi was repelled.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this before slowly extending a hand out of his sleeve.

Spiritual light flashed from his palm, and a small azure sword slowly emerged. The small sword was then elongated to around a foot in length, and it was shimmering with bright azure light.

Han Li flicked his wrist, and the azure longsword shot forth as a streak of azure light before striking the dantian of the ape's corpse.

On this occasion, a dull thump rang out as if the sword had struck a dense log. Its tip buried itself into the dried corpse, but it was repelled once again after making an incision that was only around an inch deep.

Han Li's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. This holy-grade devilish ape's body was so resolute that it was comparable to his own body.

If it weren't for the fact that he'd managed to trap the devilish ape in his sword formation, the combination of this purple suit of armor and its immensely powerful body would've been very difficult to handle.

As expected of a fearsome mid-Body Integration Stage being; the early-Body Integration Stage Jiao Chi being that he'd faced in the past couldn't even hold a candle to this devilish ape.

If neither of them used their Profound Heavenly Treasures and the ape was at the height of its powers, he'd have no choice but to flee for his life.

With that in mind, Han Li took a deep breath, but he certainly wasn't about to give up.

Shimmering golden light radiated from his arm as his magic power surged forth in a frenzy, injecting itself into the azure longsword in his hand.

A clear cry akin to a dragon's roar instantly erupted from the longsword, following which a cold azure light flashed from it, and it began to stab into the dried corpse inch by inch.

After several inches of the blade had burrowed itself into the ape's dantian, Han Li suddenly flicked his wrist, and the tip of the sword created a circular incision that was comparable to the size of a large bowl.

Immediately thereafter, the azure longsword disappeared in a flash, and Han Li extended a hand into the dantian of the corpse to pull something out from within.

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