Chapter 1652: Coincidental Acquisition

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

"Not to worry, it's not like we've actually just given up. We're going to gather everyone else, then set up an ambush at the exit. If that man wants to leave the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges, then we'll definitely encounter him again sooner or later," the five-colored beast replied after a brief hesitation.

The four other devilish beasts offered no objections, and all of them seemed to be quite obedient toward the small five-colored beast.

Thus devilish winds were swept up again, and the five devilish beasts returned the same way they'd come.

At this point, Han Li was already countless kilometers away, flying through the air while appraising his surroundings in a cautious manner.

Even though he'd successfully escaped from his pursuers, his brows were still slightly furrowed with concern.

After fleeing for over half a day, he'd completely diverged away from his original route, so he'd have to take another path if he wanted to return to the exit of the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges.

However, doing so would take him over unfamiliar territory, and it'd also incur the risk of encountering new devilish beasts.

However, compared with facing hundreds of mid-grade and high-grade devilish beasts at once, this risk was a much more preferable one for him to take.

Of course, the possibility that devilish beasts could blockade the exit did flash through his mind, but he quickly disregarded that train of thought. As long as no holy-grade devilish beasts appeared in his path, he'd be able to escape from them regardless of whether he was to use his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman or simply rely on his superior speed. 

The most important thing now was whether Xian Xian had also managed to shake off her pursuers. If she were to perish in these mountain ranges, then the Heavenly Devilish Armor would have to remain in disrepair for the foreseeable future. 

However, this wasn't something that he could control, either. Furthermore, from the methods that Xian Xian had employed to escape from those devilish beasts earlier, it seemed that she still had many more trump cards up her sleeve, so she'd most likely be fine.

As for that silver-armored man, Han Li would like nothing better than for him to die in these mountain ranges.

With that in mind, Han Li refocused his attention on his own journey.

Thus, the streak of azure light increased in brightness and also sped up significantly, disappearing into the distance after just a few flashes.

Han Li continued alone on his journey for a day and a night, encountering a few low-grade devilish beasts, all of which were slain by him with ease.

At present, Han Li was currently flying over a stretch of small hills, and most of the hills down below had been obscured within black devilish Qi, with only a series of summits visible from above.

All of a sudden, an earth-shattering boom erupted in the distance, causing the entire nearby area to vibrate audibly.

Han Li was naturally quite startled by this massive commotion, and he came to an abrupt halt before turning toward the direction where the sound had come from.

There, he discovered a vast expanse of crimson fiery clouds. Within those fiery clouds, balls of scorching white flames emerged before exploding to form waves of crimson flames.

Dull explosions rang out one after another, and it seemed that there was no end to them.

Han Li's eyelids twitched upon seeing this, and he didn't know what was happening over there, but it was quite clear that no ordinary Spatial Tempering Stage being would've been able to create such an astonishing spectacle. 

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes a few times, and after a brief hesitation, he continued to fly in the same direction, even speeding up slightly on this occasion.

He had reaped many rewards from this trip to the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges already, and all he wanted to do now was to get out of this place as quickly as possible. As such, he wasn't interested in engaging in any activities that could incur unnecessary risks.

However, much to Han Li's surprise, despite his efforts to avoid trouble, trouble simply insisted on knocking on his door.

After flying through the air for several thousand feet, spiritual light suddenly flashed from within the fiery cloud, following which four streaks of light suddenly shot forth.

The four streaks of light were led by a dazzling purple ball of light that was flying directly toward Han Li at an alarming speed, and the three streaks of light behind it were respectively green, silver, and crimson in color.

Even though they were slightly slower than the purple streak of light, they were still traveling extremely quickly, and in the blink of an eye, they were only just over 1,000 feet away from Han Li.

Han Li's expression faltered upon seeing this, and he wasn't sure whether he should evade or travel toward these streaks of light.

However, he only hesitated for a split second before rustling a sleeve, and a layer of grey light immediately surfaced before him. 

Immediately thereafter, a clear ringing sound rang out as countless small azure swords appeared in the air around him, all of which then instantly transformed into azure lotus flowers.

At the same time, blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, thereby allowing him to identify what it was that was flying within the purple light, and the sight that he was greeted by immediately brought a peculiar expression to his face.

Within the purple light was a strange creature with a green face, and four limbs that consisted of purple roots. The creature was over 20 feet tall with a set of mundane and completely expressionless facial features. On top of that, it was wearing a suit of yellow armor that was constructed from what appeared to be dead wood. There were purple runes flashing all over the suit of armor, and a faint medicinal aroma was emanating from its body.

"That's the immortal zoysia!" Han Li had seen the image of the zoysia in the jade slip, and he almost instantly identified the creature as shock and elation welled up in his heart.

He originally had no intention of capturing this creature, but it was an entirely different story if the immortal zoysia were to turn up right on his doorstep.

Furthermore, it appeared that the immortal zoysia hadn't been able to successfully manifest its four limbs, which indicated that it hadn't yet recovered from its injuries. It had to have been discovered while it was trying to rest and recuperate, thereby forcing it to flee once again.

These thoughts raced rapidly through Han Li's mind, and he instantly made sense of the situation. He didn't even bother to inspect the three streaks of light that were further in the distance before making a grabbing motion with one hand. 

A massive grey hand of light immediately appeared right before the purple streak of light, and the immortal zoysia remained completely expressionless, but a look of despair had appeared in its eyes.

It had clearly seen the massive grey hand up ahead, but it seemed to be unable to change directions as it continued to fly directly toward Han Li.

In the end, the immortal zoysia crashed into the grey hand with a dull thump, and the purple light around its body instantly faded as it was captured before being swept back toward Han Li by a burst of grey light.

Thus, Han Li had managed to capture the immortal zoysia as easily as taking candy from a baby.

The immortal zoysia was brought to Han Li by the burst of grey light that had captured it, and even Han Li himself was startled by how easy the process had been.

An elated look then immediately appeared on his face as he swept a sleeve through the air. A dozen or so talismans of different colors immediately shot forth from within before disappearing into the immortal zoysia's body.

After that, runes of different colors appeared, completely encompassing the spirit medicine within.


Three enraged cries erupted from within the three streaks of light, and it was quite clear that all of them were extremely furious for their prey to have fallen into Han Li's hands.

However, Han Li completely ignored them as he flipped his hand over to produce an azure jade vial, and the vial tremored before blasting forth a burst of azure light at his behest, which immediately swept the restricted immortal zoysia into the vial.

The immortal zoysia had been significantly taller than even Han Li himself, but it was shrunk down drastically to only around half a foot in size before disappearing into the opening of the vial.

Han Li then flipped a hand over, and the vial disappeared amid a flash of spiritual light.

At this moment, all three streaks of light arrived before him almost in unison, and the streaks of light faded to reveal three beings that surrounded him from around 300 feet away.

Only then did Han Li raise his head to inspect his surroundings, and his face remained completely calm and expressionless.

He didn't get a chance to identify who these people were earlier, but had ascertained from the spiritual pressure emanating from their bodies that none of them were Body Integration Stage beings, which was why he'd remained so calm and collected.

"Oh? It's Fellow Daoist Han."

"It's you!"

Everything had taken place far too quickly just then, and Han Li's Divine Essencefused Light had obscured his body, so only then did these three beings catch a glimpse of his true appearance, upon which two cries of surprise instantly rang out.

One of the voices was quite taken aback, while the other was filled with bewilderment and wariness.

As for the final being that had crimson light flashing around its body, it raised its hands toward Han Li without uttering a single word, sending two streaks of crimson light hurtling toward him.

The streaks of crimson light transformed into a pair of flying swords in a flash, and Han Li's expression darkened as the grey light before him swelled to several tens of feet in height, then swept directly up ahead.

The two streaks of crimson light sliced through most of the grey light and were about to puncture through to the other side.

However, in the next instant, a black shadow suddenly flashed within the grey light, and a small black mountain projection appeared out of nowhere.

The two crimson flying swords struck the projection, only to be repelled as if they'd crashed into an impenetrable fortress.

Initially, the pair of flying swords were still flying through the grey light in a fierce manner, attempting to skirt around the mountain projection, but as more and more grey light converged around them, they began to decelerate significantly.

At the same time, the crimson light around them dimmed, revealing a pair of longswords that were each several inches in length, and they seemed to possess a high level of spiritual nature.

After a while longer, the two swords were completely immobilized by the grey light around them, and only then did the being enshrouded in crimson light falter in a slightly surprised manner.

However, the being remained completely unflustered as it let loose a loud cry, following which two dull thumps rang out from within the grey light.

The two restricted crimson swords had self-detonated before vanishing as specks of crimson light.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted before the being enshrouded under crimson light, and the two small longswords reappeared out of thin air.


Han Li's eyes abruptly narrowed, and his expression darkened as he stared intently at the humanoid figure within the crimson light.

At this moment, he'd also gleaned the appearances of the other two beings, and he discovered that one of them was an elderly man with grey hair, while the other was a ferocious foreign being with a head of green hair. These were none other than the elderly man with the Yan surname and the green-haired being that he'd last encountered in the Lightning Cloud Pavilion.

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