Chapter 352 - Dis Pluto (2)

Second Life Ranker

After everyone left, only Hades and Doyle remained in the grand hall. Hades smiled bitterly as he looked at Doyle, who exuded Persephone’s scent. However, Doyle was expressionless, as if he were wearing a mask. 

Hades’ smile grew sad. He broke the silence. “Have you been well, Persephone?”

* * *

Yeon-woo’s body was burning with heat. It was partly from the fever that accompanied his reawakening, but most of it was due to the 900 Channels that were still connected to him even though the battle was over. He had to cool his fever and focus on the awakening process at the same time. 

[Hermes looks at you with interest.]

[Ares clenched his fists, saying men should be strong.]

[Hundun quietly watches you.]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: Get rid of those lowly Divine Factors and take what I offer!]

[Messages from Agares have been temporarily blocked with the authorization of other gods and demons.]

[Athena paces around, thinking of what she can do to help.]

[Thanatos watches you.]

[Nergal watches you.]

[Osiris watches you.]


[Vimalacitra hopes there is a path in your penance.]

[Cernunnos is silent.]

Yeon-woo was dizzy from the messages that kept on popping up, but nothing felt better than becoming stronger. It was also a good opportunity to see how far his potential had stretched after swallowing the Summer Queen and the Monkey King’s exuviae. 

As soon as the thought left his mind, black and gold light combined around his body to create a strange phenomenon. The light created three different flowers and turned into a red snake that entered Yeon-woo’s head. 

The One-horned tribe had recorded the different peaks of martial arts in detail, from the appearance of the three flowers to the red snake. It was the peak that combined different internal energies as one and absorbed it to further the growth of the soul and the body. It was proof that Yeon-woo had reached the maximum limit of the expert level. The more profound his soul grew, the more his body would follow it, and the awakening process entered its final stages. 

Divine Factors were imprinted into the depths of his cells and the Draconic and Demonic Factors reached a balance. As soon as the Draconic and Demonic Factors were stilled and no longer fought for dominance, the process was completed.

[The Divine Factors are awakening.]

[The Divine Factors are awakening.]


[The Divine Factors have successfully settled.]

[Divine Blood will be added to your Demonic and Dragon Blood.]

[Divinity has been carved into your demon and dragon bones.]


[You have succeeded in combining Divine, Demonic, and Draconic Factors.]

[The change of properties has been successfully completed. ‘Demonic Dragon Body’ has been upgraded to ‘Demonic Divine Draconic Body’.]

[It is the first of its kind. Nothing is known about its potential and limits. Uncover information about the body yourself.]


[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have gained 100,000 karma.]

[You have acquired 200,000 additional karma.]

[You have gained clues about ‘Divinity’ and ‘Transcendence’.]

[The gods of death watch you.]

[The demons of death watch you.]

[The gods of war bless you.]

[The demons of death are discussing your level again. They need more time to make a judgment.]

Yeon-woo slowly opened his eyes. He was in a place that was just big enough for a single person to lie down. White walls, ceiling, and iron bars were all he could see. He had requested to be put here because he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone during his awakening and as he struggled with his fever. 

Thankfully, there were no interruptions, and the awakening was completed successfully. The words “first of its kind” stood out to Yeon-woo. It was true after all that although some dragons had become demonic, none of them made deals with gods. 

‘Did something change?’ When he first created his Demonic Dragon Body, he couldn’t even attempt to control his overflowing power, that was why he managed to reach the third step of the awakening. However, the Demonic Divine Draconic Body was quite different. 

Although the system messages were saying a lot had changed, Yeon-woo couldn’t tell which parts had. He felt the same. ‘No. The divine fever is gone.’ He realized that the fever burning his body up had completely disappeared, and it wasn’t because the Channels had vanished. He could still feel the 900 gazes. In fact, they were clearer than ever. He could feel where, how, and who was watching him. 

“This is Hermes here, Athena here, and Cernunnos there. And this is…Vimalacitra.” Yeon-woo pointed with his finger and muttered to himself. 

[Hermes nods in satisfaction.]

[Athena tears up, touched.]

[Cernunnos silently watches you.]

[Vimalacitra blesses you for finishing your penance.]

[Agares is mad that you didn’t call his name.]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: Why didn’t you say…?!]

[Messages from Agares have been temporarily blocked with the authorization of other gods and demons.]

[Agares has released the block with his authorization.]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: You guys must have gone nuts…!]

[Messages from Agares have been temporarily blocked with the authorization of other gods and demons.]

Yeon-woo ignored Agares, who was being dramatic again, and examined each of the Channels. He could feel the individual transcendental beings connected to him as though they were all right next to him. ‘The characteristics of the powers are different. Is this divinity?’

Yeon-woo had only focused on the traits and effects of the powers as he used them. However, now that he could sense them more profoundly, he realized that they weren’t only tools. The depths of the powers had no end.

Previously, he could sense the general positions of the gods and demons, as well as their divinities. He could tell that Thanatos and Nergal were both gods of death, but that was it. Now that he could sense things better, he could now see that although their powers were both in the category of death, the details contained in them were vastly different.

He was sure he would be able to use the powers more proficiently now. It didn’t mean that all 900 powers had settled, and there were still challenges, but he wouldn’t pass out after releasing them all.

It was a huge development. Yeon-woo opened the information window to look more closely. 

[Trait: Demonic Divine Draconic Body]
[Description: Since the beginning of time, dragons, demons, and gods have been the species at the top of the world due to their supernatural qualities. No one has ever possessed all Factors at the same time, and the possibilities are endless.
Being the first of your kind means that you will forge the Demonic Divine Draconic path.]
[*Gold Dragon
You can enhance the powers of dragons, demons, and gods.]
[*Domain of Dragons, Demons, and Gods
You can declare your domain, ‘Binah’, over a specified territory based on your qualifications.]
[*Draconic, Demons, and Gods’ Knowledge
Depending on your qualifications, you may view ‘Hochma’ that the dragons investigated, ‘Netzeth’ that the demons created, and ‘Iesod’ that the gods established.]
[*Draconic, Demonic, and Divine Powers
According to your qualifications, you can activate ‘Keter’ that dragons learned, ‘Tiferet’ that demons mastered, and ‘Chesed’ that gods set up.]

However, the information didn’t provide too much guidance. It seemed like he would have to figure things out on his own. He closed the window and sat cross-legged on the floor. He had to examine his body’s exact condition. ‘And I have to check Divinity and Transcendence.’ His consciousness faded. 

* * *

That night, Hades ordered Yeon-woo to leave the prison and begin creating Kynee right away. Since he had broken the ceasefire, Typhon and the Titans and Giants could attack at any time, and Hades wanted to prepare for that inevitability with the great artifact.

An atmosphere of battle still lingered around the territory.  

“Here. Call for me if you need anything.” Lam led the party to the smithy. It was clear she never would have taken them there if not for Hades’ orders. She left after glowering at Yeon-woo. 

Yeon-woo knew why Lam was acting like that. Dis Pluto was treating him in two different ways. Either they glared at him or they encouraged him. The angry faction was upset at the broken ceasefire, and the happy faction was overjoyed that he’d killed a Titan.

Yeon-woo didn’t care about either reaction because his head was filled with thoughts of finishing Kynee and unsealing the pocket watch.

It’s been a while.

Ah! I didn’t know I’d be back here again!

The Cyclopes Brontes and Steropes were emotional as they looked around the smithy. The youngest, Arges, rubbed his eyes, which brimmed with tears. He had never imagined that the three of them would work together again like that.

However, in contrast to the emotional Cyclopes, Brahm, Victoria, and Henova sighed.

“There’s too much stuff.”

“How did they ever manage to create weapons here?”

“The situation must have been really bad. It’s a wonder they were able to last in the fight against the Titans.”

The smithy was a mess. Only a few of the furnaces worked, and the tools were so old that it was a wonder they hadn’t fallen apart yet. There wasn’t any metal left, and it seemed impossible to fix the smithy up. Even the smithies of the large clans in the lower world seemed better equipped.

Hades had once been known as the wealthiest out of all the gods and demons, but all of that was gone. Arges had a glum expression. The blacksmiths who used to look down on Hephaestus of Olympus once upon a time had no face to be proud anymore. 

“But the fire seems different.” Yeon-woo looked at the fire burning in the furnace. It looked like an ordinary flame but he could see a bundle of imperfections with his Draconic Eyes. 

Arges nodded as though the answer were obvious. “Of course, it is. It’s the first fire, sparked from the light that appeared when the universe was nothing but darkness at the beginning of time. It was Prometheus’ treasure, and it’s the only pride of this smithy, now that everything else is gone.”

Yeon-woo’s eyes turned to the fire once more, and the others looked surprised. “This is…?”

Arges nodded heavily. “Luciel’s light. It’s fire from his Soulstone.”

Yeon-woo instinctively moved his hand to the pocket watch. Urrrng! The pocket watch vibrated at the tips of his fingers. 

Then let’s get to work. The oldest, Brontes, rolled up his sleeves, his eyes wide with determination. 

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