Chapter 365 - Sky Wings (3)

Second Life Ranker

I suddenly had a thought.

Yeon-woo looked at Jeong-woo, waiting for him to speak.

You’re not planning on absorbing me or anything with Bathory’s Vampiric Sword to get Sky Wings, are you?

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Jeong-woo slowly took a step back. He’d only been joking, and he was disconcerted to see that Yeon-woo seemed serious.

* * *

The foundation for creating Sky Wings relies on two things: Perfect Adaptability and my link with Kalatus. Jeong-woo began to explain what Sky Wings was composed of.

Yeon-woo’s forehead wrinkled. “They’re both your specialties, though.”

Yeah. That’s probably be the greatest challenge when you create this skill.

Perfect Adaptability was the trait that allowed Jeong-woo to grow so fast. The effect of being blessed by all mana and the ability to use it freely allowed his brilliance in magic to shine. On top of that, his link with the ancient dragon Kalatus helped him to calculate how to use magic power. Put together, the proper use of those two could only lead to a massive development.

The link increases the potential of someone’s Draconic Factors and Perfect Adaptability combines all kinds of skills and magic. So when the skill was activated, a bunch of additional effects followed.

“Then I need to find something to replace those two.”Yeon-woo contemplated the specialties that he possessed. The first one that came to mind was his trait, Cold-blooded, which helped him stay rational even in the most dangerous situations. There were times when the skill didn’t work well because he’d been too emotional, but Yeon-woo had definitely benefited from it. He’d gained his immunity and resistance thanks to his Cold-blooded trait, and the skill he used most, Time Difference, originated from it.

‘Of course, my body will become unstable if I activate multiple powers, skills, magic, and buffs all at the same time. My mind will grow unfocused, too. But if I had something to help me stabilize everything…’ It wouldn’t blend multiple skills and powers together as smoothly as Perfect Adaptability, but it might be enough.

Now, what could replace the link with Kalatus? Fortunately, an answer quickly came to mind. ‘The Philosopher’s Stone.’ Yeon-woo had seen the purple energy of the Philosopher’s Stone that had swallowed the Soulstone take on so many different forms that it appeared like magic power. If he could pull all of it out, he would be able to use all the powers and connect them as one.

He explained his thoughts to Jeong-woo, who nodded with wide eyes. 

Huh, not bad.』 Ideas rapidly circulated in his head. That means you can start by applying your trait, activate Factors, awaken your Dragon Body, and finally contact powers?

The order would have to be: activation word→Cold-blooded→activation of Draconic, Demonic, and Divine Factors→amplifying potential→the third-step Dragon Body awakening→Magic Equip→contacting powers→controlling→manifesting of results.

How complicated. Jeong-woo clucked his tongue after picturing the process in his head. It was so complex because Yeon-woo had so many abilities. Things hadn’t been this intricate when he’d made it. Furthermore, Yeon-woo’s idea was completely different from his, and Jeong-woo was especially worried about the calculations required for each step. It was also too inefficient and would use up too much energy. The problem was that each step was crucial.

I think it’s important to first look for patterns to help make the process more efficient and create an algorithm.

“That’ll be a lot of data.”

The more, the better.

Yeon-woo began to focus on circulating magic power to gather data. He sat in lotus position and centered all his mind power on the Philosopher’s Stone.

Brrr. The Philosopher’s Stone shook. Although it was unaffected by the purple energy, as soon as it took in Yeon-woo’s mind power, it began to spew out magic power—although it couldn’t exactly be called magic power since it contained the Draconic, Demonic, and Divine Factors, as well as the power of Soulstones.

Yeon-woo spun all 360 of his Cores simultaneously, circulating magic power through Heaven Wing Mana Control. Then, something unexpected occurred. ‘It’s too fast.’

Yeon-woo had never imagined that the circulation of magic power in his body would become a problem. It had always been fine even when he progressed through the different Dragon Body-awakening steps and accepted new Factors. The Heaven Wing Mana Control managed to keep everything under control.

But now, things were different. His hardware was unrecognizable compared to before, and there was ten times more software. The changes incurred by the engine, the Philosopher’s Stone, was like transforming a sports car into a jet. Everything was operating on an entirely different level.  

It was hard to control using a normal system since the speed of the magic power circulation was too fast for his Demonic Divine Draconic Body. It would ruin his body before he even managed to do anything. ‘I’ll have to take Heaven Wing Mana Control apart and reassemble it.’

Making a processing system for magic power was the most fundamental aspect of circulation. If that went wrong, everything would be messed up. Since he already had the contents to fill a new vessel, he decided it was for the best. Fortunately, it seemed like reassembling Heaven Wing Mana Control wouldn’t be too challenging.

His understanding of internal circulation had deepened when he reached the expert level, and he had real battle experience, the tricks of the Monkey King, the Summer Queen’s Dragon’s Knowledge, and Poseidon’s Factors. He also had the data that Jeong-woo learned through his special benefit and a part of Vimalacitra’s knowledge gained from his Draconic Divine Eyes. He had a plethora of information to reference.

His personal knowledge overflowed as well; the things he’d learned while creating the Philosopher’s Stone and Kynee could definitely be applied to martial arts. It wasn’t a difficult task at all to rework all the knowledge in his own way.

[Time Difference]

‘Everything needs to be fixed.’ From the start, the system messages had always said his Demonic Divine Draconic Body was the first of its kind in the Tower. Everything his body required would be unique and new. He separated all the parts from each other, and the limits of his power output increased by leaps and bounds. The circuits that circulated the power opened and were refined to move it more smoothly. Occasionally, he had to move the locations of certain bones. Crunch, crunch.

There was no hesitation in his movements as he rebuilt his body, as though he were only switching out old parts for new ones.

I think it would be better to strengthen this section. The Core on this side is circulating abnormally. And it would be better to decrease the function and put cool-down features here. Jeong-woo helped Yeon-woo by advising him through his own Draconic Eyes.

The process was smoother thanks to their connection. Jeong-woo could read Yeon-woo’s mind, seeing what he was planning on doing next, and his profound knowledge of Soulstones from making the pocket watch made him a great assistant. The fourteen Soultones all have different names and traits. It’s crucial have to keep this in mind when you’re creating something with it.

Jeong-woo brought a sharp awl and began to prick Yeon-woo, who was still sitting quietly in lotus position. The awl didn’t affect his skin or even leave a mark. Yeon-woo’s skin pushed the awl back, but Jeong-woo used soul power to push the awl in, eventually piercing through and making blood drip from the injuries. Jeong-woo proceeded to pierce Yeon-woo with the awl all over his body. Superbia tends to try to overtake everything. It wants to crush what it sees and place it below itself.

Yeon-woo’s bloody wounds began to look like a tattoo. When the marks covered almost his entire right arm, a strange light flashed from his skin. It came from the rune letters that Yeon-woo had engraved on his bones a long time ago.

But what’s paradoxical about it is that it seeks an equal hierarchy for everything beneath it. Jeong-woo created a new shape using the tattoo and letters. It was a magic square that hadn’t ever been revealed to the world before: the Lotus Sutra Magic Square. It was something Jeong-woo had designed with Kalatus a long time ago but hadn’t been able to finish. However, when he saw Yeon-woo’s Demonic Draconic Divine Body, he was inspired to finish it right away. This way, you’ll be able to control everything equally. The physical functions of your body, your powers, magic, skills, traits, and even thoughts will be centered on the Philosopher’s Stone, which will assist them all equally.

The Lotus Sutra Magic Square glowed once more, then settled under his skin to merge with his Magic Circuit, restructuring his body with the Philosopher’s Stone at the center.

[‘Heaven Wing Mana Control’ and ‘Magic Circuit’ skill proficiencies have increased dramatically.]

[Heaven Wing Mana Control: 71%, 72%, 73%, 91%...]

[Magic Circuit: 80%, 81%, 82%…95%…]

[Congratulations! ‘Heaven Wing Mana Control’ and ‘Magic Circuit’ have reached the maximum points.]

[All stats related to the skills have increased.]

[Your strength has increased by 20 points.]

[Your dexterity has increased by 15 points.]


[You have gained new revelations related to the skills. The two skills have been interlocked to form a new skill.]

[A superior skill ‘Mana Operate’ has been created.]

[‘Mana Operate’ skill proficiency has increased dramatically to reach the maximum points.]


[A new skill based on your stats is being found.]

[A superior skill ‘Chakra Mastery’ has opened.]


[‘Chakra Mastery’ skill proficiency has…]


[The effects of the Lotus Sutra Magic Square are being applied.]

[The ‘Divinity’ gained through the ‘Assassination of a God’ event is being applied to search for a new skill.]


[A superior skill ‘Atman System’ has been created.]

[Atman System]
[Numbering ??? (Calculating)]
[Proficiency: 0.0%]
[Description: Breathing is the most fundamental survival action for living beings and connects the external nature to oneself. The air that flows in during this process guides one to space and nature and allows one to have a transcendent identity if certain limits are overcome.]
[*Samsara Operating
Based on mental and physical abilities, energy is circulated along the endocrine system. Magic power moves freely through 6 large containment areas and the 88,000 small containment areas, making magical adjustments in the connected nerve areas.]
[*Multi Lead
Effective reactions are shown by emitting refined energy outside of one’s body. There isn’t much of a time gap between mental application and reactions outside of the body. The reactions that occur during this time differ according to the type of energy and understanding of it.]
[** This is a unique skill. No other skill like this exists in the Tower, and it will be bound to its owner. It cannot be transferred or traded between players.
**This is an incomplete skill, however, it has great potential. Gain a higher numbering by completing it.]

It was a method of circulating magic power that Yeon-woo had created using Magic Circuit and Heaven Wing Mana Control, and it was greatly distinct from the systems already being used in the Tower.

[The godly society Asgard〉 is astonished.]

[The godly society Chan Sect〉 is greatly interested in the circulation method you’ve created.]

[The godly society Deva〉 begins to have more positive feelings toward you.]


[The demonic society L’Infernal〉 once again has a discussion about your level.]

[Many gods are deep in thought.]

[Many demons who only had a passing interest in you now observe you seriously. They do not hide their desire in taking you as their disciple.]

[A few gods express concern about the use of the Soulstone (Superbia).]

[A few demons contemplate how to take care of you.]

Yeon-woo could feel his body and magic power connecting as one, like pieces of a puzzle coming together. ‘Now that I’ve found a method that suits my body, I need to gather enough data for a pattern.’

As he sensed the magic power actively flowing through his body, Yeon-woo awakened the transcendent Factors sleeping inside him.

Ding! Ding!

[A god of Deva, Agni, has taken interest in you.]

[A demon of Jie Sect, Bachi, is amused by you.]

[Current available powers: 692]

The number of powers continued to grow.

* * *

After establishing the Atman System, Yeon-woo gathered data at a quick pace. The system gradually got rid of the cooling time after a Dragon Body awakening so he could function naturally. At times, his bones twisted because he moved magic through a new route or his Cores broke and caused the magic power to jerk inside of him. Whenever he needed to cut off a body part, he didn’t even blink and simply healed his body with Regeneration.

Along with Jeong-woo, he noted each physical change. His concentration was so focused that the spectators felt drained just watching him. It was almost impossible to see anyone experiment on their own body like Yeon-woo. He was like a scientist examining and dissecting a specimen. Thanks to his close examination, Yeon-woo discovered the secrets of the Demonic Divine Draconic Body more quickly, and with Jeong-woo’s help, he managed to increase the proficiency of the Atman System quickly as well.

Finally, his method of magic power rivaled the Perfect Adaptability trait. When nearly all the data had been gathered, Yeon-woo focused his mind power from his body towards another direction.

At this point, there were over 5,000 gazes on him—a result of newly added powers. Fortunately, his body wasn’t exhausted at all even with all the different Channels. ‘But having them all under my control is another story.’

The transcendents looking down at him knew what Yeon-woo was trying to do. They made no attempt to stop him. Instead, it was almost as if they were challenging him to try. A few laughed openly, but others were curious to see how Yeon-woo would do it.

It wouldn’t be easy, but Yeon-woo was going to make all the powers belong to him under Sky Wings.

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