Chapter 389 - Gigantomachia (14)

Second Life Ranker


“Quick.” Hades hurried Yeon-woo as if there wasn’t much time left.

Yeon-woo bit his lip. Of course, he knew that Hades was trying to pass down everything he had before he closed his eyes forever—his throne, power, holiness, divinity, legends, and everything else he’d accumulated

Yeon-woo had rescued Hades hoping he would regain the will to live and take care of the mess in Tartarus, but Hades was sure that he no longer had a role to play. “I’m already a part of the old generation. Just as the Black King faded away and Mother Earth stepped back, it’s time for me to give up my position to you and retreat into history. Besides, who would follow me, the cause of all this mess, even if I raised my sword again?”

Hades smiled faintly at the grim-looking Yeon-woo. It was a smile that had none of his usual cynicism or scorn, and Yeon-woo had never seen it on Hades’ face before. However, it suited Hades, as though revealing that he wasn’t only the cold King of the Underworld Yeon-woo had seen. Did he once smile like this in the past? “If a new successor were to appear, it would be like a spark for the resurrection of Dis Pluto.” Hades wanted Yeon-woo to use him since he was a setting sun anyway. If he continued to rule Dis Pluto, they would face nothing but loss.

However, if he fought the enemies on the frontlines, and his successor led Dis Pluto after his death, it would be a completely different situation. They would be able to reorganize under their new leader, and their will to fight would rise as they mourned their dead king.  

Hades wanted to leave the future of Dis Pluto and the Underworld in Yeon-woo’s hands, believing that their continuation was only possible with Yeon-woo. “Although it’s a bit late, I still want my subordinates to remember me as a good king in the end. Can you help me?”

Yeon-woo couldn’t answer and clenched his teeth. His head spun as he tried to come up with other things they could do to save Hades.

『Hyung…』Jeong-woo anxiously said.

Boom! Boom! The barrier shook violently, and the color of the shadows intensified. The Giants pounded more violently to break the barrier, and it was in danger of collapsing.


Yeon-woo had no choice but to kneel when he saw the urgency in Hades’ eyes. “Yes, Your Majesty.” He slowly lowered his head and took off his mask. Hades nodded with a solemn face as he tapped Yeon-woo’s head and shoulders with his sword.

“Will the successor ### swear to the heavens and the gods to be diligent in all the tasks and responsibilities given as the new king of the Underworld?”

“I swear.”

“Is the successor ### confident in his ability to preserve the history and traditions of the Underworld as the new king of the Underworld?”

“I’m confident.”

“Good. With this, I hereby announce that ### is now the new king of the Underworld.”

[Hades has given his blessing.]

[Hades has given his grace.]

[The incomplete succession process has been completed with Hades’ authorization.]

[Congratulations! You have achieved the domain of the ‘King of the Underworld’.]

[You have gained the title ‘King of the Underworld.’]


[You have gained the title ‘Owner of Kynee’.]

[You have gained the title ‘Higher God of Olympus’.]

[All stats have increased by 30.]

[You have gained a piece of holiness.]

[You have gained a clue about transcendence.]

[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired 100,000 Karma.]

[You have acquired 200,000 additional Karma.]


[The enthronement of the new King of the Underworld has been formally announced to all residents of the Tower.]

[Will you reveal your name?]

[You have refused to reveal your face. Nothing has been disclosed about your identity. All residents of the Tower are now aware of the new King of the Underworld. All praise or criticism of your great achievements will be directed to the new King of the Underworld.]

[You have succeeded in acquiring the domain as a mortal, but you still lack many qualifications to assimilate it.]

[The domain is being adjusted to match your current level.]

[The power ‘Underworld Domain Declaration’ has been temporarily sealed.]

[The power ‘Eyes Within Darkness’ has been temporarily sealed.]

[Gain the qualifications to be worthy of your domain. When your level increases, your sealed powers and holy power will be unlocked.]

[Your current situation is ‘Pro Tempore King of the Underworld’.]

[Your throne is coveted by many gods and demons. Many rivals will attempt to usurp your position.]

 [Be victorious in battle and continue to grow while protecting your throne. The more unshakeable your throne, the greater the legends you will create. You will have an indomitable reputation.]

[All gods of death nod at your achievement.]

[All demons of death smile viciously at your new position.]

 [The left wing (Death) of Sky Wings has been strengthened.]

[A few gods believe that you are not fit for your position.]

[Many demons lick their lips.]

Rip! Clack! Clack! Yeon-woo felt something deep within his body expanding. His soul was growing. The bonds around his soul were stretching and snapping off. He felt a sudden sense of freedom. The unfamiliar energy that came creeping out of his soul was absorbed into his body and mixed with his magic power.

[The dark element has been added to the nature of your magic power.]

After taking in Holy Fire, his magic power had been composed of the fire element. The drastic changes he was experiencing were proof of the power of the King of the Underworld. The thick scent of darkness swelled before his nose.


[The sudden quest ‘Exodus’ has been created.]

[Sudden Quest / Exodus]

[Description: Tartarus is currently facing a danger that it has never encountered before. The imprisoned Titans and Giants under Gaia’s protection have risen up, and all the gods from Olympus who descended to support Tartarus are in danger of losing the stairs to Olympus.

A Gigantomachia, which was once only heard of in legends, has erupted once more. You have been crowned as the King of the Underworld in the middle of this turbulent era, and your position has already been announced to the residents of the Tower.

The soldiers of the Underworld are looking at you in hopes that you’ll rectify the situation quickly. Your duty is to grant their wishes. Escape safely from the battlefield of the gods, Tartarus, and from the threat of the Titans and Giants. Find a new location where you can regroup.]

[Time Limit: - ]

[Condition for Participation: King of the Underworld]

[Conditions for Success:

1. Gain the trust of Dis Pluto as their new king.

2. Lead Dis Pluto to safety away from the Titans, Giants, and Tartarus.

3. Escape from danger and create a base camp in a safe zone.]


1. Power ‘Underworld Domain Declaration’

2. Summoning of Dis Pluto

3. Qualification to reconstruct Tartarus

4. New piece of holiness and clue to transcendence]

The sudden quest was Hades’ final request, and the duty he had to fulfill as king. “It’ll be quite difficult, but I entrust it all to you.” Hades patted Yeon-woo’s shoulder with a smile.

Yeon-woo looked at him grimly and nodded before putting his mask back on. Spreading his Fire Wings open, he quickly rose and left. He knew he wouldn’t see Hades again, but he didn’t say goodbye. He could only do one thing: respect Hades’ final decision as the former King of the Underworld.

As he watched Yeon-woo leave, Hades thought to himself, ‘How funny. My days were filled with despair for hundreds of years as someone who ran away from his duties, but I changed after just a few words. Have I always been this fickle?’ However, he knew what he wasn’t—it was only that Yeon-woo’s words had struck a chord.

Yeon-woo had reminded him of his duty to protect those who believed and followed him. It wasn’t the power of a king or his position as an Olympian that moved Hades but the faith of his followers. He didn’t want to just fade out into insignificance and linger in Yeon-woo’s memories as an incompetent king.

Boom! Crash. Just then, the invisible barrier finally collapsed and black shadows flooded in. Giants ran towards him baring their teeth, believing that they could easily defeat him now that they had taken his holy power.

“You’ve become a laughingstock, Hades, to be looked down on by such deplorable scum.”

Rumble! Hades swung his sword with a smirk. Black bolts fell from the sky, blowing the Giant Hippolytus away and turning him into a bloody clump.

How could Hades still be so powerful? The remaining Giants and their subordinates were stunned. Hades smiled widely. “You despicable idiots couldn’t even lift your heads in my presence, and now you dare block the path of a king?” The fierce aura he exuded with the last of his energy made it evident why he was the King of the Underworld and the eldest of the gods of Olympus. “No one will pass me.”

* * *

“Bichat, you…?”

“Sorry, General.”

Lam gritted her teeth as she looked at the blade that pierced through her chest. Her blue-haired subordinate looked at her sadly. Although Bichat had a playful nature, he was more serious than anyone else in battle and always took care of his comrades. She never imagined he would betray her like this.

When she realized the energy around him was similar to Typhon’s, she finally understood that the hand of the Titans and Giants hadn’t just reached into Olympus but Dis Pluto as well.

“I couldn’t see any other path.” She also understood the weak excuse that Bichat offered. He was probably at a loss and frustrated by the fact that they’d been losing holy territories day by day. In a dark situation without any hope for the future, it would have been difficult to refuse Typhon’s offer.

She couldn’t even begin to guess how many soldiers had made the same choice. If she’d known this would happen, she should have taken better care of her subordinates instead of giving her all to fighting. But with the blade in her chest, it was too late. “You don’t need to feel sorry.” Even so, there was a line one shouldn’t cross. “Because I’ll do the same to you.”

Bichat was swept away from the impact even before he realized he was being attacked. He likely hadn’t expected that Lam could muster this much strength after being so severely injured.

Gasp. Gasp. Lam breathed out roughly and looked around the chaotic battlefield. On the ground, Dis Pluto and the enemy’s subordinates were engaged in violent combat, and in the sky, the battle between the gods of Olympus and the Titans and Giants was still ongoing.

Lightning struck, wind blew, fires burned, darkness shrouded everything—it was a battle that mortals or even lesser divine beings couldn’t even imagine in its bloodiness and fury.

Dis Pluto, who was already at a disadvantage because of their small number, crumbled when the traitors revealed themselves.

The red sky suddenly opened as Typhon’s eyes revealed themselves. The battle that had seemed evenly matched was suddenly flipped over. Typhon struck the gods with divine punishment, sweeping many of them away with a sudden flash. Dike, Themis, Pothos, Icelus, and many more disappeared before they could react. There were many others that didn’t reappear.

The columns of light that connected Olympus and Tartarus were slowly turning black. As soon as they become columns of darkness, the Titans and Giants’ invasion of the heavenly world would succeed. They were already on the brink of victory, and Typhon was already taking possession of Tartarus.

『Olympus…is in our hands…!』

Athena and Hermes moved frantically. Despite their mutual hostility, Poseidon fought with them, creating wild storms.

“We have to stop them from reaching the columns, no matter what!”

“Damn…it! Hades! What are you doing?!”

The gods of Olympus tried to protect the columns of light from the Titans and Giants. However, as the columns grew darker, the Titans and Giants began to regain their lost divinity. The constraints that had been placed on them after being sealed in Tartarus were slowly fading away. Gaia’s influence grew more powerful.

『Now…the sky will open…Mother…Great Mother…Watch your children!』 Typhon burst out laughing. The invasion of Olympus seemed imminent.  

Lam couldn’t let herself collapse as she watched. She should have already died from her injury, but her rage and resentment kept life burning inside her body. She couldn’t allow herself to fall, she had to protect Dis Pluto somehow. But how…?

Now that her channel with Hades had been disconnected, she had lost all her powers and holy power. The only thing left to her was her physical strength, but it wasn’t enough to help her turn the tide. Dis Pluto was dying, and soon, they would be totally annihilated. And so, Lam forced herself to walk, hoping that she could protect even just one subordinate and comrade.

However, she found no miracles, and the world spun around her as she collapsed. When she came to, she was already on the ground, barely able to lift her upper body up. She tried to support herself with her spear, but her head was too heavy. Was this really the end? Would all her past efforts go up in smoke? Those days she’d spent laughing and crying with her comrades would end in nothing. Had it all been in vain? ‘Lord Hades, please.’

Just as she was about to fall into a deep sleep, unable to stop her eyes from closing, the miracle she hoped for appeared.

『Dreams…fade away.』

She dimly heard a voice, and in her blurry vision, black-red flames split apart like wings. It was the image that had always brought victory to them, and so she could finally close her eyes with a smile. “He’s here. At last.”

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