Chapter 416 - Dragon Temple (3)

Second Life Ranker

Kalatus had told Yeon-woo to find him as soon as possible. However, it was impossible to get through the Dragon Labyrinth without preparation, and Yeon-woo needed time. The first step in his plan was to tap forces like Blood Land. The more forces appeared, the easier it would be to subjugate everyone. He had to wait for the fruit to ripen first.

What happened between him and Edora was a result of his heightened emotions and relief. He hadn’t expected it to happen, but that didn’t mean their relationship would drastically change. As always, they would take care of each other.

* * *

Edora listened with interest at the stories Yeon-woo told her. She was happy to hear he’d finally met Jeong-woo and cried when she heard about Mother Earth’s appearance in Tartarus and the mess she made. “I’ve seen Allforone before.”

“Allforone?” He hadn’t expected that, and he looked at her in surprise.

“Yes. I was very young, and it was only a glance. He visited my father once.” Edora had never forgotten because the village had been in an uproar. “Actually, I don’t remember what he looked like. He probably used some magic that interferes with identification. Still, I remember his aura clearly because it was strange.”

“His aura?”

“Yes. It was very unique. He stood in an aloof manner, but it seemed like he was also in trouble.” Edora described her impression of Allforone. “Like…somehow he wanted to fall, as though he were deeply exhausted. It was something like that.”

“Mmm.” Yeon-woo thought for a moment. Allforone in trouble—it was too different from his experience and so it was hard for him to picture it. However, Edora’s Insight was outstanding, and even at a young age, she could already view someone’s essence clearly. Her impression of Allforone could possibly be accurate.

‘I don’t know.’ Yeon-woo swept his hair back. It occurred to him that the Allforone he and his brother had experienced might be different from what he was really like. ‘But that doesn’t mean anything will change.’ It didn’t matter either way. Allforone was still a wall he had to climb to reach the peak of the Tower. Of course, there were other walls he had to climb first before then.  

“Oraboni, do you have more of this? It’s so good.” Edora looked at the empty plate with wistful eyes.

“There’s plenty left, so eat as much as you want. But next time, just dip the meat in the sauce. If you pour it over the meat, it’ll become sticky when it cools.”

“But if you pour it in, the sauce mixes with the fried meat well. I want to eat it like that!”

Yeon-woo watched her eat Tangsuyuk with the pouring method and sighed. “I also made some coffee, do you want some?”

* * *

That night, Yeon-woo and Edora met the Gluttony Emperor.

“Hahaha! My comrade! The friend I’ve been waiting for! Why have you only shown up now? Do you know how much I’ve missed you?” The Gluttony Emperor burst out in laughter and ran towards Yeon-woo. He had returned to his chubby form and his face was greasy as always.

Yeon-woo was about to hug him back, but two crossed blades suddenly appeared between them.

“What is the meaning of this Duke Moglay! Duke Tarbing!”

The owners of the swords were the Nan—chaos—and Shin—godly—of Guai Ruk Nan Shin: Duke Moglay and Duke Tarbing.

“Please forgive us, Your Majesty.”

“However, there’s something we must first hear from this man.”

Before the Gluttony Emperor could shout at them further, Duke Tarbing knelt and bowed his head. In the meantime, Duke Moglay narrowed his eyes at Yeon-woo. “Sir Cain. Depending on your answer, we will put our lives on the line to dissuade the king from being close to you.”

Yeon-woo looked between Duke Moglay and Duke Tarbing, then nodded dispassionately. “As you wish.”

“Because of this chessboard that you’ve set up, we’ve entered a situation with no escape. We are now enemies not only with White Dragon, but also with the Elohim. However, the plan you’ve proposed is too simple. How are you going to balance the disparity in strength?”

Edora glowered at him, but Yeon-woo stopped her. He replied without any concern, “What if the Fantasy Regiment has expressed their intent to participate, and Demon Beauty Castle will soon gather their forces to join?”

Duke Moglary scoffed. “Ridiculous! You think groups of ruffians will be able to close the gap? They’ll be ended by the Lion Alliance.”

“It’s not just those two.” Yeon-woo smirked. “You have me too.”


Clang! As soon as Yeon-woo finished speaking, a shadow soared up from the ground and brought down the sword Duke Moglay was holding. At the same time, another sword emerged and reached Duke Moglay’s neck. Don’t move. The moment you do, your head will fall off. Hanryeong stood behind him.

‘When?’ It had happened in an instant. Duke Moglay’s eyes widened. He was also an outstanding swordsman, but he hadn’t read Hanryeong’s movements at all.

Yeon-woo spoke coldly to the stiff Duke Moglay. “You are probably aware that I’m a Lord with Shadow Familiars. I think this is enough to see the plan through, even if the numbers aren’t equal. Fair?”

Since Yeon-woo’s familiar had managed to block his attack, Duke Moglary acknowledged his defeat. “Forgive my rudeness.” Kashing! He straightened and returned his sword to its sheath. Hanryeong moved a step back, glaring at him, and disappeared in the shadows again.

When Duke Tarbing also moved away, the Gluttony Emperor raised his hand with a furious face. Thwak! “You’ll answer for this later. I don’t want to see you anymore, so go away!”

“Your grace is as deep as the oceans.”

“Your grace is as deep as the oceans.”

The two dukes bowed and quietly drew back. The Gluttony Emperor glared at them until they completely disappeared and ran towards Yeon-woo with anxious steps, looking him over. “A-are you all right? You’re not hurt?”

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“Is that important right now?! Your body is more important?! This wasn’t something I ordered! I guarantee it!”

“I know, Your Majesty. Please don’t worry about it.”

“How can I not?!”

“Please don’t punish the dukes either. It was all because of their loyalty to you. I completely understand.” The familiars watching found it too obvious that Yeon-woo was acting, but the Gluttony Emperor wiped his eyes with a moved expression.

“Hu. Your kindness is as high as the skies. Why have I only met someone like you now? It would’ve been nice if we had met sooner.” The Gluttony Emperor held Yeon-woo’s hand in his plump one. “Now, let’s go inside. I’ve prepared a feast for you.” The Gluttony Emperor led Yeon-woo inside his tent and continued to sing his praises. Prince Domo and Duke Tuan Tien followed him.

“Kalatus’ grave! It’s something that insolent Spring Queen and others will lust after. Hahaha! And you’ve made the chessboard so complex that their heads will be muddled.”

Inside the tent, there were various foods and wines on fancy plates.

“And as you requested, we’re done with all the field research. Only the excavation is left.” The Gluttony Emperor murmured, giggling. He had been trying to speak discreetly but everyone heard. As Yeon-woo rescued Edora and drew the attention of the enemies, Blood Land had studied the map Yeon-woo had given them and searched for the grave to see if it was authentic.  

Of course, they were successful and found the hidden stage.  

The Gluttony Emperor still remembered how his subordinates had come up to him with flushed faces to report that they found Kalatus’ grave. He licked his lips just thinking about it. “Everyone says that there were so many precious items even just at the entrance. They had a glimpse at the reason why the old dragons had been classified as transcendental species and why the Summer Queen was able to rule the Tower for so long.” He rubbed a piece of the Draconic species’ treasure that his subordinates had taken to him. Each piece was equivalent to a superior artifact in the Tower.

“Your Majesty.”

“Hahaha! What’s the matter? Speak.”

“I hope you don’t forget that what you’ve seen so far is only the beginning.” He meant that there were far more valuable items inside. “And everything there will become yours.”

The Gluttony Emperor’s smile widened, revealing all of his teeth. Then, he covered his mouth with his hand and tried to speak as solemnly as possible. “Are you telling me to take your rewards? Or do you think of me as an ungrateful tyrant? This is all yours. I’m only helping a friend. Everything here belongs to you.”

Yeon-woo snorted to himself. ‘You don’t really think that.’ How could Yeon-woo not know of his endless greed? He was so greedy that he’d eaten his own brothers to take the throne. Perhaps that greed came from the Soulstone in his stomach, the stone of gluttony.

“I don’t have the power or desire to protect that treasure. Then wouldn’t it be all right for Your Majesty to take it all?”

The Gluttony Emperor barely stopped himself from grinning as he asked, “Then what about you? If you give me everything in there, there won’t be anything for you.”

“I only want one thing.”

“Do as you wish! I swear on my name that I’ll give you anything! Hahaha! We’ve had a lot of tough ordeals, but today, it feels like we have a thousand troops with us! What’s everyone doing; bring the feast over!”

“Why don’t we look around the grave first before taking our time to enjoy the feast after?”

“Haha! It’s like you read my mind. I like everything you say. Good. I’ll take you to the grave, I mean, the labyrinth. Follow me.”

Yeon-woo smirked as he watched the smiling Gluttony Emperor stride to the portal connected to the Dragon Labyrinth. ‘I can’t say I want your head, Gluttony.’

With a flash of light, their location changed.

[You have entered the hidden stage, ‘Dragon Labyrinth’.]

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