Chapter 418 - Dragon Temple (5)

Second Life Ranker

Whoosh! Wild flames blazed high, ravenously eating away at Blood Land’s ruined base. Only the corpses piled on the ground were evidence that an intense battle had taken place. There were no survivors at all.

“What in the world happened here?” Creutz quietly landed from the sky, looking around in surprise. He had rushed over after hearing that four large clans had allied themselves to target Yeon-woo and Blood Land. He arrived thinking that he’d land in the middle of a raging battle, but all he saw were ruins. The fighting was already over.

Did they move somewhere else? Just as he was about to pull our Zulfikar, the shadows of wyverns loomed over him as players in elaborate armor landed one by one.

“Huh? Are we in the wrong place?”

“It’s quieter than I anticipated. They’re not the kind of people who would end things like this.”

They were the Fantasy Regiment’s main forces along with the Illusion Knightage: the Free Priest Clan, the Black Wolves, and Fire King Group. They were among the top ten squads. 

The First Squad, Wings of Blue Sky, landed last. In one glance, one would get an impression of coldness from them. Even though they had only ten members, their presence was greater than those of the Illusion Knightage and the other forces combined. The other players all bowed to them with respect.

The First Squad had started off with only a few members and instantly caused an uproar in the Tower. They were the ones who connected the 108 organizations together and birthed the Fantasy Regiment.

Each member was a ranker or even a high ranker, and it was the first time they revealed themselves. They were better known as the First Squad, the Regiment Leader’s Protectors, instead of Wings of Blue Sky.  

One of them slowly strode forward, a striking symbol of wings on his chest. His face was covered by a hood, which obscured his features. However, his eyes flashed with coldness from within the hood as though he could see through everything. “It seems like there was a battle in the beginning, but after some of the combatants left, it became a massacre. Hm. What’s this? Did a new group enter the fray?” The Regiment Leader scanned his surroundings and muttered to himself. He had a talent for analysis and reacting appropriately according to his deductions, but he’d never seen anything like this.

It seemed as if the main leaders of the Lion Alliance, the Devil Army, the Elohim, and White Dragon had suddenly disappeared. After that, a massacre had happened. He had no idea why they suddenly vanished, nor could he imagine anyone who could single-handedly massacre the soldiers of the Eight Clans, even without their commanders.

The only people that came to mind were the dukes of Blood Land, the bishops of the Devil Army, and the Martial Gods of the former Cheonghwado. However, their movements were easily tracked, and they couldn’t avoid the eyes that Regiment Leader had placed throughout the Tower.

“Is this the reason?” He managed to find remnants of a portal in the center of the burned, collapsing base. It was already closed, but hints of magic power still remained.

“Ramat, check where this portal is connected to and if it can be opened again. Since there’s still some magic power left, the coordinates will probably pop up immediately.”

“Yes, sir.” Ramat, the leader of the Third Squad, the Free Priests Clan, stepped up and began to chant. Small sparks and a magic circle that had been set up on the ground began to activate.

The Regiment Leader watched the portal reopen and quietly murmured. “Just a little longer now…” He had been waiting for so long. Had it been two years? No. Three or four years…it might’ve been nearly ten years.

After that day, he’d completely forgotten the passage of time. He lived for only one goal, and today was the day he could finally reach it. He had created the Fantasy Regiment to resolve this grudge, and he would now be able to gain the meeting he’d been longing for…!

As excitement filled the Regiment Leader’s eyes, the magic circle trembled to produce a red portal. Beyond it, they could sense the commotion of a chaotic battle.

“Everyone, follow the Regiment Leader into the portal. We don’t know what’s on the other side, so be prepared for combat!” Creutz raised his hand and shouted. When the Regiment all gathered, he automatically took the position of vice regiment leader. They were about to cross the portal when they felt a sudden presence behind them.

“Hey, who are you guys?”

The Regiment Leader and Creutz paused. They turned around to see a group of fierce and wary-looking players whose numbers matched their own. It was Chatura, Shanon, and Demon Beauty Castle.

* * *

[You have successfully absorbed ‘Nan’.]

Yeon-woo received news from Hanryeong that Duke Moglay had been taken care of when the Devil Army and the others appeared through the large portal. He had to hold in the laughter that almost escaped his mouth. ‘Hopefully, my guess is right.’

Guai Ruk Nan Shin were the four dukes that supported the Gluttony Emperor—the horror that allowed the current Blood Land to reign as one of the Eight Clans.

However, Yeon-woo asked the same question his brother once did: where did the Guai Ruk Nan Shin come from?

Blood Land is definitely strong. They have an extensive history and the determination to maintain their vanished land. If you have a long history in the jungle-like world of the Tower, it means that you’re strong. But technically, Blood Land’s history is one more of persecution than honor.

Because of their elitism, they weren’t able to mingle with others and were discriminated against. Due to this reason, if you had to assess Blood Land’s status, they’re only among the upper-middle class.

This position suddenly changed after the Gluttony Emperor rose to power and the dukes called Guai Ruk Nan Shin appeared.

With the merciless conquest of the Gluttony Emperor, Blood Land had grown prosperous, and the four dukes were replaced multiple times. However, even though the individuals changed, the Gluttony Emperor never changed the titles even after taking the throne. When Duke Ardbad, who was Ruk, died, his position wasn’t abolished, and Yeon-woo heard that the emperor was looking for someone to take it over. He didn’t think this was a coincidence.

Just as the stone of gluttony allowed the half-witted Gluttony Emperor to eat his brothers and the former emperor, Yeon-woo thought the titles of the four dukes probably had their roots in it as well. The Gluttony Emperor was blinded by greed, but considering how he raised Blood Land to its current position, he clearly had used the stone well. If not, then the power emanating from the stone was strong enough to help him.

He had used most of it to strengthen himself and put what was left into something called Guai Ruk Nan Shin. Fortunately, things were going as Yeon-woo planned.


[You have successfully absorbed ‘Disorder’.]

[You have taken part of the Soulstone (Stone of Gula). The Soulstone you already own (Stone of Superbia) is reacting.]

[The Soulstone (Stone of Superbia) wants more power.]

Messages began to appear at a quick pace, and the Philosopher’s Stone in his chest rang happily.

[Sudden Quest (Sin Stone) has been created.]

[Sudden Quest / Sin Stone]

[Description: Luciel, the keeper of the fire of the beginning was blinded by greed. He swallowed the fire and was forced to fight a long war against the heavenly world. However, although the gods and demons successfully tore Luciel’s wings off, they too were blinded by greed and could not retrieve the fire of the beginning. They were forced to watch it fall to the lower world.

The spark combined with Luciel’s soul, and when it reached the ground, it split into fourteen different stones. Most of them have been successfully retrieved by the heavenly world, but a few of them remain in the lower world. One of them is the Stone of Superbia.

And now, the Stone of Gula has been discovered. Virtues are pulled to other virtues, and sins are pulled to other sins. There is a probability that the Stone of Superbia and the Stone of Gula are calling to each other.

Combine the Stone of Superbia and Stone of Gula to create a new stone, the ‘Sin Stone’. You will have to steal the Stone of Gula away from its powerful owner and analyze the stone so that it will be connected properly.]

[Qualification of participation: Owner of Soulstone]

[Time Limit: - ]

[Conditions of success:

1. Take possession of the Stone of Gula.

2. Analyze the Stone of Gula.

3. Create a new Soulstone by combining the Stone of Gula and the Stone of Superbia.]

‘It worked!’ Yeon-woo shouted happily inside. As expected, it fit together like a puzzle. The Guai Ruk Nan Shin were the remnants of the Stone of Gula the Gluttony Emperor hadn’t been able to control, and the system had recognized this after he absorbed one of them. “If I’d known this earlier, I would have taken Ruk when Duke Ardbad died,” he muttered to himself. It was a shame, but then it had been impossible for him back then to do anything like that. He hadn’t known about using Soulstones or even how to take Ruk. Even if he had, he wouldn’t have been able to incorporate it.

The Philosopher’s Stone squirmed, emitting magic power as though it were telling him to feed it with more power. Yeon-woo felt like the Demonism inside the Philosopher’s Stone was shouting at him. However, the change wasn’t too noticeable since the Guai Ruk Nan Shin fell short of the original power of the Stone of Gula. ‘That means the Gluttony Emperor is using the stone improperly.’

Still, after gaining Disorder, Yeon-woo felt like his Spirit Guai felt smoother.

Meanwhile, the Gluttony Emperor’s face had grown stiff. “What’s this?” A string that had always been connected to him was suddenly cut. It meant Duke Moglay had died. Although he’d been anticipating his death, and he could always appoint someone to take the title, the death itself didn’t matter. What was concerning was that the power that should have returned to him had disappeared. ‘What happened? What’s going on? Is there someone among my enemies who has caught onto the stones? But how? I haven’t been exposed at all.’

His head whirled with questions. If the power didn’t return, it would be a great loss for him and Blood Land. In fact, things might become really bad. Since he was an extraordinarily greedy person, any loss was a terrible thing, and this wasn’t just an ordinary item.

“What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

However, the Gluttony Emperor couldn’t keep thinking about this situation because Yeon-woo interrupted his train of thought.

“The enemies are near. Please have your soldiers retreat. Otherwise, they’ll become involved as well.”

The Gluttony Emperor collected himself. He had to figure out how to regain Nan, but it was more urgent to move forward with the plan. Fortunately, he could see the three main suspects who might have taken Nan entering: the Head Bishop, Magnus, and Waltz. After he took care of them, he’d find out which one of them was the culprit.


“All forces move back!”

“Soldiers, disperse!”


On Duke Tuan Tien’s command, Blood Land’s advance party began to move back towards the wall of murals. At that point, the Lion Alliance, the Devil Army, and the Elohi entered the common hall. Balnanta, which had been looking warily at the invaders all this time, began to tremble.

[Multiple trespassers have been discovered. Warning. You cannot go forward.]

[Multiple trespassers have been discovered. Warning. Any attempts to approach are not allowed.]

[The system phase is being adjusted.]

[Current system phase: 5]

[According to protocol, Balnanta is switching to permanent activation mode.]

Balnanta slowly rose. An ominous energy began to storm around it, but the trespassers didn’t realize it until it was too late.

Swish. Boom!

The players that just arrived through the portal disappeared in a spray of blood and flesh.

“Wh-what is going on?” Magnus’ eyes widened as one of his subordinates suddenly burst into a cloud of blood. One of the players who had just died was Uros, the leader of the Elohim’s pride, the Seven Member Squad, and a head of the Protogenoi tribe! The deaths of the heads of the Protogenoi tribe placed the Elohim in danger, and this was something he couldn’t accept. “You!” Magnus furiously opened his palm and thrust it forward.

Giant’s Hammer was his signature skill. It was like a Giant striking down with his palm to create powerful winds. However, in response, Balnanta spread its right hand open and absorbed the strike—with the same form, power, and skill that Magnus had.

Boom! As Magnus’ eyes filled with disbelief, Balnata shot its left palm forward with the same skill but at a higher proficiency and with greater power. Intense winds swallowed Magnus up and swept everything away. Rumble.

‘Now!’ As everyone fought, Yeon-woo spread his Fire Wings and threw himself towards the iron door that was now defenseless.

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