Chapter 436 - Arthia (6)

Second Life Ranker

“Oh dear. If I hadn’t happened to be here, everything would have been a disaster.” The Elders all gritted their teeth as they watched the man walking down the destroyed Elder Assembly, which had once been the core of the Elohim. Their long, storied history and traditions had not only been mocked by riffraff, they were now counting on someone they considered a savage to help them.

The attack of the shadow army and the undead that looked like the Saber God had been so sudden. The Elders had been in an emergency situation because Magnus and the Seven Member Squad were trapped in the Dragon Labyrinth, and the sudden attack was so powerful that the Elders didn’t even have a chance to respond.

“Take care of all of them. If it looks dangerous, come back out.”

With all the heads of the Protogenoi tribe, the elite family of the Elohim, dead, it was no exaggeration to say the Elohim’s forces had been halved. Of course, the Elohim had more forces since their history began with the birth of the Tower. They had a tight group of skilled players that helped them rule as one of the most powerful clans for their entire history.

Blood Land had collapsed like a sandcastle after their leaders were killed because their power was focused on their leader, but the Elohim distributed power evenly and had a republican system that placed importance on individual responsibility and honor.

Thanks to their efforts to preserve their outstanding genes, each of their members were skilled. They had species that were half-magical, descendants of fallen angels, and High Elves. They even had ancient divine species like the Vanir.

This meant that in the event of a new war, they wouldn’t fall so easily, although they might not be able to achieve the glory of the past. However, this time was different. A portal had opened over their heads during the assembly, and the attacks began.

The location of the Outer Space of the Elohim was a closely guarded secret, and the location of the Elder Assembly was even more confidential. Even Elders didn’t have the coordinates until they passed several layers of security checks, and one needed to have special authority to get through each stage. Unless the Roman Dictator Magnus opened the door himself, it would have been impossible to reach them.

The Elders had placed too much faith on this security system that they weren’t able to defend themselves. The soldiers outside attempted frantically to enter the building, but the shadow army blocked all the entrances so that they couldn’t get in. In an instant, forty percent of the Elders were swept away.

The surviving Elders pulled themselves together and tried to counterattack, but their formation was weak, and they fell under the soldiers that continued to pour out. Hanryeong’s attacks at the head of the shoulders were particularly terrifying. The smarter Elders quickly realized that he was the Saber God of the Cheonghwado as he moved his nine swords. His sword dance was more vicious and intense than when he had been alive.

At that moment, Bayluk appeared. The Elohim had invited the alchemist Bayluk to help them with their long-cherished goal to restore the ancient species. Bayluk happened to hear that there was a commotion in the assembly room and, with his firepower, he managed to clear the entrances and enter.

The clash between the former enemy but current Arthia member, the Saber God, and the former Arthia member but current enemy, Bayluk, was fierce. The assembly room completely collapsed, and many Elders who died from the sharp winds and poison. As if to show evidence of why he was called a cheat and a disaster by other players, Bayluk used an abundance of unknown poison.  

It was then that the seemingly invincible shadow army began to melt. Although they were spiritual beings that couldn’t die, Bayluk’s poison melted their bodies. When the assembly room slowly turned into Bayluk’s territory, Hanryeong retreated in defeat.

The remaining members of the Elder Assembly managed to survive, but the ones who had died had all been successors or leaders of important families among the Elohim. When the news of what had happened to the Elder Assembly spread among the members of the Elohim, the public outcry was loud. There was a protest outside the new temporary assembly room, with signs that said “Declare war” and “Death to Arthia”. They chanted, ”Hand the leadership to our savior, Bayluk!”

Most of them wanted the Elder Assembly, which had dishonored the Elohim, to step back, and let Bayluk take the reins to prepare for the upcoming attack.

The Elders were shaken at this potential loss of authority. Although they’d been saved by Bayluk, it seemed like the control of the Elohim would be given over to him. The irony was that Bayluk, who had once been part of Arthia, was responsible for this mess. However, the people were turning their backs on the Elder Assembly, and the Elders didn’t know how to regain their trust.

What was more, Bayluk had the ability to manipulate public opinion. It was difficult to believe that he was a scholar who was always in his lab doing experiments. He was very sly.

By the time the busy Elders finished taking care of the commotion, Bayluk was already participating in their conferences even without having the right credentials, and he was soon even making important announcements.

And now, as Bayluk walked past the center of the Elder Assembly and sat in an empty seat, the older Elders glared at him. However, Bayluk scoffed and didn’t seem to care. The younger Elders quickly surrounded him as if to protect him. Their numbers were growing, and it seemed to signal the start of a new party. A storm that could swallow up the entire Elder Assembly was brewing.

“What are you doing? Let’s begin the conference. We’re short on time already.”

The Elders narrowed their eyes at his tone, but the emergency situation was more important, they had no other option but to tolerate it.

“The topic we’ll discuss today is…” An Elder read the atmosphere in the room and stepped up to the podium to introduce the topic for discussion. “The declaration of war against Arthia and the Devil Army’s proposal of an alliance…”

* * *

I apologize, Master…

Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed as he watched Hanryeong try to stand tall even with his serious injuries. His Draconic Divine Eyes told him the poison was melting away Hanryeong’s body, and he was in serious danger. It was another death for someone who had already died—what kind of irony was that?

The black energy from the Soul Collection only slowed the poison’s spread but didn’t treat it.  

I’m ashamed that it’s ending like this even after you gave me Guai.

Yeon-woo had given Guai, Ruk, Nan, and Shin respectively to Hanryeong, Shanon, Boo, and Rebecca. He thought Guai suited Hanryeong’s sword dance the best. With it, Hanryeong was able to surpass his abilities as the Saber God, and yet he’d been totally defeated by Bayluk.

“Who did you say it was?”


Bayluk…to think he’d be with the Elohim. It was totally unexpected. And he was armed with an impressive poison. Had he always had it? ‘He probably made it after Jeong-woo died.’

Bayluk’s island on the twenty-eighth floor appeared in Yeon-woo’s mind. It was an empty lab that had evidence of various experiments.

He still didn’t know what Bayluk had been working on, but it might be related to the poison he was using, which was so powerful that it managed to injure a Death Noble like Hanryeong. Much of the shadow army was also irrecoverable. It was something to be wary of, and it might even be a weapon that could fight the Black King’s power.



“Find the antidote through any means.”

Your wish…is my…command.

Swish. Boo disappeared, and Brahm stood up. “I’ll also do some research on it. Something about this poison is strange.”

“Thank you.” Yeon-woo bowed to Brahm and approached Hanryeong, who was about to fade away.

I am ashamed to have a last request.

Yeon-woo didn’t say anything, but Hanryeong continued calmly, as if he knew Yeon-woo would listen to him.

It may be troublesome and you may deem it unnecessary, but even after I am gone, please take care of my incompetent son.

Yeon-woo was reminded of his dying mother, who’d gripped his hand and desperately asked him to take care of Jeong-woo. Did all parents worry about their children when they died?

He has a foolish nature and has committed a grave sin. However, he had to grow up without his mother and without sufficient care. Please take pity on him. I don’t expect much. Please take care of him until he can be independent and stand on his own.

Yeon-woo firmly refused. “No.”

Ah. Hanryeong looked down at the ground, thinking his last request had been denied.

However, Yeon-woo snorted at him. “What are you thinking? I’m saying you should take care of him yourself.”


“Drink this.” Yeon-woo tossed a bottle to Hanryeong when he lifted his head again.

What is this?


Hanryeong’s Inferno Sight widened. He knew the significance of the Elixir. Master, this is…!

“It should be effective. If it doesn’t work, I’ll find a way to resolve this, so don’t start talking about dying.”


“Don't forget. You’re my familiar; I won’t allow you to die.”

Master…. Hanryeong looked at Yeon-woo with a moved expression, and he suddenly stuck a sword in the ground. He knelt and bowed. Until I disappear, I will serve you and help you reach your path’s destination. After making the pledge, Hanryeong began to drink the Elixir.

Yeon-woo closed his eyes momentarily. ‘This should be enough, right?’

Yes. I’m satisfied. Thank you, Master.

‘I should be thanking you. Thanks for understanding.’ Yeon-woo listened to Nike chuckle. He’d struggled over the decision to abandon Hanryeong or save him. Unlike Shanon, he and Hanryeong had met as enemies. He was the one who killed Nike’s mother, the Phoenix, and Yeon-woo had used his son as a hostage.

Now, he had familiars whose abilities equaled those Hanryeong and might even grow to be better than him. All he had to do was throw Hanryeong away and make someone else a Death Noble, but Nike had changed his mind. ‘Don’t do that, Master. Save him. I don’t want him to go through the same thing I did.’

Nike had seen himself in Hanryeong, who was worried for his son until the end.

‘You’re more of an adult than I am.’ Forgiving your enemy wasn’t easy. Hanryeong had likely learned of Nike’s request through their shared connection.

Heehee. That means I can take advantage of Hanryeong now, right?

He listened to Nike joking. “Shanon.” Swish.  Yeon-woo turned to Shanon, who appeared through the shadows. Behind Shanon, Dis Pluto quietly stood at attention. Although Shanon always joked around, at the moment, he exuded an intense aura. “Turn Laputa around.”

Where are we going?

For a moment, Yeon-woo contemplated heading to the Elohim’s Outer Space, but unless they were fools, they had probably set up their defenses. Entering now would be suicide. He needed to adjust his plans. “The Outer District.” His eyes flashed. “I’m going to announce that Arthia has returned, along with a declaration of war. Our first opponent is the Elohim.”

The residents of the Tower would now have to choose their positions. Would they stand with Arthia or with the enemy?

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